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FOOTBALL. BNOLA^D v. WALES. The fourteenth Rugby match 'between Wales and England took place at Newport, under the most unfavourable conditions. The morning was oold and wet, and about neon the tweat-liec turned worse, rain fell very heavily, and was later accompanied by hail and sleet. Despite the certainty of a wet afternoon, there was a tremendous attend- ance, and there were probably 12,000 pre- sent an hour before the kick-off. The final result was: WTales, 1 goal 2 tries; England, nil. WELSH JUNIOR CUP THIRD ROUND. 'LILANDUDINO SWIFT RESERVES r. BAJNGOiR (RESERVES. This fixture was played upon the Council's Ground, Llandudno, on Saturday afternoon last, in a perfect shower of enow and sleet, and a stiff easterly wind. The climatic condi- tions, which, with marvellous exceptions, that have befallen to the lot of the Swifts com- mittee haunted them on Saturday last, when the question of a "gate" was out of the ques- tion, the attendance ibeing only a few ardent admirers and followers of the game. Mr Mejizies, of Carnarvon, officiated as referee, and gave every satisfaction. iBangor won the toss and played with a strongbreeze in their favour, but could not effect an opening, whilst playing an uphill game Llandudno scored three against the wind, and this is how the score stood at half-time. The wi-iicl. abated and the snow had, ceased to fall at hdf-time, and in the second lialf the visitors notched their only point, whilst Llandudno added two more, and a very one sided game terminated in a victory for the home side, by 5 goals to one; and the Swifts Reserves now enter the 4th round of the Welsh J uniorCup. For the home side, D. J. Evans, O. E Hughes, and I Parrv, were the pick; whi.st Cunningham was the beet on the visitors' Bide. NOP/T'H WALES COAST LEAGUE. Results up to date r^„Tc Matches. Goals. p. W. L. D. F. A. Point Flint 6. 5. 1. Llandudno. 6- J- 2 B-Sor J.. 3. « Carnarvon 4. 0. Q X1 26 # 2 HoWweii'5. 0. 4. 1. 1 LLANDUDNO SWIFTS v. BANGOR. The return League Match between these teams was played at Bangor oil Saturday. The committee of the Swifts deemed it ad- visable to send the major portion of the team with the 11.0 train from Llandudno, at which time, the weather was of e miserable and depressing condition. A tele- gram arrived' in Llandudno about nud-day announcing that the weather and ground were 11 not fib at Bangor, but inasmuch as the team were there, t'he thing came off. The match oounts as a (League encounter, but more wis- dom would have been shown in having a "friendlv. 'However, the contest showed that the homesters were in fair trim and re- velled in the mud (a la Bolton Wanderers) and a most peculiar game terminated m a decisive victory for Bangor, by four goa:s to one. Arridge in goal had not one fifth of tho work to do that "Robert John" had. and aa is usual with the latte<r sprightly little fellow, he gave a grand exhibition of goalkeeping. He was not to be blamed for the goals that passed him, as what should have been his best defender, F. W. Jones, played a most unsafe and erratic game. Hughes, his part- ner, played; well, and covered .Tones re- peatedly. Knight was the pick of the Hughes next, and Roberts was at sea now and again. Of the forwards, Hed-ey Bevan was a gem on the day's plav, and gave the visitors their only goal. "Willie" Allman, pLayed hard and plucky, as did also Davies,_ but to little effect, whilst Webb and William are aocustomed to so much larger a ground, that I was not disappointed at their failures to pass well. I compliment the home team upon maintaining what they are notorious for long passing, which is terribly dangerous, on so small a. ground, and a determination mingled with a vigour and dash so character- istic of them. The genial one," is one of the luckiest men between the "sticks"' ever seen.


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