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The County Treasurersliip.

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ILlandilo Board of Guardians.


1 Weather and the Crops.

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Carmarthenshire Rifle Association.



LLANDILO. ACCIDENTAL DEA TII We regret t3 have to record the death of Mr Evans, of Plasb:ich, on Saturday last. He had been a1 tending a sale at Capel Toby, and proceeded on his way home shortly after five o'clock. Near Lletty he turned off the road to take a bye-path over his own fields, and accosted M rs Thorn as, of Lletty, as he turned in the gate- way, A few moments afterwards, Mrs Thomas, on proceeding to the backyard, was horrified to see him lying helplees on the ground. He asked her to assist him up, but this she failed to do. and, after easing his posture, ran for ns-istance, and Dr Davies was promptly summoned, but before he arrived life was extinct. It would appear that the deceased had fallen down a slight slope on to a heap of stones, apparently on his head. or. which there were some bruises, and at his ripe age of 82 years the shock was too much for the system. — An inquest was held on the following Monday, when a verdict of Accidental death" was returned. The deceased was well-known, and had successfully farmed Plasbach for no less a period than 47 years, and was held in great respect in the neighbourhood. THE AI'PROACHIXG WEDDING OF THE HON. WALTE] r. RICE.—Acting oil the suggestion of Mr J W Nicholas, a public meeting was held on Friday evet if g at the Public UHII, when Mr W Grifliihs, vice-chairman of the Urban District Council, was elected to the chair, in the absence of Mr Nicholas. The meeting was attended by most of the representative townsmen Mr C G Phillips was elected secretary, and Mr C GrilHths treasurer. -It. w;-s decided to make the Hon Walier F Rice a public present, and after some discussion, it was decidtd that it should be from the inhabitants of Llandilo and neighbourhood and friends. A considerable sum was subscribed in the room. The quesiion of electing a coni-nitte,- pror,-d a tioubln- some one, and was also settled after a division. Dr Lloyd proposed a motion to the elfoct that the eoiniiiiitte should consist of ubscribers of half-a- guinea and upward. but this was primp ly opposed by Mr Evan Jones, who wanted brains rot pocket on the committee. — Mr T J Williams supported Mr Jones, and by an overwhelming majority it was decided that the meetings of the subscribers should take place every Friday n\ht —Mr J W Nicholas Mr C G Phillips, Dr Llûld, and the Vicar are empowered to framo au address. Collectors were 1 also appointed.

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