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Llandilo Board of Gnardians.


Llandilo Board of Gnardians. The fortnightly meeting of this body was held on Saturday last, when those present were Mr D. Davies (chainman), Mrs M. A. Jones, Col. Moms, and Messrs Hy. Herbert, D. W. Lewis, J. PoweiW, L. Bowen, Dan Davies, Jacob Davies, J. L. Thomas, L. N. Powell, T. Rees, J. Perkins, D. Evans, D. Gwyn, W. Griffiths, D. Wajtkins, J. G. Davies W. Williams, J. Williams, T. D. Jones, John Jones, Jacob Davies, D. Burnett, Roderick James, Tom Davies. ALTERATION OF PLACE OF MEETING. At the last meeting, it was agreed that the meeting of Saturday Last should be held at the workhouse, but consequent upon the hold ing of a fair it was decided to hold the meet- ing as uauaj in the Town hall. On the chair being taken, Col. Morris said "Can we legailly cany out business to-day, because we agreed to meet at the workhouse."—The Chairman explained that on the agenda it was stated it would be held in the Townhall.—Col. Morris: fs it not necessary to cancel the .resolution to hold the meetings at the workhouse. We can ea-sily do so by suspemling Standing Orders. —The Chairman said that pending the sign- ing of the minutes the .subject was out of order.—The minutes having been signed. Col. Morris said: ilad we not better thnash it out!—Mr L. N. Powell: Is it necessary, Mr Clem ? He thought it was, and Col. Moms then moved, Mr J. Perkins spconded, and it was carried that first the Standing Orders be suspended, and second that the resolution be cancelled. THE MASTER'S REPORT stated that the number of inmates in the workhouse was. 43 against 41 in the corres- ponding period last year. Vagrants in the fortnight, 113 against 124 in the corespond- ing fortnight last year. The Master informed the Board that Mr D. Lewis, Cwmisaf, was no longer able to supply the. workhouse with miilik, and he (the Master) had settled with Mirs James, Tregeyb Arms, to mipply it for the current year. He had asked other far- mers to tender, but they had not. The ten- der from Mrs James was lid per pint.-A-ir L. N. Powelll: The same as before. Is the quanty good?—Master: Yes, and clean. He explained that other ftaiimeir, saw the quan- tity too small and the distance too far to tender.—Mr D. Evans asked what farmers he had a.siked.—The Master said lIe had applied to Mr D. Jones, Maes Evan; Mr Evans, Llyshendy; and Mr Simons, Peneoccl. Iii answer to Mr Evans, the Master said he did not apply to Mr George, Bridge Cottage, because his milk vendors did not reach the workhouse until aibout 10 o'clock, whereas the milk had to be delivered at 7 o'clock in the morning. THE COMPENSATION CASE. The Clerk said he had written to the manager at the Pantyffynon Tinplate Works with iregai-d to payment for the man who had been for several months an inmate of the workhouse after injury in the works, and the manager in reply stated that there was still due to the man the sum of L8, and if the Clerk got the mail's consent, lie (the mana- ger) WOIUJ. hand over the amount to the Guardians.—The Clerk said he had had the signed consent of the man, and that the £8 wbuld just cover the cost of his keep at the workhouse. NOR in V. SOUTH. The foUowing letter wa-> laid before the Board :—BedwelLlty t nioin, 27th July, 1906. Dear Sir—Re appointment of Poor Law In- spector for Wales and Monmouthshire—I am directed by the Giia,i-dilans of this union, to send you the following copy of a resolution unanimously adopted by them, and to suggest that your board should pass a similar resolu- tion and fomviaird copies of the same to the President of the L.G.B. and their local M.P. "111at this Board expresses a. hope that the L.G.B. in considering the appointment of a successor to Mr F. T. Bircham will, in view of the fact that South Wales and Monmouth- shire contain a very much (larger population than that of North Wales, regard candidate.s from South Wales, as having, if not a prior claim to, at least an equal claim, with candi- dates from North Wales, to the appoint- ment." My Board will he glad to know what action your Board take in the matter.—Yours faithfully, J. C. SliejJheard, Clerk. Mr D. Evans said there was every reason to believe that an attempt was being made to push a North Walian into Mr Biucham's place. They ought to disapprove of that Kind of thing and should communicate to that effect, with, the local M.P.'s. They should eo-operate with Bedwellty and appeal far equal faiinpllay with North W.ales.-Col. Morris said it could not be proved that any- one from North Wales was acting illegally. Mr J. G. Davies: Mr J. LI. Morgan, M P l onbypndd.—Mr D. Evans, continuing, poin- ted out the paucity of population in. North Hales oompa,red with Monmouthshire—Mr J. Jones (interrupted, and was told by Mr Evans that he (the latter) had a perfect right to speak and should not be interrupted. He proposed they adopt the retsdlution.—Mr T. Davies seconded.-W. Morris maintained that they eoulu not prove anything against North Wales.—Mrs Jones: We ane only try- Lng to improve ourselves.—Mr W. Williams expressed the view that it would be advisable to send the letter straight ahead to Mr Lloyd George (laughter).—Mr L. N. Powell: Do vou propose that Mr Williams ?—The answer was in the negative.-Ccil. Morria proposed that they should not interfere at D. W. Lewis seconded. Let the Government choose the best man, whoever he might be. Mr L. N. Powell thought it was a piece of impertin- ence on their part to interfere. Col. Mollis. That is the point. We shall go for our own parish before long. On a division, 8 voted for the negative and 10 for the origmail motion which was cari-,ied.-It was proposed that they be asked to appoint one from Bettws parish (Iloud laughter).—Mr Tom Davies: Bettws is out of the world.—Mrs Jones: If we get a Noith Walian we shall not understand half he says. --1111--


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