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Towy Bits.

Proposed Bridge at Llangadock.


Proposed Bridge at Llangadock. A public meeting was held on Thursday, Sept. 15th, at the Magistrate's-room, Llan- gadock, Mr St Vincent Peel, high-sheriff of Carmarthenshire, in the chair, to consider the advisability of erecting a bridge over the river Sawdde, near Llangadock. The urgent need of a bridge has long been recognised. The County Council some years ago appointed a special committee, with the late Mr George Jones, J.P., Ystrad House, as chairman, to inquire into the question of bridges in the county, and the Committee recommended that a bridge should be erected on Garregsawdde Common, near Llangadock. In recent years three lives Lave betiu lust Uirougli people attempting to cross the Sawddo during a flood at that spot. But though the necessity has been universally recognised, no definite attempt has before been made-either by a public authority or by the inhabitants of the district—to overcome the difficulties in the way; The meeting was very well and influentially attended, amongst those present being Mr St Vincent Peel, Mr William Davies (County Councillor"), Mr Tudor Lewis and Mr E. Price Evans) Mr W. Griffiths, Brynchwith (District Coun- cillors), Mr Llewelyn AVilliams, Mr Jones (Danyrallt), Mr Davies (Aberllechach), Mr Griffiths (Dolbant). Mr Harries (Pentre), Mr Williams (Godraugarreg), the I?ev W. Rees (Vicar), Mr F. Morgan (surveyor), and Mr Morgan Davies (engineer, Swansea). In Mr Morgan Davies submitted several plans, which were carefully considered. The first plan was for a steel bridge of 3 spans of GO feet each, and 16 feet wide, to carry 10 tons, to cost £ 2,700, but alter a long discussiou this was rejected as being too costly. Another was for a bridge of one span of 10 feet on Gable Fach. which would cost in all S 1, 500 or X 1, 600, but this was also rejected for the same reason and an account of the comparative inconvenience of the site. Eventually, 011 the proposal of Mr W. Davies (Couuty Councillor), seconded by Mr Tudor Lewis (District Councillor), it was unanimously agreed that a 3 span steel bridge of 45 feet each, 12 feet wide, to carry 5 tons, be erected on Carregsawdde Common, as near as possible to the site occupied by the existing wooden footbridge. Mr Morgan Davies estimates the cost to be about XI,350, and he was instructed to prepare the plans in detail at once. The meeting then resolved itself into a committee of ways and means, with power to add to its numbers. Mr Peel was I appointed treasurer, and Messrs Tudor Lewis and John Harries secretaries. It was decided to issue an immediate and urgent appeal to the property owners and inhabitants of the district, with a view to raising a nucleus of the estimated cost by public subscription before approaching the District Council. As a result the following subscriptions have already been promised, the major part of which has been actually I been paid into the Treasurer's hands Mr St. Vincent Peel, T-200 Mr G. P. Lloyd, J.P. Glansevin, £ 50; Mr Harries, Penire £ 20 Mr Griffiihs, Dolbant, £ 20 Mr Jones' Danyrallt, £ 20 Mr Tudor Lewis, t- 10 Mr I. G. Harries, Penybont, £ 10; Mr Williams Godregarreg, t 10 10s Mr W. Davies, y,5 Mr T Jones, soliciter, Llandovery, E5 Mr E. P. Evans, Y, I Mr D. Price, Red Lion, Y5; Mr Davies, Aberllechach, £1 Is; Mr J. Moigans, Cwrt, £ 2; Mr W. Peel, Penybont, fl Mr Howard Jones, White Lion, :1-1 Mr D. James, Glanyrafon, £ 1 Mr J. F. Morgan, Highgate, £ 2 2s. <


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