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.... Llandilo Board of Guardians.


|Llaudiio Ambulance Class.


Llaudiio Ambulance Class. PRESENTATION TO DR. EVANS. In connection with the Great Western Railway Men's Ambulance Classet, a meeting was held at Llandilo Station on Sunday* last, over which Mr Ludford, Divisional buperintendent presided. He said he thanked the men very much for the honour they had done him in asking him to preside on that agreeable occasion. He was pleased to see so many there, who had given their time and attention in connection with the class, which had for its object the aiding of suffering humanity. They could not live for themselves, and he knew of no higher of christian charity and love. than that which was displayed in connection with the St. John's Ambulance Association, having, as it did, for its object the alleviation of suffering (hear, hear). It was a work which would afford unmitigated satisfaction tn all its members, because he thought there could be nothing that could comfort a man so much, as that he had himself been enabled to alleviate suffering in any shape or form. That the association was needed no one would deny. He himself had seen, and no doubt some of them had, some poor fellow who had been injured, find they could do nothing but look on with helpless sorrow, simply because they did not know what to do. or how to do it. No doubt, for that reason, many lives had been sacrificed, but now for one lost thousands had been aided, at the moment of an accident, or shortly afterwards, until a medical man had come in with his skill, and had brought about a cure, which without the rendering of the first-aid might have resulted in death (hear, hear). It might interest, them to know that in 1888 the Great Western Ambulance Society issued in their first year something like 448 certificates. At the end of 1896 there had been issued in all from that time for the first examination, 2,856 for the second, 825 and for the third, 277. In 1896, the directors, who fully recognised the great good the St. John's Ambulance Association was doing, took steps that resulted in the Grea. Western Ambulance Society bbcoming an iutegral portion of the St. John's Ambulance Association. Royalty, in the person of Princess Christian, was its president. In 1897 there were issued for first examination 3,714 for second, 1,041 for third, 408 whilst this year, up to September 30th, the figures were first, 4 468 second, 1,441 third, 629 so that during the last year there had been a marked increase, and greater than in any previous perioi of their history. He then referred to the necessity of keeping up the knowledge. He hoped the members of that class would keep their knowledge up to date. He was pleased to see that at the Crystal Palace competition a team of five G W.R. men, from Plymouth, secured a third prize, for which two hundred teams competed, and that the same team occupied the fourth position in the contest for the St. John's Ambulance Shields That showed the G.W.R men were not behind, und he hoped that in future examinations they would stand where they ought to-first (cheers). He knew of no class of men whose exertions were more unselfish, and for the good of the community than those of medical men. They had had invaluable aid in the different classes from different medical men, and he found they had had classes conducted by no less than 70 different medical men, and it was a great tribute to them that they had in all cases given thtir services gratuitously, and very often at great inconvenience to themselves. Thev never failpd in thi,. Wind. ness to the classes. He was very pleased to learn the traditions of the service had been maintained by tho gentleman who had acted as instructor to the class (hear, hear). It would be very wrong, indeed, if they did not acknowledge to the fullest extent their obligation to the different medical men who instructed the classeR, and he was sure they ivould agree with him, they were greatly indebted to them. He repeated how pleased he .vas to meet them, and that they had thought of asking him to preside at that function (theeis). He then proceeded to distribute the certificates and badges 3aying some kindly word to each as they received them, and welcoming them into the Association. These receiving first certificates were: Mr Turner, stationmaster Mr G. Cobner, relief clfrk Mr Ben Davies, chief goods clerk Mr W P Morgan, goods clerk Mr James Jones, stationmaster, Derwydd Road Mr D R JjneB, stationmaster, Flairfach Messrs W Dalies, J Beynon, J W Jones, D S Thomas, A H Davies, signal men E Butt, ticket-collector J C Andrews, Dan Jones, porters G E Smith, shunter, and T Phillies (Smith and Son). —Mr Ludford said the certificates and bndgt s were strong evidence of work well and faithfully don3 else they would not be awarded. He had referred to their indebtedness to medical men all orer the line, and he was glud to find they in that class had followed in the foo'steps of other classes with regard to medical men in showing their appreciation of the kindness and skill of the instructor. He then called upon Mr Turner, who said he had very much pleasure, on behalf of the class, in presenting Dr Evans with a walking stick, for what he had done for them. He had instructed them in a thoroughly satisfactory manner, and they all felt, individually and collectively, as he would not take any fee. they thought they might make him some recognition of his services, and had, therefore, pleasure in handing him a gold-mounted ebony walking stick (suitably inscribed) and he (Mr Turner) might add that it was not made in Germany (laughter), but was of British manufacture Dr Evans, in reply, expressed the pleasure it gave him to receive the walking stick at a meeting over which Mr Ludford presided. He was deeply thankful for the kind way in which Mr Ludford had spoken of him. Apart from any fee or gift, it had been a source of great pleasure to him to lecture to the class. It was gratifying to him that 17 out of the 19 presented had passed. It was frequently thought and said by people who knew nothing about it, that the examination was a bit of a farce. Whatever farce it had been in other places, it had not beer. there. Dr Rcid, of Swansea, the examiner, was feriot-like in his examination, and would have out what a pupil knew. He hoped the time would come when that class would not be sathfied with even a third-class prize for stretcher drill (cheers). lIe hoped his memory might never fail w hilst he had that stick in his possession of reminding him of that c!ass. Our representative having been asked to speak, 4r:<1 having done so, Mr Cobner moved a vote of thanks to Mr Ludford for presiding on the occasion at some inconvenience. They all knew tow much at heart Mr Ludford had the gOld of tht- ambulance classes. Mr Butt seconded. In reply, Mr Ludford said he scarcely needed tharks, as it was a work of pleasure to him to come amongst those with whom he had to deal with in daily life One could not havo to do in such a big system as the G. W.Railway for some many year, without feeling a childlike affection for it. Some one told him one day that he was part and parcel of the G.W.Railway. His reply was that he liked the system he liked its people and liked its men (cheers). Mr Cobner said they had one more duty 10 Ph a— an<^ was thank the secretary for e e leient way in which he had serve d them whi?hSnWw secon<?ed by Mr J. W. Joii, s and to Mr Davii»B*Ian8 a. cle(i ''i8 word of pra'se, describing Mr DavipfG'V101? T b(iu= indefatigable. The meeting then elrsed.

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