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GUILDHALL CLOCK (LGQUITOR). Year by year in toilsome duty have my chimes been known to fame, Aud I've echoed out my quarters into space, But "he scenes that meet my op-ticizy often cover me inith shame, So I always keep my hands before my face. For my cen're-pin feels broken, and my cog-whee's lose their teeth, When I muso upon the shams of this old town, And my friend, the three-armed lamp-post, standing meekly underneath, Often sees upon my countenance a frown. And my pendulum gets weary in its never ceasing wag, When I meditate morosely on the fact, That there isn't any reason for St. Peter's Boys to brag, And I'm sure they're never guilty of the act. For incessantly un Sunday in the quiet little streets, GuzI eadly on the beer sold on the siv, And I'd like to tell the bobbies marching up and down their beats, Where the Sabbath boozors get their drink supply. Whilo underneath my notice at the bottom of the Square, In a beautifully warm and sunny spot, A gang of lazy loafers are for ever standing there, And I'd like to drop my weights upon the lot. For the station, and the water, and the fairs held in the streets, Make me strike my hours and quarters with a groan, And my oft-recurring ticking gets erratic in it b< ats, When I ponder on the Hock and Fountain Loan. But the late progressive movements in our Local Council bold, Greatly stimulated the working of my gong, And reforms that have been needed in this Ancient Borough's fold, Have quite latterly assumed dimensions strong. Though this Borough may be ancient and notorious la ine past, You can bet your bottom dollar on the fact, With h ground for recreation, and a water scheme ult )ast, It will challenge any town and not be whacked. The Mayor and Mayoress (Mr and Mrs Brunei White) and Miss White, King-street, attended the Lord Mayor's bull at the Mansion House on Tuesday evening last. The meeting of the Joint Council of the Carmarthen and Llanelly Liberal Associa- tions to consider the resignation of Mr Gwilym Evans will be held at the Assembly- rooms, Carmarthen, on Saturday next (to-morrow). Carmarthen has had a visit from two literary barristers this week—Mr Marchant Williams, the author of Welsh Members of Parliament," and Mr Lleufer Thomas, the secretary of the Welsh Land Commission. Sir Lewis Morris and Lady Morris and family intend shortly removing to Carmar- then, and making their home at the old 0 family mansion at Penbryn. Although comment was made on the -fact that the Infirmary accounts were not sent to the Charity Commissioners, the accounts are regularly and properly kept and the Infirmary authorities had no idea whatever that their institution came within the scope of the Commission. That two heads are better than one is an adage that received apt illustration during the hearing of the sensational false pretences case at the Borough Sessions on Monday. While one of the prisoner's witnesses was being subjected to a cross- examination by counsel that resulted in eliciting practically nothing, Mr D. E. Stephens, the instructing solicitor, leant over and whispered in the ear of his leader a suggestion which gave a new turn to the case, that very nearly resulted in a conviction. One wonders what the result would have been had the positions been reversed, and the horse-hair had adorned Mr Stephens' head ALETHEIA.

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