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LOCAL AND DISTRICT NEWS. COLWYN BAY. VICTORIA PIER CONCERTS.—On Satur- day and Sunday, two cenceits were held in the Victoria Tier 'Pavilion. The programme •was a good one, the following artistes baking par :—Miss Evangeline Florence, soprano Miss Esther Yun&on, contralto; Mr John Bards ley, R.A.M., tenor; Mr Emlyn Davies, A.R.C.M., baritone; Miss A. Backsheen Wood, soio violin and Miss Carrie Lumbers, accompanist and pianist. OLD COLtWYTN BROTHERHOOD.—-Od Sun- day, the first meeting of the session was held in the English, Wesleyan Chapel, Old Colwyn, Mr Arthur Higginfbottom in the ch?iir. There were about 50 men present to listen to an ad- dress by the Rev Henry Elderkin. Miss Sally IParry, o,f Cblwyn Bay, sang, and igteatty pleased the audience. The meeting v/as a most succestsful one, and the Brotherhood is look- in^ forwa-rd to a good session. HBBlROIK M.C. D'EiBATING SOCIETY.— On Monday evening, the Rev Lewis Wililliams- presiding, a- debate took place at Hebron M.C. Debating Society, Old Cblwyn, on the ques- tion wheth&r wealth otr character has the great- est upon society ,ge( (Mfisis Williams, Council Schools, and Mir W. H. Jones, Briarwood, spoke of the "Wealth," and Mr W. S. Moss, Post-Office, and Mass Jones, Council Schools, for "Character." An ani- mated discussion followed. ST. JOHN'S OHOER ANNIVERSARY.—On 'Sunday evening, at the St. John's Wesleyan 'Church, the Rev J. -Feather conducted the anniversary service of the choir connected with the church. He preached! on the subject of "Praise" and the choir rendered a special anthem "iPraise the Lord and call upon His name," by Elvey. At the conclusion of the service Mr T. J. Linefcar gave an organ recital. There was a good congregation and the service was bright and helpiul About £5 was con- tributed to the choir fund. A .J!UVENULE FOREIGN MISSIONARY.— On Friday night, the people of Old Colwyn turned out in force to attend a unique meeting held in the Einglish Wesleyan Church, con- ducted! by the young people connected with the St. John's and Nantyglyn-road Sunday Schools. Master Clara nee Ellis took the chair, and ad- resses were delivered by four boys, dressed in native costume, on mission work in Ceylon, Africa, China, and India. Short addresses were also given by other children, altogether about thirty young people taking paTt. The meeting y was very interesting, and a. good collection was taken. VALE OF CONWAY C.M. MONTHLY MEETING.—This meeting was held at the English Presbyterian Church, Colwyn Bay, on Wednesday, Mr David Jones, Llwynfryn, LJan- dudno, in the chair. There was a large at-ten, dance of delegates. At the morning meeting the ustual routine business was transacted, and in the afternoon addresses were given bv the Rev T. J. James, of Penmachno, on "Temper- ance," and by the Rev Owen Evans, Llandud- no, on "Purity." During the evening, a power- ful isermon wag preached by the Rev H. Barrow Williams. Elarndiudiio, a.t Engedi Chapel. FREE CHURCH GIRLS' GUILD.—On Fri- day evening, a lantern lecture was. given in the English Baptist Church on "Tyndale and the English B'ible." Miss Ayes, of Glenholme, de- 11 e livsred the lecture and the lantern was manipu- lated by the Rev H. T. Cousins, assisted by his son. There was a good attendance, and the chair wa, occupied by Mr J. Crompton. Miss Avres traced the religious history of this country and dealt with the difficulties ex- perienced by Tyndale in introducing the Bible, printed in English. During the evening Miss Brown sang a solo entitled "Holy Bible," and at the conclusion of the lecture votes of thanks were accorded to all who had taken part in the proceedings. CHURCH DEFENCE LEAGUE.—On Tues- day evening a well-attended meeting was held 11 9 in St. Paul's Church-room, under the auspices of the Young Men's Society, when the Rev J. Hamer Lewis, M.A., of St. Asaph, delivered a. lecture on "Why I am a Churchman." Mr H. F. Ashby presided, and in his opening re- marks said the subject of the lecture was a burning question, and the present was a time of crisis in the history of the Church.—The Rev. J. Hamer Lewis then gave an address, in the course of which he stated that the church was national in its independence, scriptural in its doctrines, and catholic in its scope—catho- licity implying that the world is its sphere of action.—At the conclusion of the lecture Mr Groome moved, and it was seconded by the Rev Rees-Morris, and carried, that a. hearty vote of thanks be accorded to the chairman, and to the lecturer. TEMPERANCE SUNDAY.—A several of the chapels in Colwyn Bay Sunday last was observed as Temperance Sunday, and special references was made to the subject of temper- ance. At Rhiw-road C.M. Chapel one reference was made which is worthy of note, namely, that in the present Government Cabinet none of the members are financially interested in the drink traffic. That is a circumstance that the nation has reason to be proud of.-At the English 'Baptist Church, the Rev H. T. Cousins preached in the morning from the text, "Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging." Mr Cousins dealt with his subject from an econo- mic and social point of view, and showed that the drink traffic is the greatest stumbling block in the way of social reform and the betterment of the condition of the people. Referring to Colwyn Bay, Mr Cousins said the fact. that the local public-houses were being enlarged1 and beautified was sufficient proof that great profits were being,-made in the sale of intoxicating liquors, and that drinking habits were on the increase in the town. The specific remedy for this state of things was total abstinence on the part of all members of the churches, and the provision of such institutions as the Free Library, the Y.M.C.A. rooms, workmen's insti- tutes, such as are to be found in North York- shire. and allotments and gardens where men may cultivate a love for nature. THE DISESTABLISHMENT QUESTION. —On Monday evening an interesting debate took place at the Engedi and Rhiw Literary and Debating Society, Colwyn Bay, on the sub- ject of "Disestablishment." The meeting, took the form of a mock Parliament, the Speaker being Rev Robert Roberts; Prime Minister, Mr T. R. Lewis, supported in the Ministerial benches by Mr Rowland Jones, Mr T. J. Dowell, Mr Francis Hughes, and Mr Charles Roberts. The Opposition was led by Mr Wil- liams-Jones, supported by Mr R. O. Hughes, M.A., Mr Hugh Owen, Mr Henry Morris, Mr H. Jones, Mr R. Roberts, Mr J. O. Davies, and Mr H. Williams. Mr Rowland Jones opened the debate by introducing a bill for the Dis- establishment of the Church in Wales. He dealt at considerable length with the question, showing that the nationality of Wales was in- disputable, aLd t'hiat therefore it 'had a just claim to separate legislation.—Mr T. R. lewis, the Prime Minister, supported fhe "bill" in an able speech, and was followed by Mr T. J. Dowell, who referred to the great improve- ment in the Irishi dhurch since; it was disestab- lished.—For the Opposition able speeches were made by Mr W. Williams-Jones, Mr R. O. Huq'hes, M.A., Mr Hugh Owen, and Mr Chae. .Roberts.—Upon a division being taken, there was a large majority in favour of Disestablish- ment of the Church in Wales. Y.M.C.A. DEBATING SOCIETY.—At the weekly meeting, on 'Friday, the members of the Colwyn iBay branch of the Y.M.O.A. discussed the question, "Do we learn more from men than from books?" Mr Rowland Jones was in the chair, supported' by the secretary, Mr Griffiths. The affirmative, that we learn more from men tham from beeks, was taken by M!r Greenfield. He pointed' out that children learn most from men and not from books, and that character is formed chiefly by observation and not by book reading. He also referred' to the benefit derived from mingling with one's fellows listening to sermons, lectures, etc.. and alto- gether made a good speech in suport of his case. Mr E. G. Jones supported the view that most is learnt from books. He contended that books were more easily accessible than men, that it would be impossible to meet a sufficient number of men in a. lifetirne and obtain the information and knowledge that can readily be obtained from bookt. A brisk discussion followed in which Mr Jackosn, Station-road Mr Adamson, Mr Johnston, and others took part. The Chair- man, in summing up. pointed out that Mr Greenfield had omitted to mention apprentice- ship, from which so much was learned' without the aid of books. The leaders of the debate were each allowed five minutes in which to reply, and on the question being put to the vote it wag carried by eight to four that men learn mioire from their fellowmen than from books. The subject on Friday thiR week should' pro- voke a. good debate "Does the iWelsh language deserve to live or die?" The meeting will be open to aJJ. I "GLIMPSES OF ROME."—On Thursday, a meeting was held in the St. John's Schoolroom, under the auspices of the Wesley Guild, when Miss Hovey, B.A., principal of the IPenrhos CbH-ege, gave an interesting address on "Glimpses of Rome Past and Present." Miss Hovey reviewed the history of Rome andl gave a graphic description of a triumphal entry into the city. She pointed out on photographsi the ruins of the famous places, and showed how in many respects the Roman Catholic Church has incorporated into it constitution features which are to be found in ancient civil Rome. The Rev J- (Feather occupied the chair, and at The Rev J. (Feather occupied the chair, and at the conclusion of a most entertaining lecture Miss Hovey was warmly thanked. BLANC MANGE AND JELLY COMPETI- TIONS.—On Thursday, a very pleasant even- ing was spent at the Rhiw-road C.M. Mission Schoolroom, when a, large company sat down to a sumptuous repast, prepared by the mem- bers of the Sunday School. The tables were I presided1 over and waited upon by Mrs T. R. Williams, Virniew Datnk; Mrs H. Owen, Rhiw (Bank; Mrs Jones, Avallon; Mrs Salis- I bury, Mrs Alun vlones, Mrs Francis Hughes, Mrs Williams, Haydn Villa.; Mrs IBowen, Mrs Davies, Hope 'Blank; Mrs D. Parry, Mrs Davies, Kingswood Mrs Jones, Grange-road'; Mrs 'Willian:" Agnes Grove; iMts Jenkins, Mrs Williams, Bryn iGoleu; Mrs Jones, Harland House Mrs Lewis, The Cafe Mrs Pus?h, Miss Salisbury, Miss Owen, Coed Derw Miss Wil- liams, twest End Store; Miss Davies, Coed Onn Miss Oriffiths, Park-road Miss Jones, Firleigh Misses Pugh, Misses Jones, Harland House; Miss Evans, Myrddin; Miss M. M. I Williams, Virniew Bank; Miss Roberts, IBryn Miss Morris, Wootcote; and Miss Dora Lloyd. Vocal and instrumental music was rendered during the evening by Miss Sally Parry. Miss Lizzie J. Williams, Miss C. J. Williams, Messrs I Alun Jones, J. O. Davies, T. R. Owen, Thomas J. Hughes and friend, Master Jack and1 Miss May Jones. Miss Nellie A. 'Roberts acted as pianist. IBlanc mange and jelly competitions for the males present were organised, Messrs John Parry, J. Davies, Henry Williams^ T. R. Owen, ana Isaac (Parry being the successful competitors. The adjudicators were Mrs .Ro- berts, Y Craig, and Mrs T. R. Williams, Vir- niew Stores, The secretarial duties were ably performed by Mr H. Robrts assisted by Mr R. ■P. 190wen, chairman of the oemmittee. TEA AND TEST OOXOERT.-On Wednes- day afternoon and evening, a teo and grnnQ. test concert were held in connection with the Salem Congrega-tional Church, Colwyn Bay. There was a large attendaince at the tea, when the tables were presided over by Mirs Roberts, Penymaes Mrs Williams, Edeym House Mrs Roberts, Rail way-terrace Mrs Williams, Rhiw l Btank-avenue Mrs Williams, Oakfield1 House Mrs Roberts, Tea Exchange Mrs Bellis, Rat- dålft House; Mrs Jones-Rees, Police Station, assisted by Mrs Hughes, Woodcir t; Misses Jones, Summer Hill; Mrs Griffiths, Lilys Cy n- felyn; Miss A. Davies, Devon House; Mrs Davies, Warwick House; Mrs Hughes, Grove Park West; Miss Jones, Park- road' Misses Morris, Rail way-terrace Misses WMiams, Edeyrn House; Miss Davies, War- wick House Mies Williams, WestbuTN, Miss Joweis, Hetatlb Bant; Miss Williams, Mies Jones, Gwylfa; Miss Rowlands, Gilyn; Miss Williams, Rhiw Bank-terrace. At the comers in the evening, a good programme of vocal and instrumental mueic was given by the follow- ing :—Organ solo, Mr D. D. Parry, Llanrwst; violin solos, Miss Gwladys Jones, accompanied by Miss Myfanwy Jones, Tirefgarnedd!; songs, Miss Sallie Parry, The Cedars; pianoforte solo, Miss Ethel Davies, Warwick House. Between the items of the programme, several competi- tions took pOaoe, including a solo, open to men, prize one guinea; a solo, open to ladies, prize one guinea; an anithem by a choir of not less than sixteen, prize one guinea; a recitation, prize silver mc lal, with gold centre. The win- ners were: Mr Vincent Jones, Barker: Miss Lizzie Jane Williams. Verniew Stoies, Colwyn Bay, and Miss Alice Williams, Conway; the Horeb Party, condludtedi by Mr J. Jones, jaUlumber, Colwyn Bay; Mr John Elias Wil- liams, Verview Banik, carried the prize for tho recitation, and a consolation prize wis given, to Master Thos. Henry Jones, Rhyl. Mr Thomas Jones, Chester House, occupied the cfhair, aiwl the adjudicators were: Musical, Mr D. D. Parry, Llairarwst; recitation, Re v W. E. Jones, Penllyn. Miss N. A. Roberts, Fern Blank, efficiently performed the dtoties of ac- companist, whilst the Rw H. R. Williams con- ducted the proceedings. The tea and concert were a great success, and much credit is due to the hon.. secretary, Mr R. J. Roberts for the. excellent arrangements.






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