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<S)f £ tnal, I^gal, 't. WILLIAiM BARLOW, Esq., Deceased. ALL Persons having Claims against the Es- tate of William Barlow, late of Sough- ton House, North op, Flintshire, previously of Formby. Lancashire, and prior thereto of Wilmslow, in the County of Chester, Esquire, deceased, the last surviving child of John Bar- low, Esquire, la.te of Ardwick, in the City of Manchester, are requested to forward the same immediately to us. WlTHIWTON, PETrY, & BOUTFLOiWER, Solicitors, c615 11, Spring Gardens, Manchester. Re JOHN JONES, Deceased, Llanddeusant, Anglesey. I INFORMATION required as to the where- Jt. abouts of William Jones, a brother of the above-named deceased, and a soil of Robert Jones, deceased, late of Ùorsgoch, Llaxitrisanit, in the County of Anglesey. In the event of the dea;t,h of the. said William Jones, if his next-of-kin communicate with me, the undersigned, they will receive information as to a legacy bequeathed to the said William Jones. Dated this 1st day of November, 1906. T. R. EiVANS, h95 Solicitor, Holyhead. BQROUOHT OF SWINDON. LOANS. THE Corporation of Swindon, Wilts, axe (prepared the receive Loans of £ 100 and Upwards for a term of 3 or 5 years, or at 6 months' notice, at L3 10s per cent. interest. The Loans will be secured bv mortgage of the lates, without cost to the lender. For further particulars a.pply to Mr A. E. Dean, Borough Accountant, Town Hall, Swin- don. By Order, i ROBERT HILTON, Town Clerk. Town Hall. Swindon. c602a JOINT COMMITTEE of the HOLYHEAD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL and HOLY- KEAd RURAL. PARISH COUNCIL for the purposes of Burial. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the ac- counts of the above Committee will be Audited by Willliam Griffith, Esqu'ire, District Auditor of the Local Government Board, at the Board Room of the Guardians, Union Work- house, Valley, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, on Thursday, the 15th day of November. 1906, and that a copy of the Accounts to be Audited1 ■will be open to the inspection of all persons in- terested at the offices of the said Committee, Stanley House, Holyhead, for Seven clear days next before the 16th day o fNovemoor. next before the 15th day of November. RICE R. WILLIAMS, Clerk to the Holyhead Joint Burial Committee. h94a RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL OF VALLEY. AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS. NOTIOE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a copy of the Accounts duily made up and 'balanced, together with all Account Books, Vouchers, etc., of the above-named Rural Dis- trict Council, will on the 8th day of November. 1906, be deposited in the Board Room, Union Workhouse, Valley, and will be open between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to the iaspec- tion of all persons interested until the 15th day of November, 1906 a-nd that William Grif- fith, Esq., the District Auditor, will attend on the 16th day of November, 1906, at the hour of 10 in the forenoon, at the Board Room, Union Wbrkhouse, Valley, to audit the accounts. for the period ended at Lady Day, 1906, of the said Rural District Council. Dated the 26th day of October 1906. JAMES E. HiUGHiES, y766a Clerk to the said Council. Re JANE HUGHES, Deceased. Pursuant to the Statute 22 and 23 Vict. Cap. 35. NjTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all Persons having any Claims or Demands against the Estate of Jane Hulghes, late of M&esmerllyn, 'Brynsiencyn, in the County of Anglesey, Widow, who died on the 6th day of August, 1906, are hereby required to send by the 12th November, 1906, partioulars,of their I Claims or Demands to the undersigned. And Notice is Hereby Further Given that after the said 12th day of November, 1906, ¡ the Assets of the aibove Estate will be distri- bwted, having regard only to the Claims of I -which notice will have been received by that date. Dated this 29th day of October, 1906. RICHLAIRD ROBERTS, Palace Chambers, Carnarvon, Solicitor for Elizabeth Hughes, the y772a. Administratrix. ANGLESEY EDUCATION COMMITTEE. A TEACHERS WANTED. CERTIFICATED ASSISTANTS. tianerchyinedd C. S. Female for In- fants'. Commencing salary, JB70 per annum, rising to PM, P,5 a year less if untrained. SUPPLEMENTARY TEACHERS. LLamfechiell N.S. Salary JB20 to £30, according to experience UN CERTIFICATED ASSISTANTS. Gaerwen N.S Female for Infants'. £ 40. Llanfaelog N.S. £ 40. Brynigwram C.S. Female. Llangefni C.S. Female for Infants'. Holyhead Park Council School, Infants' Dept. Holyhead Park Council School, Girls' Dept. Uanfechell N.S. Male. Commencing salary, Where not otherwise specified, j345, rising to £55. The commencing salary may be £ 10 lower in case of Applicants who have had no experience in teaching. Applications, on forms provided, and testi- monials, to be forwarded to me immediately. R H. WTLLEAM8. Education Offices, Llangefni. 449yc'h I NOTDCE OF AUDIT. MBNlAI BRIDGE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Yearly Statements of the Accounts of this Uriban District Council, together with the Rate Books, Books of Account, Vouchers, etc., will, on the Twelfth day of November, 1906, I be deposited at the Council Room, Victoria Pier, Menai Bridge, and such Statements and Books of Account will be open to be inspected, examined, and copied by any Ratepayer in the District of the said Council, at any reasonable hour in the daytime when the Council is not sitting, until the Twentieth day of November, 1906, and that on the last-mentioned day, at the hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon, the Accounts of the said Unban District Council will be audited by William Griffith, EBO. the Auditor, at the said Council Room, Victoria Pier, Menai Bridge, -when and where every euch Ratepayer who may have an objection to any matter contained in the above-mentioned .Accounts may attend and prefer his objection, and the same will be hea-rd and determined by the Auditor. Dated October 30th, 1906. OWEN JONES. Clerk to the Menai Bridge Urban District c613 Council. CARNAjRVON COTTAGE HOSPITAL. THE Committee beg to acknowledge, witlh many Thanks, the receipt of the following Contributions and Donations for October: — Mrs Trevor, grapes; Mrs Daitotiehire, flowers; Mass Wise, flwjwei*, papers, etgtgs, and, tea ] eakeei M'rs Margaret Jones, Nortlh-pen'xaHt, flowers; Cffi-riilt Ohuiroh, per Miss Newton, fruit, vegetables and bread; St. David's Chiuroh, fruit and vegetables; Mr Morgans, Prince of Wales Hotel, periodicals Mrs Wawn, beans; ivuss Mason, 10s; Mr J. Menzies, El ls; Mr G. R. Rees,.El Is; Iianwnda Churdh,176 9d; Sir W. H. Preece, L3 3s; Mr Robert Robert. £1 Is; Sir Owen Roberts, L3 3s; Mr 0. P. Hughes, £1 Is; Messrs O. EJvans and Co., £1 16 -Mrs Williams, Gwylfa, C2 2s • Mr R. Gwyneddon Davties, £1 Is; Miss E. M. Jones, jBl *ls Mr Griffith, Bryn, £ 1 Is the English WesJeyan Chapel, £1 Is; A Thank Offering, 16; Mir R. M. Griffith, Nantlle. 3s 6d; the Misses Newton, Pis Is; Bryn Memai Chapel, £1 os 2d; Miss Pugth" Biyn Menai. £1 Is; Mr Richard Jones, Nantlle, JSl 16: Mr Norman Davies, £1 Is; Mrs Finphett Miaddock, £2 2s. J). W". R0BRBT^ LLANT ATRFU OTA W. All BUlposting and Distributing Personally attended to. public Hidings, tfo, THE ANGLESEY HUNT MEETING. fUINT TO POINT STEEPLE- CHASE. (Under N.H. Rules) Will take place near BEAUMARIS, On WEDNESDAY, 7th NOVEMBER, 1906. Full particulars on application to WILLIAM GRIEfFITH, c522a Secretary, Beaumaris. THE ANGLESEY HUNT, 1906. Comptroller MAJOR W. A. FOX-PITT. Deputy-Comptroller: THE MARQUIS OF ANGLESEY. Lady 'Patroness: The Hon. NESTA DOUGLAS PENNANT. THE ANNUAL BALLS will take place at M the Town Hall, Beaumaris, on Tuesday, the 6th, and Thursday, the 8th November, commencing at 9.45 p.m. The Ladies' Ordinary will be held on Wed- esday, the 7th November, and the Gentlemen's Ordinary (provided a sufficient number book Tickets by 12 p.m. Tuesday, 6th November) on Thursday, the 8th November, at 7.30 p.m., at the Willlams-i&'ulkeley Arms Hotel, Beaumaris. The Procession will be on Thursday, the 8th November, at about 3.30 p.m. Vouchers to be obtained from any past or present Officer of the Hunt, and Tickets issued thereon by the lion. Sec. or Mr Wm. Griffith, Assistant Secretary, Beaumaris. It is requested that early applications be made for Tickets to faciliate the management. ERIC J. W. PLATT, Hon. Sec. Bryn Mel, Menai Bridge, October, 1906.c581a. ——————— llailtoags. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. INTERNATIONAL SHOE and LEATHER JL FAIR, Royal Agricultural Hall, November 5th to 10th; Lord Mayor's Show, November 9th; National Poultry Show, Crystal Palace, November 13th to 16th; Fifth Grand Inter- national Poultry Show, Alexandra Palace, Nov- ember 13 to 16; Fifth International Motor Ex- hibition, Olympia, November 15th to 24th; Stanley Cycle Show, Royal Agricultural Hall. November 23 to December 1. Theatres, Hippo- drome, etc.On Wednesday, November 7th; Friday, November 9th; Tuesday, November 13th; Monday, November 26th, EXCURSION TRAINS will be run to LONDON from Afon- wen, etc. OPENING of the NEW COLLEGE at ABERYSTWYTH, October 30th and 31st.-Ün the above dates, Cheap One and Two Days' Tickets will be issued to llBiOOYST- WYTH from all Coast Stations. Full particu- lars at the Stations. A MOTOR OMMEBUS SERVICE between PWLLHELI and NEVIN, MORFA NEVIN and EDEYRN. Until further Notice the above Service will be as under: — (No Sunday Service.) a.m. a.m. p.m. Pwllheli Station. dep 6 30 1135 4 25 Pwllheli, Ala Road „ 6 35 1140 4 30 Turnpike, Garreg Fechain 6 41 1146 4 36 Efail Newydd 6 47 1152 4 42 Bodfean, Post Office 7 9 1214 6 4 Bryncynan 7 14 1219 5 9 Nevin, Glynllifon Shop 7?1 1226 5 16 Nanhoron Hotel 7 30 1235 5 25 Morfa Nevin,Tanyparc Shop 7 40 1245 5 35 Edeyrn, Post Office arr. 7 45 1250 a.m. p.m. p.m. Edeyrn, Post Office dep 9 0 2 35 Morfa Nevin,Tanyparc Shop 9 5 2 40 5 40 Nevin, Nanhoron Hotel 9 15 2 50 5 50 „ Glynllifon Shop „ 9 24 2 59 5 59 Bryncynan 9 31 3 6 6 6 Bodfean Post Office 3, 9 36 3 11 6 11 Efail Newydd „ 9 58 3 33 6 33 Turnpike, Gareg Fechain 10 4 3 39 6 39 Pwllheli, Ala Road „ 1010 3 45 6 45 Pwllheli Station arr 1015 3 50 6 50 MOTOR OMNIBUS, PWLLHEO AND NIEVOBN.—On PWLLHHLI MARKET and FAliR- DAYS, during November, viz., 1st, 7th, 12th, 14th, 21st, and 28th, ADDITIONAL OMNIBUSES will run as under:- a.m. p.m. Pwllheli Station dep. 11 0 5 0 Pwllheli, Ala Road 11 5 5 5 Turnpike, Gareg Fechaim. 1111 5 11 Efail Newydd 1117 5 17 Bbdfean, Post Office 1139 5 39 Bryncynan 1144 5 44 Nevin, Glynllifon Shop 1151 5 51 Nevin, Nanhoron Hotel 12 0 6 0 Morfa Nevin, Tanyparc Shop" 1210 6 10 Edievrn, Post Office arr. 1215 6 15 p.m. p.m. Edeyrn, Post Office dep. l230 6 25 Morfa. Nevin, Tanyparc Shop 1236 6 30 Nevin, Nan^^ron Hotel. 1245 6 40 Ntevin, Glynllifon Shop 1254 6 49 Btrylmcynan 11 6 56 Bodfean Post Office 1 6 7 1 Efail Newydd >, 1 28 7 23 Turnpike, Gareg Fechain. „ 1 34 7 29 Pwllheli Ala. Road 1 40 7 35 Pwllheli Station arr. 1 45 7 40 Passengers may join the Gars at any point, except on steep halls, subject to there being room, and on payment of the Fare from the previous Station. The Company give notice that they do not undertake that the Motor Otmmiibnses shall sfart or arrive at the time6 specified in the bills, nor will they be respon- sible for any inieoaivendeinoe or injuiry fhat may arise from delay or detention. SPECIAL FACILITIES for TRAVELLING on the C/ MRRTAN COAST — Every Week Day up to October 31st the Cheap Da.y Return Tickets issued between all Coast Sta- tions will be available for return on date of issue or Following Day. EVERY Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, during the Winter Months, Cheap One or Two Day's Tickets are issued from Pwllheli, Criccieth, Portmadoc, Barmouth, etc., to CAR- NARVON, BANGOR, LLANDUDNO, HOLY- HEAD, etc. Similar Tickets are issued from the North Wales Coast Stations to Cambrian Coast Stations. W! EEK-END EXCURSION TICKETS are issued every Friday and Saturday (until further notice), to CARNARVON, BANGOR, HOLYHEAD. Mid LLANDUDNO fria Afon Wen), available for retortu on the following $EnnJn-v {-where frai<r wwvice ixwroHaV Monday or Tuesday. Similar Tickets issued in the several direction. TOURIST TICKETS issued from th« Principal Cambrian Stations to • HEALTH RESORTS on the Cambria Psff,- W*th. ilflo to watering place* in England, Nortl Wal-0, English Lake District, North Euf Ooaufc. etc Full particulars of any of the above Excursions OlD application to Mr W. H. Gough, Traffic Superintendent, Oswestry. C. 8 DENNTfiH, General Mnnacrer. -{DNiLxriM j •NOAWNHVO '31QI.M0 « OTVU3H i 'ONIiNIUd SSaHdMHJJLai JONES AND MILLER, TAILORS AND B B E E 0 H E 8 M A K E R 8, HATTERS AND HOSIERS. SOLE AGENTS FOR HENRY HEATH. SOLE AGENTS FOR SCOTT & CO., HATTERS TO HIS MAJESTY THE KING & RCYAL FAMILY. TAILORS TO THE ADMIRALTY BY APPOINTMENT, LONDON HOUSE, CARNARVON. FOUNTAIN PENS. SWAN, l. PELICAN, AND. W A. T E K Mi A N. EVERY HAND SUITED. REPAIRS (all makes) Executed with Promptness and Dispatch, and at Lowest Possible Charges. F RAN CIS, STATIONERS, HIGH STREET POST OFFICE, CARNARVON O. E YANS & SON, OLD FOUNDRY WAGON WORKS, CARNARVON ALL REPAIRS TO RAILWAY WAGONS UNDERTAKEN BETWEEN PORTMADOC AND CARNARVON, AND CARNARVON AND RHYL. WAGONS BOUGHT AND SOLD. <873 SIGN AND ORNAMENTAL PAINTING, PRACTICAL PAINTER, PAPERHANGER, DECORATOR, GRAINER & WRITER ALL WORK CONTRACTED FOR. ESTIMATES FREE. JOHN H. REES, STANLEY STRE E,T, HOLYHEAD. A Large/Assortment of NEWEST PAPERHANGINGS :Alwaya In Stock. Pattern Books Bent^to any Address. All Kinds of P AINTS,:OILS, VARNISHES, &3., kept n the premises. h EMPORIUM, MARKET STREET, HOLYHEAD. UP-TO-DATE DRAPERY ESTABJjISHMEN EVERYTHING FOR LAD lEST WEAR. MI LLINER1 AND DRESSMAKING (In Charge of Experienced Hands). STOCK REPLETE WITH CHOICE GOODS FOR PRESENT WEAR, INSPECTION :1 N V 1 TED. WILLIAM ROWLANDS A\ I b. a '41 I ..i 'n 0'. r -1. I- .1 MAKING IT PAY YOU TO COME HERE FOR YOUR CLOTHES HAS GIVEN US THE L ARGES TAILORING BUSINESS IN THE COUNTRY. GIVE US k CHANCE TO COMPETE WITH YOUR FAVOURITE TAILOR. If he wins, wa'U cheerfaltf 4jp^ oar hat to m. WE MEAN TO KEEP OUR REPUTATION. Style, Fit. Quality and Price prove otir power with the Public. A great Shout of Approval. R. W. WILLIAMS, THE PEOPLES' TAILOR, THE EMPORIUM, OLD COLWYN. b2 — — Telephon 8448 & 8443 Royal Teteptmt) •• Mullet, -Live poot.. ROBT. ISAAC, LTD., FISH, POULTRY. FRUIT AND MEAT PURVEYORS 23, GREAT CHARLOTTE STREET, L I YEKPO 0 Jk, WE CATER FOR ALL THE LEADING HOTELS, HYDROS, ETC, PRICE LISTS SENT TWICE WEEKLY. TELEPHONE No. 15. TEJUEGUAPHIC ADDRE S, HUGHES FISHMONGER JOHN HUGHES, FISH, GAME, AND POULTRY SALESMAN. 12, MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. SHELL-FISH, GAME, POULTRY, FRESH TWIGS DAILY THE NOTED SHOP FOR PROMPT DELIVERY. mt t i————i THE NELSON EMPORIUM, CARNARVON. I LEADING LINES THIS WEEK. MAGNIFICENT SHOW OF SMART FURS. CHOICE STOLES ANID MUFFS IN SABLE, MINK, FOX MARTEN, BEAVER, SHUNK, PEfRSIAN LAMBS, &c. LADIES OUTFITTING & CHOELOtRENYS WOOLLEN UNDERCLOlTHINa. LADIES BLOUSES AND SKIRTS A SPECIALITY THIS WEEK. EXCEPTIONAL PURCHASE OF HOUSEHOLD LNHEN, BLANKETS, FLANNELS, SHEETS, Etc., Etc. GEXrj"S OUTFITTING AND READY MADE OLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, ALL AT POPULAR PRICES. TAILORING. liAiRGEOT SELECTTON IN NORTEC WALES OF TWEEDS, Etc., Etc., FOR OVERCOATS, SUITS, BfRjEECHES, Etc. FIT AND STYLE GUARANTEEP., I THE NELSON EMPORIUM, BRYMER & DA VIES, Proprietors. c211 THOMAS AND EDWARDS, MINERAL WATER MANUFACTUREBS CARNARVON & LLANGEFNI. Specialities:— SNOWDON DRY CINGER ALE. SNOWDON SODA WATER. STONE GiTNOtER BEER. LEMONADE, ETC. c446 H. EDWARDS' CYCLE DEPOT, HOLYHEAD. LABOE STOCK OF SEOOND-HAND LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S CYCLES TO CLEAR. Cash ox Easy Tenne. Inspect ow new supplv of latest PTKMOQRAfPHS and RECORDS. UNDOUBTED BAKGAENS. '.r. H. GWYNEDD WILLIAMS, WATCHMAKER. JEWELLER AND OPTICIA STANLEY STREET, HOLYHEAD. GOLD BRACELETS, GUARDS, GEM RINGS, AND ALL KINDS OF JEWELLERP. Visit the obovo Old Es&ab&shmeTit. 92 Qumi GOflLD WEDDING RINGS a SpecaaiiAj. Private Boom for fitting. Macg*e» from 35e. Sweepers from 108 6d. w. A JONES, GENERAL AND FURNISHING IRONMONGER ABERGELE ROAD (TOP OF DINGLE),' COLWYN BAY. —————— Tel. 18y<. ALL KINDS OF USEFUL HOUSEHOLD GOODS. ENAMELLED AND TINNED HOLLOWARE. PAINTS, VARNISHED PETROLEUM, rV'' r, AIjti Kj^tD OT OILB. GARDEN GOODS, TRELLIS, AND VIRGIN CORK. WRINGING, MANGLING, & WASHING MACHINES, At Lowest Cash Storea Prices. GRATES AND 'RANGES. — ALL KINDS OF REPAIRS DONE. — All Orders Promptly Executed. Estimates Free. b20 GEO. ROBERTS AND BRO., SCULPTORS, CARVERS, AND MASONS, RUABON WORKS, LLANDUDNO ADJOINING RAILWAY STATION. MONUMENTS, CROSSES, OBELISKS, FIGURES, &o., IN GRANITE, MARBLE, AND STONE, FIXED IN ALL PARTS OF THE COUNTRY AT REASONABE CHARGES. ECO L E SIASTICAL WORK IN MARBLE, ST'ONEj ALABASTER, AND WOOD DESIGNS AND ESTIMATES FREE ON APPLICATION. LETTER-PRESS PRINTING GOOD and CHEAP at the HERALD" OPPtCE. CARNARVON. ARGRAPHU DA A RRAD VN SWYDWPA'R II HERALD." CAHRNARPON I The Cure for Gout, Gout i and Gravel. » The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Headache, Heartburn, Indigeption, Safest ana mos'. Sour Eructations, Bilious Affections. Effective Aperient or BegWar Use. IL RUS NN EYS NN EYS I CfnMs. TO BUILDESRS AND CONTRACTORS. TEND'ERS are invited for the erection and JL construction of a new Independent Chapel at Bwlchyjjyn Upper Ldandwrog." Plans, etc., to he seen (after Tuesday, 23rd) inst.) at Pitsgah Chapel House. w Sealed Tenders, endorsed "Tender for New Chapel, to 'be sent to Mr D. Lloyd P^rry, Tuiliwnti'rbwlch, Bwlehyllyn, Upper LLandwr- Qg, on or before 4 p.m. Tuesday, the 6th of November. The lowest or ary Tender will not necessarily be accepted. ROWLAND LLOYD JONES, M.S.A., Architect. 14, Market Street, Carnarvon, Oct. 20th, 1906. :V75b J LrS t /ouult. COLLWYD, ger Olamfa Foelydcn, er's tair wythnos yn ol, BWiiS yn cynnwy, ar- ian a phre.s, dau oriaid a. locket Ji merioanaidd. Telir gwobr deilwng am ddod a hysbysrwydd am dano i 761, "Herald" Office, Carnarvon. y761a S^amtrs. SOUTH AFRICA.—Royal Mail Route.— )k3 UNION CASTLE LINE.—London and Southampton, to Cape Colony, Natil, Delagoa Bay, Beira, etc., caJiling frequently at Madeira, Las Palmae, Teneriffc, Ascension and St. Helena. Weekly Sailings. Fast Passages. Superior Accommodation. Best Route. For rate of passage money and an further informa- tion apply to the Managers, Donald Carrie and C^j^pdoiv^ar to Local Aaenh. 0 ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDH. SICKNESS. ElMPLOYBIiS' LIABILITT BURGLARY AND FIDJELTTY GUARANTEE RISKS Inffcredi against by the RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURING* COMPANY. Capital (fully subscribed) £1,000,000. Claimø paid £51000,000. 14, CORNKILL, LONDON. A VIAN, Secretary. Mr N. O. Jones, Carabrian Railway, Dolgel!«y. Mr E. Edwards, Goode Station, Hclyheadt. Mr B. Wlllaama, Cambrian Railway, Oswestry. Agents required, in unrepresented districta. Liverpool Offiwj: 41, North John Street. &1(.4 LOANS GRANTED ON THESE TERMS. JLJ -£5 to £500.-<Loan JB5, repay, £5 12o 6d; loan £10, repay, JB11 5e; loan £20, repay, £22 10s; loan £30, repay, £33 15e; loan £50, repay, JB56 5B loan £100, repay jBUZ 108.- Applv W. JACKSON, 70, Plymouth Grove, MANCHESTER. c547a MONEY LENT PRIVATELY. — The B. F. Co is erpnetsly registered pur- Buaait; to an Act oi Parliament to make Private Advances, £10 to £5000, without loan office. routine. Lowest interest and repayments. JB10 loan, liÓ& mjontTmy; £15, 24s monthly; £20, 32Af moaathly; JB50, £4 monthly. Other •mounta proportionaibely. Prospectus, FREE. —BRITISH FINANCE CO., 82, Market Street, MANCHESTER. a-* fj)"| A to £ 5000 advanced on Note of Hand JOAvJ alone. No Bills of Sale taken or charges made unless business results. Don't apply to so called R&Dks or Limited Companies, which are registered to conceal the identity of the proprietors or shareholders. I conduct business in my own name, and am the actual lendter. Write in confidence stating require- ments, when representative will wait upon by appointment and complete transaction. C. WELLS, Corridor Chambers, LEICESTER. a63 A NY Person requiring Cash Assistance from £ 20 to £ 5000 can be accommodated on their own &ot«~. ia vany part of England or Wales at one day's notice, without loan office formalities, and in strict privacy, by applying to me, the actual lender, W. CAMERON, 50, Lord Street, Liverpol. Telegrams "Finance." Telephone 1197. y35c30 NO PRELIMINARY FEES. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY In large or small rams (not less than JS10) ON BORROWER'S OWN PROMISSORY NOTE. Established Thirty-five Years, and now leading UPWARDS OF £ 70,000 ANNUALLY. Prospectuses, terms for advances, or any m. Sj formation deBired, will be supplied free ol t charge on application either personally or by letter to GEORGE PAYNE & SONS, J, OR Jta UltJJ. T „ B 01 L, EstaMished 1870. .0118 HJi, CHARINO-CROS8 BANK, £ «t. 187« CARDIFF BRANCH 73, ST. MARY ST* Assets, £1,136,249. Liabilities, £796,788.. Surplus, £339,461. LOANtS of M50 to jMOOO ma1e m ftoy slan W. locarity. TWO-AND-A-HALF per ceii, iitepwi tlloircd os ana. aocoistv, Bapont* of .1. and tpwttrdw reoaivnd M torau aa aad^.i;—< lpe cent. p«r aa^, to 8 ■waihs' mctiM *f wiltkdrawal. M |, a i » »» special terms fos tagger period*. Interesta P*ia ^aarterljr. Ttf Tenuinabla Dopoiit Booda ,uari,. IUD. per cent., and an cafe inTMi* me»t.—Instead of paying largw Dividuid. to filkareiholdert, we pay fair ratea of ImttMtt to our Depositor a, and by I() doing haTw earned the poaitiaa that yn mndovbtedlv hold ia the hblio conAdence. W. b. bee* •staibliahed f. 36 yean, and our vaique posi- tion ia the Baakimy World io-day lactiflea to the vnooest of ow bumeac methowi ami to HM satisfaction at our onaitomera.—Write or call for Prospector—A, WILLIAMS, H. J. TALL Jeiti Mans^art. úD (Established 1887.1 THE NATIONAL LOAN SOCIETY is ex- -t- pressly Established and Registered pur- suant to Act of Parliament to make Private Advances without Loan Office formalities, to all Classes (Mali or Female), from £10 to £1000, ON SIMPLE WRITTEN PROMISE TO REPAY, for any immediate want: to Start BusinesB, Furnish your House, to Pay Rent or Rates, or for any Private use. The advance can be paid back by easy iofttalments, otcM. remain out from One to Five Years, by paying the Interest only. Having a large Capital always ready for investment, we can lend quickly and cheaply. Distance no object. Interest and Repayments lowest in England or Wales. The Money is ad- vanced at Applicant's own House if required, thus savinlt them the trouble and expense of a journey. Strict privacy and straightforward dealings guaramtteedi. It will cost you nothing, it will save you pounds by applying either per- sonally or by letter for our Free Prospectus to THE NATIONAL LOAN SOCIETY: 41. Corporation-Street, MANCHESTER: or to our North Wales District Office: cl89a 11, Die&n-Street. BANGOR. —— JJOBERT JONES, The Central High-Class CONFECTIONERY ESTABLISHMENT, 75, MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. Fresh Muffins and Lig-ht Cakes Daily. Sole Agent for MaJt Extract Digestive Bread, and Biscuits (Montgomerie'e Patent). Firet-clasfi Dining-room. Board and Apart- meubs. r!33