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I County Council Electoral…


I County Council Electoral Divisions. GOVERNMENT ENQUIRY AT CARMARTHEN. LLANELLY SCENTS DANGER. On Wednesday, Mr F. J. Willis, barrister- at-Law, and inspector of the Local Govern- ment Board, sat at the Carmarthen Shirehall to inquire into applications by the County Council for three new electoral divi- sions, namely. Llandissilio, Newchurch, and Ammanford. Mr J. W. Nicholas, Clerk to the County Council, presented me case on behalf of that body, and Mr H. W. Spowart, Clerk to the Llanelly Urban Council, opposed the two first applications. Mr J. W. Nicholas stated that the three proposed electoral divisions would increase the County Council from 51 to 54 members. The application relative to Ammanford arose in consequence of the size of Bettws elec- toral division, which comprised 1,217 voters, of whom 642 were included in the urban dis- trict of Ammanford. It was proposed to make Ammanford a separate division, to make the rest of Bettws another, except a small part which would be added to Lladebie. It was felt by the Council that the request of Ammanford for separate representation should be acceded to. If three fresh electoral divisions were added an additional alderman would be granted to the Council. It was proposed to create a fresh division for Llan- dissilio by taking Egremont and Castelldwy- new from Whitland. and Llandissilio, Gil- maenllwyd, and Eglwysfairacherig from LI an boidy. In the Llangunnor electoral division the town of Carmarthenand the parish of St. Peter intervened between the two extreme- ties of the division. The ^Council bad decided to make application for the formation of a new electoral division to be comprised of 431 electors. The third proposed division was to be called the Newchurch division, and would comprise the three parishes of Newchurch, Merthyr. and Aliernant, for the total elec- torate of 334. Two of these parishes would j be taken from Llangunnor and the remain- be taken from Llangunnor and the remain- ing parish from the Trelech division. The ,'i Llangunnor division would be increased by the addition of portions of the parishes of Llanarthney. Llanddarog. Llandefeilog, and Llaugendeirne, the total electorate to be 402. as compared with 424 at present. Mr Spowart said he represented certain aldermen 16 members of the County council, and 10,200 odd voters. Twenty-nine mem- bers of the County Council would, he felt justified in saying, have been represented by him. only Mr W. David. Llanelly. who had consulted his fellow councillors, had only re- ceived 15 replies from the 29. who. he held, were of the same opinion as himself on the question. The eastern division rather stood for industry, and the western for agriculture. The fifteen members had shown by corres- pondence their strong disapproval of the pro- posed new divisions of Llandissilio and New- church, as they be!ieved the County Council passed them hurriedly and without proper consideration. They held that no fresh divi- sions, except Ammanford, should be created until a general distribution of seats in Car- marthenshire had been decided upon. Coun- cillor Thomas. Llangennech, had written ex- pressing the hope that the Llanelly oppo- nents would succeed in preventing any dis- turbance of representation. Mr Spowart said there was a grave uneasiness in the minds of many members that the matter had been hurried. He thought Ammanford, an in- dustrial centre, had a strong case, Mr Spowart quoteu returns of population and assessable vall-i-e of Llanelly. and said that though there was very considerable increase and development, nevertheless Llanelly had still eight members. Twenty-eight members of the County Council were from the Eastern and 23 from the Western, while of the 17 aldermen eiglu were from the Eastern, and eight from the Western, the odd one seeming not to know whether he was Eastern or West- ern (laughter). The members of the Western Division wanted two fresh members there, because thereby they would have an alder- I man. That His clients maintained was not a proper thing to do. He submitted that there was no sort of reason for increasing the Western representation to the extent indi- cated. The Llanelly Chamber of Commerce were taking a very decided move in regard to the representation and in respect to county offices and matters generally in which Jlan- elly were concerned. All the committee meet- ings. and until very recently all the meetings of the County Council were held at Carmar- then. He asked the inspector either to &ay that the application was premature, or else to say that the industrial area, of Amminii- ford had shown a prima facie case, and that, as far as the other new divisions went, the application failed. Mr Edmund Salmon, a parish councillor, from Llanginning, presented a petition pro- testing against the Llandissilio division, it being contended that St. Clears was nearer and more convenient in every respect than Llanboidy. Mr J. W. Nicholas said he thought the inspector should, in dealing with the matter, look at the county as a whole, He could put in the minutes of the County Council to prove that the matter had not been passed hurriedly. Instead of having the matter dealt with directly by the Local Government Act Committee, they appointed a special committee of five to consider it and report to the Local Government Act Committee, who accepted some ol their suggestions and rejected other-. The committee finally re- solved upon its report, and a month or six weeks afterwards the matter went before the County Council. To the members of that Council minutes were sent seven days before the meeting, and therefore it was most un- fair for gentlemen to suggest that there had been rapid transit. Mr Spowart pointed out that Mr D. C. Parry, the immediate ex-chairman of the County Council, had waid iiipt there was a considerable protect against adopting the recommendation of the committee, but, on the understanding that other applications would be considered, it was allowed t,o pass. The Inspector said that it seemed to him that Mr Spowart was not justified in saying that the matter had been ru-shed through. Mr Spowart said he did not use the word "rn"ihcd." but that at its final stiage it went through with such a. hurry as to leave the impression indicated. Mr John Lloyd. Penybank' Is, not this a move on the part of my frrend. Mr David. to get the County Cwmicil offices, the Assizes, and tH'erything else at the extreme end of the county? rnb now Mr David has made no stir—only at this moment does he do it when the people of Llanelly aie agitating, and he is declared the ringleader of this movement (daughter). Mr David: I am not here to ask for a majority for the eastern division of the county, but simply to prevent the western division from getting one. Mr Nicholas said than it was most unfair to say that the thing had been rushed through. -ks a matter of fact, there had been unusual delay in dealing with the matter, It had been brought forward m 10-04 by Mr C. E. Morris, and had l>oen most c&refully dis- cussed. It was open to other County Coun- cilHors to bring forward similar applications. The Inspector agreed that it was open to other parts of the county to bring forward similar schemes. The enquiry was then closed, and the In- spector will report Ü4 dile course.







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