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Weisli versus Italian Lead Miners. TROUBLE AT FIvOKGOCH. QUESTION OF PLAY DAYS. For the pist week disturbances have taken place at tho Frongoch. I-ead Mines, Aberystwyth, which are worked by a rvjan company. At these DII'U'S :230 Welsh- men aro employed wiih lOG Italians. Since the Italians were imported there has bunn trouble, and t,i o disputes which have arisen during the past ten days lmvo bofn of a serious character, necessitating the presence of coanty police day and night. Tho task n .,f the chief constable was alone that of keeping tho Welsh workmen in check. The mo a wore readily deposed to argue the matteis in dispute, but the "police were nevertheless compelled to guard the Italians to and from tho mines. One of the com- plaints was that the Itaiiaos were permitted to work on Saturday afternoon aud even on Sunday, aud another gricvanre W,s that they worked on Mab^ii's Dty, whicfi the Welshmen declared was against the custom of the country. In reply it was argued for the Italians that they had their saints' days, and this point tha 'Welshmen conce lod. The Chief Constable wa& at the mines throughout Monday, and upon his return reported a more satisfactory state of affairs, and a likelihood of a speedy settlement.