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r LAUGHAItNE. A NEW SHOP.- We underst/ind that there will soon be opened in King-street a new shop, where the public will be supplied with drapery goods and millinery of all description and of the latest fashions direct from Paris. ) BRAKES.—We may remind our Carmar- then fliers that next week is the last week that the brakes run regularly to Pendine. Those who desire to visit this lovely spot should lose no time in taking advantage of one of the last trips. YACHTING.—Mr Brayshay, of the Glen, has purchased the Powder Puff" from Captain Harrison. For some time this boat has been beached at Delacorse Point. It has now, however, been fitted up for sea, and we understand Mr Brayshay intends taking a trip tn Tcnhy, Ilfracombe, Minehead, Lynmouth, &e. The "Powder Puff" is, undoubtedly, the finest boat in the harbour. SALE AT CJWSS HOU.SE. —One of the most successful sales that have for many years taken place at L'tugharne. was conducted by Mr Henry Thomas at Cross House Inn on Monday last. Mr Beynon, who has for many years oil a very successful business hero, lately decided, on account of failing health, to retire from business, and to sell his stock and furniture. A very large number of friends came together early, and, contrary to the usual custom in these parts, they were not kept long waiting. Excellent prices were realized for everything that was sold, and we can most heartily congratulate botli Beynon and the auctioneer on the success of the sale. THE MAI;KIA<;H OF MIS- LFAVIS, OF BROX- WAST. —On Saturday last, (September 17th, a wedding in which a large number of the inhabitants ftrlt considerable interest took place in the new Congregational Church, Laugharne, when Frank, the son of Mr James George, of Brook Mill, was united in matri. monyto Martha Jane, the second surviving daughter of Mr D. Lewis, of Bron wast Farm. Owing to the recent death of a brother of the bridegroom, it was arranged that the wedding should be a very quiet one, hence r very few knew the hour that it had been fixed to take place, which was two o'clock. The bridegroom and the best man (Mr Evans, chemist) arrived at the church a few minutes before the time mentioned, and punctually at two o'clock the bride, leaning on her father's arm, walked up the aisle, followed by Miss George, the sistcrof the bridegroom, as brides- maid. The llev Joile3, late pastor of the church, and the Rev Owen Thomas, M.A., of London, uncle of the bride, officiated. A goodly number of friends, when they learned that- the wedding was taking y 11 place, congregated at the church door to express their good wishes to the happy pair as they were leaving fur J iron wast, and if showers of rice foreshadow a happy and prosperous life, theirs certainly will be eminently so. CONCERTS —On Tuesday, September 13th, a concert of a very high character was given by Messrs Williams and Sutclitfe, at the National Schoolroom. It is paying a small compliment to say that no concert equal to it had been given outsido London for a considerable time. Tho above gentlemen aro professional musicians, and have been enjoyiug a pleasant holiday at their native town. Wishing to do something for their Alriia Mater," they decided to give a concert, the proceeds of were to go to the building fund of Laugharne National Schools. Mr Charlos Williams frequently lectures at the Royal Academy of Music, whilst his brothei, Mr Arthur Williams, taws, and his brother-in-law, are amongst the few masters of the violiucello and the violin respectively. That Laugharne people are proud of them is apparent from a remark which Mr C. Williams made during the concert:—" I have never performed before a more attentive or appreciative audience." An interesting item was the when 'ALO.aii on tli(, seconds to "Llw\"ll On oa the violin. Appended is the programme :—Trio in D Minor for piano, cello, and violin (Mendelssohn); violincello solo, Sonata. in G Minor (Marcello); piano sol", Gavotte (Bach) and German Dances (Schuberf violin solo, Concerto (Wieniawshi) — en ored with Concerto (Sphor) trio in G Minor (Mozant); duet, cello, Ii Merch Megau" and violin, Llwyu On."