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. Regatta at Ferryside. -


Regatta at Ferryside. The annual regatta was held at Ferryside on Friday. The day was bright and warm, and a good breeze prevailed-so that circumstances combined for the success of tho event. Had it only been a little better advertised, and date fixed for one of the early-closing days in the neighbouring towns, a much larger attendance of spectators might have been anticipated. As it was, the event was witnessed from the sands by a goodly number of visiters, a large number uf pleasure boats cruising about in the bay at intervals between the various events added greatly to tho animation and general picturesque proceedings. It is to be hoped that the people of Ferryside will, for their own sake, do all in their power to extend and boom tho regatta, for it is only by having a few annual events of various kinds in a little seaside place liko this that its name can be kept before the public, and a constant stream of visitors during the season be assured. If Ferrysido does not learn to boom itself a little better, it will possibly have to take second place us compared with other resorts of the kind in South Wales, who are now advertising themselves for all they are worth. A slight but regrettable incident marked tho opening of tho regatta. The Ceres," belonging to Mr David Davies, Ferry side, was capsized by a gust of wind whilst being handled before the race started and as she was not righted for some hours, she was not able to compete in the open boat class, as was intended. The following is a list of the events :— YACHTS Dot exceeding 22 feet linear rating Y.H.A. rules and time allowances (excepting rules G and 10). The first prize, a challenge- cup, worth £ 7 (<0 be held one year, and to become the pro- poity of the holder if won twice in succeeeion) and fcl 2nd prize, E2. The competitors were:- I" Holly," Major Sir George Greavee, K.C.B. 1 "Elsie," Mr JSvan Jones, Ferryside 2 The course, which was six miles in length, was round the white barrel post, and then round a mark boat off St. Ishmaels Church-twice round. Both yachts raced well, but the Holly won easily. She came in ahout 11 minutes ahead of her rival it was nut therefore nectseary to make calculations for a time allowance, as in that way the Eisie would not have gained more than two and a half minute". OPEN BOATS not exceeding 20 feet extreme length. 30 seconds per foot allowed. Race confined to boats belonging inside the Carmarthen Bar. Prize, a challenge cup, presented by Mr A R Gery (to be held for one year, and tJ become the pro. perty of the holder, if won twice in succession), lld £ 2 2ndj L2; 3rd, £ 1 6. Sisue course as yachts. Hilda," Mr E A Ov,-tr.? Jubilee Hotel, Car,un.rtben 0 E.-glo," Mr David Jones, Ferryside 1 Euginie," Mr Charles Thonaas, Ferry- side 2 Alte-e," Mr George Morris, Llan- Btephan 3 Tho racing in the first round was between the Hilda and the Ejgie. The forcer was behind, but she seemed likely to win by time allowance, when AS she \a. rounding broke- her rudder and fouled the canitnittre boat. SI13 was therefore disabled, as well as disqualified. FJSHIXG- BOATS (Sailing) not txcredinj Hi teet 6 ins, Hilled by one mati only igt, £ 2, 2nd. £ 1, 3rd, 10s. OJure round tfii- black barrel post, and mark off Ferry Point three iinje3 round- nbout ux miies. I" Mary Ann," George Thomas 1 Lily, lien R Davies 2 lien I-, Davits 2 I, K.Hll3," junr. 3 1" N v.uie," Bsn Davies, junr 3 Kangaroo," David Williams i I FOUR-OARED GIGS, not exceeding 22 feet: 1st £ 2 10s, 2nd, £ 1 10s. Crab," David Jones, Ferrysidf I •' Nile," Joiiu Jones, Ferryside 2 Sally," Edwiu Jonco, Ferryside 3 1',klit-0ARry) P-()ATS, liot exoeeding 18 t feet: IGr., £ 1, 2nd, lQs, 3rd, 6s. Ifett: 2nd, 10s, 3rd, 5e. not exceeding 18 ''Nellie," VV Davies 1 Magnet," Edwin Jones 2 Sal lie," George Thomas 3 IM&kMrd," O l>a?us 4 Tb.w w is nn oxcrediogiy -wctl-eoftlested race tIt:, two ¡¡¡-lit NlmeÍ!l S ;kl¡,:e togcthr-8epurutod by only liaif-a-length—that they fouled aa they won. I AMATJ-JUR PAIR-OAKS in fishiog boata, BOt exceeding 18 fc<;t., no coxswain liohermen and boat»ioo exolm'ed 1st, ltrs, 2nd, ICe, 3rd, br. bi.jv.Tie, j 1 Lizzie," D Anthoiiy, Liansaint 2 Da-id A.-thur 3 Sallie," All jon(,c I. 0 W Huuaphrey 0 Magnet," T Jenkins 0 I FOUR OARED COCKLE-BOATS to be ro*ed and steered by women only; Ibt, £ 1 10s 2nd, 15s, 3rd, 10s. Lizzio," George Powell 1 Jennie," Titus Jones 2 Victoria," Etan Arthar 3 This was a r?.ce which excited a tremendous amount of public interest. It was woll contested, the Lizzie beating the c. Jennie by enly ahalf- dozSn lengths. FISHING BOATS to be rowed with two poudleeby one woman only Ist, a tea tray and as, 2nd, 28 6d. J Mrs Anne Williams 1 j Mrs Susannah Jones 2 on by about fifty yards. ONE-OARED SCULLING RACE 1st, lOs, 2nd, 7a 6d, 3rd, 5s. There were the entiiee. The winners I were John .Jones I Henry Thomas 2 David Jones 3 Cos4c;r.n EAOK; l?s. 1'S, 2^ r*CT. 3rd, 2s RID. Four entered. Lewis Thorns; ) i Griffith Etans .» !'c" ;'(3r J John (jffwlg John lL?ans -i t f This race was well contested fironghoat. The corael-ra ryeë endertiy c aovMty tc many of the spoctators judging by the intereet manifested. The competitors were of coarse all Carmarthen men. It was impossible to decide which was first, as for the last twenty yards each paddle stroke kept the competitors abreast. OPEN SWIMMING RACE distance not exceeding 300 yards: 1st, 13s, 2nd, 7s 6d, 3rd, 5e. Eight entered. J Timkaiiia, Ferryside 1 ]>w!s Bunce, Carmarthen 2 J Timkaiiia, Ferryside 1 ]>w!s Bunce, Carmarthen 2 J I-' Peep Carmarthen 3 t the spectators present were Sir George Greaves Miss Gwyn. Horton Villa Mr and Mrs Timmins, Bath Mrs Tardy, Plaswenallt; Rev J. A. Jones and Mrs Jones, iv-dwelly Miss Edwards, Southport; Ladv iVtc.rgan ilfrittid Mrs Gery Mr and Mrs R, ii. Jennings, Gellideg Miss Evans, Ktirasey House, Kid welly; Miss Watton, Ferrywde Miss W illiams, Ferryside Col. Fry, Ferryside Miss Price, Glanmorlais Mioh Morgan Griffiths, Lime Grove, Carmar- then JNfiss Pricchard, ( ar narthen, etc., etc. Mr Charles Jones, of the Castle Tobacco Factory, Carmarthen, acted as starter. The judges were Col. Fry and Captain Wm. Thomas. Dr. Lewis Williams was the secretary. The Liansaint Band lel by Mr D. J. Lewis) performed a good musical programme during the afternoon. At the close of the proceedings the prizes were presented to the winners by Lady Morgan. Colonel Fry, in moving a vote of thanks to Lady Morgan, said he felt sure that the winners valued the prizes much more highly 011 account of their being presented by a lady (applause). He asked them one and all to give three hearty cheers for Lady Morgan. Redoubled cheers were heartily given on this invitation for her ladyship. Sir George Greaves returned the cup to the committee for future competition, although it had now become his absolute property, he having won it twice in succession.

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