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IThe Proposed Carmaitlien…


I The Proposed Carmaitlien I k-isteddfod. To the Editor of thr Carmarthen Tl eelily Repottu SIR,—I am utterly surprised at the Com- mittee only offering £ 50 for the chief choral competition, and 1-25 for male voice choirs. It was announced at Cardigan Eisteddfod £ 100 for the chief choral, and £ 4° f°r niale competition and there is reasonable- ness in these prizes. The eisteddfodau that have been held of late years in Carmarthen have not been successful owing to the small- ness cf the prizes given, and, therefore, not enticing enough to bring choirs from a distance here to compete. I trust the Committee will re-consider their decision, and will offer substantial prizes, so that we can hear the best choirs in South Wales, Could not the Committee offer say £ 6o for male choirs ? By so doing, we could then ensure the attendance of the best choirs in South Wales, or even North Wales. Another thing that will go towards making the Eisteddfod a grand success is the appoint- ment of a good secretary, one who has been in the work before, and is acquainted with all the conductors and choirs of North and Sonth Wales, and can bring pressure upon them to compete. I know of no one more capable in this direction than Mr J. R. Lewis, Priory-street. As I should like our Eisteddfod to be a thorough success, would it not be advisable to have the opinions of musical people out- side the committee in your coluiiins Yours, &c, A WELL-WISHER TO THE EISTEDDFOD. [The decisions which our correspondent speaks about have only been arrived at by a sub-committee, whose arrangements must be confirmed by the general committee. This committee, however, consists of some of the leading musicians in the town, and their recommendations will, doubtless, receive the approval of the general com- mittee. With regard to the announcement b made at the Cardigan eisteddfod, it was totally unauthorised, as the committee had I not even met at the time, and, therefore, could not have decided on offering ,Cloo and £ 40 prizes in the competitions named. We understand that the sub-committee (of which Mr J. R. Lewis is a member) recom- mends that the secretarial duties be per- formed by the Mayor (Mr Brunei White) and Mr T. E. Brigstocke, President of the Chamber of Commerce, with Mr G. J. Hodges as assistant-secretary. These gentle- men's capabilities are well-known, and there- fore we do not think our correspondent need have any fear in that direction. The General Committee meets this (Friday) evening.—ED., C. IF./?.]

Opecing of the Cardigan County…

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