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fúrtynJlntng ,tSalts.. November 10, at Llanfrothen, Stock, Mr John Parry Jones. November 10, at Llwynhiudol Farm, near Pwll- I heli, Stock, Mr J. Parry Jones. December 11, at Ca.rna.rton, Stock, Messrs E. H. Owen and Son. November 14. at Pwllheli, Freehold Property, Mr J. Parry Jones. November lo, at Maentwrog, Stock, Mr John Parry Jones. „ November 15, at ^riccieth, Stock, Mr Henry Roberts. November 15, at Pwllheli, Household Furniture, Mr Robert Parry. Js"ov€rnt>cr 16, l^ortm&doc, Sc-tnooncr, iVLr J. Parry Jones. November 16, at FÀyrn, Stock, Mr Robert ( Parry. November 17, at Nevin, Freehold Farm, Mr Robert Parry. November 19, etc., at Llangefni, Stock, etc., Mr H. Parry Jones. November 19, at ] iLa.rr.vnda, Stock, Messrs E. H. Owen and Son. November 19, at Tyhwr.ti'rafon, nea.r Pwllheli, Stock, Mr J. Parry Jones. November 19, at Talycafn, Stock, Messns Ro- bert and Rogers Jones. November 20, at Criccieth, Mr J. Parrv JonefJ, NoveirJber 21..Ü Oaeswyn Farm, Carnarvon, ] Stock, Messrs W. Dew and Son. November 22, alt. Liangwnadle, Stock. Mr Ro- bert Parry. November 22, at Llanrwst, Stock, Messrs Ro- bert and Rogers Jones. November 25, at Cyllg-wynio, near Conway, Stock, Messrs Robert and Rogers Jones. November 24, at Nov in. Household Furniture, Mr J. Parry Jones. November 26. at Gir.ndwyfach, near Brynkir, Stock, Mr J. Parry Jones. November 26, a.t Menai Bridge, Villa Resi- dence, Messre W. Dew and Son. November 26, a.t Llangerniew, Household Fur- niture, Messrs Robert and Rogers Jones. November 27, at Llanrwst, Freehold Property, Messrs W. Dow and Son. November 27, etc., Horses, Messrs Frank Lloyd and Sons. November 30, at Llandudno, leasehold and Freehold Properties, Mr John Pritchard. December 1, at RhycBanfair, Household Furni- ture. Messrs Robert and Rotors Jones. December 3, at Chwilog, Fat Stock, Mr J. Parry Jones. December 4, at Carnarvon, Fat Stock, Mr Ro- bert G. Jones. December, at Pontrug, Fat Stock, Messrs H. Parrv and Sons. «■ ilUJII "—~T Salts hy puritan, By Messrs W. Dew & Son. CLOSE TQ THE TOWN OF CARNARVON. IMPORTANT SALE OF LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK and OTHER EFFECTS. GAEGWYN FAIRM, BETHEL ROAD, CARNARVON. MESSRS WILLIAM DEW and SON have 'been instructed by Mr Crispin (who i& gilJingup Farming) to offer for SAlLlE by PUB- ue "AUCTION, at the Farmyard as above, on WEDNESDAY, the 21st day of November, the whole of the LIVE and DEAD STOCK, comprising the Implements, including Reapers and Mowers, Cake Crushers, Pulpers, Ploughs, Harrows, Dairy Utensils, Cart Gear, a Set of Single Harness, two good Carts and Milk Float, etc. About 50 Sacks of Potatoes The CATTLE, comprising Olves, Feeding Bullocks a.nd Heifers, and Miioh Cows and Heifers. Two Strong CART MARES, a Posting Mare, etc., nine Store I'i-is, and three open Sows, 20 Lleyn and Welsh Ewes, a quantity of Poultry. Sale to commence at 11.30. Catalogues may be obtained at the Sportsman Hotel, Carnarvon at Caagwyn Farm, Carnar- von or of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, at Bangor and COUNTY OF ANGLESEY. 00 the Anglesey Side- of the Menai Straits, j facing South. SALE OF A CHARMING AND RECENTLY RENOVATED VILLA RESIDENCE, Standing in its own grounds, overlooking the Craig-y-Don. Park, the Menai Straits, and commanding a view of the Carnarvonshire Mountains. GAD NANT COTTAGE. MESSRS W. DEW and SON have been instructed to offer for SALS by PUB- LIC AUCTION, at the Anglesey Arms Hotel, Menai .Bridge, on MONDAY, the 26th day oi November, 1906, at 3 o'clock in the after- Boon, The above small but very comfortable and eivug Villa. Residence, private grounds, garden, plantation, stabling and other appurtenances, standing in an excellent and convergent posi- tion, close to the village of Mena.i Bridge, aibout one mile from the Railway Station. The villa has recently been enlarged: a.nd fitted up with mMiern conveniences, it contains an Entrance Hall, 3 Entertaining Rooms, a fctrtge Office, 4 Bedrooms, a Bathroom, and the usual offices. The Pleasure Grounds are ex- ceedingly pretty, the garden is a very produc- fcive one, and there is stabling for two horses and two carriages. There is a &afe anchorage for yachts and boats close to, and river and lake fishing in the vicinity, and very good deep sea fishing in the flttraita. The Anglesey Harriers hutnt the neigh bouriiood, and the seaside resort of Beau- maris is about 3 milen, and Bangor with all its oonvenietnoes is a.bout tIbe same distance away. Particulars a.nd plan may be had of Messrs Birch, Girllimore and Douglas, Solicitors, Chester; at the Auctioneers' Institute. 34, Rus- sell Square, London or of the Auctioneers at their Omces at Bangor or Llandudno. c246a. NORTH WALES. i CARNARVONSHIRE. In the Lovely VALE OF CONWAY, in the Parish of Maenan (formerly part of EJglwys- fach Parish.), micbvay between Talycafn Sta- tion and the Market Town of Llanrwst, and adjoining to and including a portion of the -well-known River Conway. MESSRS WM. DiEW and SON will offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Victoria Hotel, Llanrwst, on TUESDAY, November, 1906, at Two o'clock in the afternoon, the Very Desirable and Beautifully- Situated FREEHOLD PROPERTY, known as CROESFFORDD-LAS FARM AND ABBEY COTTAGE (in one lot, or otherwise), comprising an area of 55a. 2r. 22p. or thereabouts, of Arable, Pas- ture and Meadow Land, with about 20 acres of Woodland, overlooking a.nd enjoying ex- ceedingly charming views of the Vale of Conway and River, the Carnarvonshire Mountains, and and the Dolzarrog and Gwydyr Woods, with tiheir two waterfalls, in one of tihe prettiest situations in the above picturesque Vale. It is situate close to the Residences known as Bod- hyfryd, P!a6 Maenan. and The Abbey, and ifi beyond .1 choire spot for building upoo Particulars. Plan and Conditions of Sale may be obtain of Messrs Payne, Frodsham. and Bewley, «olimor*. 9, Harrington Street; of MeBsTs please and Sons. Chartered Accountants, 8, FenwÎck Street; of Mr William Thomson, F.A.I., 5, Cook Street. of Liverpool; at the Auctioneers' Institute, 34, Russell Squ, London, W.C.; or of the Auctioneers, at their Offices at Bangor and Llandudno. ftIOHARD KLEIBER. PRACTICAL WATCH A CLOCKMAKER, 34, STANLEY STREET, HOLYHEAD. A Large Stock of Gold and Silver Watche*, docks, Alarms, Brooches, Charm*, Gold and ChAins, Keepers MDgs, Bracelets, &c. Me .tr-o-p lated and Silr:*r Goodà. h116 REGISTERED PLUMBERS, SANITARY, AND HOT-WATF.R ENGINEERS, G V: AND ELECTRIC BELL FITTERS, 3, STANLEY-CRESCENT, HOLYHEAD. Tiat-eA l?r&e. hi 17 AlvK!v II OTEL, SLü)f IC STREET. LLANDUDNO. RftaiJ Wine & Spirit Merchant. }{aif-nuniK« from the Railway Station. Sole Agent for Findlater's Nourishine Stout. ..116 D. GARICK ROBERTS, Proprietor. Salts hg ttdiDn. i By Mr John Pritchard. J Preliminary Announcemeait. I LLAN1DUDNO. Important Sale of VALU- ABLE PROPERTIES in Caroline Street and Craigydon. Craigydon. MR JOHN PRTTOHARD will SELL by •PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Marine Hotel, Llandudno, FRIDAY, Novemlber 30tii, 1906, at 7.30 p.m. Lot 1. The well built and commodious UEtAiSEBOLD RESIDENCE, "iRockwardine," Caroline Street, in the occupation of Mr Dear- den. Annual Rent, £ 47. Ground Rent, £ 7 7s. Unexpired Term about 91 years. Lots 2 and 3. The charmingly situate FREE- j HOLD SEMI-DETACHED RESIDENCES, "Elmswood" and "Rosedene," Rouimania Drive, Craigydon, the former in the occupation of C. "Elmswood" and "Rosedene," Rouimania Drive, Craigydon, the former in the occupation of C. CreenbaJgh, Esq., at a Rental of £ 42 .per annum, and the other at present unoccupied. They are subject to the respective Annual Chief Renrt of JS7 and JB6. For furtlher particulars apply to the Auction- eer, or Mr Wm. Thornton Jones, Solicitor, both of Bangor. I By Messrs Henry Parry & Sons. Preliminary Announcement. EARLY in DECEMBER, a SPECIAL SALE of SELECTED FAT STOCK, at their own Farm, GLAN'RAFON, PONTRUG. Further particulars from Auctioneers, Glan- 'rafon, Pontrug, Carnarvon. y730a Further particulars from Auctioneers, Glan- 'rafon, Pontrug, Carnarvon. y730a By Messrs £ 8. Owen & Son. MOUNT PLEASANT LLANWN- .1t. DA, November 19th, 1906. y7133 I CHRISTMAS FAT CATTIiE SALES. CARKAJPVOX, TUESDAY, December 11th, 1906. Lianercbymedd, Early in Decem- ber, £40 in Prizes. I by Mr Robert G. Jonas. ARWERTHTANT GWARTHEG TEWEON at y NADOLEG. — Dydd MAWRTH, Rhagfyr 4ydd, 1906. MR ROtBFJRT G. JONES a ddymuna alw sylw at yr uchod. Rhoddir dros Ddeg Guinea. a. nifer fawr o Wobrwyon ereiji. Bydd y Samfchfield wedi cael ei gwneyd i fyny yn y modd mwyaf hwylus, ac Adeilad Helaeth. i Wertlui ynddo. Dymiunir ar i'r Entries gael eu hanfon air neu cyn Tachwedd 24ain I I Tower Buildings. Carnarvon. y408a. By Mr H. Parry Jones. I THE SMITHFIELD, LLANGEFNI. MR H. PARRY JONES begs to announce the following forthcoming SALES to be held at the above Smith field — On MONDAY, November 19th.-Fat Cattle, Sheep, and Lambs. On MONDAY, December 3rd, 1906.—The Great Christmas Fat Show and Sale, when a.bout £15 will be offered in Prizes. y755a THE SMITHFIELD, TYCROES. MR H. PAR1KY JONES begs to announce the following forthcoming. Sales to be held at the above Smithfield :— I On WEDNESDAY, December 5th, 1906.— The Xmas Fat Show and Sale of Cattle and I Sheep, when about £10 will be given in prizes for Cattle, Sheep, Calvea, etc. All Entries to be made a week previous to the By Mr Henry Roberts. I CRICCEETH.—TYDDYNIOLYN. PENTRE- I FELIN. —OWBRTHU yr ANIFEILIALD— ] Y MR HENRY ROBERTS wedi er gyfarwyddo gan Mri David a John Jones, am eu bod yn ymadaed, i WERTHU ar AUOTION, yn Tyddyniol^n, Dydd IAU, Tachwedd 15fed, 11906, yr HOLL STOC. Tyddyniol^n, Dydd IAU, Tachwedd 15fed, I 1906, yr OOLL STOC. GWARTHEG 7 o Fuchod Cfodro Rhagorol, 2 a lloia wrth ea traed, 3 yn min dropio, a 2 t yn Gyflo; 3 o Heffrod, sef 2 i ddyfod a lloia Qalanmai, ao 1 8 o Ddynewid adda-wol. eef 4 yn gwrryw a 4 benyw 6 o Loia wedi cael magwraeth dda. OEFFYLAU; Caseg Wedd yn gyfebr, 9 oed, gtweithio yn gampus; Ceffyl 3 oed, cymmwys a.t waith; Mwlyn 4 oed, at 'harness, 13.1 o udhder, ac yn llonydd Motor Cars; 1 eto yn codi yn dair. MOCH; 8 o Foch Tew ion, 2 Bespinbwch i ddyfod a moch at Wyl Fair, 4 o laifna. tfaoac. Hwch ar hanner ei phesgi. FOWiLS; Turkeys, leir, a Owyddau. I aoedd. Yr Auction i ddechre« am 12 yn brydlon. Coel hyd Ffair Oriocietli, Mai 23a.m., 1907. V y323a By Mr J. Parry Jones. CAE GERLLAW GIAREG, LLANFROTHIEN. Mae MR JOHN PARRY JONES wedi ei gyfar- wyddo i WERTHU ar AUCTION, yn y lie uchod, Dydd SADlWRN, Tachwedd 10, 1906, nifer o Wartheg, rhai wedi dod a lloi, ac y lie udlod, Dydd SADlWRN, Tachwedd 10, 1906, nifer o Wartheg, rhai wedi dod a lloi, ac ereill ar ddropio; ac amryw Wartheg ieuainc I ereill; 2 Ebol Gwedd, yn codi yn dair, 1.15 modfedd, a'r llall yn 15!, rliai rhagorol; hwyr- acii Defaid. Rhagolygon rhagorol. Owartbeg, Hjoftrod, Ebol ion. ac Bboleei Campus. Mer- lod Mynydd a Cliywion. Coel fel arferol. y347a November 14. SALE of FREEHOLD PROPERTY, at Tower Hotel, PwlWreii. Freehold Surgery andStabl œ,and about 1 Acre of Land at Nevin. Particulars in oourrse of time. y351a. CAE GRAPES, MAENTWROO—Mae MR JOHN PARRY JONES wedi ei gyfar- wyddo i WERTHU ar AUCTION, yn y lie uehoo, Dydd IAU, Tachwedd 15, 1906, nifer o Wartheg, Heffrod, a Bustych, a Marlod. Manylion eto yr tro nesaf. Coel fel 'arferol. Am yoiirwaneg o f any lion, ymofyner a'r Ar- f werthwr yn Penlan, Penmyndeudraeth, a Pwllheli. y348a November 16. SALE of Schooner "Catherine," at Port- madoc y 3S2a. Tadhwedd 19. Ger PWIJJHELI, M Dydd UiUN. Nifer mawr o Wartheg, Ceffylau, a. Defaid. Befyd Gosodir rhan o r Tir. Gwerthir rhan o'r Gwair a'r Green Crop. y353a CRIOCIETH. BRYNHER ARMS. — Arwerthiant i fod Tachwedd 20fed, 1906, ar 44 o Wartheg. 10 o Geffylau, 150 o JJdefaid, sef Myllt 3 a 4 oed. Manylion eto. y7623- November 24. SALE of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Nevin.. y354a. GLANDWYFACH, Ger BRYNKIR.—Bydd MR J. PARRY JONES yn cynnal AR- WEfRTHTANT yn y lie uchod. Dydd LLUN, Tachwedd 26ain, 1906. Pawb i an- fon Entries ar unwaith i G. Owen, Glandwy- fach, neu i'r Arwerthwr, Penlan, Penrhyndeu- draeth, a Monday, December 3, 1906. CHWILOG FAT STOCK SALE. About 20 First-Class Fat Cattle. Fortnight keep- ing after Sale. Terms: Cash on delivery.— For further particulars apply Penlan, Penrhyn- deudraeth, and New Market Hall, Pwllheli. y556a R. G. JJUMPHRlCYg, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, HOU81 AND ADVERTISING 4.GKNT, PORTMADOO. All Auctions and Valuations promptly Attended to and settled. 1 ( M RATS KILLED.—ROBINS RAT JAJv"/ POISON kills cm the »poi. Leaves no imell Mr G. R. Brow* writes: — "Rodioe bd excellent renltc. It killed Thouandi of Rr.t. Dogi and Cata don't eat it. Ratr Like Ii, Eat It, and Die. Price, 6d, 1., 3a, Se; Poit, Il T, HARLEY, Clkemut, Perth. —Afeat t. £ K0SERT8, 0MmIå. Oaraarvoa, Sales hg urliD'n. ) By Messrs Frank Lloyd & Sons. I 40 GUINEAS PRIZES. 900 HORSES. NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. LAST SALE FOR THE YEAR. FRAXK LLOYD and SONS invite Entries J for November 27th Harness Horses and Hunters. November 28th Hackneys, Cobs and Ponies. November 29ti: Waggon, Lurry and Young Horses. Entries close Monday, November 19th. This always ranks as the best Sale of the year. c2700. By Messrs Robert & Rogers Jones. ISALES BY MESSRS ROBERT & ROGERS JONES, LLANRWST, AND PENRHYN ROAD, OOLWYN BAY. ¡ Monday, November 19th, 1906. I TALYCAFN MART Periodical Sale of FaX Bullocks, Heifers, Cows and Bulls, Show Bollocks and Heifers, Fat Wethers, Ewes and Lambs. Sale at 12 o'clock. c669a. Thursday, November 22nd, 1906. BERTHDDU, LLANRWST. — Important _D Sale of the Whole of the Valuable Live and Dead Stock, Farm Produce, etc., oompris- ing 35 'Grand Young Crossbred Dairy Cows i and Heifers 50 Strong Bullocks and Heifers (sama of wliiich are fit for the Butcher); 5 Fat and Stock Bulls; 200 Grand Welsh j Wethers; 200 Welsh Breeding Ewes, Wilt- shire, Southdown, and Shropshire Rams; 2 Capital Cart Geldings, 5 years old; Active Cob, rising-4 years old Bay Mare Odb, 8 yeans old; 9 Bacon Pigs 2 Breeding Sows: about 700 Uobbeitfts of Excellent Oats and Wheat (suit- able for seeds); 40 Tons of Wlheat and Oat Straw; 40 Tons of Prime Clover and Meadow- Hay; 50 Tons of Mangolds and 6 Acres of Gtrowing Swedes quantity of Modem Farming Implements; excellent Ralli Car and Liverpool Gtig (both equal to new); the property of Mr John Owen (who is leaving). Sale at 11 o'clock a.m. Usual Credit. Catalogues may be obtained 8 days prior to Sale. cfi70a Friday, November 23rd, 1906. CYLLGWYNION, Near CONWAY. — On the Whole of the Live and Dead Farming I Stock, Etc., Etc. The property of Mr Thomas Jones (who is leaving). có7 Monday, November 26th, 1906. Re Edward IRWberta, Deceased. S'DAJG HOTEL, LLANGtERNIEW.—On the Whole of the Valuable Antique HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE and Effects, indudiiug several rare pieces in OLD OAK. Catalogues are being prepared, and may be obtained 7 days prior to Sale. Saturday, December 1st, 1906. RIYIJ)lLAJNiF.AœR Near BETTWSYOOED.— ili On the Whole of the Modern and Amstrique HOUSEHOLD FUtRNlTTURE. Partioula^ in due course. i t: By Mr Robert Parry. NANTGLYN, LLANYSTUMDWY.—Mae MR ROBEiRT PARIRY wedi ei gyfarwydd i WERTHU ar AUCTION, yn y lie uchod, Dydd GWENEIR Neaaf, Tachrwedd 9fed, 1906, yr HOLL STOC a DODREFN y TY. y641« Hysibysiad Pwysig. Newidiad Dyddiad i DDYDD SADWRN, Tachwedd, lOfed, 1906. LLWYNHUDOL FARM, Ger PWLLHELI. Mae MR ROBERT PARRY wedi ei gytfarwyddo gan Mr Davies i WERTHU ar AUC- TION, yn y lie uchod, Dydd SADWRN, Tach- wedd lOfed, 1906, y STOC Rhagorol a "onlyn: OWARTHEG 12 o Fuchod, rhai yn 8.lt06 i loi, ereill yn eu llawn broffit 8 o Heffrod da; 12 o Ddyne-waid gwrryw dymunol 2 Ddy- nowaid Tarw, un glas ac un du. CEITFYLAU: Ceffyl cryf yn codi yn bedadx oed, h wyl us yn mhob gwaith; Un eto yr un modd, yn codi yn 3 oed; Eboles yn codi yn 3 oed 2 Ebol yn codi yn 2 fiwydd oed Merlen hwvlus. BEFAID 10 o Fyllt gweddgar; 12 o Fam- ogiaid wedi cael Myharen brid mawl"; 20 o Wyn banyw wedi eu croesi. OSFFERYNAU: 2 Drol d. Car im gwaeth na newydd Axadr, Og; Machine pwyso a Ffarm at bwyso Defaid a Moch; Pwysau eto; Berfa newydd; Chaff Cutter, a Scraper; Ystolion, a llawer o befehau ereill rhy luosog i* whenwi. Coel fel yr hysbysir a.r v pryd. Yr Auction i ddechreu am Un o'r glooh yn brydlon. y640* PLASORUG, PWLLHELI.—Highly Important Sale of Splendid HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE. MR ROBERT PAiRRY is instructed by Mus Taylor, who is leaving, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on THURSDAY, the 15th November, 1906, the Whole of the Modem and Old-Fashioned HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, Etc. May be viewed day prior to the Sale. y659a GXASYNYS, EDEYRN. Dydd GWENER, Tachwedd 16, 1906, yr HOLL STOC, Offerynau, a Goeod y Tir i'w Bori. y643& GLANGORS, EDETRN. DYDD GWENER, Tachwedd 16, 1906, yr HOLL STOC, Etc. j644 PARISH OF EDEYRN. MR ROBERT PARRY will offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Nan- horon Arms Hotel, Nevin, on SATURDAY, November 17th, 1906, at 2 o'clock in the after- noon, the FREEHOLD FARM, known aa OIL LLIDTART, close to the Village of Edeyrn. The FREEHOLD HOUSE and GARDEN, 1 known as No. 1, Penybryn Terrace, Edeyrn, and several Building Sites. Further varticulars may be obtained from Further particulars may be obtained from Messrs Gwyneddon Davies and Jenkins, Soli- citors, Carnarvon, or the Auctioneer, Salem Terrace, Pwllheli. y637a EFNGWYN, LLANGWNADiLE. Dydd IAU, Tachwedd 22ain, 1906, yr HOLL STOC, Etc. y642a TRY IT. TRY IT. COALS. ONE COAL FOR ALL PURPOSES. THE BURNING WANT OF THE DAY. THE ALL ROUND OOAL 00., 60, COAL EXCHANGE, LONDON, E.C. Pec Ton free in trucks of about 6 to 8 Tons: — Carnarvon Station. 15 6 Holyhead Station 16 3 Llandudno Station 15 0 Llanberis Station 16 6 m Prtceo for other StatiOOll on application. Terms Nett Caj&h. CLARKE'S 3 41 PILLS are warranted to cure, in titheT sex, all acquired or consti- tutional Discharge from the Urinary Organs, Gravel, and Pt.ill.6 in the Back. Free from Mercury. Established upwards of 30 years. In boxes 4s 6d each, of all Chemists and Baienfc Medicine Vendors throughout the World, or I sent for sixty stamps by the Makers, The Lia. I eoki and Midland Drag Co.. Lioeoln. Co be ^orlb-. PIANO for Sale, quite new, full trichord, J[. check action, by Glover and Glover, London; listed £24, accept £ 16.—Apply, W. Wild, Jones Sewing Machine Co., Abergele Road, Cblwyn Bla.y. b50a HORIZONTAL STEAM ENGINE, 6 h.p., JJL by Ratcliffe, Ha warden; VERTICAL BOILER and Steam Connections. May be seen working by arrangement with Manager, "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. e998a A HOUSE on Sale or to be Lei at Talysarn, Carnarvonshire, close to Nantlle Station, furnished or unfurnished; 14 Rooms modem J conveniences.—Apply to Elizabetli Williams, Snowdon View, Talysarn, near Carnarvon. y632& A LEASEHOLD HOUSE in Segontium Road South, in splendid condition, containing two large Entertaiiiing-rooms, four Bedrooms, Blathroom, W.C., etc.; and spacious Garden at Iback. — Apply Hugh Roberts, Painter, Pool Street, Carnarvon. 10 AR Werth, CERBYDAU newydd ion ac ail* lavr, yn cynnwyu Waggonettes, Phaetons, Rally Cars, Dogcarts, Governess Cars, Spring Carts, LorneSj Troliau, etc., yr oil i'w gwerthu am briaian rhesymol. — Charles Hughes and Sons, Coach Builders, etc. Portmadoc and Pwlheli. y592 COED PITCHPINE ar Werth yn logiau neu wedi eu llifio yn drawstiau neu byst, etc. Coed yn iach, y maent wedi bod naewn gwaith unwaith; gwerthir bargeinion i Fasnachwyr Coed, Adeiladwyr, Ffermwyr, etc. —Ymofyner, Lester, Contractor, Harbour Works, Pwllheli. y68l BETHESDA.—For Sale, all that charmingly situated VILLA, known as "Coedmadog," Bethesda, held on Lease, having 34 yeans unexpired, at an &n- nual ground rent of JB1 10s. Early possession. —For fjucctther particulars apply to Mr D. Cfcufflth Davies, Solicitor Bethesda. c614y775 IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS Every Mother who values tbe Health and Cleanliness of her Child should use HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills Child should use HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills aJl Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In Tins, 4Jd and 9d. Postage Id.— Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, 118, Broad Street, Reading. Agent .for Carnarvon: R. Roberts, Bangor Street. Llandudno: J. Winter. Den- bigh Harrison-Jones end Go. St. Asaph: J. Emrys Jones. All Cheoaistfc cllfia. ALVANISED OORRUGATED SHEETS, all warranted soumd, 3ft., ad; 4ft., lid: 6ft., Is 2d; 6ft., Is 4d; 7ft., Is 6d; 8ft., is 9d; 9ft., 2s; 10ft., 2s 3d each. Ridging, 3d per foot; Sponting, 3!d per foot.—Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. Established 1828. BARBED FENCING WIRE, in iewt. reels, JLF 224 yards, 6s 6d per reel; plain galvan- ised wire, in lewt. bundles, 700ydø., 10s per cwt.; wrought iroo standards, lis each. — Butler, Bell Works, Wolverhampton. Estab- J lished 1828. ROOFING FELT, as lOd, 4s, 6s, per roll of .H< 26 yards; Black Varnish, 81bs. for Is; Red Oxide Paint, 71be. for Is 6d, including tin; Wire Nails, 10s 6d, Out Nails, 10s per cwt.—Butler, Bell Work*, Wolverhampton. c565a Matrix WANTED SETT MAKERS and ROCK VV BREAKERS at Port Nant Quarries, Llithfaen. y767a WANTED, a thoroughly experienced Coffee- Vt Room WAITRESS. — Apply, Gwydyr Y N ESsiefuJ, LLEFRITH i'w aJJ-weirtihu, odderut* 150 o Aiwyni yn wythnosol.— Ymofyner a Robert Davies, Gornel, Bethesda. y784 CAiRTER.—Wanted Young Man as Carter, and to rnaJce himself generally useful.—• Apply X. Y. Z., "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. c64a. MOLB and SQUIRRELL SKIN« Wanted. Gerrard Brothors, Furriers, Edinburgh, I are buyers of any quantity during winter season^ c607a CRYDD at waith cryf a bhrwsio. Gwaith parhaol i ddyn mednn.—Ymofyrrer Ann Davies, and Son, 129, High Street, Port- madoc. y7SSa. REGISTRY OFFICE. 120, mgh STREET, Portmadoc. Good Situations on Books for respectable G*rl».—Apply, liba Humphreys. SLATE Quarry AGENCY for Lancashire and K? Cheshire required by Liverpool Quarry AJeDt having 20 years' e upeii ence. —iApj>ly 638, "Herald," Carnarvon. 0636 WANTED, a GETKENAL SERVANT, W able to do plain Cooking and part washing. No young children. Good wages.— Mns Hughes, Fran Deg, Mold. c616 T7 Eisieu yn ddioed, lie fel HOUSE- 1 KEEPER gan ddynes brofiadol, mewn crefyddol, mewn ty preiiat.—Ymofyner Y765. "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. y765 teulu crefyddol, mewn ty preiiat.—Ymofyner Y765. "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. y765 WANTED, Oood MINEnRS, Rock Drill Men preferred. Regular and con- tinuous work.—Apply to the Manager, United •Minora Mining Co., Ltd., near Wrexham. c618 CYN NR YCHIOLWYR Ymroddgar i'r "Pioneer AMMramoe" yn Porthmadog, Pwllheli, a'r Cylchoedd. Telerau rhagorol.— Ymofyner a.Roberl Williams, 36, Chapel Street, Portmadoc. yTIOa HOUSEKEEPER (working) Wanted for JLL Farm in Anglesey (Calangauaf); live with faonaly; small family and servant kept; age not under 35 years.—Apply T.M., "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. y751a OOEkN LINERS. — Persons desirous be- coming Stewards, Stewardesses, Butch- ers, Bakers, Pantry-men, Engineers, Stokers. Trimmers, forward addressed envelope, Wm. Breakell, Birkdale, South.port. c606a. INCOME Tax Returns and Accounts pre- JL pared, appeals conducted, and repay- ment obtained of" tax overcharged; no time should be lost in appealing against over-assess- ment.—T. R. Roberts, Accountant, Carnarvon. c605a DOUBLE your salary by qualifying yourself to become an Electrical Engineer; we can do this for you at your home; write for our free book, "How to become an ElectricaJ Engineer," to Elect. Eng. Institute, 413, Nor- wich (House, Southampton Street, Ho .born, London. chl47 CYMANFA DDIRWESTOL LLEYN AC EEFIQNYTXD. YN Eisieu, GORUCffWYLIWR DmWES- JL TOL i roddi ei holl amser (oddih Sabf- batihau) am bedwar mis yn ystod y Gauaf, i drefnu a chynnal cyfarfodydd trwy gylch y Gymanfa. Atebion yn cymwyederau a'r telerau i'w hanfon dan sel erbyn Tachwedd 23ain, 1906, i'r Ylsgcrifenydd, D. WYRE LEWIS, P3as, Nefyn. y779 It is said that Marconi will soon Get in touch with the Man in the Moon, And between you and me, His first message will be: "That delioious drink, 'Stym,' is a boon r' THE GENUINE WHEATLEY'S HOP BITTERS SHEFFIELD. Of Bottlers Refreshment Houses, and Licensed Trader* everywhere. TO SECURE the GREATEST PUBLICITY for your Announcement, ADVJQITI&JI is fea ttø bt Jtf. BANGOR.—Evans' Temperance Hotel, Old _0 London House, High Street. Clean, Comfortable, Moderate. y683 SHOP to Let, in populous district; Rent O moderate; suitable for Grocery or other Business.—(Particulars, Messrs Nee and Gor- don-Roberts, Carnarvon. c634 COLWYN BAY.—HOPE BANK. DINING YJ and TEAROOMS. Sunday Schools and Parties catered for. Beds; accommodation for Cyclists. TémnB on application.—Davies. TO be Let, with immediate possession, GOOD FARM, about 111 acres in Pentraeth parish, Anglesey. Incoming Tenant to take Live and Dead Stock at Valuation.—I. Taylor, Estate Agent, CARNARVON.—17a, Bridge Street, Lock- up SHOP in beet business part of town. Modern front. Rent £30. Offices over can be had if required.—Apply Johnson Brothers, Bootle Dyeworks, FFARM RHYDD-DALIAD OL Rhagorol yn JD ardal Llamaelhaiarn, ar odreu mynydd rhamantus yr Eifl, yn agos i brif-ffordd Pwll- heli a Cbaernarfon. Mesura oddeutu 100 acer. Tir rhagorol. — Ynaofyner B402, "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. y596a EXCELLENT BUSINESS PREMISES in r'J the finest position, in handsome block of new Shops, opposite the site of the new Station a.t Pwllheli. Splendid opening for Baker and Confectioner, and also Restaurant. New Patent Two Dicker Oven, and Splendid Bakehouse. Oood living accommodation.—-Apply S. Lloyd, Bee Hive, usintSS bbttS5tS. REMOVAL TO MORE COMMODIOUS PREMISES. MRS TVUNLOP, JLf COSTUMIER, BERBSFORD HOUSE, OHURCH STREET, cS21 CARNARVON. D. W. K°B^ LLANFAJBFTBOHAN. Ad Biing and Distribtrting PeraonaJly attended to. RA fijj 0 G H 18, • jT\ CI (Alarek JOHLLPOST2R AND TOWN CSI1E, mm., XJ^VlUeBkiaL All Billpasting and Ddstribiitirrg Persooailg; attended to. KP TV A ? I Jt 8, X>. \J BiT<LP08TKR BELLMAN AND 1 mSTNG CONTRACTOR, HIGH STREET, BLAENAT.T FESTnHOO. Proprietor of ali the p^in £ Jk»«ial •BillposUng Stations in E. D. JOYE8 4 SON, BILLPOSTERS 4 GENERAL ADVERTISE AGENTS, t, FAIR VIEW, HOLYHEAD. All Kllposting and Distributing PerrsmtHy attended to. O H H JARTON, COACH BUILDER, M.) ITORTHGATE HOUSE, North gstto (Late Sportsman Hotel CARNARVON. Wheels sad Oarriage* of WTery dflsorlptioa IlAi., Repaired, Trimmed, and P*ta)ed tM Prwmi»e« C. W. D ARBISHIRE, SLATE QUAY, CARNARVON, hM bees appointed Agent for THE NORTHERN ASSURANCE CO. (Established 1836). (FIRE k LIFE). Lowest terms on application. Can also qvotc terms for insurance ayainvt A.ceidentt, Burglary, Death Duties. Farming Stock and Rent insured. c681 JOSEPH ROBERTi, ftROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, 14, POOL STREET, and TWTHILL TEA MART, CARNARVON THE NOTED SHOPS For Fragrant and Delicious Teas. For Coffee of Exquisite Flavour. For Mild Cured Hams and Baoon, Pale and hooked. For Ripe Gorgomsola, Cheddar and iJkeese. And Butter of choicest quality. lnaà Supply of Butter and Palethorpe's Ba1t. Twice Weekly. JAMES ORR jyjARPLES I (Many years Established), ILLUMINATING ARTIST, DESIGNER AND ILLUMINATOR of PRESENTATION ADRESSES To H.M. King Edward VII., H.M. Queen Victors, Hi. Imperial Majeety the German Emperor. H.I.H. the Shah of Persia, H.R.H. the Prin-ce of Wales, H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh, Jbo., &0. (By Special Appointment). 16, LIVERPOOL k LONDON CHAMBERS, EXCHANGE, LIVERPOOL. e7O\J DEUFISOL: PRIS SWLLT. Y TRAETHODYDD CYLCHGRAWN SAFONOL CYM'RU.. SESFYDiLWYX) YN 1644 Gan y PARCH LEWIS EDWARDS, BALA. EETHYGLAU GAN BRIF YSGRLFENWYR CYMRU. GYNNWYSIAD RHIFYN TAdHWEIDD. Ymneilldiiaeth., Gan y Parch T. iR. Jones, Towyn. Cfytfieithieui Ndwydd o'r Proffiwyd Mialachi. Gan. y Parch Edward Evans. I'Plaid Newydd a. Chri Newydd. Cyiwyddau Edward Moms. Gian Mr Arthur Hughes. Neges y Beiidd. Gian Mr E. Morgan Hughes. "Y Demi GLadd." Gan Mr T. Gwynn-Jones. L' Allegro. III Penseroso. ■ Braslun—Un o Brif Bregethwyr CJymru. Gan Teowyn. Y (Jweithdwr. Gan Mr Thomas Jones, Moun- tain Ash. Nodiadau Llenyddol. Gttn Antihropos, ac er- aill. Anfoner pob Archebion i SWYDDFA'R HERALD," CAEftNARFfVN. "THE GRAPHIC." CONTAINS every Saturday Illuistratioas by the best Artists, of all the curreni events of importanoe, portraits of celebrated persons, and original drawings. —Said by all Booksellers for 6d, or post free 6td. the 011. Inad, Londogi. ^ushress ^irrtsses. TWO NEW BISCUITS. I CR- AWFOR- D'S SWEET CURRANT o 1 AND I HUNTING (WHEATMEAL).