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I OFFICIAL, LEGAL, ETC. In tlid Matter of the Estate of the hte 1\h JAMES BEATY JONES. A LL Peisoas having any Claims '01* !>- J\^ Brands against the egtat» of the above- named, formerly of Perwen Le, Maelgwyn Road, Llandudno, in the Coun/tyof Carnair- yon Painter fcnd Decorator (who died! on the' li&tlh, day of December, 1910) aire re- quested. to send particulars thereof to us, the undersigned, on behalf of the Execu- tT Dated this 22nd day of December, 1910. OHvAMHEIRiLAJISi and JOHNSON, i Solicdtors, Llandudno. CARNARVONSHIRE HILARY QUARTER SESSIONS. I NOTIOE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the I General Quarter Sessions of the Peac* in and for the County of Carnarvon, will be held at the COUNTY HALL, CARNAR- VON, on THURSDAY, the Fifth day of January, 1911, at Quiarter-past Ten o'clock in the forenoon. The Grand and Petty Jurors, all persona bound by recognisance to prosecute and give evidence or to surrender in discharge of their bail, and all Appellants, Respondents and their Witnesses are to appear at the ^ounty Hall aforesaid on the day and at the hour before mentaoe-sd. A. BODVEL-ROBERTS. Clerk of the Peace. Carnarvon, 13th December, 1910. COUNTY OF MERIONETH. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT. 1886. TV i OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the IN next Quarterly Meeting of the Stand- ing Joint Committee of Quarter Sessions and County Council under Section 30 of tne above Act will to held in the County Hall, Dolgelley, in thb said County, on Tuesday, the 3rd day of January, 1911, at the hour of half-past Ten o'clock in the forenoon, when the Committee will proceed to the considera- tion of the business relating to the applica- tion or management of the County Stock or Rate within the jurisdiction of the Commit- tee under Sub-Section 3 of Section 30 of t} e said Act, and all persona having any De- mand against the Committee are requested to forward particulars thereof in writing to the County Treasurer at Dolgelley, on or before the 31st day of December, 1910. Dated this 10th dfiv of December, 1910. DAVID BREESB, Clerk to the said Committee. MERIONETH QUARTER SESSIONS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County of Merioneth will be held in the County Hall at Dogelley, in the eaid County, on Tuesday, the 3rdi diay of January, 1911. at 10.30 a.m., when the Grand and Petty Jurors will be calledl and the Court will proceed to hear and deter- nine all matters brought before them in the following order —1.—In the trial of prison- ers. 2.—In the hearing of appeals. 3.— In hearing motions and in the transaction of such other business as may be brought before the Court. And Notice Is Hereby Also Given that all Grand and Petty Jurors, all persons bound -by recognizance to prosecute andi give evidence or surrender in discharge of their bail, and all appellants, respondents and their witnesses, and all persons bound by recognizance in any civil proceeding are to appear and be in attendance at the time and plaoe aforesaid. Appeals to be heard must be entered with me not later than two o'clock in the afternoon of the day preced- ing the Sessions. Dated this 10th dav of December 1910. DAVID BREESE, Clerk of the Peaoe. APARTMENTS AND HOUSES APARTMENTS in Carnarvon Wantsd JL'L by Gentleman. — Apply Box C503, "HeraJd" Offices, Carnarvon. IONDON — HOTEL G WAX J A, UPPER WOBURN-PLACE, W.C. (five min- utes from Euston, St. Pancras, and King's Cross). Luxuriously furnished. Modern conveniences. Bed, Breakfast, Bath, and Attendance from 5a, tEW SAFE, COLWYN BAY. ACCOMMODATION FOR CYCLISTS, COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS. SPECIAL TERMS for SUNDAY SCHOOl TRIPS, PICNIC PARTIES, Etc. Iff ELL AIRED ROOMS. BILLIARDS OWEN LEWIS, Proprietor. I COMMERCIAL JJOTEL HIGH STREET, CARNARVON. DINNERS, TBAMJ SUPPERS, nppHè on Shortest Notice. 81ST la. DINNER IN TOWB From li i0 to 2.30 every day. AN ORDINARY Daily from 18.30 to 2.30, la 4A OYSTERS FRESH DAILY, opened on the PresniMc AS Order* promptJy attended to and t. Urered at Panrate Residence*. Bluepointa, Is 6d per Booffs. Baal Dntoh *od Natits Oyatsw alireyi i* Stock. All Orders itj Pos. Attended to itoMasdrafcaly M GONLAN. Proprietor. TY GOMER I'R CYMRY. (Yn agos i'r Landing Stage), LIVERPOOL. BWYD DA A GWELY GLAN AM BRIS BHESYMOL. Ymofynwcham gyfarwyddyd oreu i I Comer Roberts, Passenger Agent (Cymro Ðef), cyn talu eich arian am docyn i Canada *'r Unol Dalaethau. Oa mynweh fod yn ddoeth, gwnewch hyn. Cyfarfyddaf y rhai fydd dan fy ngofalar Wo dyfodied l'r dref. Llety Cartrefol. Cofiwcb y eyfeiriad: — GOMER RO- BERTS (Cymro Dof), 29, Union Street, Xiverpool. Free Stores i fcadw Luggage. 4V MONTHLY W secure 101 and 21/- Bales of HOUSE J- OLD DP APERY. also Blankets Sheets, Quilts, Boots, Costumes, Skirts, Su its CHothing, etc. Send postcard for lists — WHOLESALE SUPPLY Co., 79, KNIOHTRlDBR ST., LONDON, B.C ES ABLISHBD Ona 80 a EARS. Telephone 59 JOHN fELANY, 38, Northgate Street, CHESTER LADIES', GBNTLB MEN'S & YOUTHS' TAILOR. Ladies' Coats & Skirts in all the Latest Styles a specialite. GmtfaiHHt's Suits for all occasions receive speciag attention. Breeches, Livery, Motor Outfits, Monrnin All Garments made on the Premises b first-class Workmen. T. J. W ILLIAMSr KLLPOeTIB AND TOWN ORID Kftl LLANBKRIS DIBTRICT. AN OfdteM Personally Attended Ts. AddroM: — ITwlH. Wtritai Hn«i, fil—fijrlfc BUSINESS ADDRESSES TRYING WINTER. WEATHER. '{ r Every Man, Youth, and Soy, to keep warm and free from Colds, should wear BRADLEYS OVERCOATS GENTS' DOUBLE BREASTED BLANKET CLOTH OVERCOATS TO MEASURE, 21/- AND 2Sh i Value well-known and cannot be heaten. Also a Choice Selection of the Newest Patterns in Men's, Youths', and Boys' ready to wear Overcoats. Note the address U IX JL. £ 3> L B THE GREAT CLOTHIERS, TURF SQUiVEE, CARNARVON. Another E,eduction! GOSTYNGIAD ETO! Brown Cooking Sugar, lad per lb. Good Crystal Sugar, I'd per lb. 21bs for 3zd BEST SUGAR, 2d per lb. RAISINS from 4d. per lb. CURRANTS from 3!d. per lb. SULTANAS from 5d. per lb. FLOUR, lOlbs. for 1/- MUSCATELS, PIGS, DATES, LEMONS, ORANGES, APPLES PEARS, NUTS, AT LOWEST PRICES. Yellow Flower TEA, 1/6 per lb. 4 Coupons with every lb, for useful presents. 3lbs. and upwards carriage paid to any part of Wales for Id. per lb. extra. NOTE ADDRESS! TO BE HAD ONLY FROM a J. R. PRITCHARD, TEA MART & EAGLE STORES CARNARVON WITHIN YOUR GRASP! M 0 R TO N'S, THE LEADING BOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTURERS, RENOWNED FOR VALUE, STYLE, AND QUALITY Are now making their Autumn and Winter Show of Light and Strong Boots for Town and Country Wear. Perfecta Boots and Shoes are our own make, and warranted to be Waterproof and to wear well. Note the Address- 10, EASTGATE STREET, CARNARVON REPAXRXNG is a SJJGOJLCIX Fea"ture of Our Business VERY BEST LEATHER bNLY USED, BY HIGHLY SKILLED WORKMEN. REPAIRS SENT FOB AND DELIVERED FRE9 OF OHARGB. ESTABLISHED 1847. O. EVANS & SON, 0 LLIERY AGENTS AND COAL MERCHANTS SOLE AGENTS FOR THE GRIMETHORPE, WESTMINSTER & RUABON COALS. ALL REPAIRS TO RAILWAY WAGGONS UNDERTAKEN AT OUR WORKS AT THE OLD FOUNDRY, OABNABY Offioe 10 SLAT. QUAY, R # A RHODD BENAF OELFYDDYD Y galla o weled trwy gynnorthwy SPECTOLS Btoc Fawr o bob math, 6c. 18. is 6c, 28 60. Rfagl Corig. 5S. Spectols ac Eye-Glasses Anr rfiaaoral "DU A TTTTT? Q Y dewlsiad mwyaf: y Watches Goran a rhataf. as *«!*? £ W A. X Vv'XlJuJ O JJS. 78 6c- Et0 1 Ferched, 3g nc, 5s 6c, 7s 6c, 9s 6o MODRWYAU PRIODASOX. Lie o'r neilldn i'w dewis. Gyda phob modrwy rhoddir aDrheg defayddiol WILLIAMS-JONES, PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER & OPTICIAN, 22, BANGOR STREET, CARNARVON THE HERALD SERIES BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM I N W US Head Office: Castle Square, Canwfgi. TeLegTama: Harald, Caamamn. Nat. Telephony: 83, Catiiarnxa, London Offioe: 115, FIVA Street, ILIO. CARNARVON AND DENBIGH HERALD. (Two edition*—ordinary and Emoo). Established 1831. (Engtwh.) Vriday, Id. "The leading paper in '.La northern WI of the Principality."—'Thi Time* HERALD CYittaAEG. Established 18M. (Welth.) Toeadaj, 14.. "Chief Welsh rernaeoiar Mwapapor."— "Manobestet: Guardian.'S LLANDUDNO REGISTER VIBITOM, HERALD. Ertabliehed 1859. fiatnrdaj, 14. MERIONETH NEWS AND HERALB. Established 1879. Friday, ld. HOLYHEAD MAIL AND ANGLESEY HERALDt. Established 1881. Friday, Id, COLWYN BAY HBRAM). Established 1906. Thtmdax, i& THE BEST AND CHEAPEST NEWSPAPERS jVERTISINSI. flcale of CJharges for Adrex^king Parliamentary Noticee, OBieo-. tion Addresses, Company PnospectTuew, and Govern- ment Notioes 1/- 1ft Use Auctions, Legal and PtiMio Notices, Tenders, paira- graph Advertisements per lput- Booka, Charities, and Local Enterttmmentx M -/t per line. Timde Advertisements If- PWMWL (Special rates for 13, S6, or « insertions). CHEAT "PREPAID" SCALW. Lost 6; Found, Wanted" To Let. To be Sold. 1 Week. a Wacfca. 6 Weeks. Words. All Papers. All Papers. AliPapea SO Is. Od. 2a. Od. fa. Od. 20 la. 6d. as. Od. 4a U. 40 Is. Od. 4.. Od. 6L Od. 60 2s. 6d. 6s. Od. 7a. eeL Birth, Marriage, or Death Notioes, ù. If VouabaB be requited, scctra Btmmpt shonld be sent. If replies are to be sent to the "HeraLd'! Offioe and forwarded, ad. oktm per week. Halfpenny Stamps may be sent lor mtts under 5s. Cheques should be rrossid and made pay- ahleto Picton Danries, "Herald" 080Jt. Liarnarm. Quotations for xnsertixg In any one at more of the above papc# 1mp be bad 08 applieattoa. XBTOP ONE MOMENT. V OH DEAR, DOCTOR. 1 MUST MY DARLING DIET A THERE IS VERY LITTLE HOP*, BUT TBY fJlUD R WILLIAMS PATENT B ALSAM OF fTf ONEY. WHAT IT 18 J TUDOR fULIANS' PATENT BALSAIIF BIIEY. Is an essence of the purest and most effii oacioua herbs, gathered on the WedUh hills and Valleys in the proper seaeon, when their virtures are in full permeation, and combined with pure Welsh honey, All the ingred- ients are perfectly pore. 'y WHAT IT DOES I, TUDOR WUIANS' PATENT BALSAM OF HONEY. Cures Coughs, Golds, Bpcmchitia, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Croup, and all disorders of the Throat, Chest, and Lungs. Wonder-, ful Cure for Children's Cooghe after Measles. It is invaluable to weak-cheoted men, deli cake women and childk'en. It succeeds where all other remedaee fail. Sold by all Chemists and Stores in is, 2s 6d, and 48 6d bottles. Sample Rottfe cent by post for Is 3d, 2B 6d, and 5s. Gveat saving by puT. chasing larger size bottle. WHAT IT HAS DOCffi FOR OTHER? f A Stipendiary and Magistrate in the County qoftamorgan remarks: — I 'ti™;1" dut^ to inform you that I have be^SSroing y<xur Tadcr Wifliams's Bal- sam of Honey in my family, witich is a large one, for many years, and have proved its great value, having ua4 nothing else for Coagh during Meakles, Whooping Cough, and Bronchitis, and can highly recommend it to aU parenite for such ooanptainta." YOU NEED NOT SUFFER I Disease is a sin, inaenftuch that if you act rightly, at the right time, it can, to a great extent, be avoided. lffwe is the preventa- tive. The .first moment you start with sore throat, taJos a does of TUDOR WIUIAIS. PATENT ,T BALSAM OF HONEY. It has saved thousands I It wiilllave you! It is prepared by a fully qualified chemist, and is by virtue of ita composition, eminent- ly adapted for all cases of Cougha, Colds, Bronchitis, Aethma, etc., it exercises A dis- tinct influence upon the mocons lining of the throat, windpipe, and email air vessels, so that nothing but warmed pure air passes into the lungs. • ■ THE CHILDREN LIKII: rr. It's the product of the Honeycomb ohemia catty treated Ho get tha best xesotts. DON'T ACQEPT SUBSTITUTES. THEY ASK FOR IT I So different from nMet Medicinee. Nioe to take. Coras quickly. For vooaJaste and pabUc flpeakctrB it has Do equal, it makes the voice as dear as a beR. Be not deceive&'Ile :puLwAy of Tadof Willi Patent BaJ.U- of Hoteey has ra salted in many in»tttU>'s being placed on the market. When b» ing, therefore, see that the name Tudor Williams is an each bottle, and refuse any preparation advanced as being Just «s feood," or A Kttie cheap. er." Lieut ew TUDOR WILLIAMS. MANUFACTURER: TODOR WILLIAMS, M.R.P.S., F.C.S.I., Analytical and Copeulting Chemist and Draggist, by Examination, MEDICAL HMX, ABERDARE. BUSINESS ADDRESSES I- USEFUL XMAS GIFT I I IOL "lw Please send for our New Illustrated Blouse Booklet D 446, EXCEEDINGLY SMART JAP SILK BLOUSE TRIMMED VAL LACE Price 4/11 J. W. S. WILLIAMS AND SONS "THE PIONEER," LLANDUDNO. II Cynghor bardd i un a glywai yn pesychu un diwrnod:— "Ewch phrynweh Dyma'r moddion Rhag y peawch, Goreu o ddigon, 'BALSAM FRANCIS' mynweh g&el; Rhag pob anwyd mae'n ddiffael." FRANCIS?== BALSAM I ¡ ir J I Y FEDDYGINIAETH ANFFAELEDIO AT Bes'wth, Aavyd, Biffyg Anadl, Bronchitis, Orygm, Gvaed Bosriad, Darfbdedigaeth. O'r amser y darganfyddwyd cyffyriaa gyntaf gan ein bynafiaid hyd at yr amsar preeenol, nid oes yr un fedidyginiaeth a ddeil ei brawf fel FRANCIS'S BALSAM. Y mae hyn yn ffaith nas gellir ei gwadu, ac wedi cael ei broft gan filoedd ag sydd wedi thoddi prawf arno. Y mae yn peri pesych boeriad (expectoration) rhwydd, fel ag i alluogi cael ymwared a'r phlegm wydn, geuledig, a lliniaru yr annioddefol ysfa yn ( y gwddf, yr hyn sydd yn achosi peswch, rhydd ymwared uniongyrchol i ddiffyg anadl, eymuda dyndrs a gwynt yn y frest. ac iacht boen a deimlir ar ol pesychu. Y maa yn ddiogel i blant, a'i flas yn ddymunol; ni raid cyfnewid ymborth tra yn ei ddefn- yddio. Ceir ymwared effeithiol oddiwrth ddiffyg anadl a Bronchitis o hir barhad drwy ei ddefnyddio. Y mae yn lliniaru y gofid lluddedig mewn achoaion o ddarfoded- igaeth, i leddfu y blin besweh, a rhydd attaJfa ar y nosweithiau digws<r sydd mor flinedig i'r dioddefydd. TYSTIOLAETHAU. I PARCH OWEN EVANS, D.D., LLUNDAIN. Wedi rhoddi prawf aT eich Balsam, gali- a{ gyda phleser a hyder ei arganmawl fel meddyginiaeth anffaeledig at besweh ac an- wyd." MR. JAMES SAUVAGE, NEW YORK. "Cefais achlysur yn ddiweddar i ddefn- yddio eich Balsam at besweh a chrygni, a gallaf eich sicrhau fy mod wedi ei gael yo hyl.^ o effeithiol." PARCH H. BARROW WILLIAMS, LLANDUDNO. Yr wyf yn fynych wedi defnyddio Francis's Balsam at anwyd a phesweh trwm, ac wedi ei brofl o fawr les i mi fy hun, ac yn fy nheulu er's blynyddoedd." ac wedi ei brofl o fawr les i mi fy hun, ac yn fy nheulu er's blynyddoedd." I MR. JOHN EDWARDS, TOPYCAE. I Y mae Francis's Balsam yn gwneyd lies mawr i mi, ac yn dyfod yn gymeradwy iawa I gan fy nghymvdogion yn gyffradinol." Gwerthir ef yn mhob man mewn potelau 10Jc a 2/6. FRANCIS & Co., WREXHAM. T. ROBERTS (LATE WTIXIAMS & CO., tAMELT GROCER, BAKER, AND PROVISION MXBGKAK1, STATION ROAD, COLWYN BAY. lapsTtsr si fiassft Kitl sat Coloaiel Batter at Strictly MaferaAl TIIIIM J'RESH BROAD DAILY, DAVIES & JONES, BUILDERS, &c., HOPE BANK, COLWYN BAYJ D'KEFAL FURNI3HBD AND PERSONALLY CONDUCTED IN ALL Ifelellb DA\IES BROTHERS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PURVEYORS OF MEAT WINDSOR ROUSK, ABERGELE ROAD, TskphoM u. I, DOUfflHTY BUILDINGS, CONWAY ROAD, t»1s»hww, M, COLWYN BAY. CHOICE VmeR MIEAT DAILY. tUI. R. R STYTHE & CO ACCOUNTANTS, ^JDITORS, AND ESTATE AGENTS, 39, BANGOR STREET, GARNARVM DEPARTMENTS OVERDUE AND TROUBLESOME ACCOUNTS COLLECTED. LOA-SS ON PERSONAL SECURITY, MORTGAGES. SALES NEGOTIATED. ESTATES MANAGED. EXECUTORS, ADMINISTRATORS BANKRUPTCY, A OTHER ACOOUNDI PREPARED 4 INVESTIGATED. MEETINGS "ERSKINE." Society Magical Entertain- JLJ .er, Self or Party, Concerts, Parties. Distance immaterial. — 18, Stamford Street, Liverpool, E. <:182 WIL OMAN'S GRAND WINTER CARNIVAL PAViliON, CARNARVON Sole Lessee: MB ARTHUR WILDMAN. General Manager: MR ALWYNE CARTER OPEN DAILY. Morning, 10.30 till 12.50 (Skating). Afternoon, 2.30 till 5 (Skating). Evening, 7 till 10 p.m. (Variety Entaqlain. meat. THE Largest Roller Skating Rink ia North Wale&. REAL MAPLE FLOOR. NINTH WEEK, MONDAY, 2nd JANUARY, 1911. ajki during the week. GRAND VARIETIES EVERY EVENINQ UNTIL FURTHER NOTIOE. Expensive Engagement of 4 DE KOLYA8 Mysterious and Afagical Act. COWBOY TRIO Singers and Clever Sand Dancers. LES ZANONIS Jugglers and Club Throwers. BAKnEiR and BALFE ZyliOphoniBts. R. DUNNING Ventrilloquist. WILDMAN'S BIOGRAPH, Entire Change of Pictures every Evening.. THE MAORIES Smartest Acrobatac. TumMerf. introducing Indians, Squaw and Cowboys. PRICES, 3d, 4d. 6d. Late Trains will leave ervetry fiatwAty for Llanberis, etc., 10.15 p.m., ..rod NantBe, etc., 10.25 p.m. EISTEDDFSI GABEIRISL Y MSC, CAERNARFSN. Beinrlaid Cerddorol: PROF. DAN PRICE, LLUNDATN, a J. G. THOMAS, Ysw., G.L.T.N.C. CYSTADLEUON ARDDERCHOG I GORAU MEIBION, CYMYSG, MERCHED, A PHLANT. ADRAN ARBENNIG A GWOBRWYON DA I BLANT. CANU PENILL10N, CHWAREU'R DELYN, ADRODDIADAU, etc. Testynau i w cael am l^c oddiwrth jt Icsgnfenyddion, Graianfryn, Caernarfon. EISTEDDFOD GARN DOLBEMMAEM. SADWRN, PASC, 191L RHYDDIAETH. Cofiant i'r diwedd&r Mr Richard Williams, Cambrian House. Gwobr, 4p 5s. BARDDONIAETH. Hir a Thoddaid i'r ddiweddax Mrø Ro berte, Llwyn Onn. Gwobr Ip 1&. Hir a Thoddaid i'r ddiweddar Mrs Ro- berts, Bryn MoeL Gwoor, 108 6d. Gwobrwyon da mewn Cann ac Adrodd. Testynau i'w cael oddiwrth yr Yagrifaa- ydd, trwy'r Llythyrdv, ^c. EVAN ROBERTS. Bright House. CYFARFCD LLENYDDDL A CHEIDDHOL PENTlE UCIAf. Cvnhelir yr uchod • PRYDNAWN a NOS IAU, CHWEFROR 9fed, 1911. RHAI O'R TESTYNAU. 1.—I'r Cor hefc fed dan 25 mewn nifer 0), gano oreu "Enaid Cu" (lealaw). Gwobr 4p. 2.—I'r Cor Plant heb fod dan 16 mewn nifer na thros 16 oed. a gano oneu Ha, ha, melus me!u8 wyliau ha" (Tom Price). Gwobr lp, a Chwpa<n i'r Arweinydd. 3.—I'r Parti heb fod dros 12 o un gynnli- eidfa a gano oreu "Tonman," o Daflen Cy- manfa M.C. Doebarth Pwllheli. Gwobr 15s. 4.—Her Unawd Gymraeg. Gwobr, lp 1s. Beirniad: Mil" DAVID PARRY, A.R.C.M., Organydd, Llanrwst. Penilion Coffa i'r diweddar Mr Griffith Hughes, Tuhwmt-i'r-Goip. Gwiobir, Gini. Gwel ysgrif ar y gwrthrych yn y "Goloaad," Mehefin 8, 1910. Beirniad: Parch R. R. MORRIS, Blaenan Ffestiniog. Am restr llawn o'r Teatynaa a many-lion pellach, anfoner at Mr ROBERT ROBERTS, GORS GOCH, LLANOR, PWliLHELI, yr Yegrifenydd. EISTEDDFOD CAGEIRIIL 8EIII. DOLGELLAU. CALAN, 1911. Beirniad Cerddorol: D. THOMAS, Yaw., M.A. fOmm Mus. Doc. PBIF DESTYNAU: — TrMthawd, "Cerddoriaeth yn Nghymrw yn yatod yr Hannsr Canrif diweddsi." Gwobr 6p. Testyn y Gadair, Pryddest, "Yr Olaf Ddydd." Gwobr 6p, a Chadair Dderw Gsrt iadig, gwerth 4p. Y Brif Gystadleuaeth, Anthem, Light in Darknefe" (D. Cyril Jenkins). Gwobr, (a)' i'r Cor, Piano, gwerth 42p; (b) i'r Arweia-i ydd, 3p; (e) i'r Cyfeilydd, 2p. Corao Meibion, Part Song, "Good Night, Good Night. Beloved" (T.T.B.B.), Ciro Pin- sniti. Gwobr lOp. (Curwen's Eidition, No 60459, Apollo Club). ManylioD llawn oddiwrth yr Ysgrifeaydd- ion, O. O. ROBERTS, a LLEW MEERJON, Do*p*n»o. —-—r' u TO OTCTFRB THE OBSATBST PUBU-. OUT. ADVERTISE IN TKB KlCBALj^i