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Carmarthenshire Rifle Association.


Carmarthenshire Rifle Association. CONCLUDING DAY. The 1808 meeting of this Association was concl tided at the Danyrallfc Range, near Car- marthen, on Thursday week in ideal shooting weather, and turned out to be the most enjoy- able fixture for several years past, every- thing passing off without a hitch. From the accompanying details it may be gleaned that the association could boast of embracing within its membership roll some of the best shots in the kingdom. The coveted bronze medal of the National Ritle Association was this year deservedly won by Private Tobias Williams, of Llanelly a persevering, steady youug shot, who generally attcuds Bisley, and was in the Queen's Hundred in 1808 and lflOT. His aggregate points were only eleven below those of the veteran, Sergeant W. T. Davies, who was, according tothealtered rules of the associatioll,debarred from again taking the medal. This alteration was magnani- mously proposed by the Queen's Prizeman himself at the last council meeing, and it will ensure a wider representation of the county in the Prince of Wales' competition in future. At the conclusion of the meeting Major Buckley Roderick called upon Sergeant W. T. Davies, the winner of the grand aggregate, to present the bronze medal, and the latter in doing so paid Private Tobias Williams a high compliment for his skill. Next year they would go together to Bisley, and would again make as bold bid as any other two in the country for the Queen's Prize. (Applause.)—The recipient, who was enthusiastically cheered, said he fully appreciated the honour he had won, and said lie only hoped that when shooting for the Prince of Wales' Prize he would be able to follow Sergeant Davies's brilliant example. (Applause.)—Lieutenant John having presented the recruits' gold medal from Bisley. and three cheers having been given for the secretary, executive officers, Sergeant W. T. Davies, and non- winners, butts were struck, and a dispersal followed for another year. Results The LOUD-LIEUTENANT'S (Sir James Drum- mond, Bart.) PRIZE of £10 103 (in the bronze n:edo.l aggregnte). Ranges-2bO, 500, and 60J yards; seven shots at each. Standing or kneel- ing at 200; sitting, kneeling, or prone, at 500, and any position at 600 yards. 200 500 600 yds yds yds Tl. Sergeant D R Jones, K, £ 2 32 34 30 96 Sergeant W T Dalies, K, £ 10s 33 34 28 95 Private D J Roberts, K, £ 1 32 30 32 94 Corporal E J Andrews, I, XI 32 30 32 94 Private Tobias Williams. K, 15s 31 35 28 94 Sergeant D Rogers, II, 158. 31 32 30 93 Private John Davies, K, 15s 32 33 28 93 Lre-sgt W E Williams, I, 15s 34 31 27 92 Private David Davies. K, 10s 31 32 28 91 Corporal Douglas Arthur, K, 10s 29 30 31 90 Sergt-Instructor II Bailey, K, 10s 28 33 29 90 Sergt C Whiteoak, H, 10s 25 33 31 89 TYRO PRIZES, awarded to competitors in the County Association and Lord-lieutenant shoots, who have not won a prize at any CRA meeting previous to this year. CA LL Ttl. Private Richard Lewis, K, 15s 88 76 164 CA LL Ttl. Private Richard Lewis, K, 15s 88 76 164 Private J R Williams, 11. 10s 72 81 153 Piivate 3 M Robertson, K, 5i 74 70 144 The Recruit's Bronze Medal of the -N-R-A for the recruit enrolled after October 31, 1895, making the highest aggregate score in the County Associa- tion and Lord-lieutenant's, and a prize of Xi was awarded to Private Richard Lewis, K, for 1G4 points a second piize of 10s being won by Cyclist R W Robertson. The highest possible was 210 points. THE BRONZE MEDAL of the X.R.A awarJed to the compEtitor, who had not previously won the bronze rnedil, making the highest aggregate score in the first seven competitions, was won by Private Tobias Williams, K., with an aggieijete of 398 points, the next best scores being :—Private David Davies, 387 Private D J Rober's; K. 384 Private John Davies. K, 383 and Corporal E J Andrews, I, 383. The highest possible aggregate was 435. L, El 11 The winner's aggregate was, however, surpaesed by Sergeant W T Davies, the Queen's Prizeman of 1893, who put on 401 points, but the rules debarred the same person winning the medal more than once. He was, instead, awarded a silver jewel and £ 1 1*. TlIl LADIES' PlUZ: of about £ 10. Ranges, 200 yards. Seven shots, any position. Sergeant \V i Davies, Jv, 30s 35 Corporal Douglas Aithur, K, 20s 34 Private John Ihnies, K, 14 Ijd 33 Private J R Williams, H, 14s 4|d ?3 Private Daud Davies, Iv, 14s 4^-d 33 2 Corporal E J Andrews, I, l's 41d. 33 Private W Tobias "Williams, K, 14s 4.1 id 33 Sergeant D Rogers, H, 14s 4id 33 Sergeant John Tompkins. Cr, 14s 4id 33 Corporal T 1) Phillips, K, 8s 4d 32 Lance-sergeant W E Williams, 1, 8s 4d 32 Private D J Roberts, K, 8s 4d 32 Sergeant-instructor H Bailey, K, 5s 31 Sergeant A T Thomas, K, 5s 31 To close the competition thera was field-firing between two sections of twehe, commanded respectively by Major Buckley Roderick and Lieutenant James John (the secretary), The teams were picked in order of merit in the grand aggregate, five volleys being tired at 500 yards within the minute, every shot on the target, whether ricochet or not, to count. Major Roderick's team scjred 41 hits and Lieutenant John's 31. The grand aggregate for all the competitions throughout the three days was won by Sergeant W T Daviea with 439 points out of a possible 470, the next being Private Tobias Williams with 431, Private D Davies with 430. and Private J Davies, Private D J Roberts, and Corporal E J Andrews with 416 each.


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