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Swice Fever in Carmarthenshire.

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Marriage of the IIon. Walter…


Marriage of the IIon. Walter Fitz- Urian Eice, Dynevor Castle. There was a large and fashionable assembly on Wednesday afternoon, October 12th, at St. George's Church, Hanover-square, London, W., to witness the marriage of the Hon. W. Fitz-Urian Rice, and Lady Margaret Child Villiers. The bridegroom is a lieutenant in, the Carmarthen Artillery, W. Division R.A. a J.P. for Carmarthenshire, and the only son of Lord Dynevor (Arthur de Cardonnel Rice), sixth Baron, is a J.P. and D.L., and a county councillor (Llandebie Division) for Carmar- thenshire, of Dynevor Castle, Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, and grandson of the late Hon. Arthur Lascelles and the bride is the eldest daughter of the Right Hon the Earl of Jersey (Victor Robert George Child Villiers), granddaughter of Lord Leigh, of Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwickshire, and niece of the Duke of Westminster, of Eaton Hall, Chester. The service was fully choral, and the church handsomely decorated with tall palms, banked with white flowering plants and ferns, and the altar had been specially refilled for the occasion. The nup- tial ceremony was very impressively con- ducted by the Rev. Hon. William Talbot Rice, M.A., rector of St. Peter-le- Bailey Oxford (uncle of the bridegroom), assisted by the Rev W. H. Draper,A-I.A., rector of Middle- ton, Stoney, Bicester, Oxon, and the Rev- David Anderson, M.A., rector of St. George's Hanover-Square, W. The bride arrived with her father, the Earl of Jersey, who, during the singing of the hymn 0, Jesus, I have promised, conducted her to the chancel entrance, where the first portion of the service was said, and in due course gave her away. A bevy of no less than 10 bridemaids, awaited the arrival of Lady Margaret Villiers at the entrance to the church. The young ladies were Lady Mary Child Villiers, Lady Beatrice Child Villiers (sisters of the bride), the Hon Gladys Rice, the Hon. Gweullian Clare Rice (sisters of the bride- groom), the Hon. Eila Frances Peel (daughter of Viscount Peel), Miss Violet Agnes Evelyn Leigh (daughter of the Hon. E. Chandos Leigh), who is engaged to be married to Mr 19 Bertram Hardy, of Dunstall Hall, Stafford- shire (cousins of the bride), the Hon. Averil Vivian (daughter of Lord Swansea), the Hon Anna Douglas Laurence (daughter of Lord Laurence), Lady Katharine Lucy Stanhope (daughter of Earl Stanhope), and Miss Caro- line Julia Georgina Jenkins (daughter of Lady Caroline Jenkins), cousin of the bride. They were charmingly gowned in white glace silk and chiffon, with fisehus of lace and pale blue chiffon sashes. Thev also wore black satin hats, with ostrich plumes. The Hon. Walter Rice's presents to them were torquoise am pearl crescents and nosegays of white roses and lilies of the valley, in foliage, tied with blue ribbons en suite. Master Henry Sydney Charles Peyton (son of Sir Algernon and Lady Peyton, of Swift's House, Bicester), acted as page, picturesquely costumed in pale blue satin and lace collar, and three-cornered hat, ar.d performed his duties with great grace. The bridegroom was supported by Lord Jedburgh (Robert Schomberg Ken), only son of the Marquis of Lothian, P.O., who acted as" best man." Lady Margaret Villiers looked remarkably well in a very handsome wedding gown" of lovely white duchesse satin, the skirt being arranged with a flouitce of real old family Brufisel's lace, starting from the waist and arranged in front and around the hem. The full Court train of the same white duchesse satin was lined with white silk and trimmed with chiffon. The bodice had a transparent yoke of chiffon and long transparent sleeves arranged with some real old family Brussels lace. Her blonde veil covered a tiara of real orange blossoms, and she wore a turquiose and diamond crescent the gift of the bridegroom, and carried a neat bridal bouquet of rare exotics tied with white satin streamers en suite. During the service the hymns 0, perfect Love, all human thoughtstranscending" and "Lead us Heaven- ly Father, lead us," were sung with: great effect. The reception given by the Countess of Jersey, at 25, St.. James's place, kindly lent by the Hon. Sir Stafford and Lady Xorthcote, was largely attended among those present and at the church being the Lord Chancellor of England, the Countess of Halsbury and the Hon. Evelyn Gifford the Russian Embassador, Viscount Hood and the Hon Miss Hood, Viscount Villiers, the Hon Arthur Villiers, Mr P Ralli, Mrs Usher, Miss Kenneth Forster, Sir Bernard and Lady Samuelson, the Hon G Wallop, the Rev D V Johnson, the Hon Robert Grosvenor, M de la Fontaine, Lord and Lady Mount Stephen, Lord Dynevor, Miss Lewis, Sir Stafford and Lady Northcote, Lady Ampthill, Lord I and Lady Sherborne, Mrs Close, Mrs W W Grantham, Lady Flower, and Miss Flower, Mr and Mrs Edward Sassoon, Lady and Miss Constance Gough Calthorpe, Mr and Mrs Hilton Price, Mrs Vaughan Davies, Mrs Miss Wingfield, Lady Bateman, Mr and Mrs Charles Fano, D. Williamson, the Dowager Lady Westbury, Mrs Field, Mrs Montgomery, I Mr and Miss Montgomery, Mr W D Little, Mrs Samuels, Lady Swanea, Lady Frank, Lady Lawrence, Sir Dixon and Lady Hart- land, Mr Walter and Mrs H. Harries, Mr Lee, Misses Van Wart, Mr and Mrs E. Campbell, Mr Herbert Morgan, Miss Raymond Baker, Lady Llangattock, Mr and Hon. Mrs Shelley, Mrs Calthorpe, Lady Charlotte Jenkins, Mrs G H Dawkins, Colonel and Mrs Joyce, Mr William Gillett, Mrs Charles Van Raalte, Mrs F. O. Macmillan, Miss Macmillan, Countess ess of Galloway, Mrs Robert Benson, Mr and Mrs Morris, Glyn, Sir John Jones Jenkins, M.P., Lady Jenkins, Miss Jenkins, Lady Edward Cavendish, the Hon Mrs Dugdale, t h.) Hon Mrs Newdigate. Afterwards the Hot. Walter and Lady Margaret Rice left for Osterley Park, Middlesex, a seat of the Earl of Jersey, where the early days of the honey- moon were spent The going away gown was of beige cloth of a pale blue shade, trimmed with velvet, and brown velvet hat. The happy couple were the recipients of some hundreds of valuable presents from all classes and ranks of society. The newly- wedded couple are to arrive at Dynevor Castle on Friday (to-day). An account of the festivities will appear in our next issue.

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