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ARRIVALS — The e s. Tivyside arrived from Bristol on Monday, the 17th, and the s.s. Merthyr from Aronmouth on the J9th, for Mr J. B. Arthur, merchant. HELD OVER.—We have been compelled, through pressure on our space, to hold over a number of Welsh contributions, editorial notes, and general paragraphs, as well as the list of subscribers to the Rev W. Thomas' (Gwynfe) testimonial. HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICES were held at Lammas-street Chapel on Thurslay (yesterday). Services were held at 10, 3, and 6 o'clock in the eIfn.*I1B> l^e respected pastor, the Rev D Evans, officiating at each service. CARMARTHENSHIRE NEEDLEWORK GUILD — The exhibition of Needlework of the above guild will he held at the Guildhall, Carmarthen, on Wednesday October 26th. Doors open from 2 30. p.m. to 4.30 p.m. President's meeting at 2.45 p.m. THE Suffragan Bishop 3f Swansea (Dr Lloyd) Prebendary Garnons Williams, B.A., Abercamlair. Brecon, and Prebendary Lewis, M.A., Llanrhian, Pembrokethire, have been elected assessors under the Clergy Discipline Act, 1892, by the Chapter of St. David's for the ensuing three years. ZION PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.—On Thursday, the 13th, the members of the Christian Endeavour Society celebrated their first anniversary. A social meeting was held in the schoolroom under the presidency of the Rev W. 117. Lewis, pastor. Refreshments were served, and a most enjoyal le programme of music was given. CATTLE ORDER.—The London Gazette of Friday contains an order issued by the Board of Agriculture revoking the Order of March 8, 1897, prohibiting the holding cf markets, &c,of swine in the parishes of St Clears and Llanfihangel-Abercowin, and the Orders of April 15, 1897, and October 2, 1S97, and postponing the operation of the said Order of March 8th. COUNTY GIRU' SCHOOL, CARMARTHEN—In the list of candidates for County Exhibitions given on the results of the examinations held by the Centiol Welsh Board in July last, the following pupils of thio school bt.i-a the tiret, second, third, aDd fifth placcs, respectively, of all the girls in the county. Gvrladye M. Davies, Florence K. Morris, B. Olivia Roberts, ind Mary Evans. CARMARTHEN MARKETS.—There was again a fair quantity of butter on Saturday, and last week's prices were fully maintained market closed firm with a slight advance; demand very good, price paid from lOd to Hid per lb. A much larger supply of cheese was offered than has been seen for several weeks, and all sold with a slight advance, 23s to 26s was paid for best qualities. KILLED BY A HALFPENNY.—A year ago William Clayton, aged four, emofa head waiter in Bradfoid Bwallowed a halfpenny. His health was not affec- flin! i Ty?ar; Wh,en he grndua!]y tegan to de- »nS U y!a8t he wa8 taken t0 the Infirmary, in hisyth^rPl°r0nt °5Uie X rftys lhe halfpenny' in his throat was discerned. Forceps were ineffect- ually used, and a fortnight ago an operation was made, from the effect of which the boy died. THE numerous friends of Mr David Davies("Dewi Fychan,") formerly of Carmarthen, will learn with the keenest regret of the death of his eldest son, Idwal, who passed away after an illness of less than a day at his home in Stuart-stieet, Aberdare, on Monday, September 26ih. Though only eight years of age, the little lad had given wondeiful promise of the brightest future, and his loss is, consequently, all the harder to bear. Those whom the gods love die young." ASYLUM NURSE FINED —The Derby magistrates on Friday imposed a penalty of 12 and costs on Florence Parker, a female attendant at the Derby- shire County Asylum,for assaulting a patient named Annie Thornhill. Defendant was seen by the head nurse to slap the patient several times across the face. The incident was immediately reported, and she was dismissed on the spot, It was now pleaded that the patient was irritating, but the bench fined defendant. CARMARTHENSHIRE INFIRMARY.-The Secretsry (Mr Howell Howells) begs respectfully to acknow- ledge the following:-El 16s from Siloam Congregational Church, Pontgargothi; B2 10s from Peneader Congregational Church S2 7s 6d from L unllwni Church jE3 108 from Llanllwch, Chureli £2 10s from Lampeter Parish Church il 10s from Gorslas Church 15s from Llandilo English Congregational Church 4s from "Anon, Llandilo; flowersfrom Mr John Miller, Parade, and Mrs Croesman. Blue-street fruit and flowers from Miss Evans, 10, Parade fruit from Sir James Hills-Joh.ies, G.C.B., Y.C. Illustrated London News from Mies Hughes, (J.East Parade; vegetables and fruit from St. David's Church, Carmarthen books from the children of Gwcstfa, Manordeilo. G.F.S. SOCIAL EVENING-.—On Tuesday evening, at the Model School, a very pleasant evening was ppent, the "Social" beingpromoted by the members of the St. David's branch of the Girls' Friendly Society. The arrangements were undertaken hv e following committee of members:—The Jon8" £ 0?,C8' J RicLards, S ITearder, R Jones, L A M r)»»! «cD8' ^eorRe, A M Lewis, L Webber, Williams8'!? r»L J0IieB' E Griffiths, A Thomas, S Hancocke thavies' JOMS, R Davies: whilst Miss fore in pr'oajot^ecretary Society, wa* to the the members 'of enj°yment and happiness of proceedings, whi-h Society present. The with a pianoforte at 6"30 • °Pened whioh was greatly appr.bey. M»^ Cooke, I..R A M., Evar.s song, Mrs Juau?8 DH Mr Hariy Olive song. Mr Hnrry KVrI!r bai,J^/olo, MKH Jenkins. Messrs .rones' sirine ^!10 Cooke very kindly £ ave th. ir servioe8 Aft conclusion of the ungual programme r lh0 indulged in up to ten 0 clock, the W.B? being brought to a close with the Bingjn| f save tho Qu%n>" °l God 1ST VOL BATT. THE "\VEUSH RFGIMKNT (CAn- MAKTHKN DLTACHMKNT). — Orders for the week ending Scturday, October 29th, 1898. Officer for the week, Second Lieutenant J John. Company ordellies, C)I(,ur frgeant It J Jones and Luucco Corporal T Thomas. Orderly buster. W Urccnwo d. Company drill on Monday, at 7.:U> p Ill. plain clothes. Class tiring on Monday, Friday and Saturday, from 2 p.m. Recruits' drill on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 ."30 p.m. Club shoot C JrUr8d.ay' commencing at 2.0 p m. The Officer 3,45<jf1jn<^u8' 'ias been pleased to promote No. from VvJ*nre"^orPoral T Thomas, to be Corporal ^istribuJ8 i ^e" Tradesmen's Prizes will be 2^h inst *U ^°°l-room on Thursday, the °rder, vj' a' p.m. sharp. Dress: Walking out ^aistbeltg Jnre^ 8erSe frocks, field service caps be a preSeQt ° ponches or frogs). There will also following nonIOn of long service medals, etc., to the the Nelson jr^ssioned officers and men at Sergeant \y at 8 p m., namely, Colour- niHS'er .fones, I>HW1s' Serjeant Carpenter, liand- By order 0 Broad and D (1) Evaus. Comtnan carJ. E NORTON, Iaeutenant V4rQl»fthen Detachment. ILLNESS OF MR. WALTER MORGAN.—His many friends will be sorry to hear of the illnes of Mr Walter Morgan, son of Mr George Morgan, architect, King-street. Mr Morgan, who is at a bank in London, returned home some weeks ago in a delicate state of health, and on Saturday last un- fortunately burst a blood vessel. Although weak, Mr Morgan is making progress as well as can be expected. LECTURE. —A very interesting hcture was deliq,(red at the Priory Congregational Chapel on the 6th inst on the Resurrection by the Rev D. Cadvan Jones, who treated the subject in a masterly style; his arguments being chiefly grounded on, and supported by the Holy Scripture. The Rev T. R. Jacob, Peniel, presided in an able menner, A vote of thanks to the lecturer was moved by Professor Jones, seconded by the Rev D. S. Davies, and supported by the Rev Thomas Davies, Bristrol and a similar compliment was given to the Chairman, proposed by the lecturer, and seconded by the Rev E U Thomas, Tabernacle. THE COMMITTEE OF THE INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION, to be held at Carmarthen decided on Tuesday's meeting to refuse to admit Ferru- Cocoa," My Own," whiskey, and the bicycles of the Leader Works. THE OLD COI,LEGI,At the recent entrance examination to the Baptist College, Aberystwith, Mr Daniel Griffiths, a pupil of this school, passed, gaiping very high marks in Welsh, Greek, English, Latin and Homitetics. A fortnight ago, seven candidates from the Old College pas ed into the Pre-byterian College, four of whom-IV Thomas, Aberavon T. Williams, Llwynpia T Lloyd, Capel Mawr and B E Williams, LlaneHy- gained the 1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th places respectively on the order of merit list. These remarkable results reflect great credit on the scholars and the school under the management of the Rev Joseph Harry. Last Friday evening, the Rev D S Davies lectured to the students on the Essential Elements of a good reader." DEBATE ON is TOTAL ABSTINENCE DESIRABLE ?-The first debate of the winter session of the English Congregational Church Guild took place on Monday, the 17th inst., the subject being, Is Total Abstinence desirable"? Rev D J Thomps presided. Miss Mary Phillips, Picton-place, led the discussion in the affirmative side, and quoted the testimony borne by many eminent doctors and judges as to the great dangers of alcohol. John Bright said, If we ould reduce drinking to one-half, it would be to convert our country into a Paradist." Miss Phillips said that because of the evils caused by intemperance, we ought to deny ourselves, and at the sacrifice of everthing, we should endeavour to win back to goodness and purity those who have fallen. In replying in the negative, Mr Ebenezer Thomas (who is himself an abstainer) stated that intoxication must be treated as a disease, and that people like Jane Cakebread and Ellen Sweeney ought to be medically treated. He considered that people often signed the pledge undpr moral suasion and then broke it again. It was a very weak argument to>ay that people abstained for the sake of others. Miss J E Roberts (Intermediate School), Mr W Waters, and Mr A J Ross spoke in favour of teetolalism, and Mr Townsend, Mr Henderson, and Mr T Lloyd in favour of moderation. One speaker drew attention to the fact that in 1897, £130,000,000 was spent in strong drink. After the leaders had replied, the motion was put to the vote, 22 voted for total abstinence, and 20 for moderation. THE ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH GUILi).-On Thursday, October 13th, the opening meeting for the winter session of the members and friends of the Guild was held in the English Z, Corgregational Sunday School. Tea was placed on the tables at G o'clock. the following ladies presiding :-Mrs Adams, Mrs Ebenezer Thomas, and Miss Griffiths. During the evening, musical items and recitations were most successfully rendered, the programme being as follows Pianoforte solo, Miss M B Shovell (encored) song, "Little Mother," Miss Ida Pratt: part song, "Fisherman," Choir; song. "The Voice of the Father," Miss Evans (encored); song, A Flower from Mother's Grave," Mr Richards song, The Better Land," Miea Rougeky; song, Belfry Tower," Mr C W Pratt; song," Nobody E so," Miss Muriel Thomas (encored) song, Ruby," Mr Lewis violin solo, Mr Victor Jones H-:iig, "Tit for Tat," Mrs D J Thomas (encored) recitnticn, "The Dandy Fifth," Mr Seaton Thomas (encored) quartette, "The Choristers," Mrs Thomas, Mrs Crossman, Mr Harris and Mr Pratt song, The Bugler," Mr W T Res; song, "Tatters," Miss Evnus song, The Jovial Host," Mr ErneRt Pratt ( ncitred) part song, "Tne Peasants' Wedding March," the Choir God save the Queen brought the most enjoyable proceedings to a close. SMOKER AT THE SOCIAL CLUB.-On Thursday evening last week a very gtiecessful smoker was held under the auspices of the Workmtn's Social Club at the Assembly Rooms. Following the example set during tbe last winter it is intended to hold a series again during the coming winter. The success of this concert was assured from the knowledge that former smokers have been a huge success, and with such an energetic secretary as Mr R. Davidson, working in its behalf, the result was a foregone conclusion. The room was crowded. The Mayor (Mr H. B. White) occupied the chair, but after the conclusion of the first part of the programme, asked to be excused on account of a severe chill, when Mr Hopkin Davies, station master, was chosen to fill the chair. Mr T. S. Puddicombe was the accompanist for the evening, and playing in his usual style, had to respond to encore. The pro- gramme, which is appended, was a good one and varied Song, Our Side," Mr G. R. Lewis comic song, That was enough for me," Mr D. E. Jones song, "Goodwin Sands," Mr D. N. Jones; song, Village Blacksmith," Mr D. J. Jeremy, encored and gave "Genevieve"; comic song, "Mrs Gottem," Mr James Davies recitation, "The enchanted shirt," Mr Hopkin Davies; pianoforte solo, Mr T. S. Puddicombe; song, Bedouin Love Song," Mr Harry Evans pedestal clog dance, Mr G. R. Lewis recitation, How we beat the Captains colt," Mr T. S. Thomas song, Bonny Mary of Argyle," Mr A. Arthur, encored and gave "She wore a wreath of roses coon song, All coons looks alike to me," MILl. Arthur comic song, That'll do," Mr James Davies, encored and gave Where I am lodging now"; song, True till death," Mr D. J. Jeremy; song, Mr E. Colby Evans comic song, Blue haired boy," Mr A. Lynch recitation, Christmas Day at the Workhouse," Mr T. S. Thomas song, On the banks of the Wabash," Mr 1.1. Arthur recitation, Charge of the Light Brigade, Mr Hopkin Davies, pianoforte solo, Mr Gordon, Joui-nal Office. ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. The anniversary services of the Sunday School were held on Sunday list, 16th October At the morning service the Hev A Fuller Mills preached a powerful sermon on the religious education of children, and the grave responsibility which rested upon men and women, in using aright the eternal influence which they held over the destiny of the child; his text was, Bring a child Np in the way he should go, and he will not depart from it." A united (reeling of the English Nonconformist Sunday Schools of the town Wl.S held in the afternoon, Mr T Thomas, J.P., Disgwylfa, presiding, when Mr D Maurice Jones delivered an address urging the duty of the teachers end the administration of the Sunday School. His address was decidedly practical and very opportune, disclosing, as he did, the necessity for a more elevated and cultured method of instilling knowledge, in order to fully prepare the scholar to take his stand with efficiency, in this age of advancement and transition. In the evening, a beautiful service of song. entitlrd John Hilldon's Harvest," was rendered, in an able manner, by the Sunday School choir, under the leadership of Mr D Richards. The descriptive reading was very satisfactorily performed by Mr Ebt nezer Thomss. Great credit is duo to Mr Richards for ti-e attention he has given to the traii-tit g o! his choir, their s:nging being very much appreciatcr|hy a large congregation. The evening service was introduced by the pastor, Rev D J, who re id appropriate passages of Scripture and offered prayer. The pulj it, communion table and platform bad been beautifully clecorate-d by the ladies of the congregation with sheaves of corn, flowers, autumn leaves and plants Collections were taken at each service in aid of the School funds. ,y_, -V"


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