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LOCAL IJVTELLIGENCE. THE MUZZLIXG ORDER which has just been revoked resulted in 64 convictions in Carmar then Borough, and in a gain of C24 in fines and costs for the Borough Fund. CAllMARTHKNSHniK INFIRMARY.—The Secre- tary (Mr Howell Howell) bags to ackaow ledge the receipt of the follovi-ing :-Illustra' ted papers from Mr J. Miller, Parade, and Miss Hughes, 6, East Parade flowers' Mrs Morse, Laugharne *10m TRAVELLXXU 200 MILES AX ITr>T-T, o- David Salomons regards the speed of i-m as purely a question of cost and m that if money ever became Verv chpnn 3 jnight travel at the rate of SwLtetM He gives his views on this subject in the course of a special intpri-;0«. -„i, joS»Mk'" of sSj bert Tlwmi"Upp° "i the ""m'' °f JIr GU' pupil ofX OldTllC<1, ST ,*««»••«• » +i Uicl College School, King-street Pliann.J.1^0 7h° passed the preliminary praise £ ,V x1 ^amJfation in April. Great ^Ue himself and Mr Roberts, his ff'V, Vr"10n we consider the limited time j. Ihomas s disposal, and that onlv 2 no or 8 passed in the Carmarthen centrp • 11 and that in the whole of Great Britain out of 70a who tried 371 failed. ° °at COUNTY RATE BASIS COMMITTEE.—A ing of this Committee was held if ui,- Hall, Carmarthen, the memblL „« I being Alderman Beavan, Llansadwrn; Ald. Tai^Llangmnmg Councillors J. h 7 n!tephaS and D- Davies, Llande l 7 ,ae.iman Beavan was unanimouslv elected chairman of the committee. After considerable discussion it was resolved to re- consider the basis of rating for county pllr- poses, aiid m order to be in a position tr. thoroughly understand the matter throve/* out the country, it was deemed sable that the committee Bhould nnf not only the valuations for Poor Tpw t poses, but also the Income Tav ^r- tho whole of the county. r<i tor directed to procure these return* -'uS and then convene a meetW n' ^?rthw3th' mittee to re-adjust the hi«iJ wi, com- A, the roce,,t exami„aS ^7 S!'Mr F"$' his mssprl vr ■Ua"es' Gmldhall Square, has passed. o understand that Mr "a-os Bov by th Hev Joseph of the Old CI>llei