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Entertainment at Priordy,…

Volunteer Tie Shoot at Carmar,then.

[No title]

A Radnorshire Tragedy.



[No title]




jLiberals and Lord Roseberry.

Mr J. E. Ellis and Mr. Chamberlain.


The Truth about Jacobsdal.

[No title]

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Fasiikonbie Marriage at CarrnarthvM!…

-.-------------.----Good Health…

Death of ., 'Yilliams of Argyle."

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the Pembroke Election Petition.


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[No title]


A CLKRGYJIAN NOVEL DEFEXCE.—The Che- shire county magistrates at Wilinslow were on Thursday confronted with a singular de- fence of a clergyman named the Rev W. Graham, who was summoned for riding a bicycle on the footpath. The defendant claimed that under au Act of George III. clergymen engaged in parochial duties wore. privileged, if it was necessary and expedient to ride 0:1 the footpath. He contended that the laws which regulated pedestrians were suspended in the case of clergymen.—The Magistrates disagreed with this view, and in flicted a fine.

Family Notices

the Pembroke Election Petition.