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Welsh Bards in Brittany.

--__-."------I'eiiibn ki slur:'…

] he King a Frebendary.'

The National Service League.

St. David's Diocesan Conference.

New Peers take their Seals.


Welsh Disestablishment.

MancWo Law Case.

Wedding at Uanycrwys.


I Welsh Volunteer Infantry…

Distress at llanelly.


The Mcrthyr Official Receivership.

Ihe House of l.ords and the…

I New Works far flurry Port.I

Tesling Ha t Temperature.


! The Welsh Church Commission.

The Chtirclies.

! The Late Rev. Kilsby Jones.

Paid the Penalty.| --i

American Canning Industry.

----JYr Ysgol Sabbothol.

Healthy and Strong.

A Tumble Map and the Police.


A Tumble Map and the Police. DISCREDITED ALLEGATIONS. At Llanelly Police Court on Tuesday a navvy named Henry Baiker was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Tumble, near Llanelly, on the previous night. P.C. Ken- nedy deposed that the defendant was creat- ing a disturbance and was taken into custody. Baker pleaded guilty. The Deputy-Clerk: Have you anything to say in your defence? Defendant: hat I have to say is that Avlkist P.C. Kennedy was out the sergeant and another constable abused me very badly. I didn't deserve such ti-eatment because I was very quiet. In fact, P.C. Kennedy will tell you the same. .C. Kennedy: Defendant was mad drunk. Baker: They gave me a severe thrashing. The Presiding Magistrate (Mr T. Jones): This is a serious accusation. Inspector Rogers proved a previous con- viction. Mr R. Margrave: Did the defendant go with you to the polioe station quietly? P.C. Kennedy: he was cursing, swear- ing, and kicking. Baker: That is untrue. I might say that it was the constable asked me to plead guuty and I did so. he Presiding Magistrate: I don't think the constable did that. A oonsta,ble knotv.j his duty better than to go and tell a man what to plead. Defendant was fined 12s 6d or in default 14 days.

Great Whisky Blaze.