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Cycling. Cycle tours and club runs will soon be over for the summer season. F. n. Goodwin had a narrow escape of drowning by his yacht capsizing on the river (3use. All is expectation as to the new Dunlop tyre. We understand that the Dunlop Company are receiving no end of applications for particulars of same. A lady learning to ride a cycle in the dark, managed to upset a cripple on a tricycle. She compensated the victim and had also a fine of 10/- to pay for riding without a light. The honorary secretary who is just retiring from that post after sixteen year's fai h ul service to one of the best managed clubs in .London, just about secures record we fancy. In issuing his resignation circular to his fellow members he savs Personally, I have only to reflect upon the friends I have made in the club during my term of oftice, to feel that I have received a full reward—and one on which I put a priceless value." Shades of Gordon, what a hero! A song entitled the Night Patrol," which has just been published, and is the work of two old time cyclists, in the musical urofessinn is likely to find its way into the programme ol many a club "smoker," or other entertainment, during the off season. It has a lively swing, and catchy melody which should at once make it popular with cycling lovers of music. It is a remarkable fact that during the abnormally hot weather so many cyclists should have exposed themselves to the danger of sunstroke through riding during the hours when the sun's rays were at their strongest power. Several bad cases have been reported in the papers, and in nearly every instance it was noticed that the sunstricken ones had not provided themselves with any protective head gear beyond the orthodox cycling cap. In New South Wales cycling and politics go hand in hand so to speak. The best of support has been given to those political candidates who arc in sympathy with cyclists, and the members of the Union in the various districts have lately attended the election meetings in force aud supported their would-be representatives throughout their candi- dature. Would that English cyclists leagued them- selves together in a similar manner. Racing clubs—or clubs which hold path-racing events—should in the case of long-distance cham- pionships and scaled handicaps be careful about starting their races early and promptly, especially at this time of the year. There have been several instances of late, where great confusion and much subsequent dissatisfaction was caused by the finishing stages of the race being completed in the darkness 0fhe evening. Pneumatic tyres have been put to a severe test of late by those who have had occasion to ride much over the country roads during the recent drought. The sharp flints have been very impudently asser- tive, and in many place: the roads have been abso- lutely unrideable owing to the dry ruts made by the skids of farm waggons. Rain has never been so much in request by agriculturist- and cyclist alike as during this late summer. A writer, who appropriately enough signs himself Old Fogey," has been writing to one of the papers objecting to the increasing practice of young people touring the country together away from the wholesome restraints of homo and home societ\. As the Youth of both rexes still possess that necessary adjunct to life. iMinclv. common sense, we fail to see the necessity of the O.F.'s remarks. Perhaps he. himself, would be better under restraint. The popularity of the Dunlop tyre among all classes of riders all over the world, has no doubt been brought about by the generous and straight- forward manner in which the Company treats its customers. Not only are bona-lide punctures repaired free of co.t. but. any c.ciault or defect caused bv bad workmanship or bad materia! arc j repaired or replaced also free ox cost, under the Company's guarantee, providing, of course, that the tvrcs arc not subjected to unfair treatment. Holiday-makers who are allowed the privilege of passing through the lino Parks of Weibcck, Clumber and other magnificent estates in^ the Dukerics, have been behaving so badly t-liat the privilege is threatened with extinction. It ;s purely wanton to destroy trees and shrubs, and work grievous damage in a private estate giaciously thrown open to the public, but in the absence of direct evidence that it was cyclists not pedestrians who did the damage, it seems hard that wheelmen should be selected to suffer exclusion only. The antipathy of the authorities in many "infected areas" towards cyclists is daily waning. Even Kingston is mending its ways metaphorically, and actually investigating without bias a charge brought against malicious persons for throwing broken bottles to the detriment of passing wheel- men. In the City of London tuo, where many authorities clamour, unreasonably, for the total exclusion of cycle traffic, one of the Alderman, Sir Henry Knight, sentenced an obstructionist who impeded the passage of a. cyclist, and then attempted to assault him, to hard labour for three weeks without the option of a fine Even more important than the deterrent effect of so salutary a punishment on the reckless and wilfully obstructive butcher boy, were the remarks of the Alderman who said "Drivers of vehicles ought to know that cyclists have as much right to the use of the roadway as themselves. The prisoner appeared to be one of those vagaboutls whom he had often met with himself when cycling, who took a delight in pressing cyclists into the kerb, with the object of compelling them to dismount." Ah, there's the secret! The Alderman cvcles himself, and so wherever the spread of the pastime reaches to those in authority, the tyrannous oppression turns to a juster view, and the next generation will all be cyclists, it is only a question of natural mortality for the bench generally to be cleared in time of anti-wheelmeu,