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" Boys from the Homes."

Carmarthen Borough Police…


Carmarthen Borough Police Court. zn MONDAY.—Before the Mayor (Mr II. B. White, The Grange); Mr C. \V. Jones, Penllwyn Park Air Thomas Thomas, Wellfield; and Mr John Lewis, Penllwyn Park. DRUNK. John. Harries, labourer, Abergwili, was charged with being drunk and disorderly. P.C. Jones said On Saturday last, at 11.35 p.m., I saw defendant in Priory- street. He was drunk and very disorderly. Ho was cursing and swearing. As he would not go away, I took him to the station, and locked hJm up. He has been locked up since. Defendaut was fined 5s and costs—8s in all. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE. Richard Evans, 54, St. C.ttherine-,gti-eet, labourer, was summoned for neglecting to attend to the education of lus child. An order was made for the clilt to attend Pentrepoth School. SUNDAY DRINKING—AN^THER CONVICTION. David Rees Thomas, of the Nev Hon:o Inn, was charged with a blPlU 1 ° the Sunday Closing Act. P.C. Burnhill said On Sunday I lth, at 9.30 a.m., I stood near th go door at the back of the Market Hal I there saw Owen Evans come out the small door. I stopped him. I said, "I have caught you on licenced premises on Sunday. He said, I am all right; I have been here a message." At the same time the landlord in the yard was waving his hands to somebody else. I asked him, Have you served this man with anything to drink ?" Then I saw two others c mie out—Frederick Vaughan and William Davies. I shouted to tho landlord," There's another two." Ho said, "Yes." I went round to the front door, which I found open I went in. I mentioned the name of the three I had found there. The landlord said he had jnst opened the door, and that they had come in; but had nothing to drink and that lie had turned them out. He invited me to come in to see if there were any signs of drink. I went in and saw none. I had seen three men in the street before; and I missed them. I had been watching them, and they had been watching Z3 me, for three-quarters of an hour before. Defendant said that his was all true. The chilelren had left the door ajar. The Mayor said the bench were unani- mously af opinion that the case was proved. Defendant would be fined £ 1 and costs. His license would not. be endorsed. o well Evalls, Blue-street, fruiterer; Froc, Vaughan, Mill-street, labourer; William Davies, shop assistant, Cambrian-place, were charged with being found on the premises in the previous case. The same evidence was given as in the previous case. Defendants were each fined 15s inclusive. UNITED IN DRINK. John Lee, tailor, Mill-street, aud his wife, Jane Lee, were charged with being drunk and disorderly. P.C. L dwick said: On Saturday, the 10th inst, about midnight, I saw John Lee and his wife in Mill-street. They were both very drunk and noisy. They were cursing and using bad language towards one another. They were causing a great crowd. to collect. Superintendent Smith said that there was one previous canviction against John Leo. The husband was fined 53 and costs, and the wife 2s 6d and osts. FURIOUS DRIVING. William Thomas, of the Harp Inn, was charged with furious driving. P.C. William Davies said Last Wednes- day', at i0.25 a.m., I saw the defendant driving a close carriage and a pair of horses down Lammas-street, Dark-gate, and Guilclhall-square at a furious rate. He was urging the horses at a galloping pace. I held up my hand to stop him but he took no notice of me. He drove out of my sight. Defendant said that one horse bolted, and was beyond his control; and the other had to gallop to keep up with him. The horse was well known in Carmarthen; sometimes he took it into his head to bolt. He could not possibly have stopped when he saw the policeman. P.C. Davies said he had had several complaints about this case. Several people were very much alarmed. The Mayor saw the defendant would be fined 10s and costs. The full penalty was 12. Defendant said he was not the only one whose horse ran away last week. MOVING PIGS. William Bowen, butcher, Lammas-street, and Mary Evans, Cwmoernant, were charged with a breach of the Swine Fever Move- ment Order now in force. P.C. Lodwick said that At 4.30 p.m. on Wednesday he found two pigs in the pigs slaughter-house which had been sent there by Mrs Mary Evans, Cwmoernant, who afterwards told him that she had sold them to William Bowen, the butcher. He told the boy to take them back. Bowen said Sergt Harries had refused to give him the necessary declaration. P.S. Harries said that was quite true, He told Bowen that it was the seller who must make the declaration. Bowen said that he sent the boy to ask Mary Evans to come down and make the declaration; and the boy brought the pigs down. He bought them by weight, and they should have been brought to him dead. The boy was not his agent, but was the agent of Mrs Evans. Defendants were each fined 7s Gel inclusive. THE DRINK. David Hopkins, Jackson's-lane, was charged with being drunk and disorderly. P.C. Jones said On Friday, last at 11.20 p.m. I saw defendant iu. St iJeter-street, drunk and disorderly. He was cursing and swearing. I requested him several times to go homo. 'Ho went home eventually. Defendant was fined 7s Gd inclusive.


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