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The County Treasurersliip.

Proposed Public Slaughter…

Appointment of J.P.'s for…

ILlandilo Board of Guardians.


1 Weather and the Crops.


Weather and the Crops. Including the rain which had fallen up to midnight on Sunday the fall for the 18 completed days of September was under one inch. Thus the deficiency disclosed at the end of August as been accentuated where it was most important it should be reducd. t) I ion Ploughing is very difficult, and preparation for autumn sowings is for the most part not attempted. Threshings of new wheat give excellent yields to the acre, and the quality is also good. The price of course is less satisfactory, but they are always some few weeks just after a good new harvesr when the value seems bound to decline, and the better feeling on the (Gth at Mark-lane c I would seem to indicate that this period is already past. Trade in maize: has been subject to daily fluctuations, which leaves values 3d to 6d dearer on the week. Sales of both malting and grinding barley are now a good deal larger than a fortnight ago new crop is finding its level at 30S to 34s for malting 26s to 30s for brewing 20S to 26s for distilling and 17s to 20S for feeding ) grades. Trade in oats is dull, but prices are maintained for English and American sorts. Beans are held with stiffness.—Monday's Mark Lane Express.

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ITri Englyn i Fynwent Eglwys…

Carmarthenshire Rifle Association.


Knglyn Addas i'r Amser PreseDol,

Dyffryn Towy.

Yr Arlunydd a'i Ddarlun.

Y Bwtliyii Adfeiliedig.

Blodeu-glwm Cof AM

Dydd y Farn.

■ rule Britannia.