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A Llanelly Coachman in Trouble.


! The Anglo-Vmerican Alliance.

Shocking Snieide near Llandilo.

Carmarthen Chamber of Commerce

I, L A N F Y N Y D D .


Gnn Accident at Pembroke Dock.

The Welsh Colleges, j -


The Welsh Colleges, INTERESTING COMPARISONS. Some interesting comparisons are suggested by the figures given in the returns as to University Colleges contained in the Government Blue zn Book just issued. Take, for example, the amount paid to professors at the three Welsh University Colleges. The Aberystwyth College paid last year £ 6,410 in this way, or about £17 iSs id per student Bangor paid £ 7,270 9s 5d, or about £ 28 os lid per student; Cardiff paid 4 £ 9,028 143 8d, exclusive of technical school fees, c-c., or about Z,20 19s 5d per student. In proportion Bangor appears to be expensively worked compared with Aber- ystwyth. The individual salaries, again, are worth noting. Principal Yiriamu Jones gets £ 1,100 as principal and professor, and he gets extra fees also Principal Reichel, £850 12s 3d; and Principal Roberts, -700. Bangor has six professors whose salaries are between £400 and £500, while Cardiff has none over £ 400 except the principal, and Aberystwyth has only one. —•—

The " Agony " Column in n…


IThe Proposed Carmaitlien…

Opecing of the Cardigan County…

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