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Proposed Bridge at Llangadock.


LlaniMvery Agricultural Show,

Detailed Lists, Results and Guides

LlaniMvery Agricultural Show, The tenth annual exhibition in connection with the Llandovery Agricultural .Society was held in the Castle Grounds on Friday in abnormally warm weather and before a record attendance. This is undoubtly the best arranged show in the whole of Carmarthen- shire, although practically in its infancy- a creditable state of things, which is mainly due to the seaiching and courteous manner in which the hon. see., Mr C. P. Lewis, has, superintended the work of organisation since its inception. He has also always had. a large stafi of indefatigable stewards at his command. This year's president was Mr Gerwyn Jones, Pantglas, the vice-president being Sir James Hills-Johnes, Y.C., G.C.P> Dolaucothi, whilst the hon. treasurership was again undertaken by Mr Jonah Watkins. The judges were Horse and ponies Mr J. G. Kirby. Penllergare Mr Davies, Broad oak Mr Griliiths, Price, Abercray Mr J. Price, Pipton. Shorthorns and classes 1 and 2- Sheep: Mr Richards, Gell.vwernen Mr E. Burnett, Golden Grove. Castlemartins and pigs Mr E. Evans, Maesymynach; Mr Harries Maerdy. Farm produce: Mr Treharne, Carmarthen; Roderick, Llettglyd. Green crops Mr 11 Falconer. Bremenda. In every department there was a decided improvement on previous years, the entries having increased by 80. A feature of the show was the large entry of Herefords, and in one or two j of the competitions, the judges had considerable difficulty in arriving at a decision. This was particularly the case in the class for yearling bulls and heifers. The two-year-old',heifers were a very good class, the whole of the awards being given to four of the half-dozen animals shown by Mr James, Llwynjack. The Castlemartins, also, were an exceedingly fine lot especia'ly the young exhibits although they showed signs of having been brought straight from the grass. In fact,.all the'exhibits in the yard were very fairly shown. The Shorthorn bull belonging to Mr J. Harries, Penybank was a grand animal, showing'plenty of size and quality The horse department was very well filled, many of the exhibits showing excellent quality. The prize-winning cart brood mare was worthy of better company, and is undoubtly, a very valuable animal. Hackneys too, came in for high eulogiums from the judges, the,best brood mare being a beautiful mover andjshowing bone and quality com- bined. With the exception of the placed animals, the cobs were an ordinary lot, capable of vast improvement. Sheep were also a ,arge entry and of uniformly high merit, the yearling rams being so good that every animal received a card. One of the most successful exhibitors throughout the day was Mr D. Jones, Llanfair, who unfort- unately for the district, is shortly leaving for Cardiganshire. The annual dinner was afterwards held at the King's Head Hotel, when Mr D. S. Thomas, (mayor) presided, in the absence of Mr Gerwyn Jones. The following is the PRIZE LIST. CATTLE. CLASS A-HEREFORDS Eull, aged lef, Mr D Williams, Erryd Farm 2nd, Mrs A James Ystradwalter. Yearling bull: 1st, Mr J Price, Tynewydd 2nd, Mr B J Davies, Cnwcdeilog. Ball calf: let, Mr W Elans, Cefnrallt 2nd, Mr T Jones, Llwynmeredith. Cow, in calf or milk: 1st. Mr W Thomas, Pen- rbyw 2nd, Mr J James, Lllwjnjack. Yearling heifer 1st, Mr J Price, Caegwyn 2nd, Mr J Evans,.Dolauhirion, Pair of heifer calves: Mr T Jones, Llwyn- meredith. CASTLEAIABTI>\ Bull, agid: 1st, Mr J IaÍts, Pentremeurig 2nd, Mr R Lewis, Brownhill. Yearling bull: Mr J Daties, Tyll«yd. Bull calf lr J Daviea. Cuw, in calf or mi!k 1st aud 2nd, Mr J Davies. Two year-old heifer 1st, Mr J Davits; 2nd, Mr R Lewis, Brownhill. Yearling heifer: 1st, and 2nd, Mr J Daviee. Pair of heifer calves let, Mr J Davi:s 2nd, Mr R Lewis. SHOKTHOEX. Bull, aged let, Mr J Harries, Pei.ybank 2nd. Mr J Edwaids, Ynisyborde. Bull calf 1st, Mr J Jones, Blaenos. Cow, in calf or milk let and 2nd. Mr D Jones, Llanfair. Two-year-old heifer: 1t.t and 2od, Mr D Jones. Yearling heifer: 1st, Mr X J.'nas, Danyrallt Farm 2nd, Mr R J Owen, Collen House. CLASS B-HEREEORDS. Bull, aged Mr J Price, Caegwyn, Yearling bull 1st, Mr B J Davies, Cnwcdeilo? 2nd, Mr D P Evahs. Penrhyvv. Bull calf Mr T Jonts, Lliyynmcrediih. Cow, in calf or milk: let, Mr D Thomas, Llettyr- haflaeth 2nd, Mr T Jones. Two-year-old heifer: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, divided YearlinLy heifer 1st, Mr R Thomas, Pantywheel; 2nd, Mr J Price, Caegwyn. Pair of heifer caires 1st divided. SHEEP.—CLASS I. Sheep of any pure brefid, open to those whoea Ibnd ia of the rateable value of 15s per acre and upwtrds. Ram, agt d: 1st, Mr J Erans, Djlauhirion 2nd, Mr Rees, Talrhyn. Yearling PLam let, Mr W Davies, Garth Farm 2nd, Mr J Evans. Ram lamb 1st, Mr J G Harries, Penybont; 2nd Mr D Rees, Talrhyn. Five ewes, aged 1st, Mr D R es 2nd, Mr J Evans, Dolauhirion. J Five yearling ewes lst, Mr J Evans 2nd, Mr W Davies, Garth Farm. Five ewe lambs 1st, Mr D Rees 2nd, Mr J G Harries. CLASS II. Sheep of any pure breed, open to those whose land is urder los per acre rateable value. Ram, aged 1st. Mr T E Williams, Errvd Farm 2nd, Mr D Rodeiick, Llwynberllen. Yearling rain 1st, Mr T E Williams 2nd Mr D Roderick. Ram lamb 1st, Mr T E Wiiiiams 2nd Mr T Powell, Ccfntrenfa. Five ewes 1st. Mr W Pricr, Cilposle 2nd, Mr W Jiiomss, 1 errhiw. Five yearling ewes lit, Mr T E Yv'illiams '?r d Mr T Powell. -r.a, Fie ewe lembs ht, Mr T E Williams 2nd, Mr T Powell. CLASS III. Mountain sheep (i.e. only those which have been de-pastured on mountain land within 28 days of the Show). Ram: 1st, Mr T Edwards, Garihtnty; 2nd, Mr W William*, Blaensawdde. Ten ewes 1st, Mr R Thomce, Pantywheel 2nd Mr D Rodeiick. Ttn wethers, three years old and upwards 1st and 2nd, Mr D Davies, Ilhyblid. PIGS. Boar cf the White Yorkshire breed 1st ard 2nd Mr E Davies, Abergwenlais Miil j Breeding sow, ditto 1st, Mr W Evans, Cefnrallt: f 2nd, Mr J G Harriet, Penybont. Boar of eny other pure bretd 1st and 2nd, Mr E I Davies. j Sow, ditto: 1st, Mr W Evans, Cefnrallt; 2nd, f Mr J Edwards, Ynisyborde HORSES —CART HonSE. Cart mare and foal: 1st, Mr R Lewis, Brownhill 2nd, Mr D Lewis, Cwroynis. T ist- Mr B Le*is > j d,°: 1,t- 5" K L"is <2"^ » o IeMllTgrdiTt° Mr J Harries- Penybank 2nd, Mr J G Harries, Penybont. Foal: let. Mr D Lewis 2nd, Mr D Thomas, Llettyrliaflaeth. CoUier mare or gelding, not exceeding 14.3 hands high Ist, Mr M \Yilliams, Glaritowy 2nd, Mr R Evans, Tynycctd. HACKNEYS. Brood mare, calculated to breed hackneys, hunters, or roadsters, with a foal; 1st, Mr D Thomas; 2nd, Mr A LI Worrall, Cefnucheldre. Two-year-old colt or filly 1st, Li(,ut -Gen. Sir «T Hills-Johnes, G.C.B.; 2nd, Mr H Morgan, LlwYD. j I Yearling colt or fily 1st and 2ad. Mr £ T OIVEn, Collea House Foal let, Mr C P Leai.? 2:. ■, \lr M Wiliia-i.s, Giantow y. Cob, nfjt above 11.3 gel lirjg r mnra • is*, Mr W Ja-,cep, Glant.owy 2nd, Mr 1) IVrhvn. PONIES. Not exceeding 12 i hâd8 high. Mountain pony Bullion M: D Davids, Gwy^.re. Mountain pony, mare and foil 1st. Mr W Ja riee, Glantowy 2nd, Mr W v't'illiaine, Oichfa. 31ouutain pony 1st, Mr W William-, 2nd. Mr D Evans, Altrgwenlais. Two-yf ar-o:d ditto 1st and 2nd, Mr D Rei-s, Cwiuci; d Yearling ditto Mr W Wilii^ms. FARM PRODUCE. 561b of cheese: 1st and 3rd. Mr D Thomas. Llfityrhaflaeth 2nd, Mr T ^i.iiuzns, Cc frill an. (j!h cf fresh butter in lbs 1 st. Mr T Willurcs, Cefnllan 2nd, Mr M Williams, Glantowy. Tub d salt butter, not less than 50ib 1st, Mr r Williams, Cefnllan 2nd, Mrs James, YstradwaUer. SPECIAL PRIZES. Pair of (wc-year-old heifirs of the IlerEfort4 breed Mr J James, Llwrnjac*. Pair of two-year-old heifers of the Castlemarlin breed Mr J Davies. Tyllwyd Pair c-f two-year-old heifers of tte Sho:thcrn breed 1st, Mr I) Jones, Llanfair 2nd, Mr N J it's, Danyrallt Farm. Pair of cows or Leifer of ths CisJemartin breed, in caif or milk, and under four yearg o!d 1st and 2nd, Mr J Davies. Two-year-old bull of the Castlemartin breed 1st, Mr J Davies, Tyllwyd 2nd, Mr J Davies, Pentremeurig. Cow, in calf or milk: inir \V Thomas, Ptnrhyw 2ud, Mr D Williams, Tirheol. p, n of five sheep, not mountain: 1st, Mr W p, i f, C.lposte 2nd, Mr W 1 hornas, I'enrhyw. Heifer of any breed, horn .'1 or after January ls\ lfc97 1st, Mr D Lewis, -nynis, 2nd, Mi D Williams, Tirheol. C mare with or without :>ai, or gelding 1st, Mr D 2nd, Mr E x>_vies, Abergwenlais Mill. Pair of cr.rt hc!set<, the s ro,r>erty of a tenant farmer (not in harness) 1.^ Mr T Williams, Cefnllan 2nd, Mr It Lewis, B ownhill. Horse, trap, and harness, thv. propenv of a tenant farmer: Mis James, Ystiadwv:;er. Best beast in the yard, th property of a tenant farmer: Mr J Price, Tyncwydd. I Dairy cov of any breed, the property of a tenant farmer Mr D Jones, Llanfair. Pair of yearling steers of the Hereford breed 1st and 2nd, Mr M Williams, Glantowy. Pdir of yearling steers of the Castlemartin breed Mr J Davies, Pentremeurig. Pair of yearling steers of the Shorthorn breed: Mr N Jones, Danyrailt Faim. Cob or pony, the property of any farmer Dot having barbed wire on his farm, over whose lands Mrs Pryse Rire's Harriers have hunted daring the past season 1st, Mr D Rees, Talryn 2nd, Mr T Williams, Cefnllan. Pa,ir f^o-year-old steers, of the Shorthorn breed Mr D Jones, Llcnfair. Group of four Shorthorn ows in the field: Mr D Jones. Foal got by Heart of Welsh Flyer": lat, Mr D Thomas, Plasnewydd 2nd, Mr A Ll Worall, Cefnucheldre 3rd, Mr J Edwards, YLisyborder.

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