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The County Treasurersliip.

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Appointment of J.P.'s for…


Appointment of J.P.'s for Llan- dovery. To the Editor of The Carmarthen Weekly Reporter. jSIR,—Will you allow me through your columns to draw attention tJ along-standing grievance in connection with the appoint- ment of Justices of the Peace for this district. From Llandilo up there is not a single Liberal on the bench, nor has there been since the death of the late Mr George Jones, Ystrad and, even in the selection of Tories, little or no attention is paid to public services ren- dered. Take the present, for instance. What do we find? In the list submitted is a retired auctioneer, in his 80th year, who, up to a few months ago, had never rendered any service to the public in his life. I refer to Air John Williams, Tyrpentre. He then became a member of the Llandovery Board of Guardians. Take again, the case of Mr William Davies, Allycloriau. Fp to very recently he was moving all over the couatry seeking orders as a eoiurnorcial trcivellei. A little over three years ago he became a member of the liural District Council, and ohis is the sole office—sb'-rt in duration upon which his friends, iTe Tories among, included his name in the h for submission to a sympathetic Lord Chancellor. As to Mr C. P. Lewis, his chief e^im to fame lies in the direction of the willow and the oval. He lias, it is true, served f, many years as a I member of the Town Council and Board of Guardians, and has also interested himself somewhat in the affairs of agriculturalists as secretary to the Cattle Show. Thanking you in anticipation for ventilating this matter, I am, ite., J UITIA.

ILlandilo Board of Guardians.


1 Weather and the Crops.

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ITri Englyn i Fynwent Eglwys…

Carmarthenshire Rifle Association.


Knglyn Addas i'r Amser PreseDol,

Dyffryn Towy.

Yr Arlunydd a'i Ddarlun.

Y Bwtliyii Adfeiliedig.

Blodeu-glwm Cof AM

Dydd y Farn.

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