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The County Treasurersliip.

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ILlandilo Board of Guardians.


1 Weather and the Crops.

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ITri Englyn i Fynwent Eglwys…

Carmarthenshire Rifle Association.


Knglyn Addas i'r Amser PreseDol,

Dyffryn Towy.

Yr Arlunydd a'i Ddarlun.

Y Bwtliyii Adfeiliedig.

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Publications. THE STRAXD MAGAZINE (6J) George Newnes —for September, is a grand number and contains the following :—Frontispiece, With a Horrible Cry, the Young Mnn Fell Senseless at our Feet j Round the Fire, by A Conan Doyle The Ascent of Aconcagua, by E A Fitzgerald A Strange Beginning, by G M Robius Animal Actualities Curious Fences, by Thomas E Curtis The Ivory Cross, by James Workman Portraits of Celebrities fit Different Times of their Lives —Mr Lionel Smythe, A.R.A., Rear-Admiral Dewey, Miss Louie Freear From Behind the Speaker's Chair, by Henry \V Lucy The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings, by L T Meade and Robert Eustage, A Sheep-dog Competition, by James Walter Smith Picturesque Peoplo in Clay, Wood, and Shell, by George Harper; Miss Cayley's Adventures, by Grant Allen; The Pleasure Telephone, by Arthur Ilee Triplets, by Albert Thomas; Axim's Reward; or, the Magic Blessing, from the Russian and Curiosities. l'EAttSO.N's MAGAZINE (6d)—C Arthur Pearson The September Number of Pearson's Mayazine is a particularly interesting issue ot this enterprising monthly. Mr Max Pemberton contiibutcs another of his striking series of stories, under the general title, Sigiicrs of the Niglit. Tnese tell of some of the stirring doings in the days of Fra Giovanni, the Capuchin friar of Venice, and are aa powerfully written and exating tales as could be wished for. Equal in interest are the doings of Mr Cutcliffe Hyne's intrepid little hero, Captain Kettle, whose exciting adventures on the Congo form good read- ing Other striking stories in this na-uOer include one of a series entitled The L'lst of the Borgiis, by Mr Fred M White Mother Bunch, by Mr Kdwin Pugh The Yicomte's Doutde, by Mr E W Jennings and a remarkable story of the Indians of Noith America by Mr W A Fraser. Altogether, the fiction element is djcidedly strong in the September I'rur.vun.s-. Corning; to iln aitides, there is one in f.articular whii h, it may bo safely said. will attract great atttntio.i. This is entitled Liquid Air, and is written by Mr Charles E Tripler. Mr Tripler is a noted American scientist, and ho gives iii the lirst authentic account of the I itcst wonder of science. For the extraordinary propcriies of the new liquid, and the revolutionising effect of its application to every day use, the reader is referr. d to the wonderful photographs which illustrate the article. Snowed Up in June is another striking paper, by Mr Jjhn S Begg, giving an account, of the great observatory on the summit of Ben Nevis, ai.d of the strange phenomun I here to b seen. Mr Walton Adams contributes Fro u Reading to Paris in a Houseboat, describing how, under the directions of the Comtesse ele Beam, an adventurous journey was made across the Channel for the purpose of intro- ducir g the houseboat to Parisian society. Ourse-veA nr.sit.v the World, by Mr J Holt Schooling, is a strikingly illustrated statistical paper, showing h;w successfully the old British Lion holds his own against the world. How Criminals are Identified, by l'ighe Hopkins, is an account of the Bertdlon system, and i!s intro- duction into England. Mr W L Aldrn contributes an amusing paper on Life's Little Worries, while Wire Walkinp, by Mr Austin Fryers, completes a very strong list of articles. THE W INDSOU MAGAZINE (Gel) for September (Ward, Lock, and Bnvden, Warwick House, Salisbury--quare, E C )—continues to hold its own as one of the leading monthlies. The present number is a grand one, and qpntains exceedingly attractive stories and articles, as the following contents will show :-F.ontispiece, The Last Stand — Watersmeet, North Devon When the waters were up at Jules', by Bret Harte Soldiers on Cycles, by Frank Orweli The Gorges of the Chiffa, Algiers, by G Montbard Pollie Palmer, by F Fitzgerald The other side of the Moon. by Walter G Bell Memories, by G P Jacomb-Hood Pharos the Egyptian, by Oüy Boothby; Teufel, bv J Yates Carrington The Duke of Argyll and his Highland Home, by Archibald Cromwell and II C Shelley; With Nat sen in the North, by Lieut. Hjalmsr Johiiisii The Well of the Palms, by S E Waller Teaching Children Housekeeping, by Alice Stronach Jennie Baxter, Journalist, by Cottrel Hoe Sir Algernon Peyton's Coach Whips, by Bisil Tozer Manly The Brighton of Australia, by Harry Furiiiss Jacob, by Alfred Hurry Musical England The Gloucester Festival, by F Klickmann The G. B., by E Nesbit; The Editor's Scrap-book Roddy, the Rat. by Ulyss Rogers The Chaperon, by St. Clair Simmons.