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Mr Alfred Davies.


Mr Alfred Davies. A BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH. Mr Alfred Davies, the Radical candidate adopted by the Executive for the Carmarthen Boroughs, is the son of the late Rev John Davies, of London, who was the son of a farmer near Penygraig, Carmarthen, where the famous minister began to preach at the age of sixteen. The Rev John Davies was educated at the Grammar School in Car- marthen, which was in charge of the Rev David Peter, who was also one of the tutors of the Presbyterian College, Carmarthen, and pastor of Lammas-street Chapel. The futnre minister also spent some time at the Nonconformist Academy at Newport- Pagnell, and became the minister of large and influential churches in London- Albany Chapel, Regent's Park, and Marsh- street, Walthamstow. His successor at Albany, was the Rev Thomas Jones, of Swansea, the most eloquent of all the preachers that Wales has given to England during recent yeais, and the father of Principal Viriamu Jones, of Cardiff University College, and Mr D Brynmor Jones, Q.C., M.P, The Rev John Davies f was a man of great eloquence and of true nobility of character. On his mother's side also, Mr Alfred Davies is descended from a Baptist family. Her maiden name was Miss Mary Kidman Foster, daughter of a Cambridgeshire family, which can trace its Nonconformity and its descent back to the parlous times, for Nonconformity, of King Charles II, Mr Davies was educated at Milhill School, a well-known Noncon- formist institution, where many distinguished men have been trained, amongst them being the late Lord Chancellor Herschell, who is also the son of a Congregational minister. He hnd ns crhnnlmat-p XT- Albert Spicer, M.P. for the Monmouth Boroughs, who like Mr Alfred Davies, is one of the leaders of our Free Churches. Thus from his earliest days Mr Davies' surroundings and associations have been Nonconformist and he has not departed from his early principles. He has been an active and consistent advocate of Free Church principles. H^s home is one of the centre^ of Nonconformist influence in London, and quite recently a large and representative gathering of the leading laymen and ministers in London took place at his mansion at Hampstead to hear an address on Ritualism by Mr Augustine Birrel, Q.C., M.P. This was the first of a series of meetings initiated at the instance of the Lib- eration Society for the propagation of Non- conformistprinciples, and for the extension of the work of that society. Many years ago Mr Davies himself started a fund to help forward the cause of Disestablishment in Wales. He vyas one of the most intimate friends of the late Henry Richard, M.P. for the Merthyr Boroughs, and helped with purse, speech and influence the cause which that well-known patriot had at heart, and that at a time when Henry Kichard was practically the only voice Wales had in Parliament. Mr Davies was an enthusiastic supporter of the Welsh National Movement, and ever since he has retained his attachment to his country and his people. Mr Davies was elected one of the first deacons of Lyndhurst-road Congre- gational Church, where the well known Nonconformist leader, the Rev Dr Horton, is minister. Mrs Davies is an active member of another Nonconformist Church- that ol the Rev Dr Clifford, who has fought so magnificently for Progressive principles in the London County Council and School Board contests. Mr Davies was elected a member or the first London County Council for South Hackney. Here he did good 1_ in tKn „ C O i r WOFKI and Social Reform, and at h(s own expense prosecuted in the London Courts many owners of unsanitary cellar dwellings and thus helped to secure improved and healthier { homes for some hundreds of QC poorer classes. His many yea.s of faithful service as a social and political reformer claim the support and sympathy of all lovers of social i and political progress. Alld inasmuch as Nonconformity fçrrn the backbone of tl;e Liberal Party in this country, every opportunity should be taken to add to the number of Nonconformist representatives in f the House of Commons, so. tiÛtt their interests may be locked after. At the age of seventeen Air Davies left school, and entered the office of a steamship company. Not many years afterwards he started in business Q,iv his own account as an inter- national carrier and under-writer, and by his great business tact and ability, industry, ar,d integrity, he has succeeded in establishing a concern whose agents are in every part of the globe, and which has brought him into a position of great affluence. His wealth is at the service of all good causes. The Rev Mr Mr Humphreys, Baptist Minister, Felinfoel, W.ro,te to Dr Clifford for the opinion of the latter as to Mr Alfred Davies' qualifications as a Liberal candidate. I he tol'owing was the reply received :— 50, St. Quiutaiu Avenue, South Kensington, W., January 10th, 18:19. DEAn Sin,—I am delighted to herr that my friend, Jr j\.lfred levies, Ilampstcad, is a candidate tor the Carmarthen Borough?, For a long time I have been anxious that he should be in the House. His thorough-going Radicalism and his fidelity to the principles of the Tree Churches, his enthusiasm for tl-,e weil being of the State, his hiyh c^ar^csec and. aVilUy, will eomtnaud the confidence' and active support of all the Liberals of the Boroughs. No doubt you win triumphantly return him to the next Vrrljaiiatnt. I am, Truly Y.9;S, J. CLIFFORD. The services of Dr Clifford will be at the command of Mr Davies during his campaign. Mr Ellis Griffiths, M.P. for Anglesea, has also written in very eulogistic terms of Mr Davies.

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