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Jforibcommg Sales. December 1, at lUiydianfair, Household Furni- ture, Messrs Robert and Rogers Jones. December 3, at Chwilog, Fat Stock, Mr J. Parry Jones. December 3, at Llangefni, Fat Stock, Mr H. Parry Jones. Decernoer 4, at Tanybwlch, Stock, Mr John Da vies. Dec irnij-er 4, at Carnarvon, Fat Stock, Mr Ro- bert G. Jones. December 5. at Menai Bridge, Fat Stock, Mr John Pritchard. December 5, at Pwllheli, Lea-sehold Dwelling House. Mr Robert G. Jones. December .5, at Caeathraw, Stock, Messrs E. H. Owon and Son. December <6. at Fourcrosses Fair, Stock, Mr J. Parry Jones. December 6, at Colwyn Bay. Household Furni- ture, Messrs Robert and Rogers Jones. December 6-7, at Crewe, Horses, Messrs Henry Manlev and Sons. December 10, at Talycafn, Christmas Stock, Messrs Robert and Rogers Jones. December 10. at Nevin, Freehold Building Sites, Mr Robert Parry. Decern tier 10, at Ty Croes, Fat Stock, Mr H. Parry Jones. DecemlJoef 11. a.t C-amarvon, Fat Stock, Messrs E. H. Owen and Son. Deoomber 12, at Llanerahymedd, Fat Stock, Messrs E. H. Owen and Son. December 13. at Pwllheli, Farming Stock. Mr J. Parry Jones. December 17, at Dolgelley, Freehold Farms, etc.. Mr J. Parry Jones. Sales hg ^urtton. By Mr John Pritchard. MENAI BRIDGE SMITHFIELD. GRAND CHRISTMAS SHOW AND SALE. MR JOHN PRITCHARD'S SALE for the Christmas Markets on WEDNESDAY, Deceml>er 5¡h, 1906. will wmprise 140 Head of Bullocks., Heifers, Cows and. Bulls; 1 Pedigree Bull Calf; 375 Wethers, Ewes, and Lambs. j324 in Prizes. Judging at 10 a.m. Sale to commence at 10.45 a.m. prompt. There will be a supplemental Sale on Monday, Decen»>er 17th. Early Entries invited. Bcd-hyfryd, Bangor. c252 By Messrs E. h. Owen & Son. ESFAIL BACH, CABATHRAW. — Dydd M'URCHER. Rhagfvr 5, 1906, am 1 o'r glodh. MESSRS E. H. OWEN and SOX a ddymun- aut wneyd yn hysbys v byddlamt yn cyn- nal y Sale uchod ar bob miaith o Anåieihaid. Cerbydau, Offerynau, etc. cy718 CHRISTMAS FAT CATTLE SALES. CARNARVON, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11th, LLANERCHYMEDD, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12th. p A in Prizes, given by Bibby anS Sons, X xU Palatme Oil Mill Co., Lake and Co., Ltd., the Auctioneers, etc. Full particulars next west, or may be had previously on application. y715a By Mr John Dayies. YARD OAKELEY ARMS HOTEL, TANY- BWLCH.—SALE ar ANIPEtLLAID Rhatgor- ol, Dyad MAWRTH, 4ydd Rhagfyr, 1906.— Mae MR JOHN DAYIES wedi oael ei gvfar- wyddo gan Capten Williams ac ereill, i WERTHC, ar y dyddiad uohod, nifer dda o Wartheg Godro, rhai a lloi wrth eu traoo, ereiil ar ddropio, a.r gweddill yn eu proffit; Heffrod addiawol; dau Darw leuainc; Hwoh a'i hammod ganol Ionawr; 72 o Foch, etc. Sale am 1 o'r gloch. Teie-rau arferol. y841a By Mr H. Parry Jones. XMAS, 1906. THE SMITHEIELD, LLANGEFNI, ANGLESEY. Highly Important to Butchers, Fat Stock Buyers, Etc. HfB H. PARRY JONES will hold his JV1 ANNUAL XMAS FAT STOCK SHOW bad at his Sfliithfield, %6 above, on Dec- ember 5rd, 1906, when he will offer the follow- ing Stock for Sale: — 140 Prime Fat Bullocks, Heifers, Cows, and Bulls. 300 Fat Eweti, Gimmers, Wethers, and Lambs. Entries will be included from the following well-known Breeders and Feeders: — 10 Cattle from the Right. Hon. Lord Stanley of Alderley. 10 do. from R. J. Gardner, Esq., Valley. 25 do. from R. H. Williams, Esq., Frogwybach. 26 do. from O. Parry Jones, Esq., Plas Llech- ylched. 5 do. from W. Jones, Esq., Pandy Treban. 5 do. from E. Jones, Esq., Cymunod. 6 do. from R. Roberts, Esq., Ty'n -U-, Llangwyllog. 13 do. from E. W. Parry, Esq., Lledwigan. 3 do. from R. J. Owen, Bryngwalkm. 4 do. from 0. Jocea, Esq., Neuadd, Coedana. 2 do. from J. Greenly, Esq., Pem-hym Oer. 3 do. from T. J<mes, Esq., Tymaw, Llan- gwyllog. 4 do. hvAii Messrs Williaim Bros., Haiod. and several other lots. Amongst the 300 Sheep Entries there are Entries included from the flocks of R. Williams, Esq., Caer Elen; R. H. Williams, Esq., Frog- wybach; T. Niciholls Jones, Esq., Penrhos; R. J. Evans, E&q., Ty Croes; O. Parry Jones, Esq., Plas Llechylebed; E. W. Parry, Esq., LIed wigan; T. Roberts, Esq., Bryngwran; J. Hughes, Esq., Cerrig y Ddewi; O. J. Thomas, Esq., Ty'n Llan, Tregaian; R. Williams, Esq., Tymawr, Llan, and several others. Over j325 in Prizes will be given, including Two Challenge Cups and a Solid Silver Cup, value 95 5s, for the best Beast in the Show. The Auctioneer begs to draw special atten- tion to this Show, as amongst the Cattle Sec- tions wili be included some of the finest Welsh Cattle in wiole of Wales, being Prize Winners at the Welsh National Show, Anglesey and Carnarvonshire, and the Anglesey County Shows. Special Cattle Train will be run from the Valley Station on the morning of Sale, taking up Stock up to Gaerwen Station, for time etc.. see Catalogues Judging commences at lO.lO a.m SnJe to commence at 11 a.m. prompt. Catalogues to be had of the Auctioneer, Ex- change Buildings, Holyhead. y755a AT THE SMi i'HFIELD, TY OROES, ANGLESEY, on MONDAY. December 10th, 1906. THE GREAT CHRISTMAS FAT STOCK SHOW and SALE, when the following prizes will be offered: -For the best Butchers' Bull or Bullock (sold at the Sale), First Prize, 20s, Second, 10s; for the best Butchers' Cow or Heifer, do. First, 20s, Second, 10s; for the best Pen of 5 Fat Ewes, do. First, 10s. Second, 5s; for the best Pen of 5 Fat Wethers, do., First, 10s, Second, 5s; to the Buyer of the highest Priced Beast, do., 20s. Champion FiisK for the best Beast of any sex in the SaJe. Prize, a Silver Plated Tea Pot. Entries to be made a week previous to the Sale. For further particulars as to Entries, etc., apply to the Auctioneer, Exchange BuiWui/rs. Ho-yhead. y756a E D. J0SE8 4 S0N' BILLPOSTERS ft GENERAL AD VERTI3TN'0 AGENTS, t. FAIR VIEW. HOLYHEAD. All Billposting and Distributing PeramaJly attended to. TIPuED MEN.—When you are tired of taking mysterious prescriptions and weary of wearing Electric Belts, write to me, and I will send you a Book which shows how every man, and old may be Quickly and Thoroughly Cured of NERVOUSNESS. EXHAUSTION, VARICOCELE, and DEBILITY, from any cause whatever, WITHOUT STOMACH MEDI- CI NT! or ELECTRICITY. Hundreds of Cures. Btook sent sealed, post free, Two Stamps.—A. J. LEIGH, 92 and 93, Great Russell-street. London, W.C. Twenty years' successful re- suits. 079 Sales frg faction. By Messrs Henry Manley & Sons. OREWE HORSE REPOSITORY. Last week for making Entries. L30 PRIZES. FINAL SALEF FOR 1906. HENRY MAULEY and SONS, Ltd. Dates as follows — Thursday December 6th Light Horses. Friday, December 7th: Heavy Horses. At the recent November Sales 4 animals I bona-tidö sold realised £.1128 5s, the best 10 averaging £184 11s 6d each. Prize Li&t and Entry Forms on application. Entries finalily close close on Wednesday I Next, November 28th. c289 By Mr Robert G. Jonas. Important to Butchers and Cattle Dealers.—■ Sale of CHRISTMAS FAT STOCK at the I SOUTH ROAD SMITHFl'ELD (under cover), CARNARVON, TUESDAY Next, December CARNARVON, TUESDAY Next, December ) 4th, 1906. ,1fR ROBERT G. JONES has received En- 1 IVI tries of 85 Choice Fat BULLOCKS, HEIFERS, and COWS, including some of the I best quality Beasts ever exhibited, 200 Prime 3-year-old Wels'h Wethers—the whole of which are the property of Local Feeders, including the Righ Hon. F. G. Wymn, Glynllifon Park; .Messrs" John Jones, Plas Llanfaglen; D. O. Williams, Ty Mawr; W. Brocklebank. Parkia; J. Edmund Jones. Pengwern Hall; R. W. Pritdhard, Coedmarion; Hugh Owen, Pen- arth; W. M. Roberts, Rhosdican; J. Davies, MMriau; Gfeo. Rrymer, George Owen, W. Owen, Plas Bont, and Others. Sale to commence at 11.30 sharp. Stock must reach Smithfieid at 10 a.m. •No more Entries taken. Cattalogates will be 'ready by Wednesday next. Tower Buildings, Carnarvon. y408a TOWN OF PWLLHELI. SALE-OF A LEASEHOLD DWELLING MR RJOBERJT G. JONES has been in- structed to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Tower Hotel, Pwllheli, on WIEDNESDIAY, Deoamber 5th, 1906. at 2 p.m., the Leasehold Dwelling House and Pre- mises, situate and known as No. 4, SALEM TERRACE, PWLLHELI, held for a term of Sixty Yeans from the 1st day of October, 1867, and subject to a Ground Rent of £ 1 10s. Fulll particulars on Posters, or may be ob- tained on appilication to Messrs Ellis Da.vies and Evan Jones, Solicitors, or the Auctioneer, Tower Buildings, Bridge Street, Carnarvon. y4G9a By Mr J. Parry Jones. I CHWILOG FAT STOCK SALE. MP, J. PARRY JONES' has been instructed by Mr J. Has Jones and others, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above place, on MONDAY, December 3, 1906, 25 First-Class Fat Cattle; 10 Short Horn; 20 I Fat Lambs; 130 Fat Wethers. £1 Is will be offered for the Best Bullock or Heifer, and 10s 6d second prize. Sale to commence 1 o'clock prompt Terma Cash on Delivery Fortnight's beeping after Sale, or 5s a week less if taken away day of Sale. For further particulars apply to the Auction- eer, Penlan, Penrhyndeudraeth, and New Mar- ket Hall, Pwllheli. y356a Bydd MR J. PARRY JONES yn GWERTHU ar AUCTION, yn Ffair Fourcrosses, Rhag- fyr 6, 1906. Manylion eto. y358 TALOYMERA FARM, PWLLHELI. MR J. PARRY JONES has been instructed by Seymour Elady. Esq.. who is giving up Farmin- and Posting, to SELL by PUBLIC I AUCTION, at the above place, on THURS- DAY, December 13th. 1906. all of the FARM- ING STOCK, etc., comprising: 6 Horees, 3 Cows, 1 Bullock, 2 Calves, 52 .Crossed Ewes, 1 Pedigree Kerry Hill Ram; 2 Pedigree Kerry Hill Yearling, 100 Head Poultry, 1 Waggonette, 2 Victorias, 1 Governess Car, 2 Rail" Cars, 1 with Rulbber Tyres, 1 Somali Stylish Phaeton, 1 Set Single Harness; Hay, Straw. To commence at 1 o'clock. Credit will be given for sums of L2 and upwards on approved security until May 22nd, 1907. y359a DOLGELLEY, COUNTY of MERIONETH. MR J. PARRY JONES has been instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION1, at the Ship Hotel. DolgelLey. on MONDAY, the 17th day of December, 1906. Fair Day. 3 FREEHOLD FARMS and 2 FREEHOLD HOUSES, known as Old Bank Premises. Full particulars in next issue. For further particulars apply to the Auction- eer. Penlan, Penrhyndeudraeth, amd Pwllheli, or Messrs Charles E. Breese and T. Garth Joaes, Solicitors. Portmadoc. y360a i By Mr Robert Parry. JI COUNTY of CARNARVON. — PARISH of NEVIN.—Sale of VALUABLE BUILDING LAND dfrviidleid imfto Thirty FREEHOLD BUILDING SITES, conveniently situated in the Town and Parish of Nevin, having front- age to Palace Street, Church Street, Church Lane, The Cliff, and to the Main Road leading from Nevin to Mcxrfa Nevin, which MR It. PAHiRlT has been, instructed to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION (sub- ject to conditions there and then to be pro- I duced), at the Naniioron Arms Hotel, KifV-Ïn, on MONDAY, the 10th day of December, 1906, at 1.30 cwcLock in the a/fternoon. All the lots are situated within easy distance of the Nevin Beaoh and the continued and in- creasing .popularity of Nevin as a plaoe of of the Nevin Beaoh and the continued and in- creasing popularitv of Nevin as a plaoe of Summer Resort will make for the general pros- perity of the town and district so that. these j iplots afford an opportunity for securing eligible convenient and valuable sites for villas and other residences. I Some of the lots are in the heart of the busi- ness quarter of Nevin, and the absence of any other available buildings sites for shop pre- mises adds largely to the value present pros- pective of the property. The Nevin Water Mains are conveniently situated near all the property, and connections can be effected at I small cost. Copies of Particulars, Plans, and conditions of Steile may be obtained of Messrs Evan R. Davies and Davies, Solicitors, at their Offices, at the Town Hall, Pwllheli, and Palace Street, Nevin, or of the Auctioneer, at 5, Salem ThT- race, Pwllheli. y650a LETTERPRESS PRINTING. HERALD OFFICE. CARNARVON. ¡ LETTERPRESS PRINTING. JOHN J^AKTOS, J COACH BUILD RR, Ae., WORTH GATE HOUSE, Noixhgat* &Irmt, (lsto Sportsman Hotel Y<kr<t), CARNARVON. W¥e«li tad Carriage* of urttrj deaeiripifog M. Repaired, Trimmed, akd Paiated « iN PremitM ow Hayman's Balsam Cures COLD & COUGH Unsolicited Testimonial.—" For several years we have j been using your wonderful Balsam, and we recommend i it to our friends as a most Efficacious Remedy."— Miss HUNTER, Balham, May 20, 1905. All Chemists and Stores. Cash Prices 9y. d., 1/ a/a. ASK FOR HAYMAN'S — TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE. LETTBRIPRESS PRINTING. HERALD OFFICE, CARNARVON. LETTERIPRlESS PRINTING. CLARKE'S 3 41 PILLS are warranted to cure, in feither sex, all acquired or consti- tmtkmal Discharge* from the Urinary Organs, Gravel, and Pains in the Back. Free from Mercury. Established upwards of 30 years. In boxes 48 6d each, of all Chemists and Patent Modicin,e Vendors throughout the World, or sent for sixty stamps by the Maken, The Lia- toln and Midlaad Gxitie* Drag Co., Hawoin. jalts by Autfion. By Messrs Robert & Rogers Jones. SAlLES BY MESSRS ROBERT & ROGERS JONES, LLANRWST, AND PENRHYN ROAD, OOLWYN BAY. Saturday, December 1st, 1906. Roe E. Jones Williams, Deceased. RHYDLANFAIR, midway between Bettws- ycoed and Pentrefoelas. Important Sale of Modern and Antique HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE. Comprising :—Excellent Old Oak Cwpwrdd Tri-dlarn, Old Oak Cupboard with Canopy Top, Several Old Oak High Back Chains, Two Fine Grandfather's Clocks with Brass Dials, Splendid Old Oak t Wardrobe, 26 Old Pewter Plates and Dishes, Several Old Brasses and Copper articles, Several Pieces of OM China, Eleptoo-Plated Goods, Light Oak inlaid Dresser, Light Oak inlaid Book- case with Cupboards beneath, Roll-Top Desk, Pedestal Writinz Table, Drawing-room Suite, Pianoforte, Cheffonier, Pierglasses, Handsome Black and Braiss Bedsteads, Mahogany and other Bedroom Suites, substantially^built Oak Wardrobe, splendid Mahogany Chest of Draw- I ers, and all other Bedroom Fruniture, together with the contents of the Domestic Offices, Dairy Utensils, and other effects too numerous to insert. Sale at 12 o'look noon prompt. Catalogues on application. c573a Thursday, December 6th, 1906. Ftl YN'RHYN, MARINE ROAD, COLWYN T BAY.—Sale of the whole of the sub- stantial HOUSEHOLD APPOINTMENTS, in- cluding the contents of 4 Entertaining-rooms, Hall, Staircases, 9 Bedrooms, Kitchen, etc., and comprising several pieces in Old Oak and Ma- ibogany, Brasses, Electro -Plate, China, etc., etc., the property of the Misses Hughes, who aire Leaving. Sale at 12 o'clock. On view day prior to Sale. Catalogues can be obtained on application to the Auctioneers. c575a Monday, December 10th, 1906. TAYCAFN MART 13th GREAT CHRIST- T MAS SHOW and SALE, when £35 in Cash Prizes given by the Auctioneers, also a Silver Cup and Special Prizes presented by the Palatine Od.1 Mill Co., will be offered for com- petition. The present Entries :include :-220 Prime Fat Bullocks, Heifers, Cows, and Bulls; 700 Prime Fat Wethers, Ewes and Lambs; 30 Fat Pigs and Calves, specially fed for Christ- mas Markets, and are the property of all the noted feeders in the Vale of Conway and sur- rounding distridts. Judging at 110 o'clock. I Sale to commence at 12 o'clock. c574 Co bt Solh. AR Werth, HARMONIUM, mewB oyfl^r da. Pirib £ 2 5s.—Yraofyner a Y824. "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. y824 HORIZONTAL STEAM ENGINE. 6 h.p., by Ratcliffe, Hawarden; VERTICAL BOILER and Steam Connections. May be seen working by arrangement with Manager, "Herald" Office. Carnarvon. c996a A HOUSE on Sale or to be Let at Taly&arn, Carnarvonshire, close to Nantlle Station, furnished or unfurnished; 14 Rooms modern conveniences.—Apply to Elizabeth Williams, Snowdon View, Talysarn, near Carnarvon. y632& AR Werth, CERBYDAU newyddion ae ail- law v yn cynnwya Wftggooiettes, Phaetons, I Rally Can, Dogcarts, Goveroeu Cars, Spring Carts, Lwrries, Troliau, etc., yr oil i'w gwerthu am briaiau rhesymol. — Charles Hughes and Boras, Coach Builders, etc., Portmadoc and Pwllheli. y592 COED PITCHPINE ar Werth yn logiau neu wedi eu llifio yn drawstiau neu byst, etc. Mae'r Coed yn iach, y maent wedi bod mewn gwaith unwaith; gwerthir bargeinion i Fasnachwyr Coed, Adeiladwyr, Ffermwyr, etc. —Ymofyner, Lester, Contractor, Harbour Works, Pwllheli. y681 IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS Every Mother who values tbe Health aaid Cleanliness of her Child should use HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In Tins, 44d and 9d. Postage ld.- Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, 118, Broad Street, Reading. Agent for Carnarvon R. Roberts, Bangor Street. LIandudno: J. Winter. Den- j bigh: Harrison-Jones and Co. St. Asaph: J. Emryg Jonas. All Qbennista. c!15a GALVANISED CORRUGATED SHEETS, j all warranted sound, 3ft., 8d; 4ft., lid; 5ft., la 2d 6it., Is 4d; 7ft., Is 6d; 8ft., la 9d; 9ft., L»; 10ft., 2s 3d each. Ridging, 3d per foot; Spouting, 3id per foot.-Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. Established 1828. BARBED FENCING WIRE, in ^cwt. reels, 224 yards, 6s 6d per reel; plain galvan- ised wire, in lewt. bundles, 700yd«., 10s par ised wire, in lewt. bundles, 700yda., 10s per cwt.; wrought iron standards, Is each. — Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. Estab- lished 1828. ROOFING FELT, 2a lOid, 4s, 5s, per roll of JH; 25 yards; Black Varnish, 81ba. for Is; Red Oxide Paint, 71tbe. for Is 6d, including tin; Wire Nails, lOa 6d, Oat Nails, lOa per cwt.—Butler. Bell Works, Wolverhampton. c565* CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. TO be Soldi by Private Treaty, the several Stacks of well-harvested HAY, of the growth of 1906, standing at the under-men- tioned Stations on the Cambrian Railways, and estimated to contain the respective quantities more or less also undermentioned: — Fenn's Bank, 74 tons; Bettisfield, 3 tons: Elleeanere No. 1, 6i tonø; Ellesmere No. 2, 3! tons; Overton-on-Dee, 4i tons; Bangor-on-Dee, 74 tone; Marchweal, 5 tons. Whit- tington, 3 tons; Llynolys, 3 tons; Pont Rhyd, Meredith (Nantmawr Bramdh), 4,1.. tons; Llanymynech, 21 tons; Llansajitffraad No. 1. 2! tons; UansantfEraid No. 2, 3 tons; Uan- fyilin, If tons; Fornr Crosses No. 1, 3 tons; Four Crosses No. 2, 31 tons; Pool Quay No. 1, 24 tons; Pool Quay No. 2, 41 tons; Welshpool, 7.1 tons Montgomery No. 1, 2 tons Montgom- ery No. 2, If tons; Abermule, 61 tons; Kerry, 3! tons; Newtown, 71 tons; Llanidloes, 74 tons; St. Harmons, 31 tons; DoldowLod, 64 tons Builth wells, 31 tons; Aberedw, 31 tons; Boughrood, 5 tons; Talgarth, 81 tons: Caer- l BWS, 31 tons; Llanbrytnmaiir, 21 tons; Cem-mes Road, 3 tons; Gfliandiyfi No. 1, 4i tons; Gian- d,yfi No. 2, 4i tons; Ynyslas, 3! tons; Borth, 65 tons (Bow Street, 5; tons; Towyn, 41 tons Llwyingwril, 9 tons; Barmouth Junction, 4 tons Penmaenpool, 3! tons Dyffryn, 93 tona. Llanbedr and; Penearn, 3^tonB; Harledh, 7 tons; TaJsarnau, 6! tons; Portmadoc, 2^ tons Criooietih, 6 tons; Albererch, 41 tons. For further particulars, and to treat, apply to S. WILLIAMSON, Secretary. Oswestry, November, 1906. RA TJUGHII, • rV* tl (Alare'k flhrfrfai', BILLPOWTKR AND TOWN CRIB*. tt., U^NB«BI». All Billpositinig and Distributing Personally attended to. Jg D W I N p Ollllti, BILLPOSTER, M, LLDmU ROAD. PENTGROSS. Billposter, Town Crier, ind Bill Diatributoc tiroTighont the diatricta. DR JONES, D.D.S, &c., SURGEON DENTTST, CRAIG OWEN, (Omxwite the Railway Station), BANGOR. Dr JONES viaito Llangefni every Thursday «t Roed Llanerchymedd from 10 to 1, with Miss Owen, Druid, House, and at Amlwch from 2 to 5, with Mr Hughes, Stationer, 8, Mat* Street, Tuesdays, October 23rd, November 20th, December 18th. Ebenezer, Llan rug, and Llanberis, first Tues- day after Pay Day. Also at Ebenezer, Tuesday morning before Lianberis Pay Day, from 10 to 12. Bethesda, first Titesday after Pay Day. I Bangor every day except Tuesday* aM Thursdays. Cfl ht Jeff. TO Let, 6, High Street, Carnarvon.—Apply, Mr R. D. Williams, Porth yr Aur, Cax- narvon. c655 HOP to Let, in populous district; Rent >3 moderate; suitable for Grocery or other Business.—particulars, Messrs Nee and Gor- don-Roberts, Carnarvon. c634 OLWYN BAY.—HOPE BANK DINING and TEAROOMS. Sunday Schools and Parties catered for. Beds; accommodation for Cyclists. Terms on application.—Davies. FFARM RHYDD-DALLADOL Rhagorol yn ardal Llanaelhaiarn, ar odreu mynydd rhamantus yr Eifl, yn agos i brif-ffordd Pwll- heli a Chaernarfon. Mesura oddeutu 100 acer. Tir rhagorol. — Yioofyner B402, "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. y799a EXCJELLENT BUSINESS PREMISES in E the finest position, in handsome block of new Shops, opposite the site of the new Station at PwllheH. Splendid opening for Baker and Confectioner, and also Restaurant. New Patent Two Dicker Oven, and Splendid Bakehouse. Good living accommodat.iOA.-Apply S. Lloyd, Bee Hive, Pwllheli. c619a THE CHALET, BEDDGELBRT—To be Let, unfurnished, containing Entrance Hall, Dininig and! Drawing Rooms, 10 Bedrooms, Batthroom and Lavatory, Kitchens, Servants' HaJJ and Out Offices; Hot and Cold- Water and Electric Light throughout. Stabling and Cot- tage Fishing on Dinas and Gwynant Lakes, with Boats. The Chalet is beautifully situated 3 miles from Beddgelert.-Apply G. F. Rudd, Beddgelert. c662a mauftb. WANTED, quantity Sprigs, Goddlen Holly, and Golden Ivy.—Birtles, Florist, W&limsLoiw, Cheshire. c663a YN Eisieu, Dyn leuanc o OF da at waith gwlad.—Ymofyner yn dtdioed a Price, Maieman, Llanrwst. y832 TO CUTTERS'.—Wanted for a Shop in the couinltry, in the quarry district.—Apply to X 806, Office of this paper. y806a BAKER.—8 years' experience, good refer- ences, total abstainer, age 24, and single. —Wynne, 7, Marine Terrace, Criccieth. y836a EGISTRY OFFICE, 120, High 'Street; Portmadoc. Good Situations on Books for respectable Girls.—Apply, Mrs Humphreys. Stamp. o450a GARDENER seeks Situation, single- G handed' or head of two; age 35, single; 21 years' charncter.-Griffiths, 18, Southbank Road, Southport. c644a UNIDER-GAMEKEEPER required at Bryn- U brae Castle must understand ptheasantry. —Apply to Hugh Jones, The Cottage, Bryn- bras, Llanrug, R.S.O. cy660 SLATE Quarry AGENCY for Lancashire and Cheshire required by Liverpool Quarry Agent having 20 years' experience.—Aipply 638, "Herald," Carnarvon. c636 WANTED, Reliable AGENTS of both sexes in every town and village in the United Kingdoqj. for the sale of Tea. Liberal oommission.-Apply Dudley Salt Ltd., Herne DaT. p c649a WANTED, a CLERK acquainted with the general routine of a Country Solicitor's Office, a knowledge of Welsh ajidl Shorthand essential. — Apply, stating salary expected, A. Z., Office of this Paper. c661a OCEAN LINERS. — Persons desirous be- coming Stewards, Stewardesses, Butch- ers, Bakers, Pantry-men, Engineers, Stokers, Trimmers, forward addressed envelope, Wm. Breakell, Birkdale, Southport. c606a INCOME Tax Returns and Accounts pre- pared, appeals conducted, and repay- ment obtained of tax overcharged; no time should be lost in appealing against over-assess- ment.-T. R. Roberts, Accountant, Carnarvon. c605a AGENTS. — Old -Establish^ d London Firm wants a few energetic Men to sell goods wholesale in industrial and agricultural dis- tricts. Permanent profitable employment for whole or spare time. High commission; no risk; encouragement given.—Address, Position, 19, Pitchford Street, Stratford, London. c651 A LOVELY BOX OF CHOCOLATES FREE. —The next 1000 applicants will receive the following, post free, upon sending a post- card aaking for the same: A little book "Try It," by Mrs Humphry ("Madge" of "Truth"), a sample of Freeman's Delicious Custard Pow- der, and particulars of a special free offer of a handsome box of Boiseeliar" s Chocolates. Ad- dress—"TRY IT" FACTORY, Gray's lam Kwa/d, London, W.C. c 159 CYMANFA DDIRWESTOL LLEYN AC EIFIONYDfD. YN Eisieu, GORUCHWYLIWR DIRWES- TOL i roddi ei holl amser (oddigerth Sab»- bathau) am bedwar mis yn ystod y Gauaf, i drefnu a chynnal cyfarfodydd trwy gylch y Gymanfa. Atebion yn nodi T cymwysderau a'r telerau i'w hanfon dam eel erbyn Tachwedd 23ain,. 1906, i'r Yagrifenydd, D. WYBlE LEWIS, Plas, Nefyn. y779 AJSGKL/ESETT IPEOIPXjE PLEASE NOTE. THE ROYAL ROAD TO HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IS TO RIDE ONE OF W I LD' S CYCLES. UNEQUALLED VALUE FROM P,6 CASH. EASY PAYMENTS, FROM 10s MONTHLY. GIRDER FRAME ROYAL ENFIELDS, HUMBERS, ROVERS, RALEIGHS, TRIUMPH, SUNBEAMS, SPARKBROOKS, &c. ART CATALOGUES ON APPLICATION. MOTOR TYRES AND SUPPLIES. GOLF SUNDRIES. MAIL CARTS AND SEWING MA ( B)NIS. .EASY PAYMENTS. REMEMBER- WILD'S, VICTORIA ROAD, HOLYHEAD. ¡ 1 AFLH 111X8 KILLED.—ROBINJ RAT 1UUU POISON kill, ob ih« *pot. Leaves no imcll. Mr G. R. Browm writes — "Rodin* bad sxcelleai rMslte. It killed Thowaadi of Rate." Bop and data don't rat it. Rttw Like It, Sat It, and Die. Prioa, 6d, 14, Si, :&,<■; Port, 11. T. HARLEY, Ckemiat, Peirth.—Agant i; IL SOBXRTS, CbnuM, Oaraarvtt* V 1 flmmesa presses. CHRISTMAS BAZAAR QEORGE JJ ENRY J^EE and O., Limited, BASNETT STREET, LIVIEIRPOOL, are now making THEIR ANNUAL SHOW OF CHOICE KOVELTEES 1 and USEFUL ARTICLES for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS and NEW YEAR GIFTS. ç The Display will embrace SILVER WARE ELECTRIC LAWPK MCTBO PLATE METAI! WAIE t LEATHER WARE CABINET GOODS also JEWELLERY, FANS, UMBRELLAS, TOYS, DOLLS, GAMES, Etc., in Great Variety. THE NEW LUNCHEON and TEA ROOM is now open. LUNCHEONS AT FIXED PRICE AND A LA CARTE. AFTERNOON TEAS. Q.E0BGE JJBNK.Y J^EE AND £ ,0., Limited, BASNETT STREET, LTVEiRPOOL c45 C. W. DARBISHME, SLATE QUAY, CARNARVON, has beea appointed Agent for rHE NORTHERN ASSURANCE CO. (Xatablialked 1836). (FIRE & LIFE). Loweat tefBM oa application. Can alao qaoto krma for inntraoM lICaiatt Aoeidanti, Burglary, Death Dutiea. Tanning Stock and Rent insured. c681 JOSEPH J^OBBETS, GROCER AND PROVISION MERCH UT, 14, POOL STREET, and TWTHILL TEA MART, CARNARVON THE NOTED SHOPS For Fragrant and Delicioas Teu. For CoSee of Exquisite Flavour. For Mild Cared Hum and Baoon. Pale and moked. For Ripe GorgonsoLa, Cheddar and othar JMoø. And Butter of th* choicest quality. /raik Supply of Butter and Palethorpe'a Saa- sages Twice Weekly. d9 JAMES OiBB M ARPLE8 (Masy yean Eatabl whed), ILLUMINATING ARTIST DESIGNER AND ILLUMINATOR 01 PRESENTATION ADRESSES I To H.M. King Edward via., «ri r „ H.M. Qaeen Victoria, w tT? lhe QermAn Emperor, H.I.H, the Shaih of Perata, 1TT> TT 4,16 Priao* of Walea, H.R.H. t&* Duke of Edinbnrgh, to., 4e. (By Special Appointment). It, LIVERPOOL A LONDON CHAMBERS. (By Special Appointment). K, LIVERPOOL A LONDON CHAMBERS. EXCHANGE. LIVERPOOL. 87081 It is said that Marconi will soon ( Get in touch with the Man in the Moon, I And between, you and me, His first message will be: "That delioioua drink, 'Stym,' is a boon I" S TYM? THE GENUINE WHEATLEY'S HOP BITTERS SHEFFIELD. I Of Bottlers Refreshment Hooeee, and I Licensed Tradeaw everywhere. I TRY IT. TRY IT. COALS. ONE COAL FOR ALL PURPOSES. I THE BURNING WANT OF THB DAY. npHE ALL ROUND COAL 00., 60, COAL EXCHANGE, LONDON, E.O. Per Tom free in tracks of about 6 to 8 Too*: — Carnarvon Station 15 6 Holyhead Station 16 3 Llandudno Station 15 0 Llanibea-is Station 16 6 <5 Priicea for other Statoooa on application. Tera: DM* 08ab. c614 DEUFISOL: PRIS SWLLT. y TRAETHODYDD CYLCHGRAWN SAFONOL CYMRU. SEFYDLWYD YN 1844 Gan y PAJRCH LEWIS EDWARDS, D.D., BAiLA. ERTHYGLAU GAN BRIF YSGRIFENWYR CYMRU. ) CYNNWYSIAD RHIFYN TACHWEDD. Ymneilldliaeth. Gan y Parch T. R. Jones, Towyn. Cyfieithia<5 Nefwydd o'r PiroflPwyd Malachi. I Gan y Parch Edward Evans. Plaid Newydd a Chri Newydd. Qywyddau Edward Moras. Gan Mr Arthur Hughes. Neges y Beirdd. Oan Mr E. Morgan Hughes. "Y Demi GLadd." Gan Mr T. Giwynn- Jones. L' Allegro. II Penseroeo. Braslun-Un o DtriIf Breigethwyr Cymm Can Tecwyn. Y GweiiMwr. GkHi Mr Thomae Jones, Moun- tain Ash. t NooJiadau Llenyddol. Gan Anthropos ac er- aill. Anfoner pob Archebion i SWYDDFA'R HERALD," CAERNARFON. D. W. j^0B]tR1V LLANTAIRTE CHAJf, I Aii Bi riposting and Distributing Personally attended to. ^ashless "THE GRAPHIC." CONTAINS every Saturday Illnsfcrationa by c the beet Artists, of all the current evente of importance, portraits of celebrated persona, and original drawings.—Sold by all Bookseller* tar 6d, or poet free 6id, from the Offiee, lirand. London. W.C. REMOVAL TO MORiE COMMODIOUS PREMISES. MRS TVUNLOP. ±J COSTUMIER BERESFORD HOUSE, CHURCH STREET, c521 CARNARVON. WHY go to LIVERPOOL or MANCHES- TER for anything connected with STEAM ENGINES or MACHINERY of ANY DESCRIPTION, when you can get all you require at LANCELEY'H, ENGINEERS, CHESTER, who keep a large Stock of Steam Users' general requisites, and have men and1 special facilities for all classes of REPAIR WORK? c657 NOTICE. GLASSES KEPT RIGHT FOR THE SIGHT, FREE, FOR TWO YEARS. In cases where the eyes are strained, the permanent glasses cannot always be given right away, but need chan,ing after beinc used for a time. To met all contingencies, Messrs Wood, Abraham, undertake from this date to keep all their glasses right for the sight FREE for a period of 2 years. WOOD, ABRAHAMS', 20, LORD-ST. & GREAT CHARLOTTE-ST. LIVERPOOL. e655a c653a CRAWFORD'S "ROYAL GINGER" BUISCUITS. THE NEW TEA TABLE DELICACY. c42.

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