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The County Treasurersliip.

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ILlandilo Board of Guardians.


I Llandilo Board of Guardians. The fortnightly meeting of ihij Board was held on Saturday last. The attendance comprised Mr W Griffiths (chairman), Mr D Davies (vice- chairman), Miss May Gwynne.Hughes, Miss M A Jones, Rev D James, Messrs Joseph Harrif, Jacob Davies, John Jones, J G ninths, J R Davies, T Rees, D W Lewis. James Hees, J R Jones, Caleb Thomas, D Mo'ris. John Thomas, George Davies, Roderick James, W R Thomas, D Protheroe, D Morgan, D Watkin, Henry Herbert, D Gwynn, W Evans, and Evan Lewis. THE HOUSE. The Master reported that there were 43 inmates in the House, and that there had been a decrease in the vagrancy, Mr Havard had held a service. —Mr J Rees wanted to know where the ministers were. THE VACCINATION ACT. The Clerk reported that he had received a circular from the Local Government Board re the new Vaccination Act, intimating that after this year the vaccination stations would have to be done away with. The doctors would probibly visit the lloiise, and it might be more expensive. COUNTY RATES. A cheque for £ 440 14s Sd for county rates drawn. THE WATER SUPPLY. The Clerk stated that the conditions upon which the Urban District Council were prepared to supply water to the Workhouse were as follows The connecting pipe was not to exceed one half-inch bore an the tapa were to be on the premises, the Council to be at liberty to cut off the supply at 24 hours' notice the water to be used only for domestic purposes for which the change would be £ 5 a year.—Mr J Rees thought the conditions "strong."—The Clerk said the object in having the power to cut it off was only for temporary purposes —Mrs Jones asked what the rule was with regard to others r—The Clerk said it was being supplied to other outsiders at the rate of 2s in the £ rateable value, and if that was charged to the Workhouse, then it would amount to Z5 IGs. -Chairman There will be plenty of water.—Mr J Rees asked if the master could do without it, as it was very hard water for washing.—Chairman They are going to turn soft water in from the reservoir twice a week.—In answer to Mr Jonn Thomas, the Clerk pointed out that they were i really having it cheaper than formerly. They uyed to pay E1 a year for the old supply, and only have it for about eight months per annum —It was agreed to accept the terms. THE TENDERS AGAIN. MORE CONFUSION, Tenders were sent in from three persons for shirtings and flannels, and it turned out that the samples and names had got mixed. The tender of Mr D Evans, Ffairfach. was accepted.—Mr J R Jones said it would be better if they stated what they were prepared to pay for the article, snd then they could judge which was the best for the money, and it would be a much easier way. If they wished to have tea say at Is 7d per lb, they could have it, and select the best at the price, and so the same rule could be applied to other things. — Tenders for the supply of half-a-dozen chairs were sent in by Messrs D Williams and Sons and Mr Fuller, cabinet-maker, and that of the latter was accepted at 38 6d a chair. VISIT TO THE ASYLUM. The Chairman and others, who had visited the Asylum at Carmarthen, reported the result of their visit, and expressed their appreciation of the way in which that institution was kept. RELIEVING OFFICERS' REPORT. The Relieving Oificcr and the North District (Mr D Watkins) reported that the amount paid during th first week of the fortnight was C44 6s for 294 paupers, against JE44 6s 6d for 318, in the corresponding week of l118 ycir. Second week L44 (ii fGr 294, against £ 42 12 j for 318, in the corresponding week of last year. S A N I T A R V -AUTHORI T Y. THE ABERGORLECH BRIDGE. Messrs Prosser and Griffiths, surveyors for the NorOi District, in accordance with the request of the Council, sent in a report on the state of Aber- gorlech Bridge, as to the ttate of which some anxiety had been expressed. They found that no immediate danger was to bp apprehended, but the outside walling required a good deal of repair Many of the stones were loose. Some 18 feet in length of the parapet would have to be rebuilt. Many of the coping stones were loose, and must be relaid. Large stones were required for the weiring, but they would suggest the work should not be done, as the first would affect the mortir. The bridge was not in danger, and the work could be done in the spring. This was deemed very satisfactory. Other matters relating to Rhosamman Bridge and the want of a bridge at Xantmelyn were discussed, as were u'so the piggeries connected with the Ammanford slaughter-house, which were described aa in 6 filthy condition. But they will remain as in a filthy condition. But they will renain


1 Weather and the Crops.

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ITri Englyn i Fynwent Eglwys…

Carmarthenshire Rifle Association.


Knglyn Addas i'r Amser PreseDol,

Dyffryn Towy.

Yr Arlunydd a'i Ddarlun.

Y Bwtliyii Adfeiliedig.

Blodeu-glwm Cof AM

Dydd y Farn.

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