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The late ney. D. Pugh Evans.I


The late ney. D. Pugh Evans. UNVEILING OF THE TABLET AT I ST. PETERS. Thursday, the 13 inst, was tho anniversary of the death of Prebendary D. Pugh Evans,. Lampeter Velfrey, and in the afternoon a large congregation assembled at St. Peter's Church, to take part in a special memorial service, and to witness the unveiling of a beautiful tablet, which had been subscribed for by the parishioners, and placed immed- iately behind the pulpit. Amongst the congregation were Mrs Pugh Evans (widow), Sir Gritlith Evans (brother), Lady Evans and Miss Evans, Lovesgrove, and several clergy. The Bishop of Swansea officiated, and the Hev J. E. Brown (Birming- ham, formerly rector of Stackpole, Pembroke) unveiled the tablet, which comprised a large brass cross, embedded in dove marble, and bearing the following inscription :— To the G'ory of God, And in affectionate remembrance of the REV. DAVID PUfm EVANS, M.A, Rector of Lampeter Velfrey, Prebendary of St. David's, Rural Dean of St. Clears, and vicar of this parish, 1878 to 1885. Born October 27, 1811, FeU aBleep October 13, 189 7. Erected by his former parishioners. Then follows the very appropriate excerpt from the Epistle to the GaJatians "The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, srentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temper- ance." The Rev J. E. Brown, in the course of his eulogium, said that there were times when the friends of the departed found it hard to join in the sentence of the Burial Service, We thank thee oh Lord that it hath pleased thee to deliver our brother out of the miseries of this sinful world." But after a time hud passed, if the grief at his loss was as keenly felt as ever, yet they were able to count the gain which such a life as that of the deceased n had been to them. One of the most striking characteristics of the deceased was his single mindedness. One heard sometimes of the professionalism of the clergy and in one of the leading newspapers recently there was an article on the snbject. No doubt there was some truth in the change but if their minds and hearts were given to God as those of the deceased were they would hear nothing of the "professionalism" of the clergy. He was also characterised by a wonderful industry and by a wonder- ful hopefulness which communicated itself to others who come to him for solace in their troubles. Ho was one, too, who could do unpleasant duties, and thut in a courteous way. He was able to and was determined to see the best side of everything. The whole of his life was an influence to lead others to a higher level. Believing as they did in the Communion of Saints, they believed that that influence was still exercised, for the veil which divided them frem the unseen world was such that they could almost see through it. The service concluded with the singing of the hymm, Peace, Perfect, Peace. —

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