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The Charities of Carmarthen.







LAUGHARNE. PORTREEVE'S BANQUET.—The Portre9ve (Mr D. Thomas) hold his annual bauquet at the Brown's Hotel on Monday evening, October 17th. A party of sixty sat down to an excellent dinner, which had been pre- pared by the Host and Hostess, 'f he Portreeve was suoported by Alderman M. Williams, and the Vicar at the head of the table. After dinner a very enjoyable evening was spent in toasts, songs, &c. The following is a list of the toasts, with namos of those who rospon(led The Queen and Royal Family" Bishops, Cleixy and Ministers of all denominations" —The Vicar and Rev F. Curgenven Army and NavN, *Captain Stealey and Messrs T Rowlands. G Roberts, L Rees; The founder (Sir Guido d'Bryan)" — The Portreeve and Mr M Williams Aldermen uf l,aii,liai-ne "-Alderinen T David, E David, T Richards. T Lewis, and M Williams; "Officers of the Court Recorder Jeremy, common attorneys S Thomas, T John, Constables bt^aloy. Rowlands, Harry, and Griffith Town and Trade of Lancrharne "-Iesrs E David, T Richards, J Johns, and 11. Raymond The Visitors — Messrs \V Richards, J Lewis, W Jones, and R H Tayler The Press"- Messrs T Richards and R H Tyler Host and Hostess "—Mr W David. Songs were excellently rendered by the following :-lrs W David, Messrs M P Davies, Jones (Broad- way), W H Bowen, T John, .W Beavan, Maurice Williams, W Jeremy, and H [enkins. In this ancient township many old and quaint customs are observed, and to the stranger the ways of local government, the powers of local bodies, and the various offices connected therewith, are exceedingly interesting. They carry one back, in imagination only, to a bygone century. It is the strong desire of all the burgesses of Laugharne to upho'd these quaint customs as far as possible, so long as they are not detrimental to the trade and welfare of the town at large. ::> HARVEST THANKSGIVING. Harvest festivals were held at the Methodist Chapel on Monday, Monday, Oct. 17th. There was a large congregation. Rev J. Beynon occupied the I)ull)IL.-Oti Tuesday harvest festivals were held at the Independent Chapel, but as yet we are unable to give a full account. CAPTURE OF A DESERTER.—At 5.30 p.m. on Monday, at the Mill-road, P.C. Hoare saw a soldier in uniform, who proved to be Private George Harries, of the 1st Battalion South Wales Borderers, stationed at Pembroke Dock. When challenged, the man admitted he was absent without leave. He was taken to Carmarthen, and being brought before Professor Jones, J.P., was handed over to the military escort.


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