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VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, ALL those Freehold Farms, Lands, and Pre- mises, called TYUCHAFand CYLLHIRION,situate in the Parish of Caerhtrn, near Conway, Doth containing by admeasurement 26A. 3K. 2p. or thereabouts; toge- ther with an allotment of Common Land, containing 25 acres or thereabouts. This Property offers an inducement to Sportsmen. The Tenant, Mr. Hugh Jones, will shew the premises. For further particulars apply to Mr. JOHN EVANS, Llansantffraid, near Conway. [363 SALE BY MR. R. EDWARDS. NORTH WALES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Pursuant to the order of the Court of Chancery, in a cause of Thomas v. Williams, with the approbation of the Judge, to whose the said cause is attached, BY MR. ROBERT EDWARDS, Of CARNARVON, AUCTIONEER, the person appointed to sell the same at the SPORTSMAN HOTEL, CAR- NARVON, in the county of Carnarvon, on SATURDAY the 18th day of JUNE, 1859, between the hours of one and two o'clock, QEVEKAL FKLEHOLD and LEASEHOLD O ESTATES, in the counties of Carnarvon, Flintshire, and Anglesey, late the property of George Bettiss, Esq. deceased, in 18 Lots, as follows LcT ].—Consisting' of a Freehold Farm House and Buildings, and 19a. 3r. 20p. of Land, in the parish of Llanfagdalen, Carnarvonshire, called MORFA CWTTA. LOT 2.—Consisting of a Freehold Farm House and 13a. 3r. 7p. ot Land, situate in the parish of Llanllyfi'i, Carnarvonshire, caUed TYDDYN CAD- WALADER. LOT 3.—Consisting of a Freehold Farm House, and 17a. 2r. 17p of Land, situate in the parish of Clyn- nog, Carnarvonshire, called TAN-Y-FOELBACH. LOT 4.-Consisting- of a Freehold Farm House, and 132a. 3r. 4p. of Land, siruate in Llanfihangel y Peu- naut, Carnarvonshire, called TY'NLLAN, otherwise LLANFIHANGEL. LOT 5.-Consisting of a Freehold Farm House, and 86a. 2r. lOp. of Land, situate in the parish ot Clyn- nog, Carnarvonshire, called DERWYN UCHAF. LOT 6,—Consisting of several Fields or Pieces of Freehold Land, containing of 11a. 3r. 40p. situate in th.} parish of Llanbeblig, Carnarvonshire, called TYDDYN FLETCHERard MAES Y BAHKER. LOT 7.—Consisting of several freehold Messuages and pieces of Land. containing 3a. Or. 33p. situate in the parish of Llanwnaa, Carnarvonshire, called PEN- 'RALLT, DYNEWY1), and PENLLYN. LOT 8.Consistmg of two several Freehold Allot- ments of Land on MORFA DINLLE, containing 4a. 3r. 2p., situate in the parish of Llauwnda, Carnar- vonshire. LOT g,-Consisting- of a Freehold Farm, House, and Land, containing 9a. lr. 27p., situate in the parish of Llanllyfni, Carnarvonshire, called BRYN COCH MAWR. LOT 10.—Consisting of a Pew, in St. Mary's Chapel, Carnarvon, No. 24. LOT H.-Consisting of a Pew in St. Mary's Chapel, Carnarvon, No 52. LOT 12. COllsisting of a Pew in St. Mary's Chapel, Carnarvon, No. 34. LOT 13,—Consisting of a Freehold Messuage and Shop, situate in Castle Ditch, Carnarvon. LOT 14. Consisting of Freehold Messuage and 16a. 1r. 23p. of Land, situate in the parish of Llanbedrgoch, Anglesey, called GLAN'RAFON. LOT 15. Consisting- of two several Freehold pieces of Land, containing of8a. 2r. Op., situate in the parish of Mold, Flintshire, called CEFN MAWR. LOT 16.—Consisting of a Leasehold Messuage, or Dwelling-house, situate in Bangor Street, Carnarvon. LOT 17. -Corlsisting of a Freehold Farm House, and 9a. Or. 8p. of Land, situate in the parish of Llanberis, Carnarvonshire, called BWLCH YGROES. LOT 18.-Consisting of a Freehold Allotment of Common, pnrt of MORFA DINAS DINLLE, con- taining 2a. 2r. 8p., situate in the parish of Llandwrog, Carnarvonshire. Full Particulars may be obtained from Messrs. BLOXAM and ELLISON, No. 1, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, and of Mr. EDWARD GRIFFITH POWELL, Solicitor, Carnarvon, and of the AUCTIONEER, Car- narvon aforesaid. [972 TAKTORAIG, CARNARVON. MR. R, EDWARDS Has been favoured with instructions by Dr. Wynn Williams, who is leaving Carnarvon, to SELL BY AUCTION, On TUESDAY, the 21st of JUNE, 1839, and the following day (if necessary), at his Residence TAN Y GRAIG, CARNARVON, within about 5U yards of the Railway Station, THE whole of the Valuable and Genteel MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. The Entrance Hall contains a singularly rare eollee,- tion of Antique British Oak Furniture, most elaborately carved, of the time of Queen Elizabeth and of an earlier date, consisting of Two Trio Cupboards (Cwpwr Trldarn ), Chests, Table, Chairs, and Oval Mirror. An ruCTllC DUnnJ, Dllllti lUll, WIth Side Pockets, &c. The Silting- Room Requisites comprise Rosewood and Mahogany Dining and Loo Tables, Sideboard, Chairs, Easy Chairs-Spring and Hair Seated. An elegant sweet-toned Rosewood Cabinet Pianoforte, by Thomp- son, with all the recent improvements. Brussels and other Carpets, Fenders and Fire Irons, Pier Glasses,&c. The Chambers are replete with massive and handsome Mahogany Four-post Half-Tester and French Bed- steads, Hair and other Mattresses, Straw Palliasses, Prime Feather Beds, &c., Mahogany and Painted Wardrobes, Do. do..Dressing Tables, Wash Stands and Chests of Drawers, Double and Single Sets of Chamber Wine, Cheval and Swing Toilet Glasses, Lobby and Stair Oil Cloths, &c., &c. Kitchen and Laundry Furniture,Culinary Utensiis,&c. Surgery Mahogany Top Counter, Drawers, Shelves, Bottles, Jars, &c.,&o. Two neat single Sets of Harness, One excellent double nncoloured Do., a Gentleman's Somerset Saddle, Bridle*, See. A fine Newfoundland Dog and Kennel. Stable Requisites and Garden Tools, Sen. The Sale to commence at Twelve o'clock each day. Descriptive Catalogues may be had ai the Hotels in Carnarvon, Bangor, and Vicinity, and of the Auctioneer, and on view the Monday before the days of Sale. [1043 THE HARP INN, CARNARVON. MR. R EDWARDS, Has been commissioned by the representatives of the late Mrs. E. Thomas, to SELL BY AUCTION, (Without the least reserve,) 0>I -he Premises, the IIAHP INN, SOUTH PENRALLT, CA!!KAi:vdN, on THURSDAY, the 23rd of JUNE, 1859, THE whole of the Useful and Valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, License, &c. Brewing Utensils, Ale Casks, &c.. Pig Weighing M aehine and Weights, MaltMill, Chaff-Cutter, I useful Poster, 2 and 4-Wheeled Cars, a nearly new Set of Harness, 2 strong' Score Pigs, &c. See. The Sale to commence at One o'clock, p.m. For further particulars enquire on the premises, or of the Auctioneer. [1041 CARNARVONSHIRE. FREEHOLD PROPERIY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. R. EDWARDS, AUCTIONEER, At the CASTLE HOTEL, CARNARVON, on SATUR- DAY, the 30th day of JULY, 1859, at 2 o'clock in the Afternoon, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given, in the following Lots — LOT 1. LOT 1. AN excellent Dwelling-Jiouse, called PEN- RHOS, and about 36A. OR. 33p. of f.and, with good Stables, Coach-houses, and other Offices, situate in the Parish of Llanbeblig, in the County of Car- narvon. This House is large and well built, and is well suited for a respectable and numerous bmily. It stands on a beautiful elevation, commanding sea and mountain views, close to the Turnpike Road leading from Car- narvon to Beddgelert, and within a mile and a haJfof the Town of Carnarvon, which has the best Fish and Meat Markets in North Wales. LOT 2.-A Farm, called TYDDYN BACH, contain- ing 34R. OR 2P., or thereabouts, situate in the Parish of Llanwnda, in the County of Carnarvon. This Lot is within about 6 miles of the Town of Carnarvon. A very larg-e body of Iron Ore has been discovered upon this Lot, which erm be raised at a very trifling expense. It i" within a very short distance of The post road from Beddgelert to Carnarvon, whence the ore may be shipped, or sent by rail. There are also strong indications of Slates upon this Lot, and a good Slate Quarry is now being worked upon the adjoining Farm. LOT 3.-A Farm, called TAN Y GARREG, con- taining 145A. OR. 19r., or thereabouts, situate in the Parish of Bettws Garmou, in e County of Car- narvon- This Lot is within about 61 n ,1rs of the Town of Carnarvon, and adjoins the Turnpike Road from Car- narvon to Beddgelert. It has every indication of abounding in Minerals. Some excellent Copper Ore has been raised, almost upon the surface, within a few yards of the Turnpike Road, and numerous applications have been made for permission to open extensive Works u ion the Land. For further particulars apply to Mr. E, R. WIL I.IAMP, Solicitor, Bangor; or to Mr. R. D WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. 11039 ,A. 't' SALE BY MR. W. DEW. I TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. W. DEW, On SATURDAY, the 25th JUNE, 1859, at the ROYAL I HOTEL, HOLYHEAD, at Two o'clock in the After- noon, THE following valuable FREEHOLD LAND, lying in the Parish of Bodedern, in the County of Anglesey. LOT I.-All that very compact Farm adjoining the Anglesey. LOT 1.—All that very compact Farm adjoining the Holyhead post road, and called TANYRALLT, in the occupation of William Owen, as tenant from year to year, and comprising an excellent Farm-house, with convenient and substantial Out-buildings, and 73A. 2R. 4p. of productive land,-the whole being well arranged and fenced, and in capital order. LOT 2.—All that Cottage, with the enclosures of Land, formerly known as Pen Eglwys Edern, now called PENYRALLT, in the occupation ot Owen Prichard, as tenant from year to year, containing 1A. lR. 13p., ad- joining Lot 1. and situate on a delightful eminence, commanding extensive and varied prospefets, which render this Lot particularly eligible for building. The above property is close to the Village of Boded- ern, and is about three miles from the Valley Railway Station, and about six miles from Holyhead. It pays no land tax, and offers an excellent opportunity for in- vestment or occupation. For further particulars and conditions of sale apply to Messrs. ROBERTS, BARBER, and HUGHES, Solicitors, 1 Bangor to the AUCTIONEER, British Hotel, Bangor; or at the Royal Hotel, Holyhead. [955 LARGE AND HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE SALE OF I HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Plate, China and Glass, Wines, Carriages, 8j-c., at the Episcopal Palace, Bangor. MR. W. DEW Begs respectfully to inform the Nobility, Clergy, and the Public, that he has been favoured with instruc- tions from the representatives of the late Lord Bishop of Bangor, TO SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, (Without the slightest Reservation), On TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRI- DAY, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th days of JUNE, 1859, (commencing each morning- pllnctually at 11 o'clock), A LL the VAUABLE EFFECTS attached to A the above establishment, comprising Dining, Drawing, and Breakfast Rooms suites in Mahogany and Rosewood a brilliant toned square Pianoforte, 6i octaves, by Broadwood, lately purchased, and pos- sessing all the recent improvements a range of ma- hogany Bookshelves; Turkey, Brussels, and Kidder- minster Carpets, Steel Fenders, and Fire Sets an ex- tensive assortment of rich cut glass and transparent China Services. A valuable Sideboard of 1200 ounces of antique and modern Plate, Plated Goods, &c. A few fine old Engrav- ings in gilt frames; a chbice Cellar of Wines, consist- ing of rare old Madeira-fine old crusted Ports— cham- pagne, Sherry, and other Wines. About 2000 gallons of strong old Ales and Table Beer (in lots). The Bedrooms are replete in mahogany four-post Half Tester and Tent Bedsteads mahogany Ward- robes; superior white goose Feather Beds; Blankets, and all other the usual chamber requisites; Kitchen Furniture; excellent Coppers; Dairy and Brewing Utensils. Two elegant London built Carriages (a britzka and chariot) lately renovated at a great outlay; Harness and Saddlery; a Stack, containing upwards of 30 tons of Prime Hay; about 500 strong Iron Hurdles; Gar- den Tools, Greenhouse and Bedding, Out Plants, &c., &c. The whole of which will be minutely described in Catalogues, showing order of Sale, to be had six days previously at the principal Hotels in North Wales, Chester, and Liverpool, and of the AUCTIONEER, Bri tish Hotel, Bangor. N. B.-May be viewed on Monday, 12th day of June. [931 CONWAY. NEW SMACK FOR SALE. Adapted either for Fishing or the Coasting Trade' To be Sold by Auction, BY MR. W. DEW, At the ERSKINE ARMS, CONWAY, on MONDAY, 20th JUNE, 1859, at Two o'clock in the afternoon, At the ERSKINE ARMS, CONWAY, on MONDAY, 20th JUNE, 1859, at Two o'clock in the afternoon, A FINE SMACK (launched in May last), XX 49 tons burthen, carpenter's measure. Strongly built, and of the best materials. May be viewed near Talycafn, on the Conway River. [983 I SALE BY MR. HEALING. RHYL, NORTH WALES. EXTENSIVE SALE Of Modern and Excellent Household Furniture, Capital Patent Mangle, Bagatell Table, Winged Office Cupboard, and other miscellaneous Effects. in the large Assembly Room, RAyl. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. THOS. HEALING, On THURSDAY, the 16th day of JUNE, 1859, at 12 ) o'clock for I most punctually, on the premises, the LARGE ASSEMBLY ROOM, in the Town of Rhyl, where they have been removed for the convenience of Sale, A VT7.R"Y* Kxtejiajtrp ivt-J HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Dinner, Tea, and Breakfast Services, Glass Plated Articles, capital painted winged Office Cupboard, modern chimney and Dressing Glasses, Cabinet Pianoforte, by Broadwood and Son, in mahogany case, mahogany and rosewood Music Stools, full patent Mangle, capital riding Saddle and Bridle, and an infinity of other Miscellaneous Effects consigned for Peremptory Sale. The Drawing Room Articles in rosewood, walnut, mahogany, &c include sets of Chairs, Sofas, Couches, Easy Chairs, Rocking Ditto, Card, Loo, Pembroke, and Work Tables, Whatnots, Chiffoneers, Music Stools, Carpets, Hearth Rugs, Chimney Glasses, Fen- ders, Fire Irons, &c. The Dining Room Furniture consists of a set of Dining Tables, 9 feet long, a circular Ditto, with loose centre leaf, pedestal Sideboard, Chiffoneers, sets of well made mahogany Chairs and Sofas in cloth and figured damask, mahogany Pembroke Tables, easy and lounging Chairs, dinner and other Services, Carpets, Hearth Rugs, Fenders and Fire Irons, and other items. The Bedchamber Articles embrace mahogany four- post Half-tester, French, and Camp Bedsteads, Feather Beds, hair and flock Mattresses and Palliasses, painted and imitation rosewood Chamber Chairs, Carpets, printed Druggets, mahogany and painted Chest of Drawers, ditto Night Commodes, bidet, pillared and tray top Dressing Tables, Toilet Drawers, wardrobe Towel Rails and Services, &c., &c. Also, Useful Kitchen Requisites, and other miscella- neous effects, the whole of which will be fully expressed in the Catalogues. To be viewed on the morning of Sale, when Cata- logues may be had on the Premises, and at the Auc- tioneer's Residence, the GEORGE INN, 25 and 26, Queen-street, Rhyl. [ 1027 SALES BY MR. ORMISTON. WEDNESDAY, THE 15TH JUNE. DENBIGHSHIRE. Important Sale of a valuable Freehold MANSION AND ESTATE, NEAR WREXHAM. MR. ORMISTON HAS BEEN INSTRUCTED TO SELL BY AUCTION, At the WYNNSTAY ARMS HOTEL, WREXHAM, on WEDNESDAY, the 15th JUNE, 1859 (and not on the 8th, as previously advertised), at Three for Four o'clock in the Afternoon (unless previously sold by private treaty, of which due notice will be given), in one or several lots, and subject to such conditions as may be determined upon. ALL that delightfully situated Mansion or Dwelling-house, called GROVE PARK, with the with the Outbuildings, walled Garden, stocked with the choicest fruit trees, well timbered Park and Orna- mental Grounds; together with six, ten, or eighteen acres of valuable LAND, mostly enclosed in a sub- stantial will fence, adjacent to the flourishing town of Wrexham, a first-class and mail station on the Shrews- bury and Chester Railway, within an easy distance of Chester, Liverpool, and Manchester, and six hours of London. The House is at present in the occupation of the Proprietor, as a firs'-cluss Collegiate School, for which it is in every way admirably adapted, is most substan- tially built, and contains two entrance-halls, lofty din- ing and drawing rooms (28 feet by 20 feet each), small drawing room, library, and breakfast room, excellent cellarage, housekeeper's room, butler's pantry, laundry, kitchens, bath-room, water closets, and numerous prinr cipal and secondary bed and dressing- rooms. It is supplied all through with gas and water, the tanks, pipes, and fittings having been recently put in at a very considerable cost; and is suitable in all respects for the residence of a family of importance. Tnere is also a large detatched SCHOOL HOUSE (63 feet by 17 feet 6 inches), with two rooms over, serving as School Library and Master's Room. Grove Park has enjoyed a high reputation as a P^hool for a long series of years,-an important point •o anyone seeking such an establishment, while the healthiness of the locality, convenience of access, and ] beauty of situation and surrounding country, render it a most desirable residence. There is excellent fishing in the neighbourhood, and the Wynnstay kennels are within a few miles. Particulars, with lithographed plans, are in course of preparation, showing the division of a portion of the I property into Building Sites, in which form it will be offered, if not sold as a whole and, together with any other information, may be had of JAMES PARKIN, Esq. Grove Park, Wrexham; Messrs. ATCHINSON SC HATHAWAY, 38, Lincold's Inn-Fields; THOMAS KEN- NEDY, Esq., 26, Chancery-lane, London; or of Mr. ORMISTON, Wigfair, St. Asaph, who is authorised to ORMISTON, Wigfair, St. Asaph, who is authorised to treat for sale privately in the meantime. Wigfair, St. Asaph, May, 1859, P017 FLINTSHIRE. SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY, IN THE PARISH OF CAERWYS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, MR. BY ORMISTON, At the BULL INN, DENBIGH, on WEDNESDAY, the 29th of JUNE, 1859, at Four for Five o'clock in the Afternoon, in one or more lots, and subject to such conditions as may be determined upon (unless de- posed of in the meantime by private treaty, of which due notice will be given), ALL those Two Freehold Farms, called BRYNGWYN and PEN YR HIRDIR, in the Parish of Caerwys aforesaid, containing together 106A. I R. 16P. or thereabout, together with the Houses and Buildings thereon, at present iu the occupution of the proprietor. The property is intersected by the road leading from SJ. Asaph to Caerwys, and within easy reach of mar- kets at Holywell, Denbigh, and St. Asaph, now open to railway communication; it is surrounded by the lands of Lord Mostyn, Sir J. Salusbury, and others. It is proposed to offer it in the first instance as whole, and failing a sale, then in three or more lots, as shown in the plans Aid particulars now in course of prepara- tion, which may be had, together with any information in the meantime, by applying to Mr. TREE, Solicitor, Worcester; or Mr. ORMISTON, Wigfair, St. Asaph. A considerable portion of the purchase money may remain on Mortgage upon the property if wished. H0t8 CHESTE^ALE OF CLWYD RAILWAYS. CHEAP EXCURSION TO DENBIGH ON WHIT TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 1859, Being the Festival of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Foresters, and the Ladies' Clubs. A PUBLIC TEA PARTY will take place Ix. under the management of the Ladies' Club, and the evening afterwards spent on the Royal Denbigh Bowling Green. The 1st Royal Cheshire Militia Band will be in at- tendance. If the weather proves unfavourable, the evening will be enjoyed at the County Hall. Tourists and Strangers are invited to pay a visit to the ancient town of Denbigh, and its renowned Castle. The Excursion will extend from Chester and from Holyhead, calling at all the Stations, arriving in Den- bigh at 11 35 a.m., and leaving at 7 30 p.m. The Train leaves Chester at 9 35, calling at all the Stations; another Train leaves Carnarvon the same morning at 8 20, Bangor, 9 o'clock, arriving at Rhyl, from both ends, at 10 45, reaching Denbigh by 11 35. The Return Ticket, from Chester to Denbigh, costs 2s. 6d. only; from Carnarvon, 3s 6d,; Bangor, 3s, the price varying in all the other Stations. See Time Table at all the Stations. [981 LONDON AND NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY CHESTER AND HOLYHEAD DISTRICT. WHITSUN HOLIDAYS. EXTENSION OF RETURN TICKETS. RETURN TICKETS Issued on SATURDAY the 11th JUNE, and intermediate days will be available for Return up to, and including Saturday, June 18th. W. CAWKWELL, General Manager. Ruston Station, June, 1859. [1014 Notice is Hereby Given, THAT the Plans, Sections, and Elevations of a NEW COURT HOUSE and COUNTY HALL, proposed to be built at Carnarvon, in the County of Carnarvon, are now lying at the Office of Mr. JOHN LLOYD, County Surveyor, Carnarvon, for the inspec- tion and examination of Magistrates, Professional Gen- tiemen, and others. Dated this 1st day of June, 1859. W. T. POOLE, 957J Clerk of the Peace. COUNTY OF CARNARVON. Appointment of County Sarveyor for Pwll- heli District. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the Justices assembled at the ensuing Quarter Sessions, to be held in Carnarvon, on FRI- DAY, the 1st day of JULY next, will proceed to appoint a SURVEYOR for the County Works, Bridges, and Roads, for the District of Pwllheli, in the said County, on such terms as to the said Justices shall seem fit. Candidates are requested to forward their Testimo- nials to me, on or before the 27th inst. W. T. POOLE, Clerk of the Peace. Carnarvon, June 6th, 1859. [1002 COUNTY OF DENBIGH. As +« KMdingf of Quarter Sessions, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, I HAT Sir Watkm Wiiiiams Wvnn. Bart..in- L tends, on Thursday, the 30th day or June instant, being the first day of the next Quarter Sessions, to be held for the County of Denbigh, to move that the Courts of Quarter Sessions for Denbighshire be held as follows, viz:— The January Sessions at Ruthin The Easter do. at Denbigh. The June do. at Ruthin. The October do. at Wrexham. JOSEPH PEERS, Clerk of the Peace. Ruthin, 6th June, 1859. llOO4 COUNTY OF DENBIGH. Alteration of Petty Sessional Divisions. To Joseph Peers, Esquire, Clerk of the Peace for the County of Denbigh. WE, the undersigned, being several of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the said County, beg to transmit to you the following state- ment. FIRST.-That the Parish of Llanfairtalhaiarn, in the said County, which now forms a portion of the Petty Sessional Division of Isaled, in the County of Denbigh, should be annexed to the Petty Sessional Division of Isdulas, in the said County. SECOND.-That the several Townships or places called Wigfair and Meiriadog, situate in that part of the Part of the Parish of St. Asaph which lies in the County of Denbigh, and which now form a portion of the said Petty Sessional Division of Isdulas, in the said County, should be annexed to the said Petty See- sional Division of Isaled, in the said County. THIRD.-That the Parish of Llangwyfen, and the Township of Penbedw, in the said County of Denbigh, and which now form a portion of the Petty Sessional Division of Ruthin, in the said County, should be an nexed to the said Petty Sessional Division of Isaled in, the said County. FOURTH.—That the alterations above stated will be more convenient for the transaction of the Petty Ses- sional business for the above parishes and townships. FIFTH —That there are residing and usually acting in the proposed new Petty Sessional Division of Isaled, the following JusticesThe Reverend Edmund Wil- liams, George Griffith, Esquire, the Reverend Robert Myddleton, John Jocelyn Ffoulkes, Esquire, Richard Lloyd Williams, Esquire, Thomas Hughes, Esquire, Townshend Mainwaring, Fsquire, John Edward Ma- docks, Esquire, Ignatius Williams, Esquire, John Price, Esquire, Whitehall Dod, Esquire, Herbert Watkin Williams Wynn, Esquire, Samuel Edwardes, Esquire, the Reverend Francis Gartside Tipping, and Pierce Wynne Yorke, Esquire. SIXTH.—That in the proposed new Division of Is- dulas, there are residing and usually actings the fol- lowing Justices John Lloyd Wynne, Esquire, junior, Brownlow Wynne Wynne, Esquire, Pierce Wynne Yorke, Esquire, Hugh Robert Hughes, Esquire, Robert William Wynne, Esquire. SEYENTH.—That in the proposed new or altered Petty Sessional Division of Ruthin, there are residing and usually acting, the following Justices:-Frederick Richard West, Esquire, Frederick Myddelton West, Esquire, Richard Miles Wynne, Esquire, Gabriel Ro- berts, Esquire, James Maurice, Esquire, Thomas Down- ward, Esquire, Reverend Edward Thelwall, Reverend Edward John Owen, Reverend Francis Owen, Henry Potts, Esquire, John Jesse, Esquire. Dated this 2nd day of April, 1859. J. L. WYNNE, Junr. B. W. WYNNE. ROBERT WILLIAM WYNNE. PIERCE WYNNE YORKE. HUGH R. HUGHES. S. EDWARDES. R. LL. WILLIAMS. ROBERT MYDDELTON. GEO. GRIFFITH. JOHN PRICE. EDMUND WILLIAMS. F. GARTSIDE TIPPING. HERBT. W. WMS, WYNN. I, the said JOSEPH PEERS, hereby give Notice, that I laid the statement, of which the foregoing is a copy, before the Justices of the Peace assembled at the Quarter Sessions for the said County following the re- ceipt of the said statement, in pursuance of the direc- tions of the Act 9th Geo. IV., cap. 43. And I further give Notice, the the said statement will be taken into consideration by the Court at the next Quarter Sessions for the said County, to be held at RUTHIN, on THURSDAY, the 30th day of JUNK instant Dated the 1st dav of JUNE, 1859. JOSEPH PEERS, » 9411 Clerk 9f the.Peace, .I''JL. .L, COUNTY OF DENBIGH. COUNTY SURVEYOR. rpHE appointment will NOT take place at the 1 next Sessions as advertised, but the matter will be then taken into consideration by the Court. JOSEPH PEERS, Clerk of the Peace. Ruthin, 7th June, 1859. [1005 CARRARVON UNION. Election of Workhouse Medical Officer. < THE Guardians of this Union will, at the Meeting, to be held on the 18th instant, [proceed to appoint a MEDICAL OFFICER for the Union Workhouse of the said Union. Salary, t25 per annum, and the fees allowed by the General Consolidated Order. Applications and Testimonials are required to be sent to me on or before the 17th instant. JOHN THOMAS, Clerk. Carnarvon, 7th June, 1859. [1021 CARNARVON UNION. Election of Master and Matron. THE Guardians of the this Union will, at their Meeting, to be held on the 18th instant, proceed to appoint a MASTER and MATRON for the proceed to appoint a MASTER and MATRON for the Union Workhouse, the present Officers having re- signed. The joint Salary will be E60 a year, with the usual rations of the House. The Master and Matron must be husband and wife, of unquestionable character, and conversant with the Welsh and English languages. The Master should be fully competent to keep the Books and Accounts required by the Poor Law Board and the Guardians, and to arrange and superintend the employment and discipline of the Paupers in the house; and the Matron must well understand and be able to conduct the usual routine of housekeeping. They will be required to devote their whole time and attention to the duties appertaining to their respective offices, and be prepared with sufficient Security in the sum of £ 200. Applications in the handwriting of the parties, speci- fying ages, qualifications, and present employment are to be forwarded to me on or before the 17th instant, ac- companied with testimonials as to competency and cha- racter, and if the candidates should have children, their numbers and ages must be stated. The Candidates are required to appear before the Guardians on the day of election, but no expenses will be allowed. JOHN THOMAS, Clerk to the Guardians. Carnarvon, June 4th, 1859. [1019 CARNARVON UNION. Tenders for Provisions, &c. ALL Persons desirous of Contracting with the Guardians for the supply of the Carnarvon Union House for Three Months, from the 25th day of JUNE instant, with the following articles, viz. :— EST. QT. EST. QT. Bread 7403 lbs. Sweetmilk 952 qts. Flour. 480 Buttermilk 280 Oatmeal 621 Vinegar 5 pint 2 Beef and Mutton. 1394 Soda. 13 lbs. Bones. 280 Soap. 126 Suet 98 Soft Soap 42 Cheese. 408 Starch 3 Butter. 161 Candles. 14 Rice 184 Coals in sacks of Tea. 20 1 cwt each 220 cwt Sugar. 115 Pepper 2 lbs. Treacle. 48 Salt 253 And other articles consumed in the House, are requested to send in their Tenders under seal to the Board Room, on SATURDAY, the 18th instant before 10 a.m., when they will be opened. 1 Samples will be required of all those articles of which they may be given, and also securities for the due per- formance of the Contract. Forms of Tenders may be had on application at my Office, Market-street, Carnarvon. JOHN THOMAS, Clerk to the Guardians. Carnarvon, 4th June, 1859. [1022 I HOLYHEAD UNION. Appointment of Medical Officer. THE Guardians of the Holyhead Union, here- by give notice that they will, at their meeting, to be held on the 28th day of JUNE instant, at 12 o'clock at noon, proceed to the ELECTION of a MEDICAL ( OFFICER for the Aberffraw District of this Union, va- cant by the death of the late Mr. Evans. The district comprises the parishes of Aberffraw, Bodwrog, Ceirch- iog, Cerrigceinwen, Heneglwys, Llanbeulan, Llandry- garn, Llanfaelog, Llangwyfan, Llechylched and Tre- 1 walchmai. Salary, Sixty Pounds per annum. The Medical Officer, in addition to the above salary, will be entitled to extra fees for vaccination, midwifery, surgical cases, and such other fees as are allowed by the General Orders of the Poor Law Board. The can- didates must be possessed of one of the four qualifica- tions required by the said General Orders of the Poor Law Board, and the Medical Officer elected will be re- quired, at thejime of his. apgoinj^fifftu# of absence, &c. Tenders for the above office are to be sent to me on or before SATURDAY, the 25th instant. Diplomas, testimonials, &c., must be produced to the Board of Guardians at the time of election. By order of the Board, THOS. WILLIAMS, Clerk to the Guardians. Holyhead, 2nd June, 1859. [986 SAINT ASAPH UNION. RELIEVING OFFICER WANTED. THE GUARDIANS of the above UNION will at their Meeting to be held at the BOARD ROOM, in the UNION WORKHOUS-E, SAINT ASAPH, on THURSDAY, the 16th of JUNE instant, proceed io the ELECTION of a RELIEVING OFFICER of the Denbigh District of the said Union, comprising the Parishes of Denbigh, Henllan, Llannefydd, and Llan- sannan. Salary, X70 per annum. The Candidate elected will be required to keep his accounts in the forms prescribed by the Poor Law Board. He must also keep a Horse, and devote his whole time to the discharge of his duties, and be able to speak both the English and Welsh languages, and find Sureties for the due performance of his office in the sum of 1501. Testimonials of character and competency to perform the duties to be sent to my Office at the Workhouse, Saint Asaph, on or before Wednesday, the 15th day of June instant. The personal attendance of the Candidates on the day of Election will be preferred, but any Candidate so attending must do so at his own expense. The successful Candidate will have to enter on his duties on the 23rd of June next. [982 WREXHAM UNION. SCHOOLMASTER WANTED. WANTED, by the Board of Guardians of this Union, a SCHOOLMASTER for the Work- house School. The Schoolmaster is to reside in the Workhouse, and his whole services will be required in instructing the children therein, as directed by the orders of the Poor Law Board and of the Board of Guardians he will also be required to assist the Mastei in the performance of his duties, and in the maintenance of order and due subordination in the Workhouse. Salary 36i. per annum, or such larger sum as the Committee of Council on Education shall allow, toge- ther with the usual rations. The Election wiil take place on the 30th JUNE instant, at 12 o'clock, at the Workhouse, at which time ana place Candidates are requested to attend. Applications (stating references) in the handwriting of the respective Candidates to be forwarded to me. JOHN BURY, Clerk to the Union. Wrexham, June 2,1859. [S78 WREXHAM UNION. CONTRACTS FOR PROVISIONS, &c. fpHE Guardians of the above Union are desirous .L of receiving Tenders from Persons willing to Con- tract for supplying theWrexhamWorkhouse with any of the undermentioned Articles for the Quarter ending tract for supplying theWrexhamWorkhouse with any of the undermentioned Articles for the Quarter ending the 29tb of SEPTEMBER next; — Flour, best seconds and fine, per sack of 240 Best Oatmeal ditto. Peas, best boiling, at per bushel of 60 lbs. Potatoes, per measure of 90 lbs. Butter, at per lb. Tea, at per lb. Coffee, at per lb. Treacle, at per lbo. Cocoa, at per lb • Sugar, brown and lump, at per lb. each. Rice, at per cwt. Soda and Starch, at per lb. each. Soap, brown and soft, ditto. Dip Candles, at per Ih. Beef a-d Mutton, at per lb. each. Coals, it per cwt. Sealed Tenders, accompanied by samples in all cases when prwticable, must be sent to the WORKHOUSE before lOo'clock on THURSDAY, the 23rd day of JUNE instant, fndorsed Tenders for Contract." Payment Quarterly. JOHN BURY, Clerk to the Union. Wrexham, Juue 2,1859. [y77 PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court p -of Chancery, made in a cause John Edwards againt William Pughe and Wife. The Creditors of JOHN EDWARDS, late of Traws- Fynydd, in the County of Merioneth, Farmer, who died in or about the month of November, 1830, are, by their Solicitors, on or before the 24th day of June, 1859, to jome in and prove their claims at the Chambers of the Vice Chancellor, Sir William Page Wood, at No. 11, New-square, Lincolu's-inn, Middlesex, or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the said decree. TUESDAY, the 28th day of JUNE, 1859, at Twelve )'clock at Noon, at the said Chambers, is appointed for bearing and adjudicating upon the claims. Dated this 1st day of June, 1859. EDWD. WEATHERALL, Chief Clerk. WESTMACOTT & F. W. BLAKE. 28, John-street, Bedford-row, Middlesex, Agents for EDWARD BREESE, Port Madoc, Carnarvonshire. [976 corr's POPULAR WORKS. Well deserve the extensive patronage bestowed on them- 7elegraph. GOFP'S POPULAR. WORKS. More than ten thousand of each of these valuable books have already sold. GOFF'S POPULAR WORKS, Are the best books ever published, and well deserve the attention df all classes. GOFF'S EDUCATIONAL WORKS. Eclipse all other books on these subjects, even at ten times the price,-Standard. [501 This day is Published, price 6d. II THE MEDICAL GUIDE for VISITORS at LLANDUDNO. BY J. M. COLEY, M.D., Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians in Lon- don, &c. Sold by H. Ellerby, Bookseller, Llandudno; and sent by him, post free, to any part of the United King- dom on the receipt of seven Penny Postage Stamps. [921 NEW WEEKLY ILLUSTRATED PERIODICAL. ONCE A WEEK. A MISCELLANY of Literature, Art, Science, and Popular Information, to be illustrated by Leech, Tenniel, Millais, Hablot K. Browne, C. Keene, Wolf, &c., Sec. Will be published every Saturday, Price Threepence. Fhe First Number will appear on the 2nd of July. All literary arrrangements will be made by the Editor, who is to be addressed, for the present, through the Publishers, Messrs. BRADBURY AND EVANS, at I their Offices, Bouverie-street, Fleet-street. The Pub- lishers will also receive Orders far the Miscellany itself; and a limited number of Advertisements for in- sertion in the Wrapper to be issued with it regularly "ONCE a WEEK." [1020 THE DAILY NEWS, A FIRST-CLASS LONDON PAPER. ESTABLISHED 1846. PRICE THREEPENCE, ALL OVER ENGLAND AND AT ALL THE RAILWAY-STATIONS. IN Politics, the DAILY NEWS has, from its establishment, maintained an independent course, having the single aim of advancing Liberal opinions, regardless ot the selfish interests of faction. The ser- vices it has rendered in the successive triumphs of the cause of Civil and Religious Liberty are known and ap- preciated. In the DAILY NEWS, Reform in all its developments-educational, social, sanatory—possesses a faithful chronicler; and in this characteristic, as in others, the consistency of its advocacy has increased the sources of its intelligence. The character of the Paper stands deservedly high in reference to its Foreign Correspondence, and the ar- rangements made by the Conductors for securing early information of the War in Italy, and of all circumstances connected with it, are. it is believed, unsurpassed in the English Press. No efforts have been spared to obtain the fullest accounts and the special advantages pos- sessed by the DAILY NEWS, ensure that its intelli- gence will be impartial and trustworthy. Of the repute which the DAILY NEWS has won ty its mercantile and commercial reports, and by the ho- nesty and sourdness of its comments upon monetary affairs, the Conductors have every reason to be proud. The occasions are frequent, especially at such times as the present, when advice and warning relative to un- reasonable panic and ruinous speculation are of almost priceless value; and the Public will find that no such jpportunity isjueglected by the DAILY NEWS. The Parliamentary and Law Reports of the DAILY NEWS are acknowledged to be second to none; and in all the divisions of news, whether Home or Foreign, It is able, by the largeness of its &taff of correspondents md agents, to meet every requirement of the times. In Literature, Music, the Drama, and the Fine Arts, the utmost care is taken to supply the Public with sound and impartial criticisms, and prompt and accu- rate information. The DAILY NEWS ia printed on paper of excellent quality, in clear and legible type, and is now sold all aver England and at all the Railway-stations, at RHREEPENQ^PV « "«. ►> U:_ Orders may be given FOR ANY PERIOD OF TIME to Newsagents or Booksellers, or may be addressed to the Publisher, W. K. HALns, 'Daily News' Office, 10, Bouverie-street, Fleet-street, London, E.C., to whom Post office Orders should be made payable. [966 KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. SOCIAL SCIENCE FOR THE PEOPLE THE attention of all classes interested in Edu- cation, or desirous of self-improvement is called to GOFF'S SERIES OF EDUCATIONAL BOOKS, Elementary and Advanced, intended for Schools and Self-instruction. Edited and Revised by some of the most learned scholars of the present day. At the present time an intense desire is expressed to diffuse education universaHy, as the most certain and noble means of producing a peaceful, moral, and happy community. In every department of knowledge, there are neces- sary rudiments which must be attained before the va- lue and beauty of Literature, Science, and Art can be unfolded and appreciated. It is therefore the purpose of this undertaken, to pre- sent, at a small sum, the first outlines of the most use- fu! branches of education. At seed thus scattered may fall on a congenial soil, and result in a fertility gratify- ing to its possessor, and honourable to our country. The price fixed is such as to place the series within the reach of all classes of society. In the most humble establishments it will allow every member of a class to. possess a copy of the work. from which he has to pain instruction. Where a family is numerous, each child may have the advantage of its own book, while the parents will not feel the cost a serious item in their ex- penditure. The adult, ambitious of attainments, not within his reach in youth, may also, by a trifling out- lay, have the elements of self-instruction at his command. Now Ready, Price 8d, each, sent Post Free- BOOK-KEEPING by Single Entry, with explana- tions of subsidiary books, being a useful system tor the wholesale and retail: shopkeeper.—Complete Price 8d. PH RENOLOGY copiously explained and exempli- fied: or, how to become a Phrenologist, the best work ever published 00 the subject at any price.—Complete FriceS d. SHORT-HAND made easy, or the Student's Guide, te Press occupations, being aids to reporting; from the eommencemeut of learning, to reporting the most lengthy speeches.—Comple 8d. TABLES.—Commercial, Arithmetical, Miscellaneous, and Artificers", for the use of Schools, Counting-houses, and Workshops. Containing Tables for reducing Old Measures to Imperial Standard, and the Imperial Stan- dard to the Old Measures, Calculations-in Bricklaying, Carpentry, Lathing, Masonry, Paper Hanging, Paving, Planting,. Plastering, Slating, Tiling, Well Sinking, Digging-, &c., &c. Fractions and Decimals. Forms of Receipts and Bills, for the man of business. Statistics. Curious and Scientific calculations on Man, Steam, Railways, Power, Light, Wiad, &o. Language and Alphabets. Calendar of the Church. Scripture money to assist those reading or beaching the Holy Bible. Principal Foreign Monies and. Measures, for the Tra- veller or Merchant. Geognapipal and Astronomical Ta- bles. The Compass. Miscellaneous Tables, &c., &c.— Complete Price 8d. THE TUTOWS ASSIST.'INT, being a compendium of Arithmetic, and a complete Question Book; contain- ing Arithmetic in whole numbers. Mental Arithmetic, including numerous Exercises. Vulgar Fractions. De- cimals. Duodecimals or Multiplication. A collection of Questions set down promiscuously, for the greater trial of the foregoing Rules -In 2 parts, Price 8d. each. These Works will be found useful in the Merchant's Counting-house, or Mechanic's Workshop, to the Stu- dent or Traveller, or Wholesale or Retail Dealer, for no branch of useful knowledge appears neglected. Many Five Shilling works on these subjects do not contain as much information as these invaluable little books. Others in preparation. Schools, Oergymen. and Philanthropists most liberally treated with for quantities. Send 8 Postage Stamps, or 8d. (preferred) to the Publishers, who will forward either of the above works, post free, per return. London GOFF and Co City Road. [590 Wines from the Cape of Good Hope. WAND A. GILBEY'S SOUTH AFRICAN PORT, SHERRY, Sec., &c., 20s. per dozen, first growths only. Two samples for 12 stamps. U. V. BRANDY, 15s. per gallon. W. and A. GILBEY, Wine Importers and Distillers 357, Oxford-street, London, W. 31, Upper Sackville- atreet, Dublin and 12, St. Andrew-square, Edinhurgli. Medical Reports, Price Lists, &c., sent post free. rees WINE NO LONGER AN EXPENSIVE LUXURY. Weller & Hughes' South African Wines- PORT, SHERRY, and MADEIRA, 20s. and -L 24s. Amontillado, 24s. and 28s. per dozen. Tent, 28s. LIST OF PRICES IN CASK. Price 7 Galls. 14 Galls, 28 Galls. per Dozen. 3g doz. 7 doz. 1 14 doz. 20s. £ 3 6s. 6d. £ 6 lis. 3d. £ 12 19s. 24s. £ 4 0s. 6d. £ 7 19s. 3d. £ 15 15s. Colonial Brandy, pale or brown, 15s. and 18s. 6d. per gallon. Delivered free to any London Railway Terminus, or any station in England, for one shilling per doz. extra. Terms, Cash. Bottles and packages charged, but allowed for ifreturned. 27, Crutched Friars, Mark Lane. I find your wine pure and unadulterated." Henry Letheby, M. B., London Hospital. f678 Furniture, Carriage Paid to any Railway Station. PERSONS FURNISHING are recommended p to apply for the Complete Furnishing Guide,' Illustrated hy 300 Engravings (forwarded gratis, and post free). Details of every article required and suited to fill classes of society. The complete estimate will be found most useful. „ £ 8. d. Estimate. No. 1.A Four- romed House 20 11 0 „ 2.Six „ „ 67 17 0 „ „ 3.Eight „ „ 134 10 2 „ 4.Ten „ 164 3 6 P. & S. BEYFUS, City Furniture Warehouses, Nos. 9,10 and 11, Finsbury-terrace, City-road, Lon- don, E.C. [706 IIIHERE are few articles of greater practical I utility than a good ENGLISH WATCH-the pos- session of which alone frequently generates habits of regularity, and in all cases promotes and facilitates punctuality in the daily occupations of life. Such being the case, it was necessary to know where a bond fide time-keeper may be obtained at a reasonable price-we say reasonable, because the term cheap" is invariably associated with spurious and counterfeit—and unless a watch be really good, its possession will be a source of perpetual expense and annoyance. We have had the pleasure of recently inspecting the productions of one of our most famous London manufacturers, and from the pocket chronometer of fifty guineas down to the watch of two guineas, and through all their various forms and fashions (whether duplex, lever, horizontal, or vertical), the same beautiful finish and superiority was observable. Such being the case, we have great pleasure in recom- mending to our friends, and the public generally, the manufactures of Mr. BENSON, of 33 & 34, LUOGATE HILL, who, having succeeded in producing a really good watch at a remarkably moderate price, is fairly entitled to all the benefits no: oriety can bestow. Mr. BENSON, with a view of annihilating distance, and to enable the nobility, gentry, and the public in general residing in England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, or in any part of the world, intending to pur- chase (but who cannot personally visit his establish- ment), has published an elaborate Illustrated Pamphlet on Watches (free by post for two stamps), from which they may select the watch adapted for their Use, and have it transmitted by post, and which contains import- ant information as to what watch to buy where to buy it! and how to use it! From its perusal will be readily seen the great importance of purchasing watches of a first-class London manufacturer. To this pamphlet particular attention is requested, as it ought to be read by everybody intending to purchase a watch. [1006 7'7 lb ¡ E V A N S"8 NEW AND MATCHLESS KITCHENER. FAMILIES requiring a Cooking. Range are respectfully m-vited to inspect this-New Kitchener in operation, when they will be at once convinced of its surpassing excellence for roasting, baking, boiling, and steaming, and has a Hot-plate the whole extent, heated by the same fire. This invention is remarkable for its great economy in fuel and cleanliness in use, simplicity of action, and certain cure for a amoxy fire-place. The sizes are from 3 feet to 18 feet long; the prices vary from 51. to 301. and upwards, and are adapted alike for the smallest families, as well as the largest establishments. Baths may be heated from the Boiler, and- an, unli- mited quantity of hot water supplied on every floor if required. MESSRS. JEREMIAH EVANS, Soa and Com- pany, strongly recommend this Kitchener to their rricnuo AND J>UBII». N<• A»4 MHOW ROOMS^ 33 and 34, King William-street, and 10, Arthur St. West, London Bridge. ESTABLISHED IN 1815. Reference, if required, to a gentleman residing in Carmarthen, who has one of these invaluable Ranges in constant use. [1012 NOTICE. £ 10 0 REWARD. IT having come to the knowledge of JOSEPH THORLEY, ot No. 77, Newgate-street, London, that many unprincipled persons are manufucturing- and, palming off on the public spurious imitations of his justly celebrated Food for Cattle," and adopting his trade marks, circulars, and advertisements, as also Tending receipts for making such Fcod; and further using, to the disadvantage of Joseph Thorley, the Re- port of Dr. Hassall (Analytical Chemist), of 74, Wimr pole-street, London, made at the instance of the Lan- cet Commission:" Now, be it hereby known that the original receipt of the Food, as compounded and manu- factured by Joseph Thorley, is known only to himself, that all other foods are spurious, and utterly worthless imitations-are devoid of the stimulating and fattening properties of Thorley's; and the said Joseph Thorley hereby offers the above REWARD of ONE HUN- DRED POUNDS to be paid to any person or persons whomsoever who may give such information to the said Joseph Thorley, or to Mr. HENRY GODDARD (late one of the principal officers of the public office, Bow- street), at his Private Inquiry Office, No. 7, Harring- ton-square, Hampstead-road (N.W.), as will,enable the said Joseph Thorley to instruct his Solicitors to prose- cute to conviction any person or persons who may ma- nufacture, vend, or sell Cattle Food, use the trade marks, adopt the language of the circulars,, sell or dis- pose of receipts, or otherwise illegally and. dishonestly interfere or infringe upon the acknowledged and legal rights of Joseph Thorley in his own manufacture; and the Nobility,. Gentry, Agriculturists, and others, are hereby duly cautioned and recommended not to pur- chase or use any other condensed Food for Cattle than is procured, direct from the Manufactory, or from some one of his aeknowledged. and appointed, agents. Offices, 77, Newgate-street: Manufactory, Caledonian-road, King's-cross, Loudon. 1881 THORLEY'S FOOD FOR CATTLE, as used in HER MAJESTY'S STABLES, and also OIL HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCE CONSORT'S, FARM., WINDSOR. In. making purchases of Compounded Cattle Foods.- other than Thorley, 's"-it has. been found that much disappointment has arisen. On the introduction- to- public notice of any new ingredient, many imitaters are certain to spring up, particularly when the article- is not a patent one but happily for the reputation ofthorley's Foodi 110 single instance is on record of a direct failure* when his instructions are fully and faithfully carried out. It is not possible failure should ever ensue,, ex- cepting when the food has been kept too long, or in a damp place, for the ingredients of which it is-oornposed are so contain to bear out the truthful report of Dr. H-assall, the analysis of Dr. Apjohn and Professor Way, the merited testimonial of Dr. Brown, that no difficulty exists in strongly urging upon the attention of intend- ing purchasers the absolute necessity of first satisfying themselves they are to be supplied with Thorley's Food; and, secondly, to secure a strict and honest administer- ing of it. Failure will thus become totally impossible,, and condemnation only justly awarded to the productioa of those whose manufacturing ingredients differ so essentially from his. The Genuine Food can only be bad in Cases, contain- ing 418 Packages, each Package One Feed, with, the signature of JosEPH -THORLEY, price 56s. per Case; and in Casks, containing the same quantity loose, with a measure enclosed, with, his signature burnt thiereon, price 50s. Carriage paid to any Station in the United Kingdom. Orders to be accompanied with a remittance. Post Office Orders made payable to JOSBPH THORLEY, General Post Office, St. Martin's le Grand. Offices-77, NEWGATE-STREET, LONDON. Manufactory and Steam Mills-CALEDONIAN- ROAD. [848 PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY THE PROPRIETOR JAMES REES, AT HIS RESIDENCB, CASTLE STREET, CARNARVON, Saturday, June 11, 1859. Advertisements for this Paper are received by Messrs Newton and Co., 5, Warwick-square, Newgate-street, R. F. White, 33, Fleet-street; Mr G. Reynell, 41. Chanoery-lane; Mr. S. Deacon, 154, Leadenhall street, Mr. Hammond, 27, Lombard-street, and of Mr R. Barker, 1. Birhcia-laae, London