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3cm .}f NOW IS THE TIME TO OBTAIN FASHIONABLE GOODS AT ASTOUNDING PKICES. :o:o::o. I a LAST TWO DAYS OF SUMMER SALE FRIDAY & SATURDAY, JULY 27th & 28th, 1906 OF MANTLES, JACKETS, LACE GOODS, MILLINERY, BLOUSES DRESS FABRTf1^ COSTUMES, SKIRTS, &c., &c., -A-HiXJ vir -A-HSTID UP-TO-DATE OFFERED AT EnroBnioirs rxedvcvxohts HENRY THOMAS & SONS, EMPORIUM, GUILDHALL SQUARE, CARMARTHEN I Cyclists and Motorists BEFORE THEY SELECT THEIR MACHINES SHOULD VISIT THE "LEADER" C7CLE h MOTOE WOUES 51, KING STREET, CARMARTHEN (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE), AND AT NORTH ROAD, ABERAYRON. A CHOICE SELECTION OF 200 MACHINES TO CHOOSE FRO, RANGING IN PRICE FROM £6 10s. UPWARDS. Excellent Motor Garage. Motors kept in stock. Bicycles Plated and Enamelled, and Repairs of all kinds executed on the Premises by experienced Workmen. Cycles supplied on the instalment system. Cycle Accessories and Parts of all kinds in stock. Petrol stored. AGENTS FOR ALL THE LEADING MAKERS OF BIRMINGHAM & COVENTRY. D. E. JONES & Co., Proprietors. DA ^WS^soas, OPTICIANS- Mr. A. R. DAVIES, F.S.M.C. (Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers, London), has made a special study ot Visual Optics, and gained the above diploma. If the services of an Oculist are needed you will be promptly told so and no charge will be made. Oculists' prescriptions made up with the greatest care. DAVIES az SOHS, 5, GUILDHALL-SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. n THE CASH FURNISHERS. I GUILDHALL FUnNISHING COMPANY GUILDHALL SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. See "what you save "by "buying1 direct from the Manufacturers. A FEW OF OUR LEADING LINES:— « £ s. d. Dining Room Suites, complete, in Patent Leather 3 10 0 Drawing Room, do, in Tapestry- 4 19 6 Bedroom Suites complete (Walnut) 5 19 6 Bedsteads complete, with Spring j Mattress, Wool Mattress, and Pillow 1 2 6 Couches, full size, upholstered in Patent Leather 0 19 11 Sofas, do. 1 7 6 Straw Paliasses, full size- Q 5 11 Millpuff Beds. complete, full size 0 10 6| Millpuff Mattresses, full size 0 12 6' Feather Beds, complete 2 2 0 Upholstered Spring Mattresses (folding) f best quality 1 10 0' Gentlemen's Leather Arm Chairs • 0 19 6 Solid Oak Sideboards, 4ft. 4 19 6 Black Louis Cabinets, 4ft. 3 19 61 He-upholstering a Speciality. HAYDN WILLIAMS (Successor to W. S. PIIILLIPS & Co.) Importer, Dealer, Blender, and Bottler, Wine, Spirit, Ale, Stout, Cider, and Cigar Merchant. sm M.M= man imimin so% j%maj 7m SEATED WA T MA UPACTULEE, Proprietary Brands of Wines and Spirits at Lowest Prices. [AGENT FOR THE BEST FIRMS IN THE TRADE, 1- Orders by Post receive prompt attention. I -————————————————————-J Offices: 7, KING STREET, CARMARTHEN.! Goods delivered within 8 Miles of Carmarthen by1 my own Carts. I I J. W. BENSON, LTD. I ■ Canter of w iIS12 10s. to R21 108. h, W HIL& I by %\)t Cttnes SYSTEM OP K I MONTHLY PAYMENTS of £ 1.1 I notchar<reextrafortuyinsthis1 B E N SO N'S c** BIBBS scray 1 I 11 — The Lowest Prjcss §1 I £ ^59*} 101 ClK CillKS" 1 W3g# I MONTHLY I I Opal ii a Brilliants and ^3^ I PAYMENT I SSSir"? J"" I jj| FACTORY: ^6^JLPDGATE HILL, LONDON, E'.C. | J W" LADIES m We you that APIOL e STEEL PILLS anpersede Pennyroyal, Fil Cochia S Bitter Jnnlp REIS "SK 1»'™ ™ »•« LESLIE MARTYN, LTD., CHEMISTS, 34. DALSTON LANE, LONDON. TO POOR RATE COTLECTOIZ,9, ASSISTANT OVERSEERS, &c. i T^ORMSof Notice of Audit, Collector s Monthly pm-e V.c,Poor Rate Receipt Books, with Name of Parish, Particulars of Rate, fcc., printed in, can bo obtained at the REFOBTK OFFICE at Cheap Rates, Send for Prigea. L M EVERY WOMAN Should send two stamps for our 32 page Illus- trated Book, containing valuable information how all Irregularities and Obstructions may be entirely avoided or removed by simple means. Recommended by eminent Physicians as the only Safe, Sure and Genuine Remedy, SSTr Testimonials. Established 1862. Mr P. BLANCHARB, Dais- ton Lane, London. THE CARMARTHEN BILLPOSTING COMPANY, 13, BRIDGE-STREET CARMARTHEN ILLPOSTING and ADVERTISINGin all its JL* Branches, throughout the Countiea of Carina then, Pombroke and Cardigan. R. M. JAMES, Manager, BEIsT JOKES /Formerly Marager of T. Jones & Sons'N '—^ V Pnory Foundry ) I- I A in HICI I;N RLL 1,11 Pi, Ell A G E.\T Puxton Ifouse, 15, Priory t., (MHMARTHA \( ) 1 \.i' ¡ r 1 i Begs to inform Farmers and others that he has a LARGE VKHIV OF ffACIII\ £ RY AND I'L AT THE ABOVE ADDRESS, ALSO PLOUGH CASTINGS AND FITTINGS. Chaff Knives for all makes of Machines in Stock. Old Machinery Bought, (l/Ul Sold. Use" Alpha" Lubricants. REPAIRS ON THE PREMISES. I ll,l 'I _z LEWIS & CLARE THE HIGH-CLASirf MILJIJIINR ER8 ARE NOW MAKING A SPECIAL SHOW OF SUMMER MILLINERY. Blouses, Veilings, Sunshades, Gloves, Fancy Stoles, C.B. Tailor-Made Corsets, &c., &c. V V INSPECTION CORDIALLY INVITED. CAVENDISH HOUSE 41, KING STREET, T THIS WEEK. Oak am GREAT SUMMER SALE. J- DAVIES SOIT, Cloth Hall, Carmarthen. Mr. E. COLLIER, M.S. A., Architect and Surveyor, 5, QUAY STREET, CARMARTHEN, i W. T. ROGERS, R P.C. (Member ot the Registered Plumbers Company), Plumber, Gas-fitter j Wire & Electric Bell-hanger, j 9, NOTT-SQUARE, CARillARTIIEN. All kinds of Bath Room and Lavatory Requisites supplied and fixed. Newest Designs and Prices on application. Repairs executed on the shortest notice SPECIAL ATTENTION PAID TO ALL CLASSES OP COONTBT WORK, COMPETENT WORKMEN SENT TO ALL PARTS. GOOD WORKMANSHIP COMBINED WITH REASONABLE CHARGES W. S. MORRIS. Wholesale Grocer, Corn, Flour and Seed Merchant, 25, BRIDGE-STREET AND POTHOUSE STORES, CARMARTHEN. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION, 1 I Wedding1, I M and Engagement IUng-s. All Sizes, Shapes, and Vfoicylits in Stock. The Largest and Choicest Selection. ;«■ W the United Counties. B JOHN WILLIAMS, SJ TSL SLOP Y MODKWYATT, JBS 9 & 10 LAMMAS-STREET. J@r OABMAETHEN. JGP J. B. ARTHUR, Wholesale Grocer, CORN, FLOUR, AND SEED MERCHANT, The Quay Stores Je Priory Street, CARMARTHEN. CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE TRADE FOR ALL FEEDING STUFFS. STEAMERS ARRIVING WEEKLY WITH CARGOES OF MAIZE, BARLEY, FLOUR, WRITE FOR PBICE LIST BEFORE BUYING. NOTICES TO QUIT I FROM LANDLORD TO T E NA NT A NTI I TENANT TO LANDLORD, I May b' obtained at the RKPOSTKR OFFICE. M Blue-streeb, Carmarthen. w" PRICE ONE PENNY. |