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ix S*gal, #r. —— MOELTRYFAN BiRASS BAlND. I hereby certify that J. R. Thomas, J. H. Sarah, and T. 0. Hughes, TaJysarn, are enrolled members of the above Band. c657 E. fSSAC JONES, Secretary BOROUGHT OF SWINDON. LOANS. THE Corporation of Swindon, Wilts, are t i pre pared the receive Loans of £100 and upwards for a term of 3 or 5 years, or at 6 months' notice, at £3 10s per cent. interest. The Loans will be secured bv mortgage of the rates, without cost to the lender. For further particulars appHy to Mr A. E. Dean, Borough Accountant, Town Hall, Swin- don. By Order. ROBERT HILTON, Town Clerk. Town Hall, Be ROBERT HUGHES, formerly of Fron- dirion, Rhostryfan, in the County of Carnar- von, but late of 603, W. Monroe St., Chicago, Deceased. PURSUANT to the Statute 22 and 23 Vict. Jt. C 35, Notice is Hereby Given that all Persons having any Claims againstt the estate of the above-named Deceased, are required, to Bend in particulars thereof, in writing, to us on or before tne 23rd day of November inst., after which date the real and othier estate of • Deceased will he Ibe sold and Attributed accord- ing to law. Dated this 6tlh day of November, 1906. NEE and GORDON-ROBERTS. Carnarvon. Solicitors to the co-heiresaes-at-la.w and. personall representatives of Deceased. c653 COUNTY OF DENBIGH. PETTY SESSIONAL DIVISION OF RUTHIN. APPOINTMENT OF JUSTTCtES' OLERK. THE Justices of the above division, which § comprises 16 Parishes, hereby invite ap- plications for the appointment of a Clerk, which appointment will be made on Monday, the 26th diay of November, 1906. at 12.15 p.m., and will operate on and from the 3rd day of December, 1906. The Salary will !be fixed iby the Standing Joint Committee for the County, in accordance with the requirements of the Acts of Parlia- ment in that behalf. The Salary paid to the late Clerk was at the xate of J3145 per annum. A knowledge of the Welsh language is es- sential, and the Clerk appointed must have -an office in Ruthin, and will be required to provide and maintain during the tenure of the office an j indemnity to the value of JB500 in terms to the satisfaction of the Justices. Canvassing of the Justices will be a disquali- fication. Twenty-four copies of the application, ac- companied by twenty-four copies of three re- cent testimonials, must 'be sent to me, the undersigned, not later than the 19th day of November, instant, and endorsed "Clerkship to the Justices." Dated the 5th day of November, 1906. W. S. WILLIAMS. c631. Acting Clerk to the Justices. ANGLESEY EDUCATION COMMITTEE. TEACHERS WANTED. HEAD-TEACHER. I Llangoed O.S. Male, JB130, rising by j35 a year to JB150. CERTIFICATED ASSISTANTS. Holyhead Cybi C.S. Girls'. Lianerchysnedd C. S. Female for In. fants'. Commencing salary, j370 per annum, rising to JB80, JB5 a year less if untrained. UNCERTIFICATED ASSISTANTS. Llanddona C.S. Female for Infants'. Gaerwen N.S FemaJe for Infants'. £40. Holyhead N.S. Female. Llanfaelog N.S. Female, JB40. IBrynpran C.S. 'Female for Infants'. Llangefni C.S. Female for Infants'. Holyhead Park C.S. (Uanfechell N.S. Male. Commencing salary, where not otherwise specified, JB45, rising to JB55. The commencing salary may be £10 lower in case of Applicants who have ha -1 no experience in teaching. BUPPLIEMKNTIARY TEACHERS. LlamfecheJI N.S. Salary £ 20 to JB30, according to experience Applications, on forms provided, and testi- monials, to be forwarded to me immediately. R. H. WILLIAMS. Education. Offices, Llangefni. 449ycb NOTICE OF AUDIT. MENAI BRIDGE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Yearly Statements, of the ACcounts of this Urban District Council, together with the Rate Books, Books of Account, Vouchers, etc., will, on the Twelfth day of November, 1906, be deposited at the Council Room, St. George's Pier, Menai Bridge, and such Statements and Books of Account will be open to be inspected, examined, and copied by any Ratepayer in the District of the said Council, at any reasonable hour in the daytime when the Council is not sitting, until the Twentieth day of November, 1906, and that on the last-meintioned day, at the hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon, the; Accounts of the said Urban District Council will be audited by William Graffithj Esq., the Auditor, at the said Council Room, St. George's Pier, Menai Bridge, when and where every such Ratepayer who may have an Objection to any matter contained in the above-mentioned Accounts may attend and prefer his objection, and the same will be heard and determined by the Auditor. Dated October 30th, 1906. OWEN JONES. Clerk to the Menai Bridge Urban District c613 Council. PURSUANT to an Order of the Chancery a Division of the High Court of Justice, dated1 23rd July, 1906, and irrcde in tihe matters of the Estate of WILLIAM JONES, Deceased, and of the Judicial Factors Scotland Act, 1889, and in an Action Jones and Another against Owen and Ofthlers i(1905. J. iNo. 842). the Creditors of William Jones, late of 2, Marine Terrace, Pbrtmadoc, in the County of Carnar- von, Sailmaker, who died on or about lOtlh January, 1891. a.re on or before the 5th day of December, 1906, to send by post prepaid, to Mr A. R. Roberts, of 63, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C., a member of the firm of Lloyd- George, 1RIobe.rrtB, and Co., of the same place, the' Solicitors or Agents of the Defendants, Ellis Huigheeton [Roberts and John Clark Jones, the Executor and Trustees of the Deceased, their Christian and surnames, addressee and descriptions, the full particulars of their Claims, a statement of their Accounts, and the nature of the Securities- (if amy) held by them, or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the said Order. Every 'Creditor holding any Security is to pro- duce the same before Mr Justice Neville, at his Chambers, the Royal Courts off Justice, London, on Wednesday, the 12th day of Decem- ber. 1906, at one o'clock in the afternoon, being the time for adjudicating on the Claims. Dated this 1st day of November, 1906. BALFOUR, ALLAN, and NORTH. 1, Old Serjeants' Inn, Chancery Lane. W.C.. c628 Plaintiff's Solicitors. —————— D WIN BILI"P08TD. Vk. LLYNTVT BO AD, PUNYGTtOlM RiU. Town Crier, i ad Bill Distributor .hTMIil'hnnt. +- DR ONES, D.D.S, &c., SURGEON DENTIST, CRAIG OWEN, (Opposite the Railway Station), BANGOR. Dr JONES visit. Llangefni every Thursday at L'-nlwigan Road Llanerchymedd from 10 to 1, with Miss Owen Druid House, and at Amlwch from 2 5, with Mr Hughes, Stationer, 8. Street, Tuesdays, October 23rd, November 20th, December 18th.. Kbenewr, Llanrag, and LlanberiB, first Tues- day after Pay Day. Also a.t Ebenezer, Tuesday morning before Llapberis Pay Dry, from 10 to 12. Bothesda, first Tuesday after Pa.y Day. !Pan?or every day except Tuesday* and Thursdays. 11uhlic «t. NOTICE. N. S. L. A PUBLIC MEETING will be held in the BOYS' SCHOOL, PORTMADOC, at 6 p.m., on FRIDAY, 16th November, by the S. Carnarvonshire Branch of the League. Mr J. E. GREAVES will preside. A London speaker, Col. STUlRGES, will illustrate his address with lantern slides. Admission Free; all are welcome. c629 PIER PAVILION, LLANDUDNO. — The T.I.A. Lecture Committee has en- gaged Lecturers for a Series of Four Lectures to be given in the Pier Pavilion. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1906, MR. FRANK T. BULLEN ("ROMANCE AND REALITY AT SEA.") Chairman Col. the Hon. H. LLOYD MOSTYN, J.P. The first, second and fourth Lectures will be illustrated by powerful Oxyhydrogen Lanterns. Prices of Admission are —1st—Subscribers ef 10s 6d will receive One Ticket, and Subscribers of 21s Three Tickets for Numbered Reserved Front Seats for each of the above Lectures. 2nd—Reserved Umnuaribered Seats, 56 for the Series. 3rd-Remainder of Pavilion, including Gallery, Is for the Series. All Tickets are Transferable. Doors open at 7.15 p.m. for TickefchoJders onily. At 7.35 p.m. Single Tickets may be obtained at the doors only should Seats be then available, the prices in that event only will be —(Reserved Seats 2s, others 6d. Children un- der 14 years of age will not be admitted except under the charge and absolute control of adults. No reduction is made for children. Each Lecture will commence at 7.45 p.m. Tickets for the whole Series may be Obtained through Members of the Oommitee, local Shop- keepers, or from the Hon. Secretary, A. J. OLDMAN, 26, Mostyn Street, Llandudno. rl21 ^ailtoap. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. LORD MAYOR'S SHOW, November 9th; National Poultry Show, Crystal Palace, November 13th to 16th; Fifth Grand Inter- national Poultry Show, Alexandra Palace, Nov- ember 13 to 16; Fifth International Motor Ex- hibition, Olympia, November 15th to 24th; Stanley Cycle Show, Royal Agricultural Hall. November 23 to December 1.; Theatres, Hippo- drome, etc.-On Friday, November 9th; Tues- day, November 13th; Monday, November 26th, EXCURSION TRAINS will be run to LONDON from Afonwen, etc. A MOTOR OMNIBUS SERVICE between PWLLHELI and NEVIN, MORFA NEVIN and EDEYRN. Until further Notice the above Service will be as under:— (No Sunday Service.) a.m. a.m. p.m. Pwllheli Station. dep 6 30 1135 4 25 Pwllheli, Ala Road „ 6 35 1140 4 30 Turnpike, Garreg Fechain 6 41 1146 4 36 Efail Newydd 6 47 1152 442 Bodfean, Post Office 7 9 1214 6 4 Bryncynan „ 7 14 1219 5 91 Nevin, Glynllifon Shop „ 7 91- 1226 5 161 Nanhoron Hotel 7 30 1235 5 25 Morfa Nevin, Tanyparc Shop 7 40 1245 5 35 Edeyrn, Post Office arr. 7 45 1250 a.m. p.m. p.m. Edeyrn, Post Office dep 9 0 2 35 Morfa Nevin,Tanyparc Shop 9 5 2 40 5 40 Nevin, Nanhoron Hotel „ 9 15 2 50 5 50 10 Glynllifon Shop 9 24 2 59 5 59 Bryncynan 9 31 3 6 6 6 Bodfean Post Office.. 9 36 3 11 6 11 Efail Newydd „ 9 58 3 33 6 33 Turnpike, Gareg Fechain 10 4 3 39 6 39 Pwllheli, Ala Road 1010 3 45 6 45 tPwllheli Station arr 1015 3 50 6 50 MOTOR OMNIBUS. PWLLHELI and NEVIN.—On PWLLHHLI MARKET and FAIR DAYS, during November, viz.. 1st, 7th, 12th, 14th, 21st, and 28th, ADDITIONAL OMNIBUSES will run as under: — a.m. p.m. Pwllheli Station dep. 11 0 5 0 Pwllheli, Ala Road If 5 5 5 Turnpike, Gareg Fechain. 1111 5 11 Efail Newydd 1117 5 17 Bodfean, Post Office 1139 5 30 j Bryncynan 1144 5 44 Nevin, Glyullifon Shop 1151 5 51 Nevin, Nanhoron Hotel „ 12 0 6 0 Morfa Nevin, Tanyparc Shop 1210 6 10 Edeyrn, Post Office arr: 1215 6 15 p.m. p.m. Edeyrn, Post Office dep. 1230 6 25 Morfa Nevin, Tanyparc Shop 1235 6 30 Nevin, Nanhoron Hotel 1245 6 40 Neivin, Glynllifon Shop 1254 6 49 Bryncynan: 1 1 6 56 Bodfean Post Office 16 7 1 Efail Newydd 1 28 7 23 Turnpike, Oareg Fechain. 1 34 7 29 Pwllheli .Ala Road 1 40 7 35 Pwllheli Station arr. 1 45 7 40 Passengers may join the Care at any point, Passengers may join the Care at any point, except on steep hills, subject to there being room, and on payment of the Fare from the previous Station. The Company give notice that they do not undertake that the Motor Omnibuses shall start or arrive at the times specified in the bills, nor will they be respon- sible for any imconvenience or injuiry that may arise from delay or detention. EVERY Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, during the Winter Months, Cheap One or Two Day's Tickets are issued from Pwllheli, or Two Day's Tickets are issued from Pwllheli, Criccieth, Portmadoe, Barmouth, etc., to CAR- NARVON, BANIQOR, LLANDUDNO, HOLY- HEAD, etc. Similar Tickets are issued from the North Wales Coast Stations to Cambrian Coast Stations. WEEK-END EXCURSION TICKETS vrt issued every Friday and Saturday (until 1 further notice), to CARNARVON, BANGOR, HOLYHEAD. and LLANDUDNO frML Afon Wen), evailsbvle for returni on the following Sunday (where traim 116rT1(1W1\ permits). Monday or Tuesday. Similar Tickets issued in the several direction. TOURIST TICKETS are issued from the Principal Cambrian Station* to all HEALTH RESORTS on the Cambrian Rail" wsya, also to watering places in England, NortTs Wales, English Lake District, Norlib Fast ckm mt. etc. Fu-M particulars of any of the above Excursions on application to Mr W. H. Gongh, Traffic ftuperintendent. Gtfwestry. C. a. ÐE-, General Manager. J ".1'n. ,II'Ií..ø.IIIJ. Established 1847. O r; VANS AND 0 N, COLLIERY AGENTS AND COAL MERCHANTS. ucrie »(?entx< for tlia noted "Moc" Hall." "Roib -)a fmrl(yog," and "Westminster Coals." TmcV loads to any Station at. 'VViery Prioe* AM Vvods of Coals always }- 't.(>}; ''Vittriors to Hip Majesty's Oov^rtrrftat t-li,, Ornn-Tvonshire County ConTvvil, kf Wh&Tfr": Railway Station, Camarvo*. I Ofloe filate Quay, Carnarvon. esa Jtoirass hhrtssts. JONES AND MILLER, TAILORS AND BREECHES MAKERS, HATTERS AND HOSIERS. SOLE AGENTS FOR HENRY HEATH. SOLE AGENTS FOR SCOTT & CO., HATTERS TO HIS MAJESTY THE KING & ROYAL FAMILY. TAILORS TO THE ADMIRALTY BY APPOINTMENT, LONDON H 0US £ C ARNARVON. FOUNTAIN PENS. SVVAN, PELICAN, AND WATERMAN. EVERY HAND SUIJTED. REPAIRS (all makes) Executed with Promptness and Dispatob, and at Lowest Possible Charges. FRANCIS, STATIONERS, HIGH STREET POST OFFICE, CARNARVON 0. EVANS & SON, OLD FOUNDRY WAGON WORKS, CARNARVON ALL REPAIRS TO RAILWAY WAGONS UNDERTAKEN BETWEEN PORTMADOC AND CARNARVON, AND CARNARVON AND RHYL. WAGONS BOUGHT AND SOLD. wm EMPORIUM, MARKET STREET, HOLYHEAD. UP-TO-DATE DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT EVERYTHING FOR LADIES' W-AB. MILLINER! AND DRESSMAKING (In Charge of Experienced Hands). STOCK REPLETE WITH CHOICE GOODS FOR PRESENT WEAR. INSPECTION IINVITED. WILLIAM ROWLANDS SIGN AND ORNAMENTAL PAINTING, PRACTICAL PAINTER, PAPERHANGER, DECORATOR, GRAINER WRITER ALL WORK CONTRACTED FOR. ESTIMATES FREE. JOHN H. REES, STANLEY STREET, HOLYHEAD. A LargelAssortment of NEWEST PAPERH AN GIN G S Always In Stock. Pattern Books sent-to any Address. All Kinds of PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES, &a., kept n the premises. h W. A JONES, GENERAL AND FURNISHING IRONMONGER ABERGELE ROAD (TOP OF DINGLE), wMSan COLWYN BAY. mf Opf Tel.;i8y<. PPS ALL KINDS OF USEFUL HOUSEHOLD GOODS. IjjL ill ENAMELLED AND TINNED HOLLO WARE. PAINTS, VARNISHES, PETROLEUM, ? ALL KIND OF OILS. 36.. GAKDEN GOODS, TRELLIS, AND V1BGIN CORK. WRINGING, MANGLING, A WASHING MACHINES, At Lowest Cash Stores Prioes. GRATES AND RANGES. — ALL KINDS OF REPAIRS DONE. — AH Orders Promptly Executed. Estimates Free. bOO Sweepers from 10s 6d. a. 111 'I". '& 3'JULit.a£tAa CIIW ,M lot oft T U [ DONt HURT YOUR FEET j | and tear your stockings by wearing old style ft Boots & Shoes, but buy those branded on sole. I i a assail] it I Made by the new Patent "Tackless System"^ j I entirely without the use of naiis or tacks in the | inner sole. Ask for the"EEZEE-0BT TACKLESS §K B001S and SHOES andyouwiSlobtain a perfect\y f flexible boot, and corrifort such as you h^ve never 1 known. makipg walkiga pleasure. I Ladits'Boots 15^6Shoes lOfe 6- f.f. 1S ft t Gentlemen's » 15^ Shoes !5G ^-V for ünustrated Dscritive r I p05t CS.5-'d w r" ——— jjtosxmsss hhrtSsts. THE NELSON EMPORIUM, CARNARVON. LEADING LINES THIS WEEK. I MAGNIFICENT SHOW OF SMART FURS. CHOICE STOLES AND MOTS IN SABLE, MINK, FOX MARTEN, I BEAVER, SHUNK, MtSlAX LAMBS, &c.. • I LADIES OUTFITTING & CHTLDRE N'S WOOLLEN UN-DERCLORRING. LADIES BLOUSES AND SKIRTS A SPECIALITY THIS WEEK. EXCEPTIONAL PURCHASE OF HOUSEHOLD LNIEN, BLANKETS, FLANNELS, SHEETS, Etc., Etc. CENT'S OUTFITTING AND READY MADE dLOTHINC, HATS, CAPS, ALL AT POPULAR PRICES. TAILORING. liARGEST SELECTION IN NORTH WALES OF TWEEDS, Etc., Etc., FOR OVERCOATS, SUITS, BREECHES, Etc. FIT AND STYLE GUARANTEED. THE NELSON EMPORIUM, 'I BRYMER & DA VIES, Proprietors. c211 THOMAS AND EDWARDS, MINERAL WATER MANUFACTURERS CARNARVON & LLANGEFNI. Specialities:— SNOWDON DRY GINGER ALTS. SN0WD0N SODA WATER. STONE GINGER BEER. LEMONADE, ETC. c446 o446 H. EDWARDS' CYCLE DEPOT. I HOLYHEAD. LARGE STOCK OF SECOND-HAND LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S CYCLES TO CLEAR. Cash 01 Easy Terms. Inspect our new supply of latest PHONOGRAPHS and RECORDS. UNDOUBTED BARGAINS. H. GWYNEDD WILLIAMS, WATCHMAKER. JEWELLER AND OPTICIA STANLEY STREET, HOLYHEAD. GOLD BRACELETS, GUARDS, GEM RINGS, AND ALL KINDS 01 JEWEtLLERP. Visit the obove Old Establislimenit. 12 Cmt GCXLD WEDDING RINGS a Speciality. Priv»t« Room for fitting. MAKING IT PAY YOU Sft TO COME HERE FOR YOUR CLOTHES M BAS GIVEN US THE LA-SGES $IB 9 TAILORING BUSINESS IN THE COUNTRY. GIVE US A CHANCE T0 C0MPETE WITH YOUR jS^^jKLWrn FAVOURITE TAILOR. we'^ oheerfally doff our hat to m. JizSM [(" ]$! jrfj WE MEAN^TO^KEEP OUR » IWW/r Style,* Fit Quality and Prioe prove^our power with the Public. A gresit Shout of ApprovaL 11 W. WILLIAMS, THE PEOPLES' TAILOR, THE EMPORIUM, OLD COLWYN. b2 LETTERPRESS PRINTING. CLUE OAUDA, t CLUB BULKS, POBTJLJUI, CLUB AOCOUNTflt FLAOABD#, FAMPHLCTB, P*OGRAMM3», CATALOGUES, BTICKIT8, SERMON*. DANCE €ABDA> QUARRY REPORTS, CERCCXAJtfi, QUARRY ACCOUNTS, BILLHEADS, QUARRY RULES. ADDPJM OARM& R D" OFFICE, CARNARVON. CANDBXLLi, CLUB CARDS, POSTERS, CLUB RULM, PLACAIma. CLUB AOCOU^TlK 10GRAMME8, PAMPHLETS, TICKETS, CATALOGUES, DANCE CARDS. ftKBJIOJfflk, jtOULABS, LEGAL FORMS, BILLHEADS, MEMORANDUMS, ADDRESS CARDS. NOT! PAPXA. LETTERPRESS PRINTING. ■ The Physician's I A ■ I r I r I 31 3h A1 JB ft Cure for Goat, ■ WJt I ftk H W I **1 Avfl ™ B Rheumatic Goat and Gravel. The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the Co.. Stomach. Headache, Heartburn, Indigeetion, "A Bour Eructations, Bilious Afiectiona. Effective^ Aperient ====-:=- Reg-ular Use. DINNEFORDS. MAC_NES IA A [ Cenbers. TO CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for the Erection of jL Two Villas, itnd also additions to the Glen, Portmadoe, for Captain E. lloyd, Barry. The Plajis and Spccificauons can be inspected at our Offices. Separate Tenders for each branch of work to be sent (sealed and endorsed) to us not later than Wednesday, tlte 14th inst. The lowest or any Tender will not neces- sarily be accepted. OWEN MOKRIS ROBERTS and SON, M.S.A., Architects and Surveyors. Portmadoc, 3rd November, 1S06. y778 ANGLESEY CONSTA BUlLARY. TENDERS FOR POLICE CLOTHING. THE Standing Joint Committee hereby in- JL vite TENDERS for isupplying the Police Clothing for 1907. Tenders to be received the Chief Con- stable's Office on or before 30th November instant. Forms of Tender to be had on application to L. PROTHERO. Llangefni, Chief Constable. 8th November, 1906. c635 Vitamers. SOUTH AFRICA.—Royal Mail Route.— UNION CASTLE LINE.—London and Southampton, to Cape Colony. Natal, Del ago* Bay, Beira, etc., calling frequently at Madeira, Las Paimae. Teneriffe, Ascension and St. Helena. Weekly Sailings. Fast Passages. Superior Accommodation. Best Route. For rate of passage money and all further informa- tion apply to the Managers, Donald Currie and Co.. London, or to Local Ascents. c fttnnt!1. LOANS GBANTUD ON THESE TERMS. -£.6 to £500.-JAJa.n £5, repay, J35 121 6d; loan £10, repay, £11 5s; loan £20, repay, £22 10B loan £30, repay, £33 15e; loao £50. repa.y..£56 5ø; loan. .£100, repay JB112 10s.— Applv W. JACKSON, 70, Plymouth Grove, MAKCHESTER.. c547a A to £ 5000 advanced on of Hand JUXV/ alone. No Bills of Sale taken or chaxges made unlfss business results. Don't apply to so called Ranks or Limited Companies, which are registered to conceal the identity of the proprietors or shareholders. I conduct business in my own name, and am the actual lendSer. Write in confidence stating require- ments, when representative will wait upon by a rn>oijtitmenfc and complete transaction. C. WELLS, Corridor Chambers, LEICESTER. ø63 CHRISTMAS COMES BUT ONCE A YEAR, and it's everyone's delight to keep it up. What's that? Got T'A money? Then apply to the British Finance Company, and they will advance as much as you renuire withOuit. delay. No repayments expected dur- ing the holidays. iNo office routines. Lowest Interest and Repayments. £10-100 monthly; £ 20—32s £ 30^-45s £ 40—68s; £ 50— £ 4; £100-£7. Other amounts proportiona.tely. Monthly payments taken. No sureties or bonds- men. Cash brought to your house and existing loans paid off Immediate attention to appli- cants from this district. Send for prospects —free.—BRITISH FINANCE 00., 82, Market Street. Manchester. a—e A NY Person requiring Cash Assistance from £ 20 to £ 5000 can be accommodated on their own note in any part of England or Wales at one day's notice, without loan office formalities, and in strict privacy, by applying to me, the actual lender, W. CTA M E R 0 N, 60, Lord Street, Liverpol. Telegrams "Finance." Telephone 1197. y35c30 NO PRELIMINARY FEES. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY In large or enuvll 8um (not laM than £10) ON BORROWER'S OWN PROMISSORY NOTE. Established Thirty five Yeara, and now k.ø¿ing UPWARDS OF £ 70 000 ANNUALLY. Prospectuses, terms for aJvancee, or any in- formation desired, will bu supplied free of charge on application either personally or by letter to GEORGE PAYNE & SONS, i, ORESCENT FOAD, ttiilTL, Established 1370. THE CHARJLNG-CROS3 >UN £ Jbt. 187. JL CARDIFF BRAN OH :73, ST. MARY ST: Assets, £1,136,249. LHbiiiues, £796,788. Surplus, ,£:).J)A61. LOANS of £ tQ to ecjv tt oo any eLllt «! secmrity. TWO-ANn.A-ILUJ]>V oejit, interest aUoired OIl oanu; fccoonati. DepotiU of Blfi and f80&T8. terms M iadn ? osai. per &xbi]c>^e u 5 aeoxths' u ef .withdrawal. ii Spect&i terms for longer ir'¿.. Int<»retta paid The Tariaiaablj D^oiit Booda paj aeariy nine pw cent,, aui 8JS safe irireti- meat,—Instead of paying Jä.Yg8 Divideadt to Skareholdera, we pay foot "iu 01 IaUirest to our Deposit.}?*, aad by 10 doing kave earned the pocitiox thai we andoubtedle hold in the Pablie conilt^pco We kaTe Wev established' fee 36 year* <tnd our uiqne posi- tion ia the Banking Wcvn\-i tv-day teatiiiee to the rnocen of otr Mciacts and to the satisfaction of our oua—Write o<r call for Prospectus.—A. Will JAMS, H. J. TALL, Jelnt Manayri. (EstaMsibt 1S87.) THE NATIONAL LOAN SOCIETY is ex- pressly Establieie l ar 1] Registered pur- suant to Aot of Parliarat to make Private Advances without Loan CML e formalities, to ail Classes (Mal or Fenv^t. from JB10 i ) £1000, ON SIMPLE WRITTF PROMISE TO REPAY, for any immediate <0 Start Business, Furnish your House, to T v Rent or Rates, or for any Private use. T! ^h-ance can be paid rock by easy inttalmen. caa remain onit from One to Five Years, lv v¡,ying the Interest only. Having a laa-ge alwys ready for investment, we can lenr qmakly and cheaply. Distance no object. In; > r; and Repayments lowest in England or Wai s The Money is ad- vanced at A.pplicant'e ov, r: I i ouse if required, I thus eavinsr them the troi.) and expense of a journey. Strict privacy straightforward dealings fuaraoiteied. It i fost you nothing, it wili save you pounds plyirug either per- sonally or by letter for n Free Prosrpectus to THE NATIONAL SOCIETY: 41, Corporation-Stree MANCHESTER: or to our North Wa-tw district Office I De»t.-Street. BANGOR. f J! AI Our New 12- '01" /gr Bore Gun is r,portin,g world. Croos-bolt ac- tiOIl, patent ejectors, ]0:0,: iwige steel barrels. Price only 46s. Ap(p"-vr,il any whew. Send two stamps for our 64-pa.. Ontalcgue. BELL BROTHERS, V Gunmakers. c636y7S7 93, Wa.t-e.r1. -eet, GLASGOW. j'ri. *N>vrrpRi|v»f Ri-tWjma rAUJ^T, c,d 4." uL.i'il ORGAN TlTT,L'fOS*IX« LIMITEi. Om ISO STATION# ia ril-itb* fcjrtw ic the f.i'trci. t,tf"{'1r.'2¡t.;h'J n ail ;¡ 'rtTKZ'Sim* 1]I.I\r! MILL STRffEi. IOm-R .o