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.... Llandilo Board of Guardians.


|Llaudiio Ambulance Class.

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Swice Fever in Carmarthenshire.


Swice Fever in Carmarthenshire. AN INCREASE IN THE CARMARTHEN DISTRICT. A meeting of the General Purposes Com- mittee of the Carmarthenshire County Council was held at the Shire Hall on Wed- nesday. Sir James Hills-Johnes presided. There were also present Mr D. Watkins, Llandovery Mr W. N. Jones, Tirydail Mr W N Jones, Tirydail Mr H. J. Thomas, Llanfynydd Dr R. L. Thomas, St,. Clears Mr J. Ll. Thomas, Tanlan Mr John Phillips, Caerlleon Mr John Rees, Dolgwm Mr John John, I arceithin Colonel Gwynne Hughes, Glancothi Mr J. S. Tregoning, Llanelly Mr J. W. Gwynne-Hughes, Tregib Mr T. Jones, Penronw Mr Joseph Maybery the Clerk (Mr T. Jones); and the Deputy Clerk (Mr T. Douglas Jones). The Inspector for the Carmarthen division reported five cases of anthrax and seven of swine fever had occurred since the last meeting. Swine-fever had broken out, in the prrishes of ConwiJ, Newchurch, Llanllawddog, and Llanpumpsaint. Eight, pigs had died, and 93 had been slaughtered. G,192 declarations for the moving of pigs had been issued in the Carmarthen division during the quarter. Rev W. Thomas asked if the swine-fever was increasing or decreasing. Mr J. R. Rees, the veterinary inspector, said that in his district there was an increase. In the Llandilo division the sheep-scab season had set in somewhat earlier than usual. Two cases of swine-fever had occurred and a case of anthrax. 3,828 declarations had been issued by the public during the quarter. In answer to various questions, Mr J. F. Rees said that the holding of a post-mortem examination in the case of anthrax tended rather to spread the disease, as the bacilli multiplied rapidly when exposed to the atmosphere. It was well to bury the animals at once aftr they died, without cutting them up. It was decided, after discussion, however, that the veterinary inspector should hold a post-mortem in all cases ot anthrax. The Clerk referred to the fact that a pro- position was to came before the next meeting of the County Council to revoke the Swine Fever Movement Order. He thought at any rate they should go in for defining an area for its operation, as there was no swine river in the part of the county. Dr R. L. Thomas said there were no cases on the other side of the Cowin. The Clerk produced a copy of the Sheep Scab Order had come into force on the 1st October. It was a lengthy document and the council were required to make bye-laws dealing with sheep-scab. A committee was appointed to make arrangements for putting the order in force, the committee to meet on Tuesday next.

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