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FOOTBALL NOTES. [By "THE LOITERER. "3 The Carnarvon Ironopolis Reserves v. Rangers match, on Saturday, did not at- tract many spectators, and unless better dis- cretion is shown by the players in the way of language, it will not likely be better patronised on a future occasion should they meet one another. It is generally the order of things, how- ever, when two rival teams from the same town compete for f-upremacy, and it is in such matches, I believe, the strictest mea- sures should be taken by a referee to secure good order and feeling among the players and spectators alike. I hope that is a sufficient hint to all con- L cerned without me going to deal with all ) occurrences in detail. There is plenty of prejudice already against the game without such cases as these to increase that pre- judice in any degree. Neither of the teams were fully repre- sented, but play was a bit fast, notwithstand- ing the bad state of the ground, owing to 11 rain. In the first half, with a slight wind in their favour, the Rangers had all the play, keeping the Reserves in constant defence. The forward work of the latter was admir, ahly checked by the Rangers' half and back dinieg, O. W. Jones (rigihit beck) in particular. On one oooafedon he shot from madJfield to goal, O. W. Jones (right back) in particular. On one occasion, lie shot from midfield to goal, the ball dropping to Parry's (Reserves' cus- todian) hands, and one of the Rangers for- wards rushed in, claiming a goal as a result. It was contended that the ball had gone past the post before being thrown out, but it was not allowed. The Rangers continued to press, Hugh Morris Jones missing a good chance, another such chance by Menzies being fruitless at the other end. Half-time arrived without no score. On changing ends, play was more even, but rougher, the game being stopped twice owing to players having a shake. Each goal was visited in turn, but the Rangers tried hard to score, all attempts proving fruitless. The game had therefore to end in a draw of 0—0 goals each. The Rangers as a whole played hard, whilst Brandreth (back), David John Jones and Griffith Roberts (halves), and D. O. Ed- wards, Ellis Williams, and Sam Sweatman (forwards) worked best for the Reserves, Griffith Pany at goal also acquitting himself to satisfaction. Contrary to my anticipation, Rhyl went down on Saturday in a North Wales League match at Ruthin. There was a large number of spectators. The ground was very heavy, which told against the light visiting team; but a stiff encounter took place. Unfortun- ately, some very rough play was indulged in by the home side, and two of their players had to leave the ground. Rhyl did most of the pressing in the first half up the slope, and at the interval the score-sheet stood at one goal each. During the second half, Glass distinguished himself by some excel- lent goal'keejping; and the game finally ended in a victory for Ruthin by two goals to one. Another match in the same competition j was witnessed at Bangor, the visitors being the Llandudno Swifts, before a "big gate," Mr Williams (Holywell) acting as referee. Arnold J onet. scored for the Swifts in the first half of the game; and during the second half Bangor pressed, but failed to score, the game ending in a win for the Swifts by one goal to nil. I have heard that tho Swifts were badly treated on their way to the sta- tion, but I hope the story is not so bad as it lias reached my ears. However, the council should take the matter in hand to investigate and deal severely with the offenders, so as to ensure good order and also fair play to visiting teams. It. is wfat/ted theft, the spectators beCiaved m a scartdtalbius mamnieir, botxtang andl throwing stones at the Swifts' playeife. E. Hughes, captain of the Swifts, had "a severe cut in the eye Mwn a siboaie, and' finally had io sask retfuge in- a dltfajpar's sftilap, whilst another player who was unalble to fiiee himself from the crowd wiaa kabked aiM stoned in a most brutal manner. At lfcpft, with the arrival of the pJiice, he was, escorted to the dressing- .rodm, whecPe the pofliice ported themselves to pÑWem!tUhe rodh finom gaining an erntnance. After ben tflile Swfifts 'had afeo to be escorted by sevenal pdlsceuiietn to the railway station, and weire fodibwed1 by a feirge orowd. Great anliftgiM/ioai its feUlt i,n7 football circltes towards Baiigoti. at tlMs barbaaic tueaitment, as the Bangor teaim have all ways been treated faJi^ly wtheai plllaniin^ at, Llandlutdrno. Surely this sort of behn,vjour should, not be tolerated. The coimcil have declined to reconsider their decision regarding the protest of Llan- dudno against Rhyl, and therefore the latter have to bring out their best sinews of war in their last League match against the Swifts to secure the championship. The list as corrected is as follows :— Matches. Goals. W. L. IX F. A. Points Rhyl. 9. 6. 2. Flint. 9. 5. 3. 1.39. 9.11 Llandudno. 6. 4. 1. 1.15.11. 9 Bangor 8. 1. 4. 3.11.16. 5 Ruthin 6. 2. 4. 0.11.24. 4 Holywell 6. 1. 5. 0. 3.29. 2 The Football Association, over-ruled the objections of both the Chirk and Oswestry teams against certain players belonging to Newtown and Wrexham. and so on Saturday a semi-final tie for the Welsh Cup was fought by the Wrexham and Brymbo Institute teams, which came off at Stansty Park, near Wrexham, before about! 2000 spectators. Rain fell heavily throughout the game, the ground being therefore very slippery. Play was very fast, the Wrexham team scoring 'I two goals during the first half, which was increased to four goals in the second half, and therefore declared victors by four goals to nil. The right full back of the Brymbo team was hurt, and had to retire during the second half of the play. Wrexham have to meet Newtown in the final now. Who'll win? Wrexham are pro- per cup hunters. They have won the trophy three times, viz., in 1878, 1883, and 1893. In 1878, they beat the Druids in Acton Park by one goal to nil; in 1883, the Druids were again beaten on Wrexham Racecourse by one goal to nil; and in 1893, defeated Chirk at Oswestry by two goals to one. Caergwrle Wanderers beat Coppenhall by three goals to two in their Welsh Junior Cup tie, and thereby go to the semi-final. The WeBtjmunWber Rovers v. Flint mjaitoh, at Flint, was abandoned ten minutes after the interval, the home team then leading by two goals to one. 0 The Llandudno Swifts' Reserves beat Bangor Reserves by six goals to one the Rhvl Reserves doing likewise with the Green- field Villa team, to the extent of eleven goals to none. The Chester College team visited Holywell on Saturday. There was a fair attendance. During the first half, even play was writ- nesstecC the tef.ms crossing over with the score of 1-1 to their credit. After the in- terval, Holywell proved too good for the vis- itors. the home eleven proving victors by five goals to two. On Wednesday afteavnoon, a gotod con- coume of speetettoTs witnessed a benefit match at Lliandludno betweteni the Swiifts and the Carnarvon Irortopolis, Mr Meinzies (Oarna-r- von) acting as referee. The visitoots had a scratch, teaun, whilst the (Swifts were fufl-ly I rretpretsented. The Mitten won. the toss, and the, "'Nops" had: to face the sum. Play was mostly in favour of vis3to(ra in the TmiTf a,'dm W*i;ni(T chia/rvflffd Wttll tile 800(r6 1—1. The visfltam increased iffLepif score after the inierval, the Swifts equalising five minutes before time, a tshiid goal for the "'Nope" going in as the Whistle went for hands. A welll-conitested gaone ended in a. draw of two goads each. The display of D. O. Williams (back), arid Griffith Robert (hatf), for the 'Nops," deserves special mention1, the iaittea" omly being a reserve liad. Next Saturday will see the first of the Inter- national Association matches in which Wales is concerned. The arrangements this year are not at all favourable for little Wales. On Saturday they will meet Ireland at Bel- fast and the following Monday, play Eng- land at Kensington; fighting the Scotchmen the following Saturday—all in eight days As will be seen from the teams selected, there are no fewer than seven players ap- pearing at Belfast who will be required to play again at Kensington on Monday. Against Ireland, the team will be as fol- lows :—J. Trainer (Preston North End), goal; Arridge (Everton) and Edwards (Os- wrestrv), backs Williams (Chirk), Chapman (Newtown), and Jones (Sheffield United), half-backs; Davies (Sheffield United), Mere- dith (Manchester City), H. Trainer (Wrex- ham), Parry (Newtown), and Lewis (Chea- ter), forwards. Against England, the following: —J. Trainer (Preston North End), goal; Parry (Everton) and Jones (Bolton Wanderers), backs; Williams (Chirk), Jenkins (Small- heath), and Jones (Sheffield United), half- backs Davies (Sheffield United) and Mere- dith (Manchester City), Trainer (Wrexham), Pryce Jones (Newtown), and Lewis (Ches- ter), forwards.


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