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TFFLCIAL, LEGAL, ETC. PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION FOR THE CARNARVON DISTRICT BOROUGHS. NOTICE. ALL Persons having any Claims against the Right Hon. David Lloyd George, in connection with the above (Election, are requested to send in the same, with full particulars thereof, to rne, »at the under- noted addrose, without dtelay. Claims not sent in to me within fourteen days aft-er the 12th day of December, 1910, will be barred by statute. NATH ROBERTS. 25, Bangor Street, Carnarvon, December 12th, 1910. CARNARVONSHIRE HILARY QUARTER SESSIONS. NOTFOE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace in and for the County of Carnarvon, will be held at the COUNTY HALL, CARNAR- VON, on THURSDAY, the Fifth day of January, 1910, at Quarter-past Ten o'clock in the forenoon. The Grand and Petty Jurors, all persons bound by recognisance to prosecute and give evidence or to surrender in discharge of their bail, and all Appellants, Respondents and their Witnesses are to appear at the County Hall aforesaid on the day and at the hrur before mentiocsd. A. BODVEL ROBERTS. Clerk of the Peace. Carnarvon, 13th December, 1910. Re MARGARET CATHERINE WILKINS, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to Statute 22nd and 23rd Viet., Cap. 35, that all persons having any Claims against the Estate of Margaret Catherine Wilkins, late of 28, Segontium Terrace, Car- narvon, Spinster, who died on the 10th day of October, 1910, and whose Will was proved by William Jones and John Bath Allanson. the Executors, on 6th December, 1910. in thp Di strict Probate Registtry at Bangor, are required to send particulars in writing of such Claims to the undersigned before the 21st dav of January next, after which date the Executors will distribute the assets among the persons entitled, hav- ing regard only to the Claims of which they ehall then have had notice. Dated this 10th day of December, 1910. ALLANSON and CO., 7, Church Street, Carnarvon. Solicitors for the Executors. RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL OF OGW'EN. APPOINTMENT OF ROAD SURVEYOR. THE RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL OF OGWEN will at their Meeting to be held on the 6th day of January, 1911, pro- ceed to oonsid-er applications for the above appointment. Salary JB72 per annum. Candidates must not be over 40 years of age. The appointment will be made subject to one month's notice from either side. The person appointed muist devote his whole time to the duties of his Office, and must reside in such part of the district as the Council approve. Applications in Candidate's own hand- writing, stating age and experience, and en- closing copies of not more than three testi- monials of recent date must reach me not later than Friday, the 30th December, 1910. Canvassing the members of the Council directly or indirectly will be deemed a dis- qualification. R. BENJAMIN EVANS, Clerk to the Council. Union Offices, Bangor, 1st December, 1910. TO BE SOLD FOR Saie, GAS STOVE, moderate me, in good condition, reasonable price. — Apply, Y488, "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. HORTHORN CALVES, from big- lO framed deep milking Cheshire Short- horn Cows. Bulls, 30s; Heifers, 36s up- wards.—Frank Dobie, Littleton, Chester. 11ILES. — Receipt am Eli a symudir m Piles o bob math am Postal Order 1/1. Ymofyner a Box No. 504, "Herald" Office, Caernarfon. FOR SALE, GIG, equal to new, to suit 14 to 15 hands; also BROWN HAR- NESS, brass mounted.-Apply by letter to Box Y489, Heratd" Office, Carnarvon. GARDENING.—Bulbs, Beat Naircisue, G Tulips, Crocuses, Snowdrops, is. 100; Hyacinths, lOd dozen, cash.—J Staples, Saltfleefiy. cl79 1} 0 be Sold, MINERAL WATER- WORKS, old established, no opposi- tion, in rising health resort. Rare chance for small capita .—Apply, M. W., "Herald" iJlfice, Carnarvon. HABPS.-Trirle Harpø-Celtic Harps, L3. Irish Harps, Pedal Harps, aU kinds of Harps.-MORLIEY, maker of the largest harp in the world, 6, Sussex Place, South Kensington, London, England. NO MOTORIST should be withoat SHIPPEY'S DECARBONIZER fox Petrol Engines. Full particulars from F. H. Hornblower and Co., Marlborough Street, Liverpool, proprietors for the North. Spec- ial Trade Terms. Agents Wanted. EGGfi from pent including many winners and mated to produce large exhibition birds, Brown, Ught, Speckled, and Red Sussex, alt per doxen; No. 2 pens, 108 6d; and from good utility birds, be per dozen, or 30s per 100; unfertiles rephcad.—J. Ada Hellingly, Sussex. c174 SURGICAL RUBBER APPLIANCJ:8 of mwj description. Belt*, Trusses, Enemas, Elastic Stockings, fie., also Travel ling Conveniences; 32 pages iUnatratad list sent free, or with four samples in. — Y. CHARLES and CO., West Green Road, Totr taaham, London. 01'71 WALL PAPERS from l £ d per Roll. Any quantity, large or small, at Wholesale Prices. Our Stock excaedf 260,000 Rolli, AU olssses.—Write for pat- terns, stating alum required (Dept. 960), The Barnett Wallp&pfi? Co., Ltd., Man- chester. dOl. BBUNSWICK BUFLDJNCS, CASTLE SFLUABE, CARNARVON. THESE Commodious BUSINESS PRE- MISES (lately in the occupation of Messrs Williams. Humphries and Co.), com- prising Large Double-Fronted Shop and ex- tensive Show Rooms to be SOLD or LET.- Apply, Carter, Vincent and Co., Lloyds Bank Chambers, Carnarvon. ^MONEY BKWEY LENT AT SHORT NOTICE. A DV AiNCES of large or small amounts A (from JB10 upwards) granted WITH- OUT DELAY "11 Promissory Note only. NO BII.L^ OF SALE TAKEN. M0)i<, T ATE TERMS. NO APW.f CATION FEES. BUSINESS rov DUCTED STRAIGHT- FORWARDLY. Full information supplied, either per- sonally or by p -n. free of cost, and all en- gines TREAT' n WITH CONFIDENCE. Repayments arm it ..red to snit borrower's con- venience.—Applv to CEORCE PAVNE AND SONS, 3, CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL, Established 1870. BUSINESS ADDRESSES I DON'T PAY i" FOR A 11 PIANO TEST IT FOR A MONTH FIRST YOU WOULDN'T THINK of "buying a pig f YOU WOULDN'T THINK of "buying a pig f in a poke," and yet there # are hundreds of people who g buy a Piano without taking I the trouble to test for them- 4 selves the tone and touch* C the trouble to test for them- 4 selves the tone and touch. C [ ♦ Not many firms will give the opportunity for a fair test, and as a ) ( Piano Expert, permit me to tell you that you cannot prove the ) Value of a Piano in two minutes j and that is why you can have a i i CESTRIAN in your own home for a month's free trial without ) paying a penny for it. 4 THE "CESTRIAN PIANO" I } IS BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME J } ) and I am not afraid of anyone using it for a month, because I know C { that its strength of construction can stand a strain of years, and its f { beauty of tone is lasting, and will delight all who play it. J f People who know nothing about pianos can rely upon this offer j y of a CESTRIAN as being a guarantee of goodness all through— C and always remember that my system of payment is easy and t ( wonderfully fair. r CAN I SAY MORE? j UrDDPDT CI I TC 71, F0REGATE ST., j | NBNDLNL LLLLO, CHESTER, J TRYING WINTER WEATHER. Every Man, Youth, and Boy, to keep warm and free from I Colds, should wear BRAD LEYS I OVERCOATS GENTS' DOUBLE BREASTED BLANKET CLOTH OVERCOATS TO MEASURE, 21/- AND 25/ Value well-known and cannot be beaten. Also a Choice Selection of the Newest Pa#erns in Men's, Youths', and Boys' ready to wear Overcoats. Note the address THE GREAT CLOTHIERS, TURF SQUARE, CARNARVON. another Reduction! GOSTYNGIAD ETO! Brown Cooking Sugar, 1ML per lb. Good Crystal Sugar, I'd per lb. 21b s for 31d BEST SUGAR, 2d per lb. RAISINS from 4d. per lb. CURRANTS from 3td. per lb. SULTANAS from 5d. per lb. FLOUR, lOlbs. for 1/- MUSCATELS, PIGS, DATES, LEMONS, ORANGES, APPLES, PEARS, NUTS, AT LOWEST PRICES. Yellow Flower TEA. 1/6 per lb. 4 Coupons with every lb, for useful presents. 31bs. and upwards carriage paid to any part of Wales for Id. per lb. extra. ♦ NOTE ADDRESS TO BE HAD ONLY FROM Jj R. PRITCHARD, Mfc TEA MART & EAGLE STORES CARNARVON. WICEIUUIEIUS. TRICARDS, "the fascinating new patent T Domino Game," 9d post free.—Faxaker- ley, 60 Duke Street, Liverpool. — I TOBACCONISTS, HOTEL KEEPERS. T send to W. Ariel Gray and Co., 36, Everton Road, Liverpool, for Wholesale Price List, -which trivee the lowest prices pos- sible for any article required in the Tobaeoo Trade. THE LOW PRICE OF STOCK. FARMERS wishing to avoid Selling Stock 1 or Produce at the present low prices in order to meet Rent or other pressing claims, and requiring Financial Assistance for these objects, will do well to inquire Terms, etc., by letter or personally from GEORGE PAYNE AND SONS, 3, CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL. Established 1870. TO 8ECTTRTC THE GREATEST PUBLI QKY, AVVEMUSB W THE « ■»BALD," r STEAMERS SOUTH ANDEAST AFRICA ROYAL MAIL RQUTE UNION-CASTLE LIN E LONDON AND SOUTHAMPTON. WEEKLY SAILINGS by Royal Mail and Intermediate Steamers to Cape Colony, Natal, Delagoa Bay, Beira, and Mauritius, calling at Madeira, Canary Islands, Aecen- sion, St. Helena. Monthly direct Service to East African Ports via. the Continent and Suez Canal. For Rates of Passage Money and all further information apply to the Managers, DONALD CURRIE and CO., LONDON. or 60 Local Agents. MAS GOODS, SWEETS, NOVEL- TIES. All leading lines Stocked. Best selection; lowest prices. Inspection invited. E. NEFYDD JONES, i CONFECTIONER, 6AHNARYON. MEETINGS F CHRISTMAS, 1910. i A GRAND evening Concert WILL BE HELD AT THE GUILD HALL, CARNARVON ON MONDAY, DEC. 26th; Special Engagement and First Appearance in Carnarvon of the following Celebrated Artistes: — Soprano: Miss Eliza/both. Hall, Winner at the Royal National Eisteddfod, Royal Albert Hall, London. Contralto: Hiss Ceridwen Price, TKHYMNEY. A Favourite of the South Wales Concerts. Tenor: Mr Watkin Hughes, Double Winner, Royal National Eisteddfod, Llajigollen. Bass: Mr Ellis Evans, RHOS. Winner, Royal National Eisteddfod, Colwyn Bay, 1910. Violinist: MISS GWENDOLEN EVANS. Reciter: MASTER R. A. HUGHES. Accompanist: MR ORWIG. WilLIAMS. Doors open at 7, Commence 7.50. Carriages 10 p.m. TICKETS, 2s and 18. Special Late Trains for Llalllberis and intermediate Stations, and Penygroea and Nantlle and intermediate Stations. WILDMANS GRAND WINTER OARNIYlL PAVILION, CARNARVON Sole Lessee: MR ARTHUR WILD MAN. General Manager: MR ALWYNE CAM7ER 4" OPEN D A I L Y. Morning, 10.30 till 12.30. | Afternoon, 2.30 till 5. f Evening, 6.30 till l6 p.m. ACKNOWLEDGED BY THE PUBLIC AND PRESS TO BE LARGER AND GREATER THAN EVER. THREE GIGANTIC SHOWS FOR ONE AD- MISSION—THREEPENCE. THE Largest Roller. Skating Rink in North Wales. REAL MAPLE FLOOR. SEVENTH WEEK, MONDAY, 19th DECEMBER, 1910. WILDMAN'S BIOGRAPH. Change of Pictures every E^ilng. First appearance of 4 MAYOS 4 I Comic Skating Act direct from Empire, [London. D MDIJLE" DE VENA. Queen of Club Juggle* ALEC. AUBREY, Astounding Gymnast. (Preliminary Notioel XMAS WEEK, commencing on Boxing Day, 26th Dec. 1910. Artistes brought from ALL parts of the World iRegardlesg of Cost. NEW, SENSATIONAL, and DARING ACTS. I Late Trains 'Every Saturday rut usual. Boxing Night, late 'trains will ran to Ban- gor. etc.. Llanberis, etc., Nantlle, etc. See Railway Posters and Bills for full particulars. TO BE LET TO be Let, near Cammr^n. SMALL FARM of over 20 acrpn.—For parti- culars apply, 10.. Castle Street, Carnarvon. > -Ml —— 1,1 fll O be Lei, at LiJanberis, at> a reasonable JL Rent, a large DWELLING HOUSE.— Apply, Box C487, Herald" C^ffioee, Camar- v. PENYGROES.—Ar Osod, a0 LLWYN- JT DU Road. Ty Cyfleus.—Ymofyner a Mr Griffith Thomas Jonee, Bran Uyfnwy, Penygroes. y490 CARNARVON.-A LARGB ROOM in a J splendid position, vijoining the "HeraM" Offices, Castle Square. Imme- diate possession. —. Apply, Manager. "Herald" Offices, Carnarvon. Mim H,. 4V MONTHLY W 1 secure 101 and 21*- Bales of HOUSE F OLD DRAPERY, also Blankets Sheets, Qnilts, Boots, £ ostirnes. Skirts, Suits Olcthing, etc. Send postca lor lists— WHOLESALE^SU V Co., 79, KMOHTRIOQSR S" V LONDON, B.C 10s. REWARD. T OST, on Saturday, Lecemker 3rd, in JLi the vicinity of Gtoeslon, an old Smooth-coated BLACK RIETSRiFEVER, known by name as "Prince." Finder re- warded at Uandwrog Rectory, near Car- jMixvon,, BUSINESS ADDRESSES fiRIFHTH JONES & CO. HAVE THE BEST SELECTION OF NOVELTIES MOST SUITABLE AS #II XMAS PRESENTS i£+- i Call and Inspect our Lisplay of Fancy Goods. I Great Variety of Ladies' Purses from 41-d. Gents' Leather Purses from 5d. OUR MOTTO IS To Give OUR CUSTOMERS THE Very Best Value FOR THEIR MONEY. -1 I I I ¡ ."tIE- I Beautiful Selection of Ladies' Dress- ing Cases from 4/9. j SPECIAL LINE IN DESSERT FORKS, 1 1/111 PER HALF-DOZ. Guaranteed to wear the same colour throughout. I LARGE ASSORTMENT OF GENTS' DRESSING CASES from 5/11. I SPECIAL LINE I I IN I DESSERT SPOONS, 1 ljlil PER HALF-DOZ. — ♦ Guaranteed to wear the same colour throughout. i'.j t Military Brushes in Case from 2/6. SPECIAL LINE IN DESSERT KNIVES 2/6 HALF-DOZEN. WELL WORTH NOTICE. Every Knife we sell is Guaranteed. Cigar and Cigarette Cases from 2/6 j We hold the Largest and Best Selection of Cutlery and Electro Plate in Wales. E.P. Cake Baskets from 5/11 E.P. Fern Pots tv V* E.P. Honey Jars „ 1/11 E.P. Jelly Disbes pp 1/9 LARGE ASSORTMENT OF DINNER CRUETS from eg. I Breakfast Cruets from 2/11. E.P. Flower Vases from 101d. E.P. Jam Spoons. „ tOld. Butter Knives » 9d. Meat Carvers from 3/6 per pair. a General and Furnishing Ironmongers, 9 & 11, Pool Street, CARNARVON. ELECTORAL 1 TO THE ELECTORS OF THE CARNAR- VON BOROUGHS GENTLEMEN,— I desire to thank you for the very courteous manner in which you received me throughout the recent Election. I warmiy appreciate the kind attention accorded to me by s up porters and opponents alike at :;11 the meetings 'that I addressed. To those of you who recorded their votes in my fav- our I am exceedingly grateful. The result of the Poll affords me consider- able satisfaction as it indicates that very many of you welcomed the opportunity of expressing your opposition to the Govern- ment's proposals to weaken the Constitution, and your adherence to the Unionist policy of Tariff Reform as the only policy which will effect the mitigation of unemployment, the permanent improvement of the condition Óf the working-classes, and the maintenance of the 'Empire. I hope to have an early opportunity of tendering my thanks to you personally. Yours faithfully. AUSTINDLOYD JONES. Hope. Mold, December 12th, 1910. c510 7, Radnor Place. Hvde Park. London, Dec. 7th, 1910. TO THE ELECTORS OF ANGLESEY. ENTLEMEN,— IT I desire to tender my thanks to the Electors of the County, and especially to my political supporters, for my unopposed return as their representative. The opin- ion of the constituency in January of this year was so emphatic, that it would have been a waste of time and money to challenge again the verdict, so recently given. This is my sixth election. I shall endeavour in the* future, as I have done in the past, not only to give voice to the principles of the party to which I belong, but also to represent the general interests of the island-county. I am, Your obedient Servant, h46 CELLIS JONES GRIFFITH. ——————'——————————————————————— ESTABLISHED OwJt 80 YEARS. Telebht »* 59 JOHN D E L ANY, 38, Northoate Street, CHESTER LADIBS', GBNTLBMBN'S & YOUTHS' TAILOR. Ladies' Coats & Skirts in all the Latest Styles a specialite. G mile men's Sui" for all occasions receive setting attention. Breeches, Livery, Motor Outfits, Mo urnia All Garments made on tbe Premises b first-clans Workmen. TO SfOrTFWW THE OJWSATFSRT PTTBL7 Off. Avrarnfiv m THB wkku&s j CARNARVONMOTOBS LIMITED I VINTSR SERVICE, I Commencing November 28TH, 1910, and until further Notice. f The Company cannot be held responsible for any irregularity in the service. I FROM I CARNARVON Mondays, Tuesdays* I and Fridays Saturdays 6nly Wednesdays only I TO CARNARVON Mondays. Tuesdays. and Fridays I Saturdays only I Wednesdays only p,m. p.m jp.m.ip.m-Ja.m. p.m ja.m. a.m.jp.m. p.m.ia.m. p.m CARNARVON dep.4 301215U 09 ORA 05 30PWLLHELI., dep. 3 45 Bontnewydd 4 4.01225 4 109 10 9 10 5 4ojFourcrosses •• 3 55 Llanwnda 4 45 "30 4 159 15 9 15 5 » 19 3° 8 45 17 45 4 20 Glyn Entr.. „ 4 5512404 259 259 255 SSJPENLON T'vor „ 19 358 501 3° 5 3°;7 5<M 25 Pontlyfni „ 5 15 1 04 459 45(9 45 6 15 Gyrn Coch „ i9 4°8 55 1 35 5 35 7 55 4 3° Clynnog 5 25 1 10 4 55 9 55 9 55 6 zjjClyonog „ [9 559 101 5°;5 5° 8 104 45 GyrnGoch „ 5 351 205 5 JO 510 56 35 Pontlyfni „ ,10 59 202 0,6 oj8 204 55 Penlon T'vor „ 5 401 255 ioioioioi«6 40 Glyn Entr.. I10209 352 15I6 158 355 5 Llan'haiarn 5 45 10151015 6 45 Llanwnda.. „ iio30|9 452 256 258 455 15 Fourcrosses „ 1020 Bontnewydd 103519 502 3016 308 505 20 PWLLHELI., arr. 1045 CARNARVON arr.1104510 02 4o|6 409 05 30 On Carnarvon Fair Days, dep Llanaelhaiarn 8 a.m. Passengers taken up at any point except on hills, subject to a seat being available and on I the fare from the previous station being paid. Parcels conveyeed at fixed rates. 'Bus departs these days from Carnarvon Station immediatly on arrival of 4.30 train ex Bangor. Will pick up Passengers in Castle Square After the 31st December therewill be no Service on Mondays. I All inquiries to be addressed to the Secretary, J. LLOYD-ROBERTS, F.S.A.A. Incorporated Accountant, iS, Castle Square ESTABLISHED 1647. I r 81 I O. EVANS & SON, COLLIERY AGENTS AND COAL MERCHANTS SOLE AGENTS FOR THE GRIMETHORPE, WESTMINSTER & RUABON COALS. I .<1 0.10=NNNWONM ALL RFPAIBJ3 TO RAILWAY WAGGONS UNOERrAK ENS AT OUR WORKS AT THE OLD FOUNDRY, CARNARVON Offioe 10 SLATK QUAY. aafiiitai I MR JONES,D.D.S. (A.D.) DENTAL SUHGFON, CRAIG OWEN, Close to Railway Station, BANGOR At home every day except TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS, from ten till i, R. JEFFREYS 4, MAJULKX STREET, CAKNABVON HOUSF ft ESTATE AGENT PBOPXRTY BBOUnt. BtttlniMBt of AaoOTTit| |t •oil CUanta. A.-a lor Fit*, Life, Aeoided, mmi Fine* fUtm lumrane* Cot. IWM Tax ltdiiw hifiwi sales BY mrm BY MB "BERT G. JOKES AUCTIONEER AND VALLEih CARNARVON. CARHABVCH SlmFIELD SALES ftR 1911. MIt ROEEKT O. JONEiS will conduct tie undermentioned SALES of FAT and STOUE CATTLE, SHEEP, etc. MONDAY. JANUARY 9th. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6th. MONDAY. MARCH 6th. MONDAY, APRIL 3rd (EASTER SALE). MONDAY, MAY 8th. MONDAY, JUNE 5th. MONDAY. JULY 3rd. MONDAY. AUGUST 7th. MONOAY. OCTOBEJR 16th. MONDAY. NOVEMBER 20th. MONDAY. DECEMBER 11th (XMAS SALE). AiR'tio)T'"r'e Office 39, C as tie Square, Carnarvon. BY II IDBEIT PADY. PAMSH OF LLANENGAN. PRELIMINARY AN NOUN CEM EN T, MR ROBERT PAR-RY is instructed to SELL by PUELIC AUCTION, at the Crown Hotel, Pwllheli, on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY lltih, 1911, all that .Desirable FRJEEHOLD FARM known ae BWLCH, LLAN'ENGAN and FIVE COTTAGES?, con- taining by admeasurement about 34 acree. PARISH OF ABERDARON. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. MR ROBERT PARRY is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, all that. FREE- HOLD FARM known as BODERMYD ISAF, ABBRDARON, immadiafbely arfter the Sale of Bwlch. Furtfher pajticuLars in due course. 5. Sa<lem Terrace. Pwllheli. jfAMTKB r.,0 TAILORS.—Wanted a. Good, Steaidy JL GENERAL HAND. — Aifj]y; Japps, iue Pioneer, Llaniaulechan. WANTED, GOOD GENESAL.—Apply W Mrs Thomae, BodTe*oaiit3 Conway. Two in family. y497 WANTED, dear MOLESKINB, .well W dried, strftchcd square skins, 12s 1^0.—Elliot^ Boteeda,le, Dias. €5C8 Wl ANTED, 60Q Packs of CSesui and TT White Welsh WOOL.—Write, B5, "HeraJd" Offices, Carnarvon. yN Eieieu 500 Sa< baid o WLAN GWYN JL Cymreig.—Ymofyner a B3, H«raid" Oltices, Caernarfon. FEEDING TREACLE. — AGENTS J' Wanted for Sale of well known Brand amongst Farmers, Horseowners, Dairymen, etc. Good commission.—Box C464, of this paper. MOLESKINS.—Any quantity bought for immediate cash during coming win-, ter; state price at once.—W. Y. New 110, Winterbourne Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey. WANTED, COOK GENERAL, age 24 W t-o 26. No washing; must have good references. Welsh preferred.—Mns R. W. Jones, Holly Bank, Ganston, Liverpool. 1 ANY ASSETR capable of taking orders •J for High-Clase of Lloydl George aaid othere. Good ocwniiHesion.—AA- draBS, with refarwocee, to Box Y498, Herald" Ofl&oes, Carnarvon. POULTRY, BUTTER, etc., Wanted, re- guiar supplies of Poultry (alive or dead); also Bufaier in roll., weekly deliver-: iae. State prioe and quantity, to Reginald Daviee and Co., 118, New K^nt Road, London. WANTED by well-known firm of pub- c li&hers, an AGENT resident aft Col- wyn Bay, to call upon Proprietors of Apart- mente and leading fimus. High ooonmieettoo offered. Send references and partdcuiars to Box Y499, "Herald" Offices, Carnarvon. EISlAC, ar unwaiti, MORWYN GREF, JLJ iach, oddeutu 25 oed, fed rue hetfo coginio, golchi, smwddio. hoff o blant, cynt- eriad da, Methodist, cydog da.—Ymofyner a Moranedd, Valley, Mon. c501 WANTED, Smooth-coaited WELSH WV COLLIE PCP, brown ool*ured. Address, John Bult, 140, Fenchurct gtoeet, London, E.G. gfioO YY ANTED a YOUNG MAN, used' to « • Dressing Tripe, Savoury Ducks, Puddings, etc., and help in Butchering, at once. — Apply, M. Humphreys, Queen's Bakery, Corwen. cAH JVI OLESKDT COMPETITION. — Prizes V alue Twelve Guineas. Half a mil- lion skins Wanted. Also Wanted, Cat, Otter, Badger, Hare and Rabbit Skins. TeD prices paid.—Write Watson and Co. 49, Gt. Queen Street, Kingsway, London,' W.C. AGENTS.—Old Established London Firsu Wajofte a few energetic MEN to eeH good* in industrial and agricultural distrkAs. Permanent profitable employment for whole or spare time. High commission, no risk, encouragement given. — Address Pasi- 1A, Worsley Road, Leytonstone, London. CANADA ac AMERICA. — Tocymui gyda'r "Cunard," "White Star." "Canadian Pacific," a'r "Allan" Lin- /in caeJ gan OWEN JONES, Auctioneer and Valuer, Penygroes. D.S.—GofeliT am ym- fydwyr yn Lerpwl drosof trwy gytundeb. IF you have any Vacancies for Employ- ment, we should be glad to supply your requirements. No charge made. We have hundreds off names on our boohs. Strictest enquiries made respecting charac- ter, etc. Let us hear from you.—Wilton's Advertising Oifioes, Oldhaii Street, Livex- pooL LIVERPOOL Branch of Old Established -β-J first class tariff Fire and AooidenA fa-r surance Co. requires immediately INSPBP- TOiR of AGENTS for North Watee Diairict. Welsh Nationality or parentage, "with mosne knowledge of language might be considered advantageous.—Addrew by letter, staking age, experience, and salary, to No. 04991 Office of thie paper. AGENTS w.i^cd by an old establMhed Londnn Firm to call on Farmers, Job- masters, Brewers, Contractors, Mills, Iron- works, Collieries. Constant employment for whole or spare time. Energetic meax can realise a hands* >ine income. — Address, Manager," 31. Ely Terrace, Harford Street, Stepney, London. LLANRUG COOPERATIVE SOCIETY. ~\7~N ElfSlEU MANAGELR i gario ym2ae» JL fusnes j- ^ymdejtihaa. Rlha^?o>yfron da. Oeisaadp' testimonials, etc., i fod mewn llaw cyr rieu ar RJffl^gifyr lOfed. Ala fanylion, ymofyner B:r Ysgrifenydd, Evalll W. Evans, G,|d'*vn. TJanrug. IEW1S~CAF £ COLWYN BAY^ MXX)MMOI "ON FOR CYCUSTB, COMMERCIAL TRAVELLERS. SPECIAL TF" MS for SUNDAY ROOM TRIP'J »tr-VTO PARTIES W,t Jf8LJ; AIRED BOOMS. BIUJ/ftDS, *»&N LEWIS, Prapi 'itoi. $