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CARNARVON. THE BEST PLACE to buy, clean, and re- pair Sewing Machines is the White Sewing Machine Depot, High-street, Carnarvon.—604 aftURCH {DEFK'NCE. LEAGUE. — At a. meeting of the Church Guild, on Monday even- ing, it was resolved to form a branch "of the Church Defence League in the parish. RETIRING.—Mr Parry Jones will shortly j retire from the post of governor Qf H.M. Prison at [Ruthin. iMr Jones, who is well known in Carnarvon, was for many years in charge of the local prison. ■N'O "SET FAWR.—"The new chapel at the Workhouse" (says the ".Church Month- ly"). "is now ready and will soon be in use. There is no Sfet FaWr' in'it." Is that an advantage or a disadvantage? CHURCH MATTERS. — The "Church Monthly" savs:—"The curates' fund is at a low ebb (spring). There is a large deficit onj Christ Church restoration. Llano eblig still wants £300. St. Mary's. ought to have JB2000 spent on it." LITE1RARY UNION.—The second lectiiTe of the season was delivered on Tuesday evening at the Guild Hall by the Rev W, Wynn Davies, Bangor, on "The art of public speaking." In the absence, through illness, of Councillor R. Gwyneddon Davies., the chir was taken bv the Rev O. Davies, D.D. On the motion of the chairman, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded the lecturer. A DASTARDLY ACT.—On Thursday even- ing, while Miss Davies, Treborth, was do livering her lecture at the Y.M.C-A. Rooms a stone was thrown through the upper window, hitting one of the young ladies present. For- tunately no-one was hurt, but the incident caused some sensation. It is. thought that the stone was thrown by some mischievous boys, using the catapult, without thinking what harm they might do. HEAVY PENALTY. — At the Borough Magistrates' Court, on Monday, Griffith Evans, Lleiniau, ILlanrug, against whom there were several previous convictions for different offenc es pleaded guilty to being drunk while having a horse and cart under his charge. Supt. Griffith said that the defendant wa.s getting perfectly dangerous on the road with his reckless driving, and he would certainly some day kill some- body. The Bench imposed1 a fine of .£2 and COA'w PERSONAL. —Owiiu; to ill-health, D;r John Williams will spent the winter months at L Bournemouth. Dr T. H. Joiu> Enfield, has been appointed locum tenons.—-The Rev J. E- Hushes. M.A., is on his way home from Switzerland, Avhither, .-K-compan.'ied by Mrs Hucrhes, he had gone for the benefit, "of his health, which, we are. sorry to fcav, does not show much improvement.—Mr William Farmi i-s confine to the houso owincr to ill-health.— Councillor R. Gwyneddon Davies. owing to ill- ness, was unable to deliver n. lecture at. the Reform Club on Mondav nisht. He was aJso unable to preside at the Guild Hall on Tuesday night, when a lecture was delivered by the -Rev j Wynn Davies. I ON SUSPICION.—Two men of respectable appearance were brought to the Polic Court on Saturday suspcted of being concerned in the stealing of a number cf hen pheasants, the property of Mr Barnard, Brynhras Castle. Supt. Griffith explained to the Bench that a constable met- the two men on the road be- tween midnight and one o'clock that morning and brought them to the Police Station. He, however, offered no evidence against them. Asked if they would like to say anything, the men said that they were perfectly clear of the charge. They were then discharged. IBOROUGH SESSlONiS.—Monday.— Before R. Thomas, Esq., and other magistrates.— Annie J. Jones, licensee of the Anglesey Hotel, was summoned for serving a drunken Srson.—Mr J. T. Roberts prosecuted, and Mr H. Lloyd Carter defended.—'Evidence was given by the police that a man named Toole. hailing from -Beaumaris, went to the hotel under the influence of drink, and was served with drink.—-The defence was that Toole went to the town unknown to the defendant, who was not aware of his condition.—A line of 10s and costs was imposed.—'Ellen Jones, Little Crown-street, was fined 2s 6d and costs for being drunk in Turf-square.—For riding a bicycle without a lght, Robert Roberts, Bryn Trefor, 'Bethel, was fined 2s 6d and costs.—• For usng obscene language, Mary Ann Jones, I Mill-lane,, was mulcted in a penalty of 5s and q«¡t6.. MINIATURE R.IELE CLUB.—As a result of the public meeting held lately an the town under tlie auspices of the N.S.'A., a miniature rifle club has been formed for Carnarvon. The president is the Mayor (Mr W. A. Darbishi re), and a strong committee! has been formed with Mr J. W. Wyatt, Cae Synamon, as chairman Mr W. S. Jones, solicitor, hon. sccnetary and Mr G. H. Humphreys. Old Bank, a treasurer, Men and boys (over 14) are invited to become members. It has been decided to affiliate the club with the IXationaJ Rifle Association, and the Society of Miniature Rifle Club.—Here we may correct a misprint which appeared in Captain Drage's letter to the last number of the "Herald. 'What our correspondent (alluding to an editorial note in the "Herald") wrote, was: — "All who have the question of the defence of their country at heart must.—like yourself—.hold that elder boys should be taiught rifle shooting." MAYOR'S SUNDAY. — On Sunday, the Mayor and members of the Town Council at- tended the morning sem-cea,t IChrist Church, They were accompanied by members of the Militia staff, Volunteers, and Fire Brigade, The procession, which termed at the Guild Hall, was led by the band of the Militia. The Vicar (the Rev J. W .Wynn Jones, M.A.) preached an appropriate sermon. After the oenediction the National Anthem was sung, and the Mayoral precession re-formed and left 'the church to the strains of "God bless the Prince ot 'W'ales." At the Guild Hall, the Mayor briefly addressed the Council. Captain commanded the Militia contingent other officers present being Captain John Evans and Lieutenant Darbishire (R.W.F.); Major Whiskin (Artilleryl Lieutenant C. A. Jcnes and Sub-Lieutenant E. W. Jones (Naval Volunteers). The Fire Brigade was in charge of Captain Conlan, and Inspector Edwards had charge of the police. The congregation at Christ. Church included the Mayoress, Sir W.m. Preeee, K.C.iB' Mr F. S. Barnard, Bryn Bras and many prominent townsmen. LITERARY SOCIETIES.Engedi: Fridiy evening, Mr Roger Evans delivered an .aiddre;s on "Welsh literature during the 15th century." —iBeulah The inaugural meeting, which took the form of a soiree, was held on Monday evening. The meeting was presided ever by the Rev R. D- Rowland (Anthropos).—tMorinh On Monday evening, Mrs Vaughan Davies r?ad a paper on "The women of Scripture." Mr S. Maurice Jones. A.R.C.A.. presided.-—Salem Wednesday evening, Mr J. Griffiths, IRron Seiont, presiding, a debate took place on "Are fine chapels to be approved; of?" The affirma- tive side was opened by Mr Ü. Humphreys, Caeathraw, and the negative by ,)11' W..j Jones, Victoria-street.—Shiloh On Wednes- day evening a successful competitive meeting was held, under the presidency of Mr J. Lloyd Roberts, Maesteg. An enjoyable evening was snent.—-Ebenezer Wednesday evening. under the presidency of the Rev R. Morgan (pastor), a debate took place on "Local Option. Mr John Huw Williams opened on the affirmative side, and Mr J. Metcalfe on the negative side. Messrs J. (Price and J. Griffiths also spcfke. On a division a large majority favoured local option. SOCIAL EVENING.—On Thursday evening, the members of the- Youn<r Women's Christian Association of the town met at the Y.M.IC.A. Rooms to hear an address on India and her people" by Miss Davies, Treborth Hall. There was a large attendance of members, the Mayoress (Mrs Darbishire) presiding. The I address was of the most interesting character, and was illustrated bv lime-light pictures, the lantern being manipulated by Mr R. D. Wil- I liams. Porth yr Aur. Miss Kiwennie Jones (St. j-David'orroad!) sang a solo. accompanied by Mrs Fraser. At the close, Miss Davies entertained I the members to a social tea, which was greatly enjoyed.—On the motion of Mrs John Wil- liams, Preswylfa, seconded by Mrs Dr Fraser, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded Miss Davies for her interesting lecture and kindness in entertaining the members to tea.—It is just twelve months since the Carnarvon Branch of the Young Women's Christian Association was started in the town, and it is doing a great deal of good. They have nice rooms where they can turn- in to spend their evenings in social intercourse. The officers for the year j are:—>P res dent: Mrs W. A. Darbishire (the Mayoress); working president, Mrs R. Norman Davies; treasurer, Mrs Nath Roberts; seere- taries, Misses Gwen Jones and Gwladvs (Ev..uns. The Association is at present about 160 strong.













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