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.... Llandilo Board of Guardians.



LLANWINIO. CWMBACH BOARD SCHOOL.—In connection with this School an evening continuation school has been started, under the master- ship of Mr T. Jones. A good number of young men and women have joined in this Praiseworthy movement, which we hope will Prove highly beneficial to the locality. COUNCIL.—The quarterly meeting *M T ^0uncil was held on the 14th inst. Lewis, Cilsant, the chairman. ?n ,Mr W. Richards, Cilfforch, made on a?1CK-°n to the Council to put a gate land; whero ncartw?y passing through his Wlnm, and thfi 1ad hitherto betm the farm. ThnJ"ant,s Preceding him in maintain such cate u TO RCPA,R OR for the time 8'BEING OF RIKF Council came, therefore to ^llfforc^ 1 he leave things in ^™ T0 that it could not do OLHERWI ,?n TT" vention of sub-section 2 ot Section 1-2 nf TL'1 Local Government Act, which is as FOLL "A Parish Council may SUBJECT TQ0^ provisions of this Act with respect to restrictions on expenditure, UNDERTAKE to lepair and maintain all or any of the public footpaths—within their footpaths at the side of the public-road, but this power shall not, nor shall the exercised thercof relieve any other authority or person from any liability with respect to such repair or or Maintained." From the foregoing it is C EAR that the Parish Council has no right to Put A gate at the place indicated, for by so 0°UL§. they would be relieving the tenant .CILFFORCH from his liability to repair or ^,UNTAIN such gate. As there are so ^ERER'T opinions on this important eno 'CCT' PERHAPS, Mr Editor, you will be good reader^! *° ^'ve your v'ew t0 y°ur

|Llaudiio Ambulance Class.

.L I, A N E O I I) V ".-.-w

T . , p pETER.


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