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Dog Show at Carmarthen.


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NVelsh Athlete," of the Western Mail, n wrote as follows of the show in Saturday's e issue :-— • o The Carmarthen Dog Show, which a took place on Thursday afternoon, was a s most interesting little gathering. There were a one or two surprises in the judging, not the t least of which was the defeat of that rare ( good terrier, Grove Bristles, by Meers- c brook Lordship, The dogs have met on c several occasions on each of which victory t rested with "Grove Bristles," Mr Astley I rather fancies the" cobby" style of terrier, c and hence, with" Grove Bristles" built on f racing lines, one might expect the Llanishen dog to give way to Mr Clement James's t terrier. The executive were especially good in s their classification of Welsh terriers, no less than three classes being provided for them, t The generosity of the executive was by no f means rewarded,however,for the entry was an c exceedingly poor one. In the open class 1: "Champion Nell Gwynne had to go down t to third positton. There is every excuse, v for this, however, for she was just brought c away from a litter of puppies. Mr Hartley, a secretary of the South Wales Welsh Terrier r Club, showed a promising little puppy s {(Musket." In bull-terriers Mr Albert 1 Shirley took first and third. I cannot quite t bring myeslf, by the way, to the opinion of t the judge that the winner, The Dude," is quite the terrier that White Wolf is. J This is Mr Shirley's opinion, too. I under- stand "Lord Glenville" had an easy win in St. Bernard's, and is now,by the way, at stud. '"Sir Visto" added another to his already long list of victories in sheep dogs, whilst Mr Harris, -of Llandrindod, brought a new Z7" Irishman, by "Senny Mixer," who had the easiest possible win in his class."

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