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The County Treasurership. gg To the Editor of the Carmarthen Weekly Reporter. SIR,—Because I am in a greater measure imbued with the true spirit and principles of Liberalism, I am (to Liberal and Rate- payer's perverted vision) an extreme Tory. But there—ho has so falsely judged and accused so many who do not agree with his extreme ideas that I am rather flattered than otherwise to be ranged alongside such goodly company. There is not much doubt, however, about your correspondent. His words so unmis- takably represent him that a runaway man could read them. Here no reading botween the lines is necessary. The mask has been completely thrown off, revealing the worst type of unscrupulous partisan; with all the appertaining imperfections and narrow prejudices, whose bitter and acrimonious language might earn for him a cheap repu- tation at Hyde Park Corner, but it is not by any means suited to the advanced opinions which prevail amongst the enlightened inhabitants of Carmarthenshire. He aggressively takes upon himself to condemn others in unmeasured' terms, I because his views do not coincide with theirs, as if he were blessed with a monopoly of intelligence. He can see no good in anything which is not more Republican than Radical, and is certainly not Liberal. He is such a masterpiece, and poses as such an authority, that the members of the County Council must no longer use their C- intelligence. They must do what he says is Z;, y right. The oracle has said it is wrong to support Mr Peel Price. There can be no second opinion. He pulls the wire,the figures must move. Hear the Oracle :—" The only question which remains is, Will the Liberals who wont wrong on the last -occasion vote for Mr Price next time ? lIe is so omniscient, and so well acquainted with all shades of opinion, that he tells us, If they consult the wishes of their con- stituents, and the real interests of the county and of Wales, they will net." Why, his intuitive power is marvellous. He knows the wishes of all, and on the interosts of Wales ho claims to be a standard authority. The wonder is that ho has not blossomed into a County Councillor himself, so that his transcendent abilities might guide the Council aright, and eclipse all the lesser satellites by his illuminating genius. But I had almost forgotten that self-praise is no recommenda- tion, and that the public are the judges of tho requisite capabilities, and neither they I or the members of the County Council aro going to be dictated to or led by the nose by your autocratic correspondent. The props having been knocked from under the various arguments he has irrelevantly crammed into this question, he would now entice me into a discussion as to whether the County Council affairs should be administered on political lines or not. He says, ''The real question at issue is whether the administration of the County Council is to be based on Liberal or Tory lines." I am pleased to hear that this is the real issue out of the innumerable issues raised by your correspondent. I think he can take it for granted that the County Council will not trouble their heads very much to define what would be exactly Liberal or Tory lines on every question, but would bo influenced by an lionept and conscientious desire to do what is just and right, and most beneficial in their opinion (not necessarily 11 Liberal and Ratepayer's"), regardless of any political bias, and thus please all persons— Liberal or Conservative-and retain the respect they are entitled to on acpount of the imprrtiality and fairness which has characterised all their dealings, and enabled them to elevate their deliberations to a higher plane of thought than usually influences those whose political tendencies often oust a fair and just consideration of many a question. I hope "Liberal and Ratepayer will not be very disappointed if upon deaf ears falls his final appoal: -'I We look to the County Council to begin by appointing an efficient Liberal and Nonconformist to the post of County Treasurer," and the County Council (without troubling to ascertain what politics each candidate professes) proceeds to appoint the best candidate as guaged by merit and qualification-two words your correspondent does not appear to care about. Assuming they thought, well to consider the question of political views, I venture to believe that they would prefer a candidate with no pronounced views either way, one more likely to attend to the duties of his office, and refrain from dabbling in politics, and thereby perhaps bringing himself into conflict on certain questions with those under whose authority he is placed. I would point out that the we" whom your correspondent speaks for will not over- awe by their numbers the County Council, many of whom would prefer, I have no doubt, if he spoke for himself only, because Liberals are not built strictly on his lines, and they would not care to be represented by his fiery, uncultivated, declamatory, and illogical style of argument. With regard to Mr John Bevan, Mr H. Jones Thomas, Mr John Lloyd, and Mr H. Jones Davies, no one has a higher opinion of their merits than I have. They are high- principled, honourable, sterling characters, whose honest convictions and determination to act in accordance with the promptings of just and conscientious principles nayeearneu for them general respect and appreciation. I think no less of them than" Liberal and Rate- payer," although I wonder he has omitted the name of one whose claims are to most very strong indeed. I refer to Mr YV. N. Jones, who, through his unmistakable mental powers and innate talent for administrative work, has already occupied the enviable and honourable positions of Chairman of the County Council and Chairman of the Stand- ing Joint Committee, and for one year performed the duties of Justice of the Peace with conspicuous ability. I wonder whether your correspondent has a prejudice against him also. I must apologize, Mr Editor, for taking up so much space in your valuable paper. I shall trouble you no more. Next week the County Council will appoint a Treasurer, and I am sure the same consideration will be given to the claims of Mr n. Peel Price as to those of other candidates, notwithstanding "Liberal I and Ratepayer's" malicious attempt to unjustly prejudice his chances, to try and controvert which was my sole reason for entering into the discussion, if it can be dignified by such a term. I I am a Welshman, and proud of my country but I blush with shame when I think it is cursed with such unjust and unscrupulous character's Liberal and Ratepayer," whose sense of justice is entirely superviated to political bias. I am, sir, Yours, etc., CYMRO. [The appointmcnt of treasurerwill probably be made before the next issue of the Reporter is printed. According to present arrange- ments, the appointment will be made at the meeting of the County Council to be held at Llandilo next Wednesday, which we hope to report in our next issue.—ED., C. IF. A'.]

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