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Mrs. S. A. Allen's L World's Hair Restorer. It Is not a dye, but acts directly on the roots of the hair, giv. Ing them the natural nourishment required. An absolutely perfect Hair Restorer and Dressing, Save your Lives by taking OWBRIDGE'S Owbridge's LUNG TONIC. HAVE YOU A COUGH? A DOSE WILL RELIEVE IT. HAVE YOU A COLD ? A DOSE AT BEDTIME WILL REMOVE IT. Sold Everywhere. lIlt, 2/9, 4/6, 11/- per bottle. NEW EDITION, LHOKOUGHI,'? REVISED AND GREATLY ENLARGED. 2118 PAGES. 3500 ILL'ISTMTIOKS. I INTERNATIONAL I \DICTIONARYJ Price SilO. 12 Parts, 2/8 Each. Editorial Vrork upcu this reo vision has been in active progress for over 10 tfears. No fowei* than 100 Hditoriul taboursre havo been engaged upois it, and over £ 60,000 was expended in Its pre- paration before tbo first ecJPJWS.3 printed. Prospectuses Free on Application, G. CELL & SONS, 4 YORIt STR!Fr COVENT GAUDm LONOOK.