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The County Treasurersliip.


The County Treasurersliip. To the Editor of the Carmarthen Weehly Reporter. S£R,-A perusal of the letter by "A Liberal and a Ratepayer in your last issue engenders the reflection that a Christian feeling and a strong political bias do not combine well. The interests of the latter, unless powerfully restrained, are apt to influence the former and such seems to apply to your able correspondent. His argument would be more forcible were it not disfigured by such observations as I know nothing of him, and care less," referr- ing to Mr Peel Price. This, it seems to me, scarcely reveals a Christian spirit, exposes your correspondent's true character, and in no way strengthens his argument. Those of us who do know Mr Peel Price have the highest regard for him as a gentle- man, in every sense of the term, and one respected and thought well of generally. L feel sure that if your correspondent did know him he would be actuated by similar feelings towards him. Your correspondent's letter, as an appeal to Liberals to rally round the standard and bring their influence and undoubted power to bear on all questions political or not, doubtless will inspire many but I earnestly hope that questions such as this are decided in these advancing and increasingly enlight- ened days with a view rather to qualification and merit than to political partisanship. Your correspondent states that he would look upon the appointment of Mr Peel Price as little short of a calamity for the reasons (anything but weighty) which he quotes:- 1. That he is the son of his father, and the appointment might give rise to certain impressions. 2. That in the opinion of your correspondent the Council should go outside the old rut for its officials which means, I take it, that good men, tried and proved reliable, must give way to untried or un- certain substitutes. Now, these are not quite the grounds upon which to found an indictment, implying sinister motives, against a majority of the County Council, who have done the work devolving upon them for some time past extremely well and entirely satisfactorily. Let the Council go outside the old gang for its permanent officials, are the uncomplimentary words of your correspond- ent. Are the so-termed "old gang" so disreputable as all this ? Do they compare so unfavourably with officials elsewhere holding similar positions ? I think not. All credit to Mr H. Jones Davies, a sturdy Liberal, with plenty of moral stamina, for his efforts to secure what he considered best for the community, and most calculated to satisfy the requirements of the situation but that does not justify the condemnation, unheard, of the other members of the County Council, who hold different views. Surely they have a right to an opinion, and can doubtless give good reasons for preferring a personal County Treasurer to a Bank. The majority (good heads amongst them, and gentlemen of undoubted integrity, who have probably thought the matter out as deeply as your correspondent) do not favour the idea of a Bank. The arguments pro. and con. might be discussed without imputing improper motives to gentlemen above suspicion, and impugning what your correspondent is pleased to term the old gang." I do not doubt, as he says, that many good Liberals (may be, himself amongst them) will apply for the Treasurership, but I believe, come who may, the complicated work of the office has been so efficiently and so thoroughly well done by Mr Peel Price for the last two or three years, that the County Council are not likely to overlook his un- doubted claims, and appoint an unknown quantity putting him on one side because he is one of the old official rut," the old gang," and the son of his father—one of the ablest and kindest gentlemen that ever served the County of Carmarthen in any office. The importation of new blood has a fascination for many, and, at times, is doubt- less advisable, but it is a process which must be judiciously carried out. Many of us prefer a good valuable old strain, of which we know the worth. I am, Sir, yours, <S:c., CVMRO. ♦

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