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Welsh Bards in Brittany.

--__-."------I'eiiibn ki slur:'…

] he King a Frebendary.'

The National Service League.

St. David's Diocesan Conference.

New Peers take their Seals.


Welsh Disestablishment.

MancWo Law Case.

Wedding at Uanycrwys.


I Welsh Volunteer Infantry…

Distress at llanelly.


The Mcrthyr Official Receivership.

Ihe House of l.ords and the…

I New Works far flurry Port.I

Tesling Ha t Temperature.


! The Welsh Church Commission.

The Chtirclies.

! The Late Rev. Kilsby Jones.

Paid the Penalty.| --i

American Canning Industry.

----JYr Ysgol Sabbothol.

Healthy and Strong.


Healthy and Strong. People tell the truth about Gwilym Llroa Quinine Bitters, because the are grateful for the good they have derived when suffering from starved, noor, thin blood; or the ex- haustion of nerves, and the worries from overwork. DONE MUCH GOOD. Dear Sirs, 33, Dunston-st., Hiaggeirstoa. W ill you be so kind as to forward me three bottles of wliym Evans' Quinine Bitten (12s 6d) as soon as possible. I feel that the bottle which I have taken has done me much good, and I believe if I take three more bottles they will set me to rights again. I am glad to say that I feel much better after taking one botue,—Yours truly, M. MonGAw. RECEIVED GREAT BENEFIT. Sirs, 8, Campbell-st., Stockton-on-Tees. Having received great benefit myself by | taking Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bittern on different occasions, I wislh my nephew, who is very weak, to give it a trial. Therefore send me by return of post, a 4s. 6d. bottle, forwhioo I enclose cash.-Youm truly, R. J. JONES. SAVE YOURSELF FROM IMITATIONS. Save yourself from the flood of imitations that. fill the market. Insist on having the Genuine Article. Look on the label, stamp, and bottle, and find the naane "GwJbm EVians." Then you are safe. No other Preparation is "Just as good," or "The thing." Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters is sold everywhere in bottles 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. each, or will be sent, carnage free, on receipt of stamps, direct from the Sole Proprietors: —The Quinine Bitters Manufacturing Com- pany, Limited, Llanelly, South Wales.

A Tumble Map and the Police.

Great Whisky Blaze.