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#fpcial, Segal, #c. CIRXARVONSHIRE MICHAELMAS QUARTER SESSIONS. OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, in and for the County of CamaTVcn, will be held at the COUNTY HALL, CARNARVON, on THURSDAY, the 22nd day of October, 1908, at quarter past Ten o'clock in the fore- noon. The Grand and Petty Jurors, all persons bound by recognizance to prosecute and give evidence or to surrender in discharge of th IT bailj, andj all 'Appellants, Ees^ndente ^u d their Witnesses are to appear at tie County Hall aforesaid, on the day and at the hour be- fore m€ntlo*edB0DVEL_pv0BERTS, Clerk of the Peace. Carnarvon, 30 Sept., 19'8. c512 COUNTY OF MERIONETH. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT, 1888. TVTOTLCE IS HEREBY; GIVEN: THAT TN« J\ next Quarterly Meeting of the Standing Joint Committee of Quarter Sessions and County Council under Sect'on 30 of the above Act will be held in the County Ball BALA, jn said County, on Tuesday, the 20th day of October, 1908, at the hour of half-past Eleven o'clock in the forenocn, wh3n the Committee will proceed to the consideration of the busi- ness renting to the application or manage- ment of the County Stock or Rate within the jurisdiction of the Committee under Sub-Sec- tion 3 of Section 30 of the raid Act, and all persons having any demand against the Com- mittee are requested to icrward- particulars thereof in writing to the County Tieasurer at Dolgelley on or before the 17th day of Ocobe^ 1906 Dated this 26th day of September, 1908. DAVID i:REESE, yS21a Clerk to the said Committee. MERIONETH QUARTER SESSIONS. NOTICE IS HEKEBY GIVEN that the next General Quarter Sessions of tiie Peace for the County of Merioneth will be held in the County Hall, at BALA, in the said Couny, on Tuesday, the 20th day of October, 1908, at 11.30 a.m., when the Grand and Petty Jurors will be caiiet and t-h Court will pro- ceed to hear and determine all matt are brought before them in the following order.—1.—In the ferial of prisoners. 2.—In the hearing of ap- peajs., hearing irctions and in the transaction of such other business as may be brought before the Court. And Notice is Herely also Given that all Grand and Petty Jurors, all persons bound by recognizance to prosecute and give evidenfce or Surrender in dischargt of their bail, and aid appellants, respondents and their witnesses, and all persons bound by recognizance in any civil proceeding are to appear and be in atten- dance at the time and pla.oe aforesaid. Ap- peals to be heard must be entered with me not Jater than Two o'clock in the afternoon of the day preceding the Sessions. Dated this 26th day of September, 1908. DAVID BREESE,, yS20a Clerk of the Peace. COLWYN BAY AND COLWYN URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. THE above Council invite Tenders for the -widening and forming of new footpaths on the Abergele (Main) Road at Colwyn within this District. Plans and Specification may be seen, and Bill of Quantities obtained upon application at the Office of Mr William Jones, Assoc.M.Inst. C.E., Engineer and Surveyor, Council Offices, Colwyn Bay. Tenders endorsed "Footpaths Main 'Road, Colwyn," to be delivered by 12 noon on Tues- day, the 27th instant, addressed to the Clerk of the Council. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. I P'y Order. JAMES AMPHLETT, Clerk to the Council. Council Offices, Colwyn Bay, 14th October, 1908. h3 ANGLESEY COUNTY COUNCIL. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the .1 next Meeting of the above Council will be hdld at the Shire Hall, LLANGEFNI, on THURSDAY, the 22nd day of October, 1908, at 1.20 o'clock in the afternoon, and the Coun- eill will thereupon proceed to the considera- tion of the business relating to the Assessment application of the County Stock Rate and all other County business pursuant to the Acts 15 and 16 Vict.,Cap.81, and ail persons having any demand upon the County Fund or Stock are required 19 forward the particulars thereof in "writing to my Office, 24, Church Street, Llan gefni, on or before Wednesday, the 14th dav -'Ot October, 1908. J. RICE ROBERTS, Clerk of the Peace. L!angefni, 3rd October, 1908. y £ >65 NORTH WALES HOME TEACHING SOCIETY FOR THE BLIND. ■ ■ THE 26th ANNUAL MEETING will be held at the GUILD HALL, CARNAR- VON, on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29th, at I 3 p.m. The usual "Sals" of Articles made by the Blind of the district, in their homes (Mats, Baskets, Knitting, etc.) will take place im- mediately after the Meeting. Hon Sec. Carnarvon Branch. MRS. NORMAN DAVIES. Quellvn. c521 ANGLESEY MICHAELMAS QUARTER SESSIONS, 1908. OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the next General Quarter Sessions oi the 'Peace for the County of Anglesey, will be bolden in the COUNTY HALL., BEAU- MARIS, on WEDNESDAY, the 21st day of MARIS, on WEDNESDAY, the 21st day of October, 1908, at half past Ten o'clock in the morning precisely. ¡ The Charge to the Grand Jury will then be delivered by the Chairman, and the Court will thereupon proceed with the Criminal and Civil business. business. The Clerks to the Justices of the several Divisions are requested to transmit to me, at Office-at Beaumaris, seven days before the Sessions, all Depositions, Returns o £ Fines, Convictions and which shall have been then taken, together with instrua tions for Indictments. JOHN RICE ROBERTS, Clerk of the Peace. Jn 1 Beaumaris, 29th September, 1908. y664a NGLESEY EDUCATION COMMITTEE. TEACHERS WTANTED. TEACHERS WANTED. CERTIFICATED. Trained, Headmaster for Rhosneigr Council School. Mixed. Welsh es- sential. Salary £105, rising to JB120. SUPPLEMENTARY. Female for Infants. Amlwch C.S. Salary £ 20. Applications on forms provided to be sent R. H. WILLIAMS. Education Offices, Llangefni. y546a IN THE MATTER OF THE COMPANIES ACTS 1862 to 1907. and IN THE MATTER OF THE CROWN QUARRY LIMITED, j DOLGELLY, MERIONETH. KOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pur- suant to Section 27 of the Companies Actf. 1907. a. MEETING OF THE Cf<EDI- TORS of the above Company will be held at the Offices of the LIqfndator, 71. Temple Row. ■Birmingham, on Thursday, -the 22nd day of October. 1908. it, Two o'c'ook in the afternoon, io* tho purpose*' nn-ripd in +he said section. C. F. B. FLINT, Liquidator. m3a (Bffhial, Jfcgal, fit HOLYHEAD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Copy of the Accounts duly made up and balanced, together with the Account Books, Deeds, Contracts, Accounts, Vouchers, and Receipts mentioned or referred to in such Ac- counts of the above-named Urban District Council, will on the 24th day of October, 1908, be deposited in the Office of the said Council (Council Chamber, Town Hall), and will be open between the hours of 10 a.m. and b p.m. to the inspection of all persons interested, until the 31st day of October, 1908, and that William Griffith, Eequire, the District Auditor, will attend on the 2nd day of November, 1908, at the hour of Two in the afternoon, at the Council Cliamber, Town Hall, Holyhead, to Audit the Accounts for the period ending the 31st day of March, 1907, of the said Urban District Council. Dated the 10th day of October, 1908. T. R. EVANS, h47 Clerk to the said Council. THE HOLYHEAD WATER WORKS COMPANY. (Incorporated 1866). SALE OF SHARES BY TENDER UNDER THE HOLYHEAD WATER ACT, 1906. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that it is the intention of the Directors of this Company to Sell by Tender not more than 700 Shares of the nominal value of J310 each, which will rank for dividend up to a maximum of seven pounds per centum per annum. Forms and conditions of Tender may be ob- tained from the undersigned and will be &ent by post on application. Sealed Tenders must be delivered at the Office of the Company not later than 8 p.m. ,u Monday, the 2nd day of November next.. By Order of the Board, J. 0. LAWFIELD, Registered Offices: Secretary. T7, Stanley Street, Holyhead. Dated this 14th day of October, 1908. h4R JOINT COMMITTEE OF THE HOLYHEAD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL AND HOLYHEAD RURAL PARISH COUNCIL FOR THE PURPOSES OF BURIAL. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Ac- counts of the above Committee will be AUDITED by William Griffith, Esquire, Dis- trict Auditor, of the Local Government Board, at the Board Room of the Guardians, Union Workhouse, Valley, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, on Thursday, the 5th day of Novem- ber, 1908, and that a copy of the Accounts to be Audited will be open to the inspection of all persons interested at the Offices of the said Committee, Stanley House, Holyhead, for seven clear days next before the 5th day uf November. Dated this 15th day of October, 1908. RICE R WILLIAMS, Clerk to the Holyhead Joint Burial Committee. OWEN WILLIAMS, Deceased. Fursuant to the Act of Parliament 22nd and 23rd Vict. cap. 35. Intituled "An Act to further amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees. N OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tiiatj «lt Creditor* and other persons having any Cl^imsi or Demands against the Estate of Owen Williams, late of Plas, Llanfihangel Tre'r Beirdd, in the County of Anglesey, Farmer, deceased (who died on the 26th day of July, 1908, and Letters of Administration to his Es- tato were granted out of the Principal Probate Registry of His Majesty's High Court of Jus- tice, on the 24th day of August, 1908, to Elizabeth Williams, of Plas, Llanfihangel Tre'r Berrdd, aforesaid, Spinster, the Adminis- tratrix), are hereby required to send the parti- culars in writing of their Claims or Demands to us, the undersigned, the Solicitors for the said Administratrix, on or before the 15th day of November, 1906,after which date the said Ad- ministratrix will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the ptr- sons entitled thereto, having regard only to the Claims and demands of which she shall then have had notice, and she will not bQ liable for the assets of the said deceased or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose Claims or Demands she vhail not then have had notice. Dated this Fifteenth day of October, 1908. •ELLIS DAVIES, JONES and JONES. of No. 2, Bridge Street, Carnarvon, Solicitors for the said Administratrix. <-527a SUsuranr* Cynnygir Mortgage Policy gan y SCOTTISH TEM- PERANCE LIFE OFFICE PA HAM Y ar eiddo cymeradwy, a bydd yr ad-dalladau yn llai fel rheol na rhont. Os digwydd TALWCR marwolaeth daw yr eiddo yn rhydd i'r teulu. Telir cost- au y cyfreithiwyr gan y Cwm- RENT? ni. Y sgrifener am fanylion at T. J. AINSWORTH, Resident Sec., 14, New Street, Birmingham. y294 ACCIDENTS OF ALL, KINDS SICKNESS, EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY. BURGLARY AND FIDELITY GUARANTEE' BISKj Insured against by the I RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSXJRAN ti COMPANY. Capital (fully subscribed) £ 1,000,000. Claims paid £ 5,400,000. 84, CORNHILL, LONDON. A. VIAN, Secretary. Mr N. O. Jones, Cambrian Railway, Dolgelley. R. Edward, 14. Cybi Street, Holyhead. Mr B. Williams, Cambrian Railway, Oswestry. Mr Parry, Railway Station, Carnarvon. Agents required in unrepresented districts. Liverpool Office; 41. North John Street. A. P. P. THOMAS. ACCOUNTANT, ESTATE and GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT. EXCHANGE BUILDINGS, MARKET ST., HOLYHEAD. Rent. Co'lector. Income Tax Returns pie- pared. Balance Sheets for Traders. Merchants' Books written u-p. Complicated Accounts adjusted. Moderate Charges. h61 R B. D A V I E S BILLPOSTER. BELLMAN AND ADVERTISING CONTRACTOR, HIGH STREET, BLAENAU FESTINIOG. All Billpoetinjr and Distributing Personally Attended to. JUi)illtE/5 BRADLEYS GREAT SALE READ OUR COMPETITION FOR 5s. PRIZE. SOME OF THE BARGAIN S1 SEE WINDOWS FOR LOTS MORE. Stacks of Men's Trousers, all sizes, at 2s lid, 3s 61d, 4fJ 3d, 56 3d. Everyday Wear Men's Suits, 12s lid, 15s lid, 18s lid. Youths' Suits, all sizes, grand value, as lid, 10s 6d, 12s 6d. A big pile of You the' Trousers, 2s 7d, 3s 6d. Rugby Suits for Boys 12 to 15, Band and But- ton Knickers, 8s lid, 10s 6d. Boys' 3-Garment Suits, school wear, 3s 7d, 4s 4d, 4s lid, 5s lid. Big Stock Boys' Sailor Suits, Tweed and Blue, Is 9^d, 2s 4d, 2s 8d. Men's and Boys' Caps, big variety, 3!d, Lijd, 5 £ d, 10*d. Stack of Men's Collars, 5id each 3 for Is 3d. Men's Stockings, Sid, 8 £ d, 10id. Boys' Cricket Belts at 2d. Piles of Strong Tweed Serge Knickers, lOgd, Is 3 £ d, Is 8¥i. Man's Suit to Measure, osual price 21s, for 18s lid. Boys' Fancy Suite, the Popul&r Styles, Belted, 3s 7d, lie 6d, 6s 3d; Thames, 4s lid, 5s lid. Men's Blue or Brown Overalls, is 9d, 2s 4d. Big Stock of Boys' Odd Jackete, Is 9Ad, 2s 3*<L Working Men's Cord Trousers, 3e lid, 4s 5d, Se 5d. File of Boys' Cord Knickers all sizes, ilid, Is 5d. Boys' Washing Blouses at lOti, Is &jd. Boys' Washing Suite at 2s 7d. Boys' Fancy Jerseys, 10id, ll £ d, Is 3d, Is 6d. Boys' Cricket Shirts at 110, is 4d. Boys' and Girls' Stockings at 4!d, 54d. Boys' Washing Overalls for Suite, 5 £ d, 7 £ d. Men's Pants and Singlets, Is 9 £ d, 2s 4d. SOILED STOCK WILL RE CLEARED REGARDLESS OF COST. PO FOR 10 DAYS ONLY -V3 NOTE ADDRESS: BRADLEYS. TURF SQUARE, CARNARVON. ALL WOMEN VOTE AT HULYftEAD THAT CUR CONFECTIONERY IS THE BEST We Cater for Parties, Dances. &c., on or off the Cafe Premises. Cutlery for Hire. Rooms for Committr ->s. MARKET CAFE, AND RESTAURANT, STANLEY STREET, HOLYHEAD 7 EYESIGHT SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED I%w C < I 0 I,, t. Dr. 0 -V 0. M. A ? 0 0 9 The Testing of Eyes Is not a matter of guesr work. It is a Science, which none but persona having studied the ANATOMY OF THE EYI can understand. WE TEST SCIENTIFICALLY AND OUR WORK IS GUARANTEE W. JONES AND SONS, Jewellers, Silversmiths,:and Qualified Opticians, COLWYN BAY AND OLD COLWYN. I The Sigbt Testing Department, under the personal supervision of J. RYFFIN JONES,IF.S.M.C., F.I.O., and LLEW. T. JONES, F.S.M.C., F.I.O., Holders o Highest Diplomas for Proficiency in Sight Testing, SPECTACLES AND EYE GLASSES FOR ALL DEFECT OF VISION. LL. T. Jones attends CARNARVON every MONDAY at. BEE HIVE R^TAURANT Turf Square. Hours 12 30 to 5-30. CONSULTATIONS AND ADVICE FREE. j. ..ML_- I I I 0 a The Universal Remedy tor Acfcaity of the Stomach; Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, mm Eructations, Bilious Affectiona. Safest and mosA Sifieotivt Aperient tor tot kta^lNNEFORD^ P^HJmagnesiaJ Regular Use. i m- A- C/. 02 Alm Alm Co&oCetj BRUSSELS. — HIGH-CLASS FREMCII BOARDING SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, 169, RUE DE LA LOI. Estab. 35 years. Careful Education. Good table. Beautiful House and gardens, Highest References. Principals: Miss ROBERTS and Mile. NAERT. c453 SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, RIVERSTEAD, WATERLOO, Near LIVERPOOL. THOROUGH EDUCATION AND HArpy HOME. TENNIS, HOCKEY, Etc. Terms: Moderate and Inclusive. Principal J THE MISSES PALMER. Term becrinfl September 14. Reference kindly permitted to the Rev W. Wynn Davids, Upper Bangor; the Rev W. Henry. Waterloo, and P. Davies, Ecq., Belvidere Park, Crosbv. cl64 _no 0- TO SECURE THE GREATEST PUBLI- CITY, ADVERTISE in the "HERALD." Sttattnrs. w OUTH AFRICA.—Royail ^ail Route.— O UNION CASTLE LINE.—London and Southampton, to Cape Colony, Natai, Delagoa Bay, Bieira, etc., calling frequently at Madeira, Las Palrnas, Teneriffe, Ascension, St. Helena, and Lobito Bay. Weekly Sailings. Fast Pas- sages. Superior Accommodation- Best ¡ Route. For rates of passage money and all further infoirmation apply to the Managers, Donald Currie and Co., London, or to Local Agents. MANFULNESS.—An interesting and ]11- 1'.L structive BOOK can 'be had FREE de- scribing a safe, simple and Scientific System wJiich pas been practised for over 20 years with unexampled success, together with over 1000 Testimonials giving absolute proof t.iat. the severe."t cases of NERVOUS EXPiAUS- TiON, DECAY of VITAL FORCE, WASTING WEAKNESS, VARICOCELE. etc., have been PERMANENTLY CURED WITHOUT Stomach Medicines, Electricity. Change of diet or habits, loss of time or occupation. A former snf?erer writes: "It has made life again worth 'living.' Apply to-day, enclosing 2 .? for postage in plain envelope, and -non- tion this naper. A. J. LEIGH, 92 and 93. r!t. Russell Street, London, W.C. <?79 ——■ n ■■ m ^btrr^ssfis. THE BEST KNOWN DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT IN NOETH WALES 1 THIS WEEK A I* GRAND EXHIBITION OF AUTUMN AND WINTER FASHIONS Our Show Rooms are now Replete with all that is New and Fashionable for the coming Season. Special value in Furs, Paletots, Mantles, Costumes, Skirts, Blouses, &c SMART NEW MILLINERY, &c. C::7- Ladies' Outfitting and Baby Linen a Speciality. DRESS DEPARTMENT.-Every New Material and Colours is to be seen here. Dressmaking Quotations given. Our prices at all times Moderate. THE NELSON EMPORIUM, CARNARVON BRYMER AND DAVIES, Proprietors. ROBT. WILLIAMS, PAWNBROKER, JEWELLER, &c, HOLYHEAD MONEY LENT to any amount on .1 ,W, -z' a F* J GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, JEWELLERY, CLOTHING, &c IS* LARGE MILNER SAFES FOR THE CUSTODY OF JEWELLERY NEW AND SECOND HAND CLOTHING IN GREAT VARIETY. BRANCHES— HOLYHEAD, BANGOR, AND FLINT. BERESFORD HOUSE, CARNARVON. I beg to announce to my numerous Customers and Ladies generally that I have a Large Stock of all the Latest and Newest Shades in Dress Mater- ials and specialities in Fabrics for Evening Wear. Also a Well-selected Stock of Novelties in Trimmings always on | hand. I shall be pleased to send Patterns of Dress Materials, &c., for Ordinary and Evening Wear to any address on application. Yours faithfully, MRS DUNLOP, Costumier. Remodelling a-Speciality. Orders by post promptly attended to. Do not lose the chance. r- t.w.. -i. J. R. PRITCHARD'S PRESENTATION" WATCH SCHEME THESE SPLENDID WATCHES GUARANTEED BY THE MAKERS FOR 12 MONTHS WILL BE GIVEN IN EXCHANGE FOR 100 COUPONS. REPAIRS FREE EXCEPT POSTAGE. N.B.—J. R. P. only acts as Agent and cannot undertake repairs or responsibility, and in case of a Watch needing Tepairs. it should be pent direct to the Makers London Office, in accordance vithothe Therms of Warranty which accompanies each Watch. We are distributing among the Usere of the following Goods, a quantity of Gentle- men's Size Watches in handsome Gold Plate finish cases, reliable timekeepers, free for 100 Coupons; also Ladies' Gun Metal Finish Watch free for 200 Coupons. SPECIAL COUPON GOODS: Yellow Flower Tea Is 6d per lb., counts 4 Coupons. Delicioua Fresh Churned MARGARINE 8d per ft,, 1 lb. counts for 2 Coupone 1 Jb for 1 Coupon. 3 lb. Jar Strawberry and Gooseberry Jam 94d per .Far, counts 1 Coupon. Large Tin Best Baking Powder, 4d per Tin, counts 1 Coupon. Large Bottle Worcestershire Sauce, 3id per (Bottle, counts 1 Coupon. Yellow Flower Soap, 21d per Bar, counts 1 Coupon. Best Flour, 9 lbs. for Is (every Is worth) counte 1 Coupon. Watch am 100 o'r Coupons. ONLY TO BE HAD FROM J. R. PRITCHARD, TEA MART & EAGLE STORES, CARNARVON. WARRANTY. j .190. THIS WATCH IS GUARANTEED as follows:- FIRST.—To be in perfect running condition when it leaves our factory. SECOND.-To be correct in material and workmanship. THIR.D.-We will make repairs, not necessitated by carelessness or abuse, durinc one year from above date! FREE of charge, if watch is returned to us with 3d enclosed FOR return TVOPT- age, or if doHred we will exchanse for a new watch, post paid for Is. CONNECTTCTJT WATCH CO., LONDON & NEW YORK. eg NO PREJuLMLl\AKY i-ELS. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY la large or email sums mot ieae tiiaTj £10) ON BORROWER'S OWN PROM^GRY NOTE. Established nearly Forty Years, and now lending UPWARDS OF £ 70,000 ANNUALLY. Prospectuses, terms for advances, or in- formation desired, will be supplied tTt-e of charge on application ^\j .• letter to GEORGE PAYNE & SONS, CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL. Established 1870. c.1a CASH ACCC-MMO^AIION! "-L- 03 T^.r-nn. £ £ f. d. /2; Sad 10 Prepay 11 5 0 400 Repay 450 0 a 15 „ 16 7 6 500 „ 542 10 0 20 „ 22 10 0 600 „ 675 0 0 30 „ 33 15 0 700 „ 785 10 0 50 11 56 5 0 800 11 900 0 I 100 „ 112 10 0 900 „ 1012 10 0 200 „ 225 0 0 1000 ,,1125 0 9 300 „ 337 10 0 NO BONDSMEN OR SURETIES REQUIRED. Existing loans paid off. Prospectus senf free per return of post, apply to Manager, 24, BANGOR STREET, CARNARVON. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY AT FIVE PER CENT PER ANNUM FROM JS10 TO JB5000. ON MORTGAGE and Life relief, also on Simpue Promissory Notes, at a VCTV AJW, Rate of Interest, repayable by Month-y, Quar- terly, or Haif-Yeariy Instalments. Capital may remain at Interest oniy. Strict privacy, guaranteed. Distance no object. Genuine ap.. plications never refused.—Write for free Pros- pectus to the actual lender, JOHN P.O-SE. 29, BUCKINGHAM ROAD, TUE BROOK, LIV- ERPOOL. Branches; 148. 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EDWARDS, 24, Venice 61, Lord Street ^inemool At Manchester daily. y2246 11 HA R I. G-CROSS BANK ESTABLISHED 1870. LIVERPOOL BRANCH: 8, DALE STREET. Hsad OFFICES 28, Bs.i>i'ciiD STRKLX, STJXASD, LoNDON, W.C., AND 39, Bis £ .ci?6Wirs bT:au2 WITHIN, LONDON, E.G. Branches Cardiff, Leods, Bradford. Dublin jbo. ¡ Assets, £1,60.7,949; Liabiiitiw, ^1,236, S7ir Surplus, £371,078. LOANS of £ 30 to £ 2000 granx«d at & few j hours' notice in Town or Country, on personal I security, jewellery, precious sione?, n-o_k&. and furniture, without romovaL Stocks and Shares hougiit arid .d. II 2* per cent, allowed on Current Accoust Balances. Deposits of jElO and upwards received Subject to 3 notice of wi'ttudxsw&l 6 p.c. per annum. Subject to 6 monthe' notice of -withdrawal, 6 p.c. per annum. Subject to 12 month*' notice of wiuidraw*], 7 p.c. pvr annum. Special terms for longer periods. I Interest pa;d quarterly. Owing to zlc nBoture I of our investments, we are able to p&v rates oi rnterei". on deposits that will comoars favour- ably with dividends paid on aliaoV. any class of etock (..or shareholding insu.rint* :,hs safety cf capital. We have been established fur 3b years, I and our position in the banking wci d to-day teetifiee to the success of our busine^e. rrcethods, and to the e^t.jffaction of our customers. Writ-e or call for pmspeefcas.—A WILLIAMS and H. J. TALL, Joint Managers. STRICTLY JpRIVATE & CASH ADVANCES, At a few hours' ncjce, any part of the UEltod Kingdom, I FROM ?o{g, TO £ 10()0 To Male 07 Femala, ON THEIR OWN NOTE OF ILiSD. Without bill of eaie, sareties, or delav, at a reasonable ra-te of interest. Rer'&vincnts "weekly, monthly quarterly, or to Vd'r, bo^- rower's convenk-aco. All information sad terms free. Apply in coiiiklence to CHARLES 0ROSSLEY, MELVILLE-CHAMEEILS, S3, LOED-ST LIVERPCtOL. Telephone 1197 Central. Te>i..4. finance. a £ ONEY LENT PRIVATELY £:; :.0 £1000.- Loan. Repay. Loan. P.ecav £ 3 £ 3 7 6 £ 20 £ 22 f? 0 £ 5 £ o 12 6 £ 50 £ i'5 15 0 £ 10 £ 11 5 0 £ 50 £ 56 '5 0 Full particulars given on application. W. oACKbON, "Mcna View," 1, Rowland Street, St. David'e Road, Carnarvon. E^tab:'shed 20 years- y226a MONEY LENT ON THESE TEEMSL £3 TO J31000. Loan. Repay. Loan. Retkay £3 £3 7 6 £2:' :n 10 0 £5 12 6 JSoO £33 15 0 JB10 £11 5 0 £5iJ £55 5 0 W. JACKSON, 20, Farrar Road. BANGOR. c297a MONEY LENT ON CERTAIN TERMS. 1'-1. £5 to £1.000. Full Particulars on Appiica:ion. Loan. Repay. Loan. Renav. £ 5 £ 5 12 6 £ 30 £ 33 16 0 £ 11 5 0 £ 50 £ 55 5 0 10 0 £ 10° £ 112 10 0 W. JACKSON, 70, Plymouth Grove, Maa- Chester. ml53 £ 10 TO £ 1,000 AT THE FOLLOWING TERMS: £10 repay JBH 5 0 £ 20 „ £ 22 10 0 £ 50 „ £ 56 6 0 And upwards. Distance no object. Full par- ticulars free. H. KAY and CO., 92 M*rkeL Street, Manchefiter. Tel.: 6845. l*OA TO £ 5,000 ADVANCEDbjTp^^ jJjiJX t Lender on Simple Promisor- Notes. No Bias of Sale tshen .s.nd abfiolutxn T"ivacy guaranteed. First letter of applicati".n receives promp* attention and jutendine borr.ra are waited upon by a represent at ive who is em- powered to compieie tran.action 0*1 terms mutually arranged. NO CHARGE Vine mad« unJei?5 Busmen actually corsp'tt^J. Special I V«otatu»ns fc-T Short Loans. V»>it« in «cn- fidence to C. WELLS, Cor-id^r Cbam^nr-r-L,»* -est.'?. TO SECURE GRE-ATKS" VI"TLI- CIT Y, ADVEKTISE in the "REi'AlJj