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Dog Show at Carmarthen.


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PRIZE LIST. DOGS. Pointers, dog or bitch 1st, Mr A Bevau, Carmina, Wolfcastle, Pembrokeshire, Wolfcastle JUDO 2nd, Mr W F L!oyd James, Pantpaison, Field Marshall highly commended, Captain E J Evang, Ystrad Park. Carmarthen, Don. Setters (any variety), dog or bitch 1st, Mr J E Guun, Woetgite Chambers, Cardiff, Lady Dorothy 2nd, Mr W H David, Crinallt, Neath ;{rd, Mr G H Gorvett, Woodland Houee, Briton Ferry, Burrows Dai-,y teervp, Mr R K Carver, Wenallt, Carmarthen, True Bell. Retrievers, dog or bitch: 1st, Mr W F Lloyd James, Moruiuglon Sam very highly com- mended, Mr 11 0 Long Price, Tuliey, Llandilo, Bachelor Ben. Greyhounds, dog or bitch Ufc, Mr E A Roberts, Gurry Manor, Llandilo 2nd. Mr J Thornae, Paris. House. Caramthe.'j. General Picton old, Mr John May. "Victoria House, Pembroke, Counters of Pembroke rtgarve, Mr John Lewis Thomas, Francis-terrace. C;irmarihen, Yt nus very highly commended, Mr Jtnkin Francis, Morrieton, Storm. Spaniels, Black (except toyb), dog or bitch 1st, A II Thomas, Haverfordwest, IIwylfFordd Sal 2nd, Mr J Clement James, Goodwick, Pembroke- shire, Pencaer Bess 3rd, Mr E J Thomas, 1, Pleassnt-plaee, Llanelly, Nobleman commended, Mr Lewis, New Inn, St Clears, Don. SpAuiels, any other colour (except toys), dog or bitch 1st, Mr W F Lloyd James, Mountain King 2nd, Mr G II Gorvett, Briton Ferry, Jol n Peel 3rd, Mr Johns, Tymelyn Hotel. Llanelly, Tymelyn Bishop commended, Mr W II Daviea, Terrace- road, Swansea, Lady. Fox Terriers (smooth), dog Mr W V H Thomas, Carmarthen, Welsh Swell 2nd, Air Tom Pearson, Whitchurch 3rd, Mr J Holmes, Brondeg, Llanelly reserve, Mr E A L Powell, Naut Eos, Aberystwyth, Paith Pageant very highly com- mended, Mr II Jenkins, St Mary-street, Cardiff, Birnbeck Elf very highly commended, Mr Holmes, Brondeg, Llanelly, Frontit. Fox Terriers (smo&fafc), bitch 1st and 2nd, Mr E Clyde Lewis, Clytha Park. Newport, Mon., Clytha Starlight and Clytha Casket 3rd. Mr Holmes, Idanelly reserve. Mr E W Nell, Llanishen, Cardiff, Dudley Foray very highly commended, Mr A II Pethi'^k, Laurel Bank, Yatton, near Bristol, Heaton Model highly commended, Mr T Thomas, St Ilelen's-road, Swansea. Fox Terriers (wire-haired), dog or bitch 1st, Mr Clement Jones, Goodwick, Pembrokeshire, Mcers- brook Lordship 2nd, Mr T J Stephens, Llanifhen, near Cardiff, Grove Bristles 3rd, Mr Lewis Pugh, Rowdy Kafflq reserve, Messrs Chambers and Jones, Stcpney-fitreet, Llanelly, Rowdy L'ilv very highly commended, Mr Tom Pearson, Whit- church Mr David Jenkins, The Cioss, Morribton, Steeple Crack and Mr E W Xell, Llanishen, Cardiff, Wenvoa Welcome highly commended, Mr E A L Powell, Nant Eos, Aberystwyth, Piath Popingay. Fox Terriers (wire-haired), dog or bitch (nuder 12 months old at date of Show), smooth or wire- haired 1st, 2nd and 3rd, divided between Mr Tern Pearson, "Whitchurch Mr David Jenkins, Steeple Crack, and Mr Lewis Pugh, Rowdy Raflle reserve, MroE A Powell, Xant Eos, Aberystwyth, Paith Plenty very highly commended, Mr E W Nell, Winvoe Wilscme, and Mr E Clyde Lewis, Clytha Crystal highly commended, Messrs J and D Rees, Swansea, Jeddah. Fox Terriers, dog or bitch (Smooth or Wire- haired), never having won a prize up to date of closing of entries: 1st and 2nd, Mr Holmes, Brondeg, Llanelly; 3rd and very highly com- mended, Mr E A L Powell, Paith Pageant very highly commended. Mr E Clyde Lewis, Clptha Crystal, and Mr Lewis Pugh, Gloster-terrace, Harerfordwest, Rowdy Sweet reserve, Mr Lewis Pugh, Rowdy Swe-L Heart commended, Mr II Hopkins, Nosegay. Irish Terriers, dog or bitch 1st, Mr T II Harris, San nema, Llandrindo<), Senny Mixer; 2nd Mr George Boynon, Wstkin-strcet, Swansea, Couket Barney 3rd, Mr Edward Cullan, street, Swansea, fory IJiil 3h.ç[wr; very highly commended, Dr T Joues, Glanderw, Aberkenfy, Bridgcnd, Daisy highly commended, Mr John Sier, Carmarthen. Leua Patch. Ir;bh Terriers, dog or bitch (never having won a prize up to c!osing of entries) lot, T II Harris, Senny Mixer 2nd, Edward Callan, Well-etreet, Swansea, Tory H 11 Masher 3rd, J Davies, Wind- street, Swansea, Baron's Court reserve, David Morgan, Chequer's Alley, Carmarthen, Maid of Mulliugar commended, J L L Davies, Pat. Welsh Terriere, dog or bitch bt, A Thomas, Brownshide, PembroVe, Coxry Ben 2nd, E W Nell, Llanishen, Cardiff, Wtrvoe Cymro very highly commended, W G Eaton Evans, Avallenau Surpriso, and A Thosna*, Pembroke, Coxy Dandy highly contiiended, W G Eaton Evans, Rose Anna, aiul Richard Brook Pugalcy, Stowe Park Avenue, Newport, Mon., Tory reserve, Robert Hartley, Penarth, Mueket. Welsh terriers, dog or bitch (never having won a prize up to closing of entries) 1st aud very highly commended, W G Eaton Evans, Avallenau Surprise and Roseanna 2nd, Robert Hartley, Musket 3rd, A Thomas, Coxy Dandy highly commended, John Ccrfield, 8, Woodland-terrace, Swansea, Abertawe Shoni. Welsh Terriers, dog or bitch, under twelve months at the date of show 1st, W G Eaton E vans, Avalenau Surprise; 2nd, Robert Hartley, Musket; 3rd, A Tho.nas, Coxy Dandy reserve, John Corfiald, Abertawe Shoni. Bull terriers, dog or bitch lbt, A Shirley, The Dude 2nd and reserve, John Harris, Carmarthen, Greenfield jumbo and Greenfield Beatrice; 3rd, A Shirley, 80, Penarth-road, Cardiff, White Wolf; highly commended, David Davies, Glacrafou House, Carmarthen, Ben. Terriers of any other breed, dog or bitch 1st, M Rees, Bislcy Hotel, Llanelly, Long Sight General 2nd, Miss Perry, Heather Leigh, Gwydr Crescent, Swansea; 3rd, D Southerland, Cornhill Villa, Swansea, Jack Scott. Toys, including pugp. dog or bitch 1st, Mess's Prico and Farrant's Mayor of Swansea; 2r.d, George Prico, Price's Hotel. Swansea, Darling Daisy; 3rd, Mrs L 'Ihomae, Port Talbot, Port Talbot Gem vt ry highly commcnded, Mrs L Thomas Port Talbot, Nubian Sam; highly commended, William Joseph, Queen-street, Carmarthen, Prince; reserve, Miss Perry, Swansea St. Bernard's, dog or bitch 1st, G W Ruddock, The Hayes, Cardiff, Lord GlenuUo; 2nd, Mr Edinond Law, 2. Cresswell Villa, Neath, Jersey King- 3rd, D E Williams, Ivy Bush Hotel, Carmar- then, Jumbo commended, J. Simon, Ulamrtvili Village, Wag. Coileys, dog (rough coated) 1st, Stanley Elt, London-road, Neath, White Heather 2nd, D Moriis, Green Castle, Carmarthen, Green Castle Lad 3rd, S W Phillips, Haverfordwest, Post Boy very highly commended, T D Parry, Compton House, Llanelly, Dai; Johu Downing, 49. Inkerman street, Swansea, Laddie and Miss Elsie Burleigh, 4, Cynon-streot, Aberamman, Aberdare Barnone highly commended D Davies, Cwroau- bach. Carmarthen, Spider. Coileys, bitch (rough coated) W T Robots, New- street, Burry Port, R.S.O., Hyacinth 2, J M Bacus. Ii. Woodbrooke-teiraoe. Burrv Fort. Wnorl- brooke Princess 3, Thomas Williams, Pontgaireg reserve, W T Jones, Crown Hotel, Xeath, Crown Princess. Sheep dogs, dog or bitch (any other variety): 1, E Parry Thomas, Pontypridd, Sir Visto; 2, Henry Kees, Narberth, Green Croft Meg, and reserve, Green Croft Veto 3, W T Jones, Crown Hotel, Neath. Colleys (any breed), Dog or Bitch (never having i won a prize up to closing of entries): 1, Stanley Elt, White Heather; 2, H Rees, Green Croft Veto 3, Percy Thomas, Derllys, Rover r, Elsie Burleigh, t Aberamman, Aberdare, Bar None. Sporting Puppy of any breed, Dog or Bitch, under 12 months old at the date of the show 1 and 2, divided between Mr Lewis Pugh, Rowdy Raffe; and ( Carmarthenshire Hunt Club, Bashful; and T Pearson, Whitchurch vhc, A Bevan, Wolfcastle Juno and W F Lloyd James, Field Marshall. 1 Non-sporting Puppy of any breed. Dog or Bitch, ( under twelve months old at date of show 1, T li i Harris, Senny Mixer 2, Stanley Elt, White Heather; 3, divided between John Harries, Greenfield Jumbo > and H Rees, Green Croft Veto; r, J Corfield, I Abertawe Shoni. Any other variety of Dog not na:ned, Dog or Bitch: Carmarthenshire Hunt Club, Bashful; 2, Stibbs and Roscorla, 71, Conway road. Canton, Cardiff, Kodak 3, W F Lloyd James, Cardigan, Morningtou Fancy c, Skidmore Jones, The Hollies, Bowlev Regis, Staff., Materlink. The Beginners Class, for Dog or Bitoh, that have never won a money prize: 1, Stanley Elt, White Heather; 2, Lewis Pugb, Rowdy Sweetheart 3, W 1 F Lloyd James, Field Marshall r, D Davies, Spider. Selling Class, Dog or Bitch (any breed, not to exceed £ 10) 1, Lewis Pugh, Haverfordwest. Rowdy t Aware; 2, Stibbs and Roscorla, Kodak 3, W F ] Lloyd James, Mornington Fancy; he, T D Parry, Dai; r, John Hay, Countess of Pembroke. c Selling Class, Dog or Bitch (any breed, not to ex- z ceed £ 5)—1, Tom Pearson, Whitchurch 2, W T Jones, Crown Hotel, Neath 3, divided between Mr 1 Lewis Pugh, Rowdy Aware and W F H James, Mornington Fancy v.h c, Jenkin Francis, Morriston, ( Storm. CATS. Long-haired Cat—1, Constance Lloyd, The Vicarage, Carmarthen, Huff. Short-haired Cat—1, Henry Thomas, Guildhall- 2 square, Carmarthen 3, Sallie Puddicombe, King- street, Carmarthen, Tops h.c, T Jenkins, 32, t Francis-terrace, Carmarthen c, Miss Jones, London House, Carmarthen, SPECIAL PRIZES. 10 6d. (given by H B White, Esq., Mayor), for the best Dog in Classes 1 to 6 inclusive — 1st, Mr i A R Thomas, Ilaverfori,,N,e;t, liwlfforld 10 Gd. (given by II B White, Eq, Mayor), for £ best Smooth Fox Terrier in the show—1st, D Morris, Green Castle, Carmarthen, Greeu Cattle „ Lad. a 10 6d., for best Wire-haired Fox Terrier in the show-J. Clement James, Goodvick, Pew., Meers- C brook Lorkship. y Silver Medal (given by F.Tarrant, Esq., New- s port, Mon.), for the best Irish Terrier, the property of a resident in South Wales —Ut, T II Harries, c San Hemo. Llandrindod, Senny MIX'-r. C 10 Gd., for the host Welsh Terrier (the property v of a member of the South Wales Tenier Club), that has never won a prize of any description prior to date of show, given by the above It.b-I t, A r Thomas, Brownslade, Pem., Coxey Ben. i cwt. of Dog Biscuits (given by old Old f Calabar Dog Biscuits Co., Limited), for the best Exhibit in Classes 13 to 2t, inclusive—1st, Messrs Price uitl Earrant's Mayor of Swansea, C wI" of Dog Biscuits (sjiven by Old Calabar C Dog Biscuit Company, Limited), for the best v Exhibit in Classes 22 to 25, inclusive— let, E Parry Thomas, Pontypridd, Sir Vi-to, 10s (given by Mr E Rogers — Missrs James Wateon and Company, Dundee), for the best Exhibit in Classes 26 to 31, inclUEive-IBt, T A f] Harries, Senny Mixer. Value 10s G1 (given by A LI Lewis, Esq., Commerce House, Carmarthen), for the best Dog or Bitch owned by a resident of the Borough of Car- d martben-Ist, W V Howell Thomas, Carmarthen, Welsh Swell, 10s 6d for the best Team of Terriers in the Show, fi any breed, but all one vfkriety-ist, E Clyde Lewis, y Newport, Clytha Casket. 10s Gd, given by the Welsh Kennel Club, for the I bfst Dog, the property of a member of the Welsh Kennel Clnb-E Parry Thomas, Pontypridd, Sir Visto. 10a Gd (given by the Welsh Kennel Club), for the best Bitch, the property of a member of the Welsh Kennel Club-lst, E Clydo Lewi-, Newport, v Clytha Starlight. ( d

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