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PARISH BOUNDARIES IN CONWAY VALE. COUNTY COUNCIL INQUBRY AT j TALYBONT. A County Council inquiry was held at Taly- bont on Thursday, touching the application of tthe Conway Board of Guardians to the Camar- vonahLre and Danbi^lieiliire County Councils with a view to the alteration of the boundary of the existing parish of the Abbey and of the parish of Dolgarrog, and of the union boun- ciary of Conway and Llanrwst, so as to transfer that portion of the extra parochial of too Abbey on the western side of the River Con- way, known as the Meadows, in the Llanmvst Union, to the parish of Dolgarrog, in the Conway Union. Lvir Thomas Roberts (Aber) and Mr Thos. Edwards (Bangor) were the Com- niissioners, and they were accompanied bv Mr E. Harrison Morris. Mr James Porter (Messrs Porter, Amphlett and Jones) appeared for t Conway Union in favour of the application, and Mr R. R. Owen (clerk to the Llanrwst Un- ion), opposed. At present the parish of Abbey, Llanrwst,. which is in the Llanrwst Union, is divided into two parts—one portion is on 'the eastern side of the River Conway, and the other on the western, or Carnarvonshire side, but the whole is included in the Llanrwst Union. The ap- (plication was that the portion on the western side of the river should be added to the parish of Dolgarrog. The whole acreage of the parish of Abbey was stated to be 521a. 3r. 2p., of whlioh 320 acres was on the western, and 122 acres on the eastern side of the River Conway. -All the tenants of the Meadows, with the ex- ception of one, were residents in the pariah oi uoigaiTog. Mr Porter said that t'he resolution of the Conway Union Guardians came in due course ibefore the County Council, who appointed three of their number to hold the incruiry, and asked the Denbighshire County Council to nomi- nate three members of their behalf, as both unions were situated partly in the county of Carnarvon and partly in the county of Denbigh- the County Coumcil of Denbighshire, howt>v«r, declined to take any part in the inquiry. Mr O. Isgoed Jones said that Mr Williams and himself were appointed by the Denibigshire County Council to attend, but not as Commis- sioners. Mr T. E. Parry, clerk to the Conway Union, proved the resolutions passed by the Parish Meeting of Dolgarrog and the Conway Board of Guardians. Mr Hugh Roberts declared that the reason why the farmers wanted the transfer was that the Meadowis were used with the farms, and aIM they reclaimed what was taken away from them 35 years ago, for the parish of Dolgarrog. All the ratepayers, with the exception of one, had signed the petition for the transfer. Mr Harrison Morris: There 3AN only 20 voters altogether in the parish. The Rev John Gower said' that it was only, another case of coveting Naboth's vineyard. At this point all the parishioners of the Albbey and Dolgarrog, eleven in number, stood uip to support the application. There was: only one absent. The Rev J. Gower asked Mr Hugh Roberts | what was the reason for the application. 'i-Mr Roberts: It is private. I Mr Grower There is nothing private here. It is a public inquiry. Mr Porter suggested that Mr Gower should confine himself to questions, and await his time to make a statement Mr Gower replied that he would bow to the Chairman, bnt not to any lawyer (laughter). Air Gower said that tfoetre was some secret IbteWind the application. >-4Mr E. J. Evans confirmed the previous evi- (fence, and added that the parishioners were never invited to a parish meeting at the Abbey. They felt themselves under a bond. Mr Gower: Did you ever make an applica- tion ? The Chairman: rt was not their place to make an application. They shouild have been served with notices (loud cheers). Mr H. Roberts (recalled) said that the rates, were very mudh lower in the Conway Union than: in the Llanrwst Union. Mr R. R. Owen then opened the case for the opposition. He said: The main objections are (1) The unfairness of diminishing the ratable of Llanrwst Union and Geirionydd District j Council by adding the area in question to Dol- garilog- (2) The undesirability of aàtering tbe existing well-known and defined union boundaries. As to the first objection, the area proposed to be transferred from Abbey to 'Dolgarrog comprises about 320 acres of meadow land, and has a ratable value of £ 230; this perhaps in one sense may not appear important, but apart from that it is only natural that we shall ob- ject to part with any property which legally belongs to us, be the revenue from that pro- perty as small as it may be, but we are looking forward to important (developments in th:s portion of the Abbey, when the ratable value may perhaps before long be ten times more than what it is to-day, and no doubt our Con- way friends had this in view when making the application. 'However, the ratable as it now stands is £ 230, and if this portion is transferred Llanrwst Union will suffer a loss upon that sum to its common fund, and the Geirionydd Dis- trict Council will suffer likewise in Tespect. of its District fund, whilst the expenditure of the union and the District Council will in no way be curtailed, for they leave us everything that entails expense and take the Cream way, for there are no paupers to keep and no roads to be maintained on the area in question, there- fore, in the event of the application beiag granted, what. would be a direct gain to Con- way UniQn would prove a direct loss to Llan- rwst Union. We would also lose a proportion- ate part of the grants under "The Agricultural (Rates Act" in respect of union common fund and Geirionydd district fund. If Conway Union offered us something in exchange for this ratable value, we should not grumble so much, but they do not offer us anything, they simply tell you that they want that 2230 ratable value from Llanrwst Union and ask you to put the necessary machinery in motion to secure it for them. The ratable value of the Carnarvonshire portion of Conway Union at the present time is 2191,292, whereas that of [Llanrwst Union dn Carnarvonshire is only 29,9,968, a difference of L161,324, and yet they are not satisfied with that difference—they want more therefore, it will be seen that it is a case of the rich trying to rob the poor. With regard to the second objection as to the proposed alteration of the existing union ,boundaries, we maintain that the boundaries at this point are well defined, and should not be interfered- with, and that the object of the Boundaries Act would be defeated if well- known boundaries such as these were altered, unless it could be clearly shown that they would be improved by such alteration. But as to the parish of Abbey, we admit that the River Conway should be the boundary, and that the parish should be divided, but the question is, to which parish .should the portion on this Bide of the river be annexed—we say that it should be annexed to the parish of Llan- rhychwyn, so as to remain in the same union and.ru-ral district, for it would 'go as naturally and as conveniently in every respect with fche parish of Llanrhychwyn as with the parish of Dolgarrog. It may be the opinion of the occu- piers of these meadows,, who live in Dolgarrog, that because they do live in that parish all land which they hold, wherever it is, ought to be transferred to that parish because they live t here, that would, be absurd but they shou'd bear in mmd that they only hold these mea- dows on yearly tenancies, and it may not be impossible that at some 'future time they may be occupied by people residing on th,- other side of the river in Llanrwst Union. And what does it matter to these occupiers whether the meadows are in Llanrwist or in Conway Union The meadows, with all their conveniences. Ptc., will always remain exactly where they are in whichever union they may be located. If the application is made by the Conway Union for the express purpose of hmvin-, th- lm"Jn boundaries extended, we are advised that the County Council would have no power to make such an order /(Booties 'Union v. Whitehaven Union, 1906, J.IP. 67). In view of the steps which are being taken by the Denbighshire County Council to bftr« the other portion of 'Abbey, together with the j parish of Maenan, transferred from Carnarvon- j shire to Denbighshire, and that another J local inquiry will soon be held in connection J witb that -application^ we respectfully suggest that further consideration of the application be deferred until then, ao that, if possible, one general adjustment may be arrived at to cover all changes as between the paridhes^ unions, and counties concerned. To Mr Porter: There were no Toads to maintain in the western portion of Abbey. lM r (R. E. Thomas said: that he was a rate- collector, and not an assistant-overseer. He had nothing to do with the calling Of a parish meeting. To Mr Torter: He posted the rates at the Abbey and at the Chapel. One was outside the actual parish of Abbey and the other in Caerhun. Mr John Williams, vice-chairman of the Llanrwst Board of Guardians described the application as robbery purely and simple. Mr D. G. Jones (RJhiw Ddafnau) said that the parishes of Abbey and Maenan were about 25 years ago united for School Board purposes, and a levy was made for the erection of a new school. If a portion of the parish was taken away, what compensation were they pre- pared to pay? The Chairman requested Mr Jones, to forward particulars. A cordial vote of thanks was passed to the Commissioners on the proposition of Mr J. W. Raynes, seconded by Mr Gower.















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