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Carmarthen Board of Guardians.

Cardiff Asylum Medical Superintendentship.


Cardiff Asylum Medical Superintendentship. SHORT LIST REVISED BY THE COUNCIL DR GOODALL IN THE RUNNING. There was a buzz of excitement in the council-chamber of the Cardiff Town-hall on Tuesday over the fresh selection of five candi- dates for the post of medical superintendent of the new asylum at Whitchurch. The circumstances of the selection were most un- usual, the council having refused to accept the' short list of three recommended by the asylums committee, and insisted upon the list being the original short list of the seven candidates, who appeared before the com- mittee in person. The business of Tuesday's meeting, which was presided ovee by the deputy-mayor (Mr W. L. Yorath) was to select five out of the seven candidates, viz.: Dr Edgerfey (Menstsgi), Dr Erskine (Notting- ham). Dr Goodaill (Carmarthen), Dr S. Lloyd Jones (Colney Hatch), Dr M'Conaghey (Maodlesfield), Dr Smith (St. Albans), and Dr Wood (Hayward's Heath). The three candidates constituting the first short list, and who appeared before the last council, were Dr Erskine, Dr Edgerley, and Dr M'Conaghey, and they, together with Dr Goodall and Dr Smith, will come before the city council at another meeting, to be held next Wednesday week, at eleven o'clock, when the final selection will be made. It was decided to vote for five of the seven candidates, the lowest two to be struck out. Thirty-ifve ballot papers were put in, the result of the vote being:—" Edgerley, 24. Erskine, 22. Goodall, 20. M'Conaghey, 18. Smith, 18. Jones, 15. Wood, 8. Dr Jones and Dr Wood, being the lowest on the list, dropped out. Mr Morgan Thomas asked if it was under- stood that Drs Goodall and Smith would be aowed to canvass, in face of the fact that the other three, had already been canvassing. The Deputy Lord-Mayer said that, peraon- a/lily he thought each one ought to be treated the same. Mr F. J. Beavan said there was a resolu- tion by the council against canvassing that had never been rescinded by the Council. It had been rescinded by the committee, but that was ultra vires. Alderman E. Thomas proposed the suspen- sion of standing orders in order to discuss the question. The Deupty Lord-Mayor said that the three applicants sent up by the asylum com- mittee had been round canvassing, and it was manifestly unfair, from a moral point of view, that the other two should not be allowed to approach the members of the cor- poration before next Wednesday's meeting. Mr John Chappell seconded. He said he did so, not because he loved caiiviasmg, which was a hateful thing, but because common fairness called for it in the present instance. Mr F. J. Veall said it seemed to him that the no-canvassing resolution came to an end mechanically when the candidates appeared before the committee and angered questions and spoke on their own behalf ("No, no.") The resolution was carried unanimously.

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